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Low End Theory

May 20, 2020 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With DJ Ouroboros

Low End Theory
8:02 AM
Litmus - Ma: 55°n Rift
Litmus Ma: 55°n Rift
Aurora Rise Above Limited 2009
8:12 AM
Major Parkinson - Lover, Lower Me Down!
Major Parkinson Lover, Lower Me Down!
Blackbox Karisma 2017
8:19 AM
Jane Weaver - Argent
Jane Weaver Argent
The Silver Globe Fire Records UK 2014 Rock
8:25 AM
Gold Key - The Shape
Gold Key The Shape
Hello, Phantom Venn Records 2017
8:30 AM
Ufomammut - Warsheep
Ufomammut Warsheep
Warsheep Neurot Recordings 2017 Heavy Metal
8:38 AM
Algiers - Hour of the Furnaces
Algiers Hour of the Furnaces
There Is No Year Matador 2020
8:39 AM
Timber Timbre - Bleu Nuit
Timber Timbre Bleu Nuit
Sincerely, Future Pollution City Slang 2017
8:45 AM
Have a Nice Life - Deep, Deep
Have a Nice Life Deep, Deep
Deathconsciousness The Flenser 2014 Rock
8:50 AM
Ides of Gemini - Zohra
Ides of Gemini Zohra
Women Rise Above Limited 2017 Heavy Metal
8:58 AM
Gary Numan - Mercy
Gary Numan Mercy
Savage (Songs from a Broken World) BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited 2017
9:01 AM
TOOL - Fear Inoculum
TOOL Fear Inoculum
Fear Inoculum RCA Records Label 2019 Rock
9:11 AM
Mekons - Sorcerer
Mekons Sorcerer
The Curse of the Mekons Mekons 1991
9:18 AM
Killing Joke - This Tribal Antidote
Killing Joke This Tribal Antidote
Hosannas from the Basements of Hell Edel Records 2006 Rock
9:23 AM
Chelsea Wolfe - Deranged for Rock & Roll
Chelsea Wolfe Deranged for Rock & Roll
Birth of Violence Sargent House 2019 Rock
9:26 AM
Bent Knee - Cradle of Rocks
Bent Knee Cradle of Rocks
You Know What They Mean InsideOutMusic 2019
9:32 AM
King Crimson - Medley (From Heartbeat) [The Abbreviated King Crimson 1991]
King Crimson Medley (From Heartbeat) [The Abbreviated King Crimson 1991]
Medley (KC50 Vol. 18) Discipline Global Mobile 2019
9:32 AM
King Crimson - Red
King Crimson Red
Red EG Records 1974
9:38 AM
Myrkur - Ella
Myrkur Ella
Folkesange Relapse Records 2020
9:42 AM
Bauhaus - Slice of Life
Bauhaus Slice of Life
Burning From The Inside Beggars Banquet 1988 Rock
9:49 AM
Alexander Tucker - Montag
Alexander Tucker Montag
Guild of the Asbestos Weaver Thrill Jockey 2019
9:55 AM
Test Dept - Speak Truth to Power
Test Dept Speak Truth to Power
Disturbance One Little Indian Records 2019
9:59 AM
Revocation - Blood Atonement
Revocation Blood Atonement
The Outer Ones Metal Blade Records 2018
Chat is archived.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:01:49 AM
Good morning to all sentient beings in ZBC land!
KOTJ! 8:26:10 AM
Majestic soundtracks to remote drone flights.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:37:00 AM
What's with the stuttered buffering on the stream? Are yoi getting that as well James?
Kris Thompson 9:13:55 AM
We're listening on-air, so can't tell about that. We have to turn up the volume during breaks to be able to hear the info & anecdotes, though
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:15:09 AM
Thanks, Kris. I have have the volume on the mic turned up to the max and this seems to be a problem with many djs recording from home. We are working on solutions
Kris Thompson 9:19:00 AM
Got it. Computer mics. Maybe something like a compression plug-in might help.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:19:26 AM
Good idea, Kris. I shall consult with Jeff Berlin. He knows all!
-bot 9:23:22 AM
I believe that Nick from Isolation Tapes program would have a suggestion
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:24:47 AM
I'm using a snowball mike that I use for field interviews, but its omnidirectional
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:25:04 AM
Purchasing a podcast/broadcast mic soon
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:25:30 AM
I will ask Nick
Kris Thompson 9:35:17 AM
Maybe DJs having the low mic volume issue could turn down the music volume to match the mic volume? Then listeners wouldn't have to keep adjusting the volume.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:39:48 AM
Good idea, Kris
SpinitronVideo 9:39:55 AM
Better to get the mic level up. When I make tutorial screen-casts I use a headset mic. Sure SM35.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:39:56 AM
I will try that next week
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:40:43 AM
OK. SpinitronVideo. Thanks for the mic recommendation
SpinitronVideo 9:41:11 AM
Hi. I am aka Tom
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:42:44 AM
Hi Tom!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:44:37 AM
Ah ha! You are the magician behind the magic of Spinitron!
SpinitronVideo 9:44:47 AM
SpinitronVideo 9:45:20 AM
No. Wait. Not Shazam. That's Apple now. Abracadabra!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:45:33 AM
May I contact you off site? I would love to talk to you about Spinitron
SpinitronVideo 9:46:17 AM
forum.spinitron.com or tom@spinitron.com
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:46:33 AM