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the flower called nowhere

May 13, 2020 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With tiffany

the flower called nowhere
3:00 PM
The Spirit Of The Beehive - Roll Over
The Spirit Of The Beehive Roll Over
The Spirit of the Beehive Ice Age Records/Ranch Records 2014 Rock
3:05 PM
Kinoko Teikoku - Long goodbye
Kinoko Teikoku Long goodbye
Long Goodbye - EP DAIZAWA RECORDS 2013 Rock
3:08 PM
Neaux - LUV
Neaux LUV
LUV The Native Sound 2017
3:11 PM
Galaxie 500 - Flowers
Galaxie 500 Flowers
The Portable Galaxie 500 20/20/20 1998 Rock
3:15 PM
Sprain - Anything
Sprain Anything
Sprain 942837 Records DK 2018
3:21 PM
Dear Nora - Rollercoaster
Dear Nora Rollercoaster
We'll Have a Time Magic Marker Records 2001 Rock
3:23 PM
Practicing Sincerity - Sincerity
Practicing Sincerity Sincerity
I Am Coming Home Soon - EP Practicing Sincerity 2017 Rock
3:26 PM
DOGBRETH - Cups and Wrappers
DOGBRETH Cups and Wrappers
Second Home Asian Man Records 2016
3:28 PM
Diners - Hear the World
Diners Hear the World
Three Asian Man Records 2016
3:33 PM
Beat Happening - Fourteen
Beat Happening Fourteen
Beat Happening K Records 1985
3:34 PM
Lomelda - Out There
Lomelda Out There
Out There Double Double Whammy 2017 Rock
3:38 PM
Horse Jumper of Love - Poison
Horse Jumper of Love Poison
Poison Run For Cover Records, LLC 2019
3:41 PM
Duster - Damaged
Duster Damaged
Duster Muddguts 2019
3:44 PM
Happy Diving - Bigger World
Happy Diving Bigger World
Electric Soul Unity TOPSHELF RECORDS (TSF) 2016 Rock
3:49 PM
Floating Room - Dog
Floating Room Dog
Good Cheer Records Presents: 2018 Sampler Good Cheer Records 2018 Rock
3:52 PM
Emily Reo - Ghosting
Emily Reo Ghosting
Ghosting Carpark Records 2019
3:55 PM
Trace Mountains - Absurdity
Trace Mountains Absurdity
Lost in the Country Lame-O Records 2020
3:59 PM
Kinski - Semaphore
Kinski Semaphore
Semaphore Sub Pop Records 2008 Rock
Chat is archived.
verb 3:13:10 PM
Hey Tiff I was just on before you. I LOVE your show right after..
Jonathan Ruiz 3:13:50 PM
tiffany (host) 3:14:21 PM
hey verb! thanks for listening :_) i dig your show as well
Peter Ireland 3:14:36 PM
perfect day for galaxie 500 ... everyday's a perfect day for galaxie 500!
tiffany (host) 3:15:56 PM
so true!!
Matthew 3:35:52 PM
Your playlist is making working from home bearable <<(^.^<<) (>>^.^)>>
tiffany (host) 3:45:44 PM
thanks matthew!!