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Gold Soundz

Aug 7, 2020 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Pete

Featuring the very best new ZBC rock, and college radio classics from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

Gold Soundz
2:59 PM
Pavement - Gold Soundz
Pavement Gold Soundz
Crooked Rain Crooked Rain Matador US 1994 CD
3:02 PM
Air - Talisman
Air Talisman
Moon Safari Parlophone France 1998
3:04 PM
False Brother - Uncanny Valley
False Brother Uncanny Valley
Uncanny Valley Iron Lung 2020
3:08 PM
FACS - Teenage Hive
FACS Teenage Hive
Void Moments Trouble In Mind Records 2020
3:11 PM
Abe Vigoda - Repeating Angel
Abe Vigoda Repeating Angel
Crush Post Present Medium 2010
3:17 PM
The Drowning Craze - Storage Case
The Drowning Craze Storage Case
Singles '81 - '82 Beggars Banquet 2018
3:20 PM
Public Practice - Disposable
Public Practice Disposable
Disposable b/w Extra-Ordinary Wharf Cat Records 2019
3:24 PM
Halfsour - Values
Halfsour Values
Left My Hair in Detroit / Values Disposable America 2018
3:27 PM
Bnlx - Message from Hr
Bnlx Message from Hr
LP Susstones 2012 Rock
3:30 PM
Palberta - Fake-Out
Palberta Fake-Out
Roach Going Down Wharf Cat Records 2018
3:32 PM
Lydia Lunch - Atomic Bongos
Lydia Lunch Atomic Bongos
Queen of Siam Cherry Red Records 2009 Rock
3:34 PM
Dalek I - Destiny (Dalek I Love You)
Dalek I Destiny (Dalek I Love You)
Compass/Kum'Pas Mercury Records Limited 1980
3:38 PM
Broken Social Scene - Pacific Theme
Broken Social Scene Pacific Theme
You Forgot It In People Arts & Crafts 2003 Rock
3:43 PM
Thee Primitive Sound - Turn It Up!!!!
Thee Primitive Sound Turn It Up!!!!
Turn It Up!! Bandcamp 2020 Other
3:44 PM
SNOOPER - Bring Me Down
SNOOPER Bring Me Down
Bring Me Down Computer Human Records 2020
3:46 PM
Blair - Remember
Blair Remember
Blair. blair 2019
3:50 PM
Crystal Stilts - Nature Noir
Crystal Stilts Nature Noir
Nature Noir Sacred Bones Records 2013 Rock
3:53 PM
Empath - Roses That Cry
Empath Roses That Cry
Active Listening: Night on Earth Get Better 2019
3:56 PM
No Age - Agitating Moss
No Age Agitating Moss
Goons Be Gone Drag City 2020
3:59 PM
Protomartyr - Modern Business Hymns
Protomartyr Modern Business Hymns
Ultimate Success Today Domino Recording Co 2020
4:04 PM
Gang of Four - If I Could Keep It All For Myself
Gang of Four If I Could Keep It All For Myself
Solid Gold Matador 1981
4:08 PM
T.S.O.L. - World War III
T.S.O.L. World War III
T.S.O.L. / Weathered Statues Universal Music Ireland Ltd. 1997
4:09 PM
Shepparton Airplane - Say What Again
Shepparton Airplane Say What Again
Sharks Wing Sing Records 2020
4:14 PM
Tiger Trap - Supreme Nothing
Tiger Trap Supreme Nothing
Stars Kill Rock KILL ROCK STARS 1993
4:17 PM
Billiam - Small Talk Chronicles
Billiam Small Talk Chronicles
Billiams Synth Explosion
4:18 PM
Vativer - Freitag
Vativer Freitag
Demonstrationszug Discontinuous Innovation Inc 2017 Other
4:21 PM
Billy Nomates - No
Billy Nomates No
No - Single INVADA Records 2020 Other
4:29 PM
Avi Buffalo - What’s In It For?
Avi Buffalo What’s In It For?
Avi Buffalo Sub Pop USA, www.subpop.com/, info@subpop.com 2010 CD Rock
4:34 PM
Arthur & Yu - Lion's Mouth
Arthur & Yu Lion's Mouth
In Camera (Bonus Track Version) Hardly Art England, www.rabidrecords.com/, info@fatpossum.com. 2007 CD Rock
4:39 PM
Luna - Tiger Lily
Luna Tiger Lily
Bewitched Elektra Records 1994 Rock
4:44 PM
