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Cactus Juice

Jul 15, 2020 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Celia

howdy yall! some sad country tunes (are there any other kind?) for ur wednesday listening pleasure :)

Cactus Juice
11:01 AM
Charlie Brand - Malibu Yurt
Charlie Brand Malibu Yurt
Monsoons Yebo Music 2015
11:04 AM
Dougie Poole - The Frelancer's Blues
Dougie Poole The Frelancer's Blues
The Freelancer's Blues Wharf Cat Records 2020
11:09 AM
Divino Niño - Coca Cola
Divino Niño Coca Cola
Coca Cola Winspear 2019
11:12 AM
RF Shannon - Ballad Of A Thin Place
RF Shannon Ballad Of A Thin Place
Rain On Dust Keeled Scales 2019
11:16 AM
Hurt Valley - Del Amo
Hurt Valley Del Amo
Glacial Pace Woodsist 2019
11:19 AM
Esther Rose - My Favorite Mistake
Esther Rose My Favorite Mistake
My Favorite Mistake Father/Daughter Records 2020
11:23 AM
Dylan Earl - Clay Pigeons
Dylan Earl Clay Pigeons
New Country to Be Fabulon Records 2017
11:24 AM
Federale - Hero
Federale Hero
Devil In A Boot Revolver Records 2009
11:27 AM
Eggs Over Easy - Arkansas
Eggs Over Easy Arkansas
Good 'N' Cheap A&M 2015 Rock
11:31 AM
Kevin Vicalvi - Lover Now Alone
Kevin Vicalvi Lover Now Alone
Songs From Down The Hall Left Records 2002
11:34 AM
Perth County Conspiracy - If You Can Want
Perth County Conspiracy If You Can Want
The Perth County Conspiracy MajikBus Entertainment UK Ltd 2018
11:38 AM
Jode - Julie
Jode Julie
Jode Vanguard Records 1971 Rock
11:42 AM
Itasca - Comfort’s Faces
Itasca Comfort’s Faces
Spring Paradise of Bachelors 2019
11:45 AM
The Cactus Blossoms - Happy Man
The Cactus Blossoms Happy Man
Happy Man Walkie Talkie Records 2020
11:48 AM
P.S. Eliot - Tennessee
P.S. Eliot Tennessee
Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds Salinas Records 2013 Rock
11:51 AM
Adam Carroll - Rice Birds
Adam Carroll Rice Birds
Adam Carroll Live at Flipnotics Adam Carroll 2009
11:56 AM
Don Gibson - Sea of Heartbreak
Don Gibson Sea of Heartbreak
Nashville & Country Greats Track Music 2012 World
11:58 AM
Blockhead - The Music Scene
Blockhead The Music Scene
The Music Scene Ninja Tune 2009
11:58 AM
Federale - Hero
Federale Hero
Devil In A Boot Revolver Records 2009
Chat is archived.
Celia (host) 11:01:29 AM
Celia (host) 11:02:24 AM
topic for this show discussion is alternative milk & coffee. im an oat gal
sophie 11:16:48 AM
howdy! i'd say oat too for sure
Celia (host) 11:20:14 AM
hullo Sophie! thanks for tuning in! oat is definitely superior. Im glad we're in agreement on this vital issue. :)))
sophie 11:24:53 AM
for sure! i once made my own, i'm sad to say the shop bought was better
Cape Cod 11:26:37 AM
Oat Milk most palatable dairy replacement i'v found..
Celia (host) 11:28:32 AM
i think ultimately in terms of coffee i just enjoy milk. but i feel like that is not cool in a world of plentiful dairy free options.
Zoe Bentley 11:29:10 AM
I put milk in my coffee/tea, but I love the idea that I might drink oat milk
chamboulé 11:31:05 AM
I still use milk or half & half in coffee--who said it's not cool, Celia?
Celia (host) 11:31:07 AM
Zoe I get ya. i so want to enjoy oat as much as i enjoy like half n half in my coffee... im looking to a future in which i find The Perfect Coffee Milk Replacement. i mostly drink oat milk in my coffee now bc im trying to be nicer to my tummy.....but nothing is as delish as like a disgusting dunkin iced coffee with sweet sweet cow by products
Celia (host) 11:32:48 AM
I dunno yall!!! Chamboule-- maybe i should stick to my guns and by my guns i mean my financial support of the dairy industry? maybe thats just who i am!
Celia (host) 11:33:44 AM
but also the cows :(
Zoe Bentley 11:34:21 AM
oh god I know. i look at like, giant decked-out iced coffees -- those ones on the menu that are like, also frappes and also unicorn -- with so much longing. Especially bc i am a jittery creature and that much caffeine will make me ricochet off the walls
chamboulé 11:37:39 AM
Vegan slogan: "Meat is murder; dairy is rape." OK, I'm a vegetarian, but I've yet to find some perfect vegan cheese varieties to make me turn vegan.
chamboulé 11:38:45 AM
Also, I like the oat milk, but still love me some Rice Dream on my Kashi cereal.
Zoe Bentley 11:39:13 AM
ohhh Kashi cereal pops off
Zoe Bentley 11:39:53 AM
ya i could see myself going vegetarian (tho i do love meat) but vegan would be so hard bc eggs
Zoe Bentley 11:40:05 AM
and nothing to compare to cheese
Celia (host) 11:41:23 AM
Im also veggie, for similar reasons. I'd really like to commit to a full vegan lifestyle but agree on the cheese point & also would like to find resources for going vegan that were not integrally tied to 'clean eating'... which can be a slippery slope for my own feelings about food & body stuff! though i imagine those resources exist but require wading to find them. (tho i guess that's how it works to find any reputable sources on really anything lol...)
Celia (host) 11:44:38 AM
also underdog plug for coconut milk! esp half and half alternatives that are coconut almond blend. creamy!!
chamboulé 11:52:30 AM
My vegan little brother says: "You should be willing to pay high prices to get the most pure, fresh, organic food and not cut corners, because you are putting this food inside your most precious possession, your body!" By "pay high prices", I think he is referring to people who spend extra $$ to get quality consumer items or designer clothes, but then consume cheap food because McDonalds (or whatever) is allegedly so tasty.
Celia (host) 11:57:32 AM
oh im totally pro like investing in sustainably grown fresh produce etc. tho like i think there are intersectional socio economic concerns in going vegan that can be sometimes missed in conversations re: going vegan. but by clean eating i meant like plethora of fitspo 'clean eating' insta accounts that often end up like inadvertantly pushing a slippery slope of like clean eating that ends up as restricting food ya know. i feel like theres a really harmful fascination in our culture with wellness
Celia (host) 11:58:08 AM
and wellness often means spending money on dumb shit like expensive collagen water. and not eating enough food
chamboulé 11:58:33 AM
One needs to invest some time in research, to determine the quality of your food choices, rather than trusting the product label or marketing.
Celia (host) 11:58:50 AM
NOT to be supes deep on cactus juice! an yes chamboule i agree
Celia (host) 11:59:38 AM
Nooo made my show too long
Celia (host) 11:59:54 AM
thanks for tuning in everyone and for the illuminating conversation!
chamboulé 12:00:03 PM
Zoe Bentley 12:00:15 PM
how i enjoyed these mournful twangy tunes!
sophie 12:00:26 PM
thanks for the tunez <£
sophie 12:00:34 PM
chamboulé 12:01:46 PM
<£ looked like a flaming heart sideways