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Turbid Radio

Jun 24, 2020 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Jon Whitney

adjective: turbid

  1. (of a liquid) cloudy, opaque, or thick with suspended matter.
  2. confused or obscure in meaning or effect.

June 24, 2020

A three hour show

Turbid Radio
7:00 PM
Tortoise - Cliff Dweller Society
Tortoise Cliff Dweller Society
Gamera Duophonic 1995
7:17 PM
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Rhodes Viola Multiple
Keith Fullerton Whitman Rhodes Viola Multiple
Antithesis - EP Kranky 2004
7:22 PM
Charles Hayward - Aperture
Charles Hayward Aperture
Crossfade Estate Broken Silence 2020
7:28 PM
Bérangère Maximin - Day 41 Sonic Drawing Diary
Bérangère Maximin Day 41 Sonic Drawing Diary
Land Of Waves Karlrecords 2020
7:39 PM
múm - Will the Summer Make Good for All
múm Will the Summer Make Good for All
Summer Make Good FatCat Records 2004
7:43 PM
Henry Jacobs - Telephone Threrapy
Henry Jacobs Telephone Threrapy
The Wide Weird World Of Henry Jacobs Important 2005
7:45 PM
Six Organs Of Admittance - Annunciation
Six Organs Of Admittance Annunciation
Maria Kapel Pavillion 2011
7:53 PM
Vilnius Municipal Choir Jauna Muzika - The Beatitudes
Vilnius Municipal Choir Jauna Muzika The Beatitudes
Arvo Pärt - Works For Choir Cugate Classics 2001
8:00 PM
Organum - Vacant Lights Pt.1
Organum Vacant Lights Pt.1
Vacant Lights Aeroplane 1987
8:16 PM
TALsounds - No Restoring
TALsounds No Restoring
Acquiesce NNA Tapes 2020
8:22 PM
Mark Hollis - The Daily Planet
Mark Hollis The Daily Planet
Mark Hollis Polydor Records 1998 Rock
8:29 PM
Samuel Rohrer - The Grid
Samuel Rohrer The Grid
Profile Of The Lines Concentric Records 2020
8:38 PM
Andrew Elaban - Woven Crescent
Andrew Elaban Woven Crescent
Variegated Tributary / Woven Crescent Whited Sepulchre 2020
8:43 PM
:Zoviet*France: - Host / Blowing In The Instrument
:Zoviet*France: Host / Blowing In The Instrument
Misfits, Loony Tunes And Squalid Criminals Red Rhino 1986
8:49 PM
Jandek - They Told Me About You
Jandek They Told Me About You
Ready For The House Corwood Industries 1978
8:54 PM
Dennis Young - Unknown Origins
Dennis Young Unknown Origins
Reel to Real Staubgold 2015
9:00 PM
Edward Ka-Spel - Part 1
Edward Ka-Spel Part 1
On The Rebound self-released 2020
9:17 PM
claire rousay - Tuufuhhoowaah
claire rousay Tuufuhhoowaah
Tuufuhhoowaah / Bday Shots Whited Sepulchre 2020
9:22 PM
Jean C. Roché - Gran Sabana
Jean C. Roché Gran Sabana
Birds Of Venezuela L'Oiseau Musicien 1972
9:26 PM
Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant - Rakshasa
Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant Rakshasa
Carte Blanche Unrock 2019
9:38 PM
Jacques Berrocal - Rock'N Roll Station
Jacques Berrocal Rock'N Roll Station
Parallèles d'Advantage 1976
9:42 PM
Pan Sonic - Sykkivä / Throbbing
Pan Sonic Sykkivä / Throbbing
Kesto Blast First 2004
9:47 PM
Boduf Songs - They Get On Slowly
Boduf Songs They Get On Slowly
This Alone Above All Else In Spite of Everything kranky 2010
9:53 PM
Besombes & Rizet - Evelyse
Besombes & Rizet Evelyse
Pôle Tapioca 1975
Chat is archived.
John Huntington 7:16:36 PM
Good evening.
JeffB 7:19:07 PM
i heard my name.. been listening to whole show so far. Tortoise ! Almost played them last week..
Eve McGivern 7:19:35 PM
Jon Whitney (host) 7:59:30 PM
dead air or is my connection not working?
Jamie Cohen 8:14:48 PM
no dead air, sounds great...
Jon Whitney (host) 8:16:41 PM
my speakers weren't plugged in to the right power strip!
Jon Whitney (host) 8:17:15 PM
and thanks jamie!
Zen Pathology 8:17:51 PM
Gremlins swapped the cords. Or cats. Do you have cats?
Eve McGivern 8:18:22 PM
Mercury Retrograde.
Zen Pathology 8:22:37 PM
Retro Marmalade.
Jon Whitney (host) 8:25:25 PM
Eve McGivern 8:26:12 PM
Hey Jon! Thanks for the amazing music. Bright spot in a rough week.
Jon Whitney (host) 8:27:51 PM
oh man don't get me started