A Beacon School - Algernon
A Beacon School Algernon
Cola Grind Select 2019
4:48 PM
Motorama - Tell Me
Motorama Tell Me
Dialogues TALITRES 2016 Other Rock
4:51 PM
Broken Social Scene - Love And Mathematics
Broken Social Scene Love And Mathematics
Feel Good Lost Arts & Crafts 2004 Rock
4:54 PM
Diet Cig - Sleep Talk
Diet Cig Sleep Talk
Sleep Talk Father/Daughter Records 2015
4:56 PM
Sault - Wildfires
Sault Wildfires
Untitled (Black Is) Forever Living Originals 2020
Chat is archived.
Pete (host) 3:00:14 PM
time again for the gold sounds!
bruckner4 3:02:09 PM
much needed, Pete.
Pete (host) 3:02:28 PM
same here! thanks for checking in!
Cape Cod 3:04:10 PM
"And you can never quarantine the past"
Pete (host) 3:04:20 PM
how true!
Daniel Proietti 3:04:23 PM
Ooh, tie ins!
Cape Cod 3:04:56 PM
never noticed that line in Gold Soundz until today's listen
PiGuy 3:09:05 PM
This False Brother song has such an early 80's vibe. Digging it.
Pete (host) 3:09:54 PM
PiGuy yes! that might have been one of James' finds
Kevin Polk 3:11:01 PM
the question is, will Air ever make a record again and if they do will it be any good?
DJ Simon 3:12:09 PM
Hi Pete! Thanks for the mention.
Pete (host) 3:12:28 PM
thanks for tuning in DJ Simon
DJ Simon 3:12:49 PM
The pleasure's all mine!
Pete (host) 3:15:32 PM
yes, 8 years or so since the last lp by air
Ashley P 3:25:11 PM
love that psa
Pete (host) 3:28:54 PM
yes of course that psa has special meaning for me!
Pete (host) 3:30:14 PM
teaching, as i do, in the "morrissey" college of arts and sciences
DJ Simon 3:33:35 PM
One of my favorite Lydia tunes.
Cape Cod 3:34:38 PM
I recall hearing Atomic Bongos around '81 or '82... not 2009.. OMG what year is this !?
Pete (host) 3:36:20 PM
wait! according to bandcamp that lp came out in 2015!
Pete (host) 3:36:24 PM
DJ Simon 3:38:22 PM
The 1980 release must have been Lydia's dispatch from the future.
Pete (host) 3:38:57 PM
yes or perhaps an advance copy for critics
KOTJames 3:39:50 PM
I'm here but was on phone and listening.
Pete (host) 3:41:16 PM
james i listened to the whole lp by toylettes earlier this afternoon. what a great record!
KOTJames 3:41:38 PM
@Jeff...that's the best line in the song along with empty and i'm empty. Also Can't Quarantine the Past is the name of the their greatest hits collection.
Cape Cod 3:42:07 PM
Wow @Pete thanks for the mention ! Thought it was just a coincidence you played BNLX :)
Bob H 3:42:13 PM
pete, thanks for the info on Palberta - i was just looking it up cuz shazam couldn’t get it over my fan noise :)
KOTJames 3:42:15 PM
@Pete Yes, Toylettes is a collage of influences.
Cape Cod 3:43:10 PM
(this is JeffB - listening on Cape Cod - but OVER THE AIR - not the stream. Don't ask how...)
Pete (host) 3:42:52 PM
palberta are great too!
KOTJames 3:43:30 PM
BTW: Palehound has a new Elliot Smith cover. I know you're a fan.
Pete (host) 3:43:57 PM
james, thanks i will look for it.
Pete (host) 3:44:32 PM
dj simon gets credit for finding this crazy elo cover
Bradgic 3:45:30 PM
LOL... I believe that...
KOTJames 3:45:15 PM
Pete (host) 3:45:17 PM
really brings out the poetry in the lyrics
KOTJames 3:45:31 PM
I saw ELO twice
DJ Simon 3:46:19 PM
Have you ever heard the New Pornographers cover of "Don't Bring Me Down"?
Pete (host) 3:46:25 PM
no! i will look for that too
Cape Cod 3:47:29 PM
Toylettes "Spätsommer im Luftkurort" ? Only on Bandcamp..
Pete (host) 3:47:32 PