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Abstract Terrain

Apr 21, 2020 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Patrick

Abstract Terrain is a weekly radio program dedicated to its audience hungry for new and different sounds not typically available in abundance in any other radio format. Abstract Terrain music couples the abstract with the obscure for something which is true to what No Commercial Potential is all about. Abstract Terrain's audience questions what is considered music, going beyond the bounds of sound in all of its multi-faceted meaning.

Abstract Terrain
7:02 PM
Cell - Live In Corfu (Full Set Extract)
Cell Live In Corfu (Full Set Extract)
Live in Corfu Ultimae Records ‎ 2020
7:38 PM
Humworks - Energy
Humworks Energy
Tremulous Silent Running Scandal 2020
7:47 PM
Humworks - Focus
Humworks Focus
Tremulous Silent Running Scandal 2020
7:54 PM
Simon Scott - Emergency
Simon Scott Emergency
Emergency Exit Touch 2020
8:01 PM
Simon Scott - Exit
Simon Scott Exit
Emergency Exit Touch 2020
8:22 PM
Autechre - AE_LIVE_MELBOURNE_220618
Autechre AE_LIVE_MELBOURNE_220618
AE_LIVE_MELBOURNE_220618 Warp Records 2020
9:05 PM
Prurient - D-Day rape | Most cannibals were women | The Thrust of the Spear
Prurient D-Day rape | Most cannibals were women | The Thrust of the Spear
Casablanca Flamethrower Tesco Organisation 2020
9:25 PM
Jim O'Rourke - So You Want To Write A Fugue
Jim O'Rourke So You Want To Write A Fugue
Steamroom 47 Steamroom 2020
9:59 PM
Duval Timothy - Ball
Duval Timothy Ball
Sen Am Carrying Colour 2017 Jazz
Chat is archived.
David Dodson 7:33:02 PM
Really enjoying this song. What is it?
Patrick (host) 7:34:51 PM
It's from Cell Live In Corfu.
David Dodson 7:35:27 PM
The previous or current song? Enjoying both,
Patrick (host) 7:37:03 PM
Both. It's sections from the Full Set. One song was called Take Off.
David Dodson 7:38:14 PM
Thank you.
David Dodson 7:39:26 PM
Also., if there's anything you don't have at voidstarproductions.bandcamp.com, and want, let me know. FB at https://www.facebook.com/deftlyd
David Dodson 9:14:28 PM
This is still Dom? Prurient?
Patrick (host) 9:20:14 PM
Yes still Prurient.
David Dodson 9:22:09 PM
Damn. Dom, keeps getting more prolific in a good way.
Patrick (host) 9:22:26 PM
Yes this is so good.
David Dodson 9:22:50 PM
Also ... seriously glad I turned him on to Muslimgauze's Dome of the Rock
David Dodson 9:23:18 PM
He told me that was a catalyst, and it comes through very clear nere
Patrick (host) 9:23:40 PM
I can hear that yes,, that's awesome.
David Dodson 9:24:57 PM
If unfamiliar (since Muslimgauze has a rediculous number of albums) it's a favorite for me because it sounds like The Orb and Lee 'Scratch' Perry collaborated with Muslimgauze on it.
David Dodson 9:25:50 PM
I miss hanging out with Dom when he lived in Providence, and wore a hat with ear flaps everywhere
David Dodson 9:26:29 PM
But seriously glad he's blown up and has Godflesh as mentors now
David Dodson 9:27:58 PM
and he keeps raising the bar further on his craft.