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Low End Theory

Jul 15, 2020 8:00 AM β€“ 10:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With DJ Ouroboros

Low End Theory
8:00 AM
Black Space Riders - Vortex Sun
Black Space Riders Vortex Sun
Refugeeum Black Space Riders 2015
8:07 AM
Marianne Faithfull - Broken English
Marianne Faithfull Broken English
A Perfect Stranger: The Island Anthology Universal Music 1998 Rock
8:14 AM
L.A. WITCH - Haunting
L.A. WITCH Haunting
Octubre Suicide Squeeze Records 2018
8:17 AM
Deftones - Digital Bath
Deftones Digital Bath
The Studio Album Collection Reprise 2016
8:21 AM
ESG - Moody (Spaced Out)
ESG Moody (Spaced Out)
Come Away With ESG Moody Records 2011
8:29 AM
Inter Arma - Southern Man
Inter Arma Southern Man
Garbers Days Revisited Relapse Records 2020 Heavy Metal
8:34 AM
OUZO BAZOOKA - Space Camel
Transporter ζœ‰ι™δΌšη€Ύγ‚Ώγƒ•γƒ“γƒΌγƒ„ 2019 Rock
8:41 AM
Leyla McCalla - The Capitalist Blues
Leyla McCalla The Capitalist Blues
The Capitalist Blues Jazz Village 2018 Jazz
8:48 AM
End Of Level Boss - Thee Absurd
End Of Level Boss Thee Absurd
Eklectric Exile On Mainstream Records 2015
8:54 AM
Sylf - Opia
Sylf Opia
Opia - EP Sylf 2019
8:57 AM
X - Sugarlight
X Sugarlight
Los Angeles Rhino/Slash 1980 Rock
9:00 AM
Skinny Puppy - One Time One Place
Skinny Puppy One Time One Place
Mind: the Perpetual Intercourse Nettwerk 1986
9:05 AM
Psychotic Waltz - Devils and Angels
Psychotic Waltz Devils and Angels
Devils and Angels InsideOutMusic 2019
9:14 AM
Wolf People - Ninth Night
Wolf People Ninth Night
Ninth Night Jagjaguwar 2016
9:17 AM
Colin Edwin - Memory Ritual
Colin Edwin Memory Ritual
Infinite Regress Hard World 2020
9:23 AM
Nihiloxica - Supuki
Nihiloxica Supuki
Kaloli Crammed Discs 2020
9:32 AM
Mark Stewart - Hysteria
Mark Stewart Hysteria
Hysteria WMG - Mute Records Ltd 2014
9:38 AM
Pitch Black - A Doubtful Sound
Pitch Black A Doubtful Sound
The Light Within Dubmission Records 2020
9:42 AM
Lisa Hannigan - We, The Drowned
Lisa Hannigan We, The Drowned
At Swim Play It Again Sam 2016
9:46 AM
In the Company of Serpents - The Chasm at the Mouth of the All
In the Company of Serpents The Chasm at the Mouth of the All
Lux In the Company of Serpents 2020
9:54 AM
Elephant Tree - Bird
Elephant Tree Bird
Bird Holy Roar Records 2020
Chat is archived.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:00:08 AM
Good morning ZBC world!
Saginaw 8:03:57 AM
Good morning
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:04:22 AM
Thanks for joining us first thing, Saginaw!
PeterC 8:08:53 AM
Hey Andrew!
PeterC 8:09:35 AM
Haven't heard this in a long time!...She was a mess when she came to visit ZBC on that tour...Paradise..
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:14:21 AM
Hi Peter! I was wondering if she ever made it to the Z in those early days
Cape Cod 8:33:42 AM
ok don't need coffee now..
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:33:56 AM
That's what we are here for, Cape Cod!
PeterC 8:34:30 AM
I think you need to turn auto approve on..
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:34:40 AM
PeterC 8:50:57 AM
Thanks for the plug...I sort of wish I had picked up the Wed 10-12 spot now..
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:54:37 AM
we have made a good tag team
Shan OfTheOhShan 8:56:47 AM
A little ouzo in the morning...hmmm...fond/blurry memories.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:58:32 AM
Wake and bake, Shan ;)
Shan OfTheOhShan 9:32:46 AM
Perhaps Skinny Puppy had this in mind: inΒ·terΒ·course /ˈin(t)Ι™rˌkΓ΄rs/ noun communication or dealings between individuals or groups. "everyday social intercourse"
Shan OfTheOhShan 9:35:45 AM
As music is a kind of conversation in continuum and they can present as a bit of a mindfuck, maybe this could make sense?
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:36:55 AM
Yes, though I think "The Perpetual Mindfuck" would be a much more fitting title for a Skinny Puppy album ,lol
PeterC 9:45:09 AM
really liked the Pitch Black...and Psychotic Waltz..
Shan OfTheOhShan 9:47:01 AM
Nah. Too obvious. More like: kids having fun with new, big words.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:47:12 AM
Psychotic Waltz is one of the best albums of 2020, IMHO
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:47:40 AM
The Pitch Black is an Adrian Sherwood remix, btw
Shan OfTheOhShan 9:47:46 AM
Cool waves today, DJ O. πŸ§œπŸ½β€β™€οΈ
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:48:10 AM
Thank you, OhShan :)
PeterC 9:50:07 AM
I wouldn't read too much into MTPI...neither Ogre or Cevin were exactly fully "functional" at that time..
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:50:41 AM
True that
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:51:18 AM
though I still rather like the image of them at a Tantra retreat on Vancouver Island, lol
PeterC 10:03:18 AM
Thanks andrew...now its off to record mine!