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Sound Syrup

Jun 3, 2020 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB


Sound Syrup
1:00 PM
U.S. Girls - 4 American Dollars
U.S. Girls 4 American Dollars
Heavy Light 4AD 2020
1:05 PM
Amon Tobin - Wooden Toy
Amon Tobin Wooden Toy
ISAM Ninja Tune 2011
1:07 PM
Soft Plastics - Spartacus, Please
Soft Plastics Spartacus, Please
5 Dreams Paper Bag Records 2020
1:12 PM
Broken Social Scene - Almost Crimes
Broken Social Scene Almost Crimes
You Forgot It In People Arts & Crafts 2003 Rock
1:15 PM
TC Matic - I'm Not Like That
TC Matic I'm Not Like That
Tc Matic Parlophone Belgium 1981
1:17 PM
The Cool Greenhouse - 4Chan
The Cool Greenhouse 4Chan
The Cool Greenhouse Melodic 2020
1:21 PM
Ty Segall - Every 1's a Winner
Ty Segall Every 1's a Winner
Freedom's Goblin Drag City Records 2018
1:25 PM
The Girls - Jeffrey I Hear You
The Girls Jeffrey I Hear You L
Jeffrey I Hear You / The Elephant Man Heathen 1979 MP3 Rock
1:31 PM
Death Valley Girls - Disaster (Is What We’re After)
Death Valley Girls Disaster (Is What We’re After)
Disaster (Is What We’re After) Suicide Squeeze Records 2018
1:34 PM
Swim Deep - One Great Song and I Can Change the World
Swim Deep One Great Song and I Can Change the World
One Great Song and I Can Change the World RCA Records Label 2015
1:38 PM
Stevie Wonder - Living for the City
Stevie Wonder Living for the City
Innervisions UNI/MOTOWN 1973 R&B/Soul
1:44 PM
Jaguar Sun - The Heart
Jaguar Sun The Heart
The Heart Jaguar Sun 2020
1:49 PM
IAN SWEET - 2soft2chew
IAN SWEET 2soft2chew
Shapeshifter Hardly Art 2016
1:52 PM
Baths - Mikaela Corridor
Baths Mikaela Corridor
Pop Music / False B-Sides II Basement's Basement 2020
1:55 PM
Rui Gabriel & Fawning - God (feat. Jack Riley)
Rui Gabriel & Fawning God (feat. Jack Riley)
God (feat. Jack Riley) Frozen Jab 2020
1:59 PM
Hemming - Airport Security
Hemming Airport Security
Airport Security Hemming 2020
2:03 PM
Gladie - A Pace Far Different
Gladie A Pace Far Different
Safe Sins Lame-O Records 2020 Rock
2:07 PM
American Trappist - Active Recovery / Theme from "Top of the Ladder"
American Trappist Active Recovery / Theme from "Top of the Ladder"
The Gate Smartt* 2020
2:11 PM
Working Men's Club - Bad Blood
Working Men's Club Bad Blood
Bad Blood Mélodic 2019
2:14 PM
U2 - A Day Without Me (Remastered 2008)
U2 A Day Without Me (Remastered 2008)
Boy (Deluxe Edition Remastered) Universal-Island Records Ltd. 1980 Rock
2:17 PM
Tacocat - New World
Tacocat New World
This Mess Is a Place Sub Pop Records 2019
2:20 PM
Kidbug - Moonglue
Kidbug Moonglue
Kidbug Joyful Noise Recordings 2020
2:22 PM
Deerhoof - New Orphan Asylum for Spirited Deerchildren
Deerhoof New Orphan Asylum for Spirited Deerchildren
Future Teenage Cave Artists Joyful Noise Recordings 2020
2:24 PM
Marlaena Moore - All Alone (Full of Love)
Marlaena Moore All Alone (Full of Love)
Pay Attention, Be Amazed! Victory Pool 2020
2:26 PM
Patrick Mystery - Lion
Patrick Mystery Lion
Drastic Times BKS Records 1995
2:33 PM
Beyoncé - FREEDOM
LEMONADE Parkwood Entertainment 2016
2:37 PM
Sun Mahshene - This Girl I Know
Sun Mahshene This Girl I Know
Contradictions and Tales of Fiction Reckless Records 2019 Rock
2:42 PM
R McClure & Tall Shadows - Sweet Thing!
R McClure & Tall Shadows Sweet Thing!
