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Sound Syrup

May 13, 2020 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Swirly gooey post punk adventures, drenched in reverb. Surreal. Artificial. Stored in Giant Vats.

Strategy: Dynamic show naming

Sound Syrup
1:01 PM
David Bowie - Diamond Dogs
David Bowie Diamond Dogs
Diamond Dogs Parlophone UK 2004 Rock
1:07 PM
Black Belt Eagle Scout - Soft Stud
Black Belt Eagle Scout Soft Stud
Soft Stud Saddle Creek 2018
1:13 PM
RVG - Christian Neurosurgeon
RVG Christian Neurosurgeon
Feral Fire Records 2020
1:16 PM
The Vacant Lots - Rescue
The Vacant Lots Rescue
Rescue Fuzz Club Records 2020
1:19 PM
Wire - Cactused
Wire Cactused
Cactused pinkflag 2019
1:23 PM
Kalbells - Cool and Bendable
Kalbells Cool and Bendable
Cool and Bendable NNA Tapes 2020
1:26 PM
Redskins - Unionize!
Redskins Unionize!
They Shall Not Pass Abstract Sounds 1983 Rock
1:31 PM
The Stranglers - (Get A) Grip [On Yourself]
The Stranglers (Get A) Grip [On Yourself]
Rattus Norvegicus Parlophone UK 1978 Rock
1:39 PM
Johnny Angel Wendell - Cincinnati
Johnny Angel Wendell Cincinnati
Bandcamp 2014
1:40 PM
Goon - Enter Bethel Admissions
Goon Enter Bethel Admissions
Enter Bethel Admissions PTKF 2018
1:43 PM
GRLwood - I'm Yer Dad
GRLwood I'm Yer Dad
Daddy sonaBLAST! Records 2018
1:46 PM
Suburban Lawns - Janitor
Suburban Lawns Janitor
Suburban Lawns I.R.S. Records 2016 Rock
1:48 PM
Bad Waitress - That Sedative
Bad Waitress That Sedative
That Sedative Royal Mountain Records 2020
1:50 PM
Chemtrails - Blurred Visions
Chemtrails Blurred Visions
The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable PNKSLM Recordings 2020
1:56 PM
No Joy - Birthmark
No Joy Birthmark
Birthmark Joyful Noise Recordings 2020
1:59 PM
Ratboys - Clever Hans
Ratboys Clever Hans
Printer's Devil Topshelf Records 2020
2:05 PM
Ride - Cali
Ride Cali
Weather Diaries Wichita Recordings 2017
2:11 PM
Magazine - Believe That I Understand
Magazine Believe That I Understand
Secondhand Daylight Virgin Catalogue 1979 Rock
2:15 PM
Woods - Can't Get Out
Woods Can't Get Out
Strange to Explain Woodsist 2020
2:18 PM
Haley Bonar - Called You Queen
Haley Bonar Called You Queen
Impossible Dream Universal Music 2016
2:21 PM
Sorry - Right Round The Clock
Sorry Right Round The Clock
Right Round The Clock Domino Recording Co 2019
2:26 PM
The Church - Life Speeds Up
The Church Life Speeds Up
The Blurred Crusade Second Motion 2010
2:33 PM
IceAge - Lockdown Blues
IceAge Lockdown Blues
Lockdown Blues Escho 2020
2:37 PM
Mark Lanegan - Ketamine
Mark Lanegan Ketamine
Straight Songs Of Sorrow Heavenly Recordings 2020
2:40 PM
AroarA - #2
AroarA #2
AroarA Club Roll Music Inc. 2013
2:43 PM
Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman
Betty Wright Clean Up Woman
Simply Soul Simply / Union Square Music 2012 R&B/Soul
2:44 PM
Tearjerker - You Can
Tearjerker You Can
Hiding Tearjerker 2014 Rock
2:49 PM
Inventions - Outlook for the Future
Inventions Outlook for the Future
Outlook for the Future Temporary Residence Ltd. 2020
2:52 PM
Porridge Radio - Give / Take
Porridge Radio Give / Take
Give / Take Memorials of Distinction 2019
2:56 PM
Lotus Plaza - Monoliths
Lotus Plaza Monoliths
Spooky Action at a Distance Kranky 2012
Chat is archived.
JeffB (host) 12:59:13 PM
Silly show name submissions welcome.
DJ Simon 1:10:00 PM
JeffB (host) 1:10:31 PM
one word, three syllables. perfect!
Saginaw 1:13:03 PM
Can't compete with that. Nice one, DJ Simon
JeffB (host) 1:17:41 PM
A worldwide Fundemic - shelter in place
DJ Simon 1:38:11 PM
Johnny Angel! Loved the Blackjacks back in the day.
JeffB (host) 1:45:37 PM
PROGRAM NOTE: Today at 5pm "Dearly Departed" - STRANGLERS focus. Displacing Pip's show until he's back.
JeffB (host) 1:45:52 PM
Judy's putting it together.
Kevin Polk 1:58:24 PM
Dave Greenfield - the human arpeggiator
chamboulé 2:01:30 PM
Judy the bot?
JeffB (host) 2:07:44 PM
Yes Judy the bot. But a human brain enhanced with mechanical superpowers. Only a matter of time before we're all robots.
Victor Robert Venckus 2:15:40 PM
Great stuff thank you bro
-bot 2:16:21 PM
that was a good Magazine song. One I haven't heard
JeffB (host) 2:18:23 PM
Hey @Victor ! Hope you're well !
Victor Robert Venckus 2:19:55 PM
I'm cool man thanks
chamboulé 2:57:24 PM
Cool show. I learned a new band. The Vacant Lots. They sounded like A Place to Bury Strangers.
John Sherman 2:58:19 PM
Listened to TJ Connelly in the morning and Jeff B in the afternoon. Radio nirvana or no!?
JeffB (host) 2:59:21 PM
@chamboulé - so many new bands makes my head spin.. and so many are *really* good.. was kind of easier in the old days when we just played the same 12 bands over and over..
JeffB (host) 3:00:20 PM
@John.. TJ was on !? Didn't know he was back.. need to check.
JeffB (host) 3:00:36 PM
THANK YOU all for bein' onboard here :)
John Sherman 3:01:13 PM
Check https://uncertain.fm/live/ at 10:00 for TJ
Jonathan Ruiz 3:03:36 PM