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Gold Soundz

Jun 26, 2020 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Pete

Featuring the very best new ZBC rock, and college radio classics from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

Gold Soundz
3:00 PM
Pavement - Gold Soundz
Pavement Gold Soundz
Crooked Rain Crooked Rain Matador US 1994 CD
3:04 PM
The Ex - Birth
The Ex Birth
27 Passports Setanta 2018
3:08 PM
Executive Slacks - The Bus
Executive Slacks The Bus
You Can't Hum When You're Dead Cleopatra Records 2010
3:11 PM
Drahla - Twelve Divisions of the Day
Drahla Twelve Divisions of the Day
Twelve Divisions of the Day Captured Tracks 2018
3:15 PM
Catbath - Ta Da
Catbath Ta Da
Glitterbox Guilt Ridden Pop 2018
3:17 PM
Lithics - Victim's Jacket
Lithics Victim's Jacket
Tower of Age Trouble In Mind Records 2020
3:21 PM
A Formal Sigh - Laundrette
A Formal Sigh Laundrette
Revolutionary Spirit: The Sound Of Liverpool 1976-1988
3:23 PM
Automatic - Electrocution
Automatic Electrocution
Signal Stones Throw Records 2019
3:26 PM
Líneas Aéreas - Benelux
Líneas Aéreas Benelux
Interferencias Vol. 1 - Spanish Synth Wave 1980-1989 Munster 2018 CD
3:29 PM
Spizzenergi - Soldier Soldier
Spizzenergi Soldier Soldier
1978-1988 A Decade Of Spizz History Cherry Red Records 1980 Rock
3:33 PM
Tesco Bombers - Break the Ice at Parties
Tesco Bombers Break the Ice at Parties
[Cease & Desist] DIY (Cult Classics from the Post-Punk Era 1978-82) Optimo Music 2015
3:34 PM
Broken Social Scene - Shampoo Suicide
Broken Social Scene Shampoo Suicide
You Forgot It In People Arts & Crafts 2003 Rock
3:39 PM
Chavez - New Room
Chavez New Room
Ride the Fader Matador US 2000 CD Rock
3:42 PM
Helmet - I Know
Helmet I Know
Betty Universal Music 1994 Rock
3:45 PM
Unwound - Equally Stupid
Unwound Equally Stupid
The Future of What KILL ROCK STARS 2009 Rock
3:49 PM
Naomi Punk - Linoleum Tryst #19
Naomi Punk Linoleum Tryst #19
Television Man Captured Tracks 2014 Rock
3:53 PM
Dan Melchior Band - Days of Future Passed
Dan Melchior Band Days of Future Passed
Negative Freedom In The Red 2019 Rock
3:57 PM
Black Beach - Nervous all the Time
Black Beach Nervous all the Time L
Shallow Creatures Basement Sounds 2016
3:59 PM
The Hussy - Have To Hide
The Hussy Have To Hide
Looming Dirtnap Records 2019 Rock
4:01 PM
Th' Faith Healers - Don't Jones Me
Th' Faith Healers Don't Jones Me
Lido Too Pure 1992
4:07 PM
Public Image Ltd. - Low Life
Public Image Ltd. Low Life
First Issue Light In The Attic 2013
4:11 PM
Disappears - Sound and Vision (Live)
Disappears Sound and Vision (Live)
Low: Live in Chicago Sonic Cathedral 2015
4:15 PM
Broken Social Scene - Love And Mathematics
Broken Social Scene Love And Mathematics
Feel Good Lost Arts & Crafts 2004 Rock
4:18 PM
Nostalgia Artoffact Records 2020
4:22 PM
Dumb - Don't Sleep
Dumb Don't Sleep
Club Nites Mint Records 2019
4:24 PM
Horse Jumper of Love - Ur Real Life
Horse Jumper of Love Ur Real Life
So Divine Run For Cover Records, LLC 2019
4:28 PM
Big Bliss - High Ideal
Big Bliss High Ideal
At Middle Distance Exit Stencil Recordings 2018 Rock
4:33 PM
Dead Stars - Never Knew You
Dead Stars Never Knew You
Slumber Old Flame Records 2014
4:37 PM
Greys - Erosion
Greys Erosion