Sweet Thing! - Single 2020
2:44 PM
The Octopus Project - Exit Counselor
The Octopus Project Exit Counselor
One Ten Hundred Thousand Million Peek-A-Boo 2005 CD Rock
2:46 PM
Death Valley Girls - Street Justice
Death Valley Girls Street Justice
Darkness Rains Suicide Squeeze Records 2018
2:49 PM
Team Ghost - Dead Film Star (TEPR Remix)
Team Ghost Dead Film Star (TEPR Remix)
Dead Film Star - EP Wagram Music / wSphere 2012
2:52 PM
The Accord - A Box of Paints
The Accord A Box of Paints
Cinematics Soundcloud 2012
2:59 PM
Swirlies - Pancake
Swirlies Pancake L
Blonder Tongue Audio Baton Taang! Records 2006 Rock
Chat is archived.
KOTJ! 1:06:23 PM
Sorry folks....I'm sick of helicopters hovering over my neighb and fire crackers all evening into the night.
PiGuy 1:06:34 PM
Hey, my Wednesday 1pm Zoom meeting is now bi-weekly so I get to hear the whole show!
PiGuy 1:08:47 PM
I was coming home last night when about 20 law enforcement vehicles were at a gas station arresting 5 people for suspected theft of fireworks in NH. Plus they were in a reported stolen SUV from a rental car company. Wonder what the fireworks were for?
JeffB (host) 1:09:25 PM
4th of .. Wrong month?
PiGuy 1:10:53 PM
Yeah I'm sure that's it. did seem like an awful lot of vehicles to detain 5 kids under the age of 19.
KOTJ! 1:11:15 PM
Last friday night here in the South End it was nuts with fireworks and firecrackers until 2am. Worse than the ridiculousness around here on a typical 4th july evening.
JeffB (host) 1:12:36 PM
@PiGuy it's great they caught 'em.. @KOTJ who do you think is lighting 'em off?
KOTJ! 1:13:06 PM
KIds. I say buy food not firecrackers. Selfishness. No consideration that folks are nervous and edgy enough with current conditions.
KOTJ! 1:13:38 PM
I get it. Folks are pissed.
PiGuy 1:14:30 PM
I was in the hall yesterday and drove home via Boylston to see how many shops were/are boarded up.Protesting is great and I support it but the other stuff is un-needed. Just an opinion.
KOTJ! 1:15:02 PM
News outlets are inconsiderate. Having cameras on the ground isn't enough. Need the 6 hour hovering to get that live feed with no consideration for the folks living under them.
Kevin Polk 1:16:09 PM
Problem is, attention seems to be shifting from what's important to all the fuss about the protests/looting/response, etc. The protests are one thing. What's being protested is what's most important.
KOTJ! 1:16:11 PM
I was at Sunday night on common. It's not like '67 and '69.
Kevin Polk 1:16:43 PM
what do you see as being different?
KOTJ! 1:16:51 PM
THe kids are unpacking a lot more than the issue at hand. A LOT OF EGO!!
KOTJ! 1:18:01 PM
Going up to cops and taunting them to beat them up and when they didn't call them pussies and cowards. The cops were just there in case things got out of hand.
Kevin Polk 1:18:39 PM
But it's a mixed crowd. There are many who are outraged by what is happening to people of color. And there are others who see an opportunity to act out on their generalized complaints. But it's not the case that "the protestors" are just bored suburban kids mimicking what they see from Portland or whatever.
KOTJ! 1:19:09 PM
THen hurling bottles at them and taunting them to choke and kill them....even throwing bottles at MBTA security guards not even transit police.
JeffB (host) 1:19:51 PM
I don't see that as related to or advancing the interests of BLM.
KOTJ! 1:20:01 PM
@Kevin...exactly. I wish I went to the peaceful prayer protest. Social distancing and calm and prayer.
KOTJ! 1:21:21 PM
Also....I was on my bike behind the bike cops leading the march. Mainly b/c I support that 98% of all cops are decent and there was space. There was NO social distancing. Rally leaders were saying if you're not behind the line you're not part of the protest.
KOTJ! 1:22:21 PM
It's devisive, arrogant and too many folks videoing constantly which I'm sure is just to social media brag and attentions seek.
Kevin Polk 1:22:24 PM
@James that's important for everybody to hear. Some of the media is covering it all, good and bad. Others are covering the bad and painting with a broad brush. Are there bad people piggybacking on this? Yes. Does that invalidate everybody out there? No. But intentions covering things are not always pure, on either "side."
