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the flower called nowhere

May 27, 2020 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With tiffany

the flower called nowhere
3:00 PM
Swirlies - Pancake
Swirlies Pancake
Blonder Tongue Audio Baton Taang! Records 2006
3:03 PM
Stove - Safe Guy
Stove Safe Guy
's Favorite Friend Exploding In Sound Records 2018
3:07 PM
BORIS - pink
BORIS pink
Pink Sargent House 2016
3:11 PM
Black Beach - Shallow Creatures
Black Beach Shallow Creatures
Shallow Creatures Basement Sounds 2016
3:13 PM
Melt-Banana - The Hive
Melt-Banana The Hive
Fetch AZAP 2013 Rock
3:15 PM
Show Me The Body - Arcanum
Show Me The Body Arcanum
Dog Whistle Loma Vista Recordings 2019
3:20 PM
Les Rallizes Denudes - But I'm Different
Les Rallizes Denudes But I'm Different
Cable Hogue Soundtrack ODL 2015 Rock
3:26 PM
Tall Friend - Natural Things
Tall Friend Natural Things
Safely Nobody's Exploding In Sound Records 2017 Rock
3:28 PM
Anna Burch - Can't Sleep
Anna Burch Can't Sleep
If You're Dreaming Heavenly Recordings 2020
3:32 PM
Plush - Fixes
Plush Fixes
Please Father/Daughter Records 2016
3:35 PM
Eve's Peach - Blossom Valley
Eve's Peach Blossom Valley
Climbing Bittersweet Eve's Peach 2018
3:37 PM
Little Big League - Year of the Sunhouse
Little Big League Year of the Sunhouse
Little Big League & Ovlov - Split Tiny Engines 2014 Rock
3:41 PM
Kal Marks - Parking Lot
Kal Marks Parking Lot
Life Is Murder Exploding In Sound Records 2013 Rock
3:44 PM
Elizabeth Colour Wheel - Life of a Flower
Elizabeth Colour Wheel Life of a Flower
Nocebo The Flenser 2019 Rock
3:52 PM
hawak - haiyan
hawak haiyan
haiyan (single) 2019
3:56 PM
Dæphne - Miscalculating Future Experiences
Dæphne Miscalculating Future Experiences
Family Vacation Demo 2014
Chat is archived.
tiffany (host) 3:04:35 PM
chat is open!
Peter Ireland 3:09:01 PM
perfect time for boris!
tiffany (host) 3:13:32 PM
always a good time for boris!
matthew 3:38:34 PM
thanks for the cool tunes!
matthew 3:38:42 PM
I like finding new moosic
tiffany (host) 3:41:22 PM
thanks for listening! glad i could provide them for you :~)
tiffany (host) 3:41:52 PM
note: Les Rallizes Denudes is a japanese band with a french name i misspoke
Celia 3:42:33 PM
luvin the tunes! great show :)
tiffany (host) 3:43:13 PM
thanks celia! :o)
verb 3:43:34 PM
wow thx for the plug ! Enjoying your whole show today :)
tiffany (host) 3:45:29 PM
of course! thanks for plugging my show as well glad you enjoy :-)