Outer Heaven Carpark 2016
4:42 PM
Paper Foxes - Strawberry Lashes
Paper Foxes Strawberry Lashes
Popular Confessions Paper Foxes 2019
4:46 PM
Kississippi - Cut Yr Teeth
Kississippi Cut Yr Teeth
Sunset Blush Bug Crusher Records 2018
4:49 PM
Snail Mail - Thinning
Snail Mail Thinning
Habit - EP Sister Polygon Records 2016
4:52 PM
The Floaters - Float On
The Floaters Float On
Float On Geffen* 1995 R&B/Soul
4:59 PM
Erik King - Reed Reel
Erik King Reed Reel
The Dj for Label, Vol. 6 Tomahawk Records 2010
Chat is archived.
Pete (host) 3:00:32 PM
happy friday and welcome back! time for the gold sounds!
DJ Simon 3:02:32 PM
TGIF, Pete!
Pete (host) 3:03:32 PM
Dj Simon ... right on cue!
DJ Simon 3:03:58 PM
How 'bout that? Thanks for the mention!
Pete (host) 3:04:33 PM
thanks for many great shows!
bruckner4 3:04:44 PM
down for the soundz.
-bot 3:08:23 PM
I only know it's a Friday, because James is on in the morning
Pete (host) 3:13:57 PM
yes i know the feeling!
Pete (host) 3:14:16 PM
@bruckner4 welcome back! thanks for checking in
DJ Simon 3:25:24 PM
This Automatic album is so good. Been strung out on it for months.
Pete (host) 3:26:24 PM
KOTJ! 3:27:36 PM
Thanks for the files. Soundtracking my current three drone flights across our great land. Well mainly CA and NW.
KOTJ! 3:29:01 PM
@-bot...a heavy KOTJ onus there.
DJ Simon 3:29:51 PM
Spizz! A KOTJ favorite.
KOTJ! 3:30:24 PM
Some reason it is quite associated with me.
KOTJ! 3:30:59 PM
Hip Priest gave my Ellis' The Intruders. Read it Prof Ire?
KOTJ! 3:31:22 PM
A fave of N. Cave (musician)
Pete (host) 3:34:44 PM
informers? i don't i read that one
Pete (host) 3:35:01 PM
sorry ... i don't remember reading that one
Pete (host) 3:37:35 PM
last used book i bought before the shut down was "under the big black sun: a personal history of LA punk" by john doe. some great stories in there
bruckner4 3:42:25 PM
"bee thousand" came out in '94.
Pete (host) 3:44:16 PM
i should have added hot freaks to this set!
bruckner4 3:44:55 PM
pretty good year. "crooked rain.." too!
DJ Simon 4:00:17 PM
My favorite Hussy tune – was just listening to this fine record last night.
Pete (host) 4:00:55 PM
must have been telepathy!
KOTJ! 4:17:28 PM
Live stream KOTJ experiences at www.mixcloud.com/live/KOTJames KOTJ live Thursday at 8pm. The Home show Saturday at 8pm. Oldies Sundays at 8pm.
KOTJ! 4:18:09 PM
KOTJ Pandemic archive: www.soundsyrup.com/KOTJ.html
KOTJ! 4:18:53 PM
Apr 2010-the end of 2017 KOTJ shows at: www.mixcloud.com/KOTJames
Pete (host) 4:19:03 PM
the saturday night home show where you played PiL was the one that got lost, I think
Pete (host) 4:19:17 PM
re-made this saturday at 8pm
KOTJ! 4:19:21 PM
Thanks Pete for letting me clog the chat arterry
Bradgic 4:19:51 PM
Hi Pete! Got a late start so I'm just starting the stream. Thanks for playing The Executive Slacks! Old fav!
Pete (host) 4:20:00 PM
thanks for tuning in!
KOTJ! 4:22:05 PM
Yes. I played last saturday. Will recreate the greatness tomorrow.
Pete (host) 4:54:57 PM
thanks again for tuning in/joining in. see you tommorow, 8pm at https://www.mixcloud.com/live/KOTJames/
KOTJ! 4:55:48 PM
Float on Peter. Of course while keeping locked
DJ Simon 4:55:44 PM
Thanks for the gold soundz, Pete! Got me through some web testing!