Kevin Polk 1:23:20 PM
We went to the march/protest last summer, down Boylston St. Same deal. A worthwhile intent, somewhat spoiled by those with a different agenda for the day.
KOTJ! 1:23:21 PM
I think if "the vid" wasn't going on there would be more people. more older people and more peaceful.
JeffB (host) 1:23:28 PM
@Kevin yeah that mirrors my view. @James love hearing (well.. reading) your observations - since you're THERE
KOTJ! 1:24:01 PM
Listen to my oldies7 show I talk about it.
Kevin Polk 1:26:19 PM
@james and @jeff but we do have to be cautious about the generation thing here. I definitely have strong views about all this and what I see going on, but I'm also 2X older than most of those out there after 7PM at least, so I mildly resist 'splainin what it's all about. That said, there is probably some or a lot of Instragram/TikTok posing and imitation going on. One sad thing here is how the book might get thrown at some of these kids - there lives could be pretty ruined.
KOTJ! 1:26:21 PM
My favorite were these three young punky girls standing in front of a blase bike cop group I cycled with. They held insulting signs up in front of the cops who pretty much chatting with each other and texting. Kids were acting like they were that guy in Tinenamen Square but then I thought...do they even know about that event and that guy in front of a tank
Kevin Polk 1:26:38 PM
but I'll put the soapbox away, let's remember there is an awesome music show happening
KOTJ! 1:27:33 PM
When Nike and others now have george floyd marketing with their "Vid" marketing...it's now trend cycle.
KOTJ! 1:28:00 PM
Enjoying Jeffery...I hear im too!!
Peter Ireland 1:29:37 PM
this cool greenhouse - segall - jeffrey i hear you combination is sublimely awesome!
KOTJ! 1:29:42 PM
My final word: Hey kids...the cops standing in front of you are not murderers.
Kevin Polk 1:29:46 PM
speaking of Soul Jazz records, head over there today with your available credit card $ and buy up 1 or 83 albums; great music and some of it timely
KOTJ! 1:30:28 PM
Cool Greenhouse = Love
Kevin Polk 1:31:59 PM
@james some of those protesting need to listen to the ask from leaders and do what is actually helpful vs what feels good
KOTJ! 1:35:13 PM
Yes. We are all on edge...well not me...so consideration should be executed and extended to the innocent. I wore my "Lean not on your own understanding" shirt as my statement.
PiGuy 1:37:15 PM
Since @james mentioned the 60's, anyone have the Epix channel and see their Laurel Canyon show? Never knew all these folks lived near each other or that Peter Tork was a nudist.
Kevin Polk 1:39:09 PM
we're hoping to catch that Laurel Canyon show soon. There was a good movie called Echo in the Canyon, a little marred by Jakub Dylan's self promotion, but worthwhile. What a music scene, eh?
KOTJ! 1:39:49 PM
Good wonder Jeff. Also heard someone play Whitey on The Moon the other Z- Morning.
Kevin Polk 1:39:57 PM
jeffrey in for the kill with Living for the City. That is the sadness, here we are still all these years later.
KOTJ! 1:42:19 PM
Cause a fire in the street Ain't like a fire in the heart - F. Zappa
PiGuy 1:43:28 PM
Frank Zappa even has a scene in the Laurel Canyon show talking about signing Alice Cooper to his label. Can also believe David Crosby saying he had the best pot in the area.
Kevin Polk 1:47:45 PM
@james, well said via zappa
KOTJ! 1:48:14 PM
JeffB (host) 1:48:24 PM
not sure i have epix.. i'll look for the laurel canyon show..
KOTJ! 1:49:04 PM
That's FZ 1966. I think Laurel is on NetFlix
Kevin Polk 1:50:11 PM
echo in the canyon (movie) on netflix, the laurel canyon show on epix
PiGuy 1:50:52 PM
Only a 2 part show, just came to Epix a couple of days ago and only part one has aired. Amazing cast of characters.
KOTJ! 1:53:29 PM
PeterC 2:00:54 PM
just finished recording mine so catching your 2nd hour..
Kevin Polk 2:01:39 PM
don't forget to check out today's show when it's posted here, plus past shows! #teamjeff
Kevin Polk 2:01:42 PM
Kevin Polk 2:02:13 PM
and james' shows too http://soundsyrup.com/KOTJ.html
JeffB (host) 2:03:08 PM
Thx @Kevin! Another program note - today at 5 "Dearly Departed - Solidarity Edition" w/ Judy
KOTJ! 2:06:51 PM
Props to Jeff for the James player. Folks love but miss my show texts.
