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Turbid Radio

Jul 8, 2020 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Jon Whitney

adjective: turbid

  1. (of a liquid) cloudy, opaque, or thick with suspended matter.
  2. confused or obscure in meaning or effect.

July 8, 2020


Turbid Radio
7:00 PM
Nurse With Wound - Cold
Nurse With Wound Cold
Thunder Perfect Mind United Dairies 1992
7:25 PM
Ai Aso - Itsumo
Ai Aso Itsumo
The Faintest Hint Ideologic Organ 2020
7:30 PM
Sam Prekop - Circle Line
Sam Prekop Circle Line
Comma Thrill Jockey Records 2020
7:33 PM
Windsor for the Derby - Nico
Windsor for the Derby Nico
Difference and Repetition Young God Records 1999
7:41 PM
17 Pygmies - Celestina IV
17 Pygmies Celestina IV
Celestina Trakwerx 2008
7:46 PM
Can't - Hey Puritan
Can't Hey Puritan
Private Time (Part 2) Weird Forest 2008
7:52 PM
Phurpa - 2.3
Phurpa 2.3
Hymns of Gyer Ideologic Organ 2020
8:00 PM
This Heat - Repeat
This Heat Repeat
Repeat These 1979
8:20 PM
Steffen Basho-Junghans - Red In the Rainbow
Steffen Basho-Junghans Red In the Rainbow
Song Of The Earth Strange Attractor Audio House 1999
8:27 PM
Terminal Sound System - 722
Terminal Sound System 722
Compressor Extreme 2007
8:33 PM
Jay Sullivan - Three Breaths
Jay Sullivan Three Breaths
Lansdscapes (Blurred) With Fences RRRecords 2003
8:42 PM
Broadcast & The Focus Group - Tuesday's Offering
Broadcast & The Focus Group Tuesday's Offering
Study Series 04: Familiar Shapes and Noises - EP Ghost Box 2010
8:45 PM
Main - Maser Part I
Main Maser Part I
Maser Beggars Banquet 1995
8:50 PM
Brandlmayr Dafeldecker Németh Siewert - Part 4
Brandlmayr Dafeldecker Németh Siewert Part 4
Die Instabilität der Symmetre dOc / Grob 2003
9:00 PM
Yoko Ono - AOS
Yoko Ono AOS
Plastic Ono Band Apple 1970 Rock
9:08 PM
Mirror - side A (excerpt)
Mirror side A (excerpt)
Some Days It Rains All Night Long La Scie Dorée 2005
9:14 PM
Can - Aumgn
Can Aumgn
Tago Mago Spoon 1971 Rock
9:32 PM
The Transcendence Orchestra - Nothing Is Real
The Transcendence Orchestra Nothing Is Real
Feeling the Spirit Editions Mego 2020
9:38 PM
Jason Lescalleet - Morphology
Jason Lescalleet Morphology
Electronic Music RRRecords 2003
9:43 PM
[.que] - Nothing
[.que] Nothing
And Inside EMBRACE / sound in silence 2020
9:47 PM
The Taj-Mahal Travellers - The Taj-Mahal Travellers Between 7:50-8:05 P.M.
The Taj-Mahal Travellers The Taj-Mahal Travellers Between 7:50-8:05 P.M.
July 15, 1972 CBS 1972 Rock
Chat is archived.
John Huntington 7:33:43 PM
Good evening Jon! And yes to NWW
Jon Whitney (host) 8:03:00 PM
Jon Whitney (host) 8:24:53 PM
nobody else in the room tonight?
Jon Whitney (host) 8:24:59 PM
John Huntington 8:30:33 PM
Kingston and I are enjoying the show :)
Jon Whitney (host) 8:37:25 PM
yay kingston!
Jon Whitney (host) 8:37:37 PM
dude i think that was the first time I drove to "Cold" in the car
Jon Whitney (host) 8:37:48 PM
and it was great music for barreling down the highway at 80
Jon Whitney (host) 8:42:35 PM
i miss trish!!!
John Huntington 8:43:15 PM
hehe nice!
John Huntington 8:49:39 PM
I know me too. Broadcast were so great and timeless.
Jon Whitney (host) 9:13:06 PM
new mirror!
Jon Whitney (host) 9:15:51 PM
can't figure out how to pronounce this song correctly
John Huntington 9:19:28 PM
Yes I wanna get it and the In Camera that just came out.
Kris Thompson 9:23:18 PM
Probably an invented variant of "Om"?
Jon Whitney (host) 9:37:06 PM
Jon Whitney (host) 9:37:13 PM
hey kris!
Kris Thompson 9:39:44 PM
You're accompanying our cosmopolitan sushi dinner. Almost like you're playing violin at our table. Except it's your laptop.
John Huntington 9:40:02 PM
I'm really digging this Jason Lescalleet.
Jon Whitney (host) 9:42:35 PM
yeah i dug out some old RRRecords records and digitized them rrrecently
Eve McGivern 9:46:36 PM
Eve McGivern 9:47:06 PM
Good lord, you did Can, I missed it
Jon Whitney (host) 9:47:34 PM
Jon Whitney (host) 9:47:46 PM
yeah it was a great show - you can listen to the archive though
Jon Whitney (host) 9:48:20 PM
but we got taj-mahal travellers though, this is great stuff!
Eve McGivern 9:51:43 PM
I have considered buying that one, but have not heard much from it.
Eve McGivern 9:52:30 PM
Liking it so far.
John Huntington 9:55:30 PM
That's another record I need to get that was reissued. Great show tonight!
Jon Whitney (host) 9:55:21 PM
it's so good
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:58:03 PM
great show, as always! love th Can and Yoko.
Jon Whitney (host) 9:59:05 PM
thanks jamie!