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Infernal Racket

Aug 3, 2020 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With DJ Simon

At last – a reason to look forward to Monday! DJ Simon puts together a high-decibel mix of garage, punk, psychedelia, indie rock, and other weird stuff to jump-start your week. It's a balanced breakfast for your ears, fortified with new finds, old favorites, and under-the-radar gems. Tune in and freak out!

Pandemic Podcast #20


Infernal Racket
8:00 AM
Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun
Sex Pistols Holidays In The Sun
Nevermind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols Rhino/Warner Bros. 1977 Rock
8:06 AM
Single Mothers - Marathon
Single Mothers Marathon
Through a Wall Dine Alone Music Inc. 2020
8:09 AM
Cold Meat - Industry Sleaze
Cold Meat Industry Sleaze
Hot and Flustered Static Shock 2020
8:11 AM
F.E.I.D.L. - Fünf Finger Rabatt
F.E.I.D.L. Fünf Finger Rabatt
F.E.I.D.L. Phantom Records 2020
8:15 AM
Psychic Void - Night Terrors
Psychic Void Night Terrors
Terminal Vacation Psychic Void 2018 Rock
8:15 AM
Huraña - Mi Ggeneración
Huraña Mi Ggeneración
Brujas, Cholas e Inventadas Iron Lung Records 2020
8:17 AM
Rubble - Parts Per Million
Rubble Parts Per Million
Parts Per Million EP Distort Reality 2020
8:20 AM
Tommy and the Commies - Impulse Action
Tommy and the Commies Impulse Action
Hurtin' 4 Certain Slovenly Recordings 2020
8:21 AM
The Bobby Lees - Drive
The Bobby Lees Drive
Skin Suit Alive Naturalsound 2020
8:25 AM
Dynamite Platoon - Alligator
Dynamite Platoon Alligator
Hits Again! Kafadan Kontak 2020
8:28 AM
Thee Dirty Rats - Bacterial Bop
Thee Dirty Rats Bacterial Bop
Humans Out Mandinga Records 2020
8:39 AM
Fontaines D.C. - Televised Mind
Fontaines D.C. Televised Mind
A Hero's Death Partisan Records / Fontana North 2020
8:43 AM
Psi Com and Perry Farrell - Ho Ka Hey
Psi Com and Perry Farrell Ho Ka Hey
The Glitz, The Glamor Last Man Music 2020
8:47 AM
Osees - Dreary Nonsense
Osees Dreary Nonsense
Protean Threat Castle Face 2020
8:48 AM
Moshi Moshi and the Moist Boys - News
Moshi Moshi and the Moist Boys News
Rub My Lamp Moshi Moshi and the Moist Boys 2020
8:51 AM
Milk for the Angry - Your Weight in Gold
Milk for the Angry Your Weight in Gold
Gliders King Pizza Records 2020
9:03 AM
Wipers - Let's Go Away
Wipers Let's Go Away
Is This Real? Sub Pop 1980
9:05 AM
The Rats - Wanna Be Your Man
The Rats Wanna Be Your Man
Intermittent Signals Tombstone Records 1980
9:07 AM
Dead Moon - Hey Joe
Dead Moon Hey Joe
In the Graveyard Tombstone Records 1988 Rock
9:09 AM
Pierced Arrows - In My Brain
Pierced Arrows In My Brain
Straight to the Heart Tombstone Records 2008 Rock
9:13 AM
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - Figure It Out
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. Figure It Out
Another Day Doomtown Sounds / Static Age 2015
9:19 AM
Protomartyr - Modern Business Hymns
Protomartyr Modern Business Hymns
Ultimate Success Today Domino Recording Co 2020
9:24 AM
TV Priest - Runner Up
TV Priest Runner Up
Runner Up Hand In Hive 2020
9:26 AM
Special Interest - All Tomorrow's Carry
Special Interest All Tomorrow's Carry
The Passion Of Night School / Thrilling Living 2020
9:30 AM
Ganser - Bad Form
Ganser Bad Form
Just Look At That Sky Ganser 2020 Rock
9:33 AM
Moth - Ritual
Moth Ritual
Ritual Marthouse Records 2020
9:39 AM
Eyesore & the Jinx - Nightlife