Jon Whitney (host) 8:28:01 PM
it's been a horrible week
Eve McGivern 8:28:48 PM
You too, huh.
Kristen Cummings D'Uva 8:34:10 PM
Ok, found it! ;)
Kristen Cummings D'Uva 8:34:42 PM
and the week's been nuts... countdown to RI!
Jon Whitney (host) 8:37:37 PM
Jon Whitney (host) 8:37:49 PM
i keep inviting Damien to listen
Jon Whitney (host) 8:38:02 PM
i even played Organum for him
Kristen Cummings D'Uva 8:39:28 PM
you have to hunt him down :)
Jon Whitney (host) 8:45:06 PM
i texted him
Jon Whitney (host) 8:45:20 PM
told him i was playing organum for him
Jon Whitney (host) 8:48:41 PM
i don't play nearly enough Zoviet France
Kristen Cummings D'Uva 8:50:30 PM
we both said the last sounded like Zoviet!
John Huntington 8:51:07 PM
I love hearing Jandek and Organum in the same show.
ex DJ tamer 8:52:10 PM
Is Jandek still making music?
Jon Whitney (host) 8:53:30 PM
i think so
Jon Whitney (host) 8:54:26 PM
Boston Friday came out this year! I need to get that if it's the show from Boston at the ICA
Jon Whitney (host) 8:54:40 PM
Chris Corsano on drums and Greg Kelley on trumpet
Jon Whitney (host) 8:55:13 PM
whoops, my mistake, it was Eli Kezler
ex DJ tamer 8:55:34 PM
I just looked. He has a rather extensive wikipedia page, and yes, he's still recoding albums!
Jon Whitney (host) 8:55:19 PM
(on drums)
Jon Whitney (host) 8:59:08 PM
i saw that show in boston - i can't remember the year now
Eve McGivern 9:03:17 PM
Mmm, I could listen to Edward talk all day.
Kristen Cummings D'Uva 9:03:17 PM
me too!
Jon Whitney (host) 9:03:44 PM
i always thought it would be amazing to have him as a dad and told bedtime stories
Eve McGivern 9:04:32 PM
Bet those would be some bedtime stories.
Daniel Proietti 9:17:38 PM
Claire rules!
Jon Whitney (host) 9:18:05 PM
yes! i agree
Maggie Giles 9:21:38 PM
Jon ZBC has your show archived back to May 6! 🙌🏼 Well, playlists anyway, haven’t tried listening yet cuz listening now.
Jon Whitney (host) 9:29:53 PM
Jon Whitney (host) 9:30:08 PM
the next song is an oldie but goodie
Kristen Cummings D'Uva 9:36:49 PM
Bedtime stories with Edward sounds like a good project :)
Kristen Cummings D'Uva 9:39:17 PM
I hear NWW ;)
Jon Whitney (host) 9:40:16 PM
Jon Whitney (host) 9:40:26 PM
one of very few songs NWW has covered
Jon Whitney (host) 9:40:47 PM
i think i wanna play some classic NWW next time
Kristen Cummings D'Uva 9:42:04 PM
I would like that!
kilbey1 9:43:49 PM
<3 Pan Sonic
Jon Whitney (host) 9:44:19 PM
Mika RIP
kilbey1 9:44:18 PM
Yes :(
Kristen Cummings D'Uva 9:53:12 PM
Nice set - thanks Jon!
Zen Pathology 9:53:46 PM
Lovely show, yes!
John Huntington 9:54:05 PM
Great show tonight!
Jon Whitney (host) 9:54:17 PM
thanks johnboy!
Jon Whitney (host) 9:54:29 PM
thanks zen!
Maggie Giles 9:54:19 PM
This has been great, thanks Jon!
ex DJ tamer 9:55:30 PM
Talk to ya soon, Jon! (and Mags)
Jon Whitney (host) 9:55:31 PM
thanks maggie
Jon Whitney (host) 9:55:36 PM
come back next week
Jon Whitney (host) 9:55:50 PM
this has been great to chat about tunes while playing tunes :)
ex DJ tamer 9:56:24 PM
It was a crowded chat room!
Jon Whitney (host) 9:56:35 PM
Jon Whitney (host) 9:56:48 PM
and to think, i would have been at Swans tonight
Jon Whitney (host) 9:56:55 PM
ex DJ tamer 9:56:43 PM
Maggie Giles 9:57:16 PM
Hey who’s ex DJ tamer?? And i knowwww got my Swans calendar alert earlier :(
ex DJ tamer 9:57:46 PM
We were planning a bike ride, Mags....
Maggie Giles 9:58:06 PM
Ahhh of course ❤️ I know that even as I typed it!
ex DJ tamer 9:59:47 PM
The Wire reference in my alias should be a clue to my identity...
ex DJ tamer 10:00:51 PM
Waiting for Jon to have the last word...
Maggie Giles 10:01:54 PM
Next show’s on, he might have headed off. As am I, to bed! Chat with you soon :)
Jon Whitney (host) 10:15:03 PM
oh sorry
Jon Whitney (host) 10:15:17 PM
i wasn't paying attention
Jon Whitney (host) 10:15:52 PM
i have no last words, i'll be back next week!