KOTJ! 2:08:56 PM
Active Recovery!
-bot 2:15:22 PM
smooth segue
-bot 2:15:41 PM
A pro move
JeffB (host) 2:15:44 PM
@bot couldn't resist.. :)
KOTJ! 2:18:49 PM
Jeff = real pro
PiGuy 2:19:47 PM
Tacocat song should be followed by one from 'So many dynamos' for us palindrome fans.
JeffB (host) 2:22:47 PM
the word palindrome needs to be replaced with a real palindrome. like "palinnilap"
PeterC 2:23:13 PM
lol I'm pretty sure I'm the first person in boston (and maybe in the US) to play U2...The Virgin Prunes brought by a demo tape of out of control...they only had one somebody made a copy while I was doing the interview and we played it before they left
PeterC 2:24:12 PM
they actually kept track of it...years later U2 management called and asked us to erase it...which we did...it's on boy deluxe
JeffB (host) 2:24:57 PM
@Peter wow ! Does Carter Alan know about this.. ?
-bot 2:28:13 PM
I even believe that Culture Club was play with regularity on the 'Z back in the early '80s?
PeterC 2:31:48 PM
I doubt it...Oedipus claims he was the first so I don't think he'd be interested in hearing that...U2 and the VP were once part of the same group...the edge was a brother of one of the VPs...Gavin Friday ended up working for U2 and still does
Kevin Polk 2:33:59 PM
don't remember Culture Club on the Z but maybe that's cuz I'm 127 years old; could have been a CC extended dance mix sandwiched between a Killing Joke dance mix and Eyeless in Gaza ;)
PeterC 2:34:21 PM
yes...culture club. as well as duran duran, frankie goes to hollywood and prince...nobody had ever heard of any of them at the time.
Kevin Polk 2:34:16 PM
well there you go
Kevin Polk 2:34:44 PM
guess I was too into the hardcore at the time to notice SEE, SEE THROUGH THEIR LIES
JeffB (host) 2:35:46 PM
@PeterC "U2 and the VP were once part of the same group" make sense, Bono recently posted his Quarentine Top 50 - a Gavin Friday song was on it.
JeffB (host) 2:40:34 PM
@Kevin Sun Mahshene is the song you told me about ! Bought it on Bandcamp playing from AIFF file, not mp3
Kevin Polk 2:41:43 PM
they sound like they are straight out of 1995 with an epic Brit Pop sound
Kevin Polk 2:42:23 PM
they released an album early in 2019 but then it got pulled almost immediately; don't know what happened there; but I bought it before it disappeared, will get you the FLACs soon
Kevin Polk 2:42:53 PM
it's a good album, several strong songs like this one
PeterC 2:46:30 PM
@JeffB One of the most memorable shows I've see was gavin friday solo at TTs...everybody was seated at 4 person round tables with tablecloths and candles...at TTs!
Kevin Polk 2:47:04 PM
saw The Octopus Project open for Trail of the Dead one time; they were pretty good, more fun live; you know, back when we had "concerts" and people were shorter
Kevin Polk 2:48:22 PM
that's another thing when this is all over, where are we gonna see shows?? great scotts is gone (probably), middle east could be, not to mention all the venues have been lost previously
JeffB (host) 2:50:50 PM
Lyons group will have a monopoly. All that'll be left are Boston Music Hall and House of Blues.
JeffB (host) 2:50:58 PM
(Hope not)
DJ Simon 2:52:33 PM
Good Syrup today, Jeff. I thank you for expressing your views.
JeffB (host) 2:56:53 PM
thx @Simon i know we all have views.. my spiel about economic suppression is from Richard Rothstein, he wrote a book "The Color of Money". He's on the interview circuit (NPR, BBC, and others) and has used my studio several time to do those live interviews. Learned a lot listening to him.
JeffB (host) 2:57:56 PM
Promise next week will be normal and not so serious.. ( unless some other catastrophic event shakes us all to the core again.. )
DJ Simon 2:58:27 PM
Your commentary put a good perspective on things. Yes, let's hope for a normal week, whatever that is these days.
chamboulé 2:58:42 PM
Heard your whole show, loved it, especially the 4chan song. Regarding the demise of clubs: I believe that Once Club will survive. Every time they do a fund raiser, at least $10,000 comes in from their supporters.
Kevin Polk 2:58:40 PM
great job today jeff awesome show
JeffB (host) 3:00:01 PM
thx all !