Eyesore & the Jinx Nightlife
Nightlife Eggy Records 2020
9:42 AM
LIIEK - Conceit In My Head
LIIEK Conceit In My Head
9:44 AM
U.S. Maple - Stuck
U.S. Maple Stuck
Stuck SKiN GRAFT Records 2020
9:49 AM
Neurotic Fiction - Assimilate
Neurotic Fiction Assimilate
Romance - EP Specialist Subject 2020
9:52 AM
R.M.F.C. - Nowhere Fast
R.M.F.C. Nowhere Fast
G.T.R.R.C II Gee Tee 2020
9:54 AM
The Dukes Of Stratosphear - 25 O'Clock
The Dukes Of Stratosphear 25 O'Clock
Children Of Nuggets - Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era 1976-1996 Rhino 2005 Rock
Chat is archived.
DJ Simon (host) 8:01:47 AM
Bradgic 8:05:16 AM
Good morning!
DJ Simon (host) 8:05:02 AM
Good day, sir!
KOTJames 8:07:38 AM
It’s a racket!
DJ Simon (host) 8:07:50 AM
I'm trying to iron in here!
Saginaw 8:10:59 AM
good morning, sir
DJ Simon (host) 8:11:26 AM
Happy Monday, Saginaw!
-bot 8:30:58 AM
ah, the racket. the only thing good about monday morning
DJ Simon (host) 8:30:57 AM
Ha! Thanks, bot - ain't it true.
-bot 9:02:23 AM
is the phone unlocked?
DJ Simon (host) 9:03:45 AM
It's a burner.
-bot 9:05:56 AM
even better
KOTJames 9:10:09 AM
sam henry?
DJ Simon (host) 9:10:48 AM
Ding Ding Ding! Wipers > The Rats
DJ Simon (host) 9:11:16 AM
You win the Rice-a-Roni
KOTJames 9:13:08 AM
Fred cole
DJ Simon (host) 9:13:55 AM
Yepper – The Rats > Dead Moon > Pierced Arrows
KOTJames 9:14:05 AM
Fred was in The Lollipop Shop in the 60s
DJ Simon (host) 9:14:25 AM
Indeed, he was. Almost played them.
KOTJames 9:19:09 AM
I was going to say Kelly, too but felt the guilt of using Discogs....I would only have gotten Fred, otherwise
bruckner4 9:19:43 AM
hey there, folks.
DJ Simon (host) 9:19:58 AM
G'Mornin', Bruckner!
Pat Irwin 9:22:38 AM
Ironing is a lost art
DJ Simon (host) 9:23:27 AM
@KOTJames – No guilt in using Discogs. It's what I use to put together the segment.
KOTJames 9:25:05 AM
Sponsored Link: www.artguy.com/KOTJ.html for all your Kick Out The James wants and needs. And don't forget 8pm Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays live stream all KOTJ shows at www.mixcloud.com/live/KOTJames
KOTJames 9:26:07 AM
will shotz says it's ok to use google to solve his crosswords b/c he uses it to create them
bruckner4 9:27:04 AM
this "runner up" number cruel to us connection losers.
KOTJames 9:27:29 AM
There are no losers. Just the victoriously challenged or non-winners.
DJ Simon (host) 9:27:29 AM
Ha – yes, I didn't plan that but it occurred to me while it was playing.
bruckner4 9:28:37 AM
awfully dusty in here...
DJ Simon (host) 9:31:43 AM
We'll send you the Swiffers as a consolation prize.
KOTJames 9:34:09 AM
I still want the Desenex burger prize.
Peter Ireland 9:47:36 AM
thanks for stirring up another fine racket, dj simon!
DJ Simon (host) 9:47:55 AM
Thanks for listening and dropping by, Peter!
Pat Irwin (1) 9:49:27 AM
I want a macrame'd man-boobs T-shirt!
DJ Simon (host) 9:50:29 AM
Maybe James will loan his to you.
DJ Simon (host) 9:52:23 AM
Correction: The U.S. Maple tune isn't new, it's a reissue.
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:52:30 AM
great show as always. best way to start a monday
DJ Simon (host) 9:53:04 AM
Thanks, Jamie!
DJ Simon (host) 9:56:24 AM
Thanks for listening and hanging out on the chat, everyone.
DJ Simon (host) 9:56:28 AM
For more Racket, check out the archives on Mixcloud at http://mixcloud.com/djsimonrocks/ or visit http://djsimon.rocks - see ya next week!