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WZBC 90.3 FM Newton
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Aug 3, 2020 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


With DJ Jorsh

A weekly deep-dive into the cutting edge of garage, psych, and local rock with DJ Jorsh. Tune in and FUZZ OUT! Follow on Instagram @fuzzed_out

6:02 PM
Bent Shapes - 86'd In '03
Bent Shapes 86'd In '03
Wolves Of Want Slumberland Records 2016
6:04 PM
Free Pizza - The Fall
Free Pizza The Fall
Berlin, DE BUFU Records 2017
6:06 PM
Mmoss - Another Day
Mmoss Another Day
Only Children Trouble In Mind Records 2012 Rock
6:07 PM
Creaturos - Sunrise Wedding
Creaturos Sunrise Wedding
Popsicle Cultures of Soul Records 2016
6:09 PM
High n' Heavy - Just Begun
High n' Heavy Just Begun
From the Flames High N' Heavy 2017
6:15 PM
Black Beach - No Place for Me
Black Beach No Place for Me
Boston Sessions, Vol. 1: Beast Various Artists 2016
6:17 PM
Teen Mortgage - Doctor
Teen Mortgage Doctor
Life/Death King Pizza Records 2019
6:19 PM
Test Meat - Short
Test Meat Short
Enjoy Team Meat Records 2019
6:21 PM
The Endorphins - Gamma
The Endorphins Gamma
Dementia Paralytica No Noise Records 2019
6:24 PM
Rye Pines - Tsunami Riff
Rye Pines Tsunami Riff
Roll With the Urchins 769366 Records DK 2018
6:30 PM
Stone the Druggist - How You've Grown
Stone the Druggist How You've Grown
Stone the Druggist 941509 Records DK 2018
6:34 PM
Four - Brain Talk
Four Brain Talk
Four Larch Records 2020
6:36 PM
Bochek - Honeycomb Shaped Womb
Bochek Honeycomb Shaped Womb
Hear Now, Deaf Later Dollhouse Lightning 2020
6:39 PM
David Tessier - Pipeline Drive
David Tessier Pipeline Drive
Taurus EP 75orLessRecords 2011
6:44 PM
Grizzly Power - Apartment Next Door
Grizzly Power Apartment Next Door
Apartment Next Door Grizzly Power 2019 Heavy Metal
6:48 PM
Midriffs - Fresh
Midriffs Fresh
Subtle Luxuries Midriffs 2018
6:50 PM
Venus Twins - Addiction
Venus Twins Addiction
Addiction 1040334 Records DK2 2019
6:59 PM
Autechre - Flep
Autechre Flep
Exai Warp Records 2013