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Malleus Vibrations

Jul 22, 2020 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With Julianna

Malleus Vibrations
10:00 AM
The Crown - At the End
The Crown At the End
Hell Is Here Metal Blade Records 1998 Rock
10:05 AM
Testament - Dream Deceiver
Testament Dream Deceiver
Titans of Creation Nuclear Blast 2020
10:10 AM
Jinjer - Retrospection
Jinjer Retrospection
Macro Napalm Records Handels GMBH 2019
10:14 AM
A Million Miles - A Million Miles
A Million Miles A Million Miles
What's Left Behind Abandon Records 2013 Rock
10:18 AM
Greyhaven - Echo and Dust Pt. I
Greyhaven Echo and Dust Pt. I
Echo and Dust Pt. 1 Equal Vision Records 2018
10:22 AM
Electric Wizard - Wizard In Black
Electric Wizard Wizard In Black
Come My Fanatics(Remaster) Rise Above Records 1996 Rock
10:33 AM
Petrol Girls - Big Mouth
Petrol Girls Big Mouth
Cut & Stitch Hassle Records 2019
10:36 AM
Servus Svart Records 2017 Rock
10:42 AM
Jawstruck - Distrust
Jawstruck Distrust
Jawstruck 819100 Records DK 2018
10:44 AM
Nekra - Sisters Of The Yam
Nekra Sisters Of The Yam
Demo 2017 La Vida Es Un Mus Discos 2018
10:45 AM
Adickdid - Eye Level
Adickdid Eye Level
Dismantel Mr Lady Records 2011 Rock
10:47 AM
Radigals - Equality
Radigals Equality
Fight to Unite - EP Radigals 2017 Rock
10:50 AM
God Is My Co-Pilot - Steal Yr GF
God Is My Co-Pilot Steal Yr GF
The Best of God Is My Co-Pilot Atavistic 2006 Rock
10:51 AM
Red Aunts - Suerte
Red Aunts Suerte
Saltbox Epitaph 1996 Rock
10:52 AM
Team Dresch - Story of the Earth
Team Dresch Story of the Earth
Story of the Earth Jealous Butcher Records 2020
10:56 AM
Go Betty Go - I'm from LA
Go Betty Go I'm from LA
Nothing Is More SideOneDummy Records 2005 Rock
Chat is archived.
DJ Ouroboros 10:36:19 AM
Hi Julianna and Audrey
DJ Ouroboros 10:36:28 AM
Thanks for the thanks ;)
DJ Ouroboros 10:37:00 AM
I hope you liked the lead-in I did for your show today
DJ Ouroboros 10:37:44 AM
Love the Electric Wizard, of course
DJ Ouroboros 10:38:47 AM
Petrol Girls sounding very doomy in this song. Love it!
Julianna (host) 10:39:31 AM
Thank you for listening! Of course the metal tie in is great!
Julianna (host) 10:40:01 AM
I'm pretty sure Audrey played Psychotic Waltz before too
Julianna (host) 10:40:29 AM
I had to play an 8 minute doom metal song at some point
DJ Ouroboros 10:44:53 AM
As we all must, Julianna :)
DJ Ouroboros 10:46:25 AM
I actually met the guys behind Svart Records when I just happened to be in Tartu, Finland a couple of years back
DJ Ouroboros 10:46:40 AM
One of the best metal labels of the moment, IMHO
DJ Ouroboros 10:46:59 AM
Sorry, Turku, not Tartu
Julianna (host) 10:48:21 AM
Very cool, I don't know much about the label but the song was an interesting pick
DJ Ouroboros 10:48:49 AM
If you like contemporary Nordic black metal, Svart is the label for you
DJ Ouroboros 10:49:21 AM
I meant to say contemporary Nordic AVANT black metal.
DJ Ouroboros 10:49:43 AM
They really push the boundaries of the form
Julianna (host) 10:50:34 AM
That's a type of genre for Audrey
Julianna (host) 10:51:00 AM
She loves weird combos of metal, but I'm more of a thrash, power, and doom type of person
DJ Ouroboros 10:56:32 AM
You two work really well together in terms of the metal passions you bring to the show
Julianna (host) 10:57:11 AM
Thank you! We love playing weird music that wouldn't make it to commercial radio
DJ Ouroboros 10:59:41 AM
I am forwarding an email I sent to Audrey about doing cross promotion on our shows
Julianna (host) 11:00:10 AM
Sounds good, I'm excited for it