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the flower called nowhere

Apr 29, 2020 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With tiffany

the flower called nowhere
3:00 PM
Sweet Trip - Tekka
Sweet Trip Tekka
Velocity : Design : Comfort Darla 2003
3:02 PM
Lilys - Elizabeth Colour Wheel
Lilys Elizabeth Colour Wheel
In the Presence of Nothing Slumberland 1992
3:10 PM
Strawberry Switchblade - Trees and Flowers
Strawberry Switchblade Trees and Flowers
1982 4 Piece Demo Night School 2017
3:13 PM
Waxahatchee - Can’t Do Much
Waxahatchee Can’t Do Much
Saint Cloud Merge Records 2020
3:17 PM
Big Thief - Orange
Big Thief Orange
U.F.O.F. 4AD 2019
3:20 PM
Blue Smiley - bird
Blue Smiley bird
return blue smiley 2017
3:22 PM
Mess Domino Recording Co 2020
3:25 PM
Leer - As Cool as An Attempted Suicide
Leer As Cool as An Attempted Suicide
Spring Break No Parents LAUREN RECORDS 2013
3:30 PM
Boris - Neu Years
Boris Neu Years
Asobi Seksu x Boris (Split) Sargent House 2012
3:35 PM
Duster - Letting Go
Duster Letting Go
Letting Go Muddguts 2019
3:38 PM
Dirt Buyer - Spin
Dirt Buyer Spin
Dirt Buyer Danger Collective 2019 Rock
3:41 PM
Squirrel Flower - Headlights
Squirrel Flower Headlights
Headlights WMG - Polyvinyl Records 2019
3:45 PM
Stereolab - The Flower Called Nowhere
Stereolab The Flower Called Nowhere
Dots And Loops Elektra Records 1997
3:53 PM
Acetone - Louise
Acetone Louise
1992 - 2001 Light In The Attic 2017
Chat is archived.
tiffany (host) 3:12:22 PM
chat is open baybeeeeee
Jonathan Ruiz 3:14:53 PM
Peter Ireland 3:18:28 PM
so great to have you back! love that new lp by waxhatchee!
tiffany (host) 3:22:10 PM
thanks for tuning in!! i've been listening to it a lot lately
tiffany (host) 3:29:31 PM
@listeners: ~this was my first time prerecording a show through my macbook so pls be patient w any audio issues it'll probably get better as i get more practice!~
Jonathan Ruiz 3:30:35 PM
its okay, thoroughly enjoying the show
PiGuy 3:37:03 PM
@Peter Ireland, have you been attending the 'Weekly Rodeo' on Thursdays at 9pm that waxa_katie and her boyfriend Kevin Morby have been doing? It's full of good music and a lot of heart.
PiGuy 3:37:33 PM
On Instragram of course
Ashley 3:46:45 PM
woo hoo tiffany is back on zbc baybee
tiffany (host) 3:49:37 PM
miss u ash!
Peter Ireland 3:57:17 PM
@PiGuy thanks! I'll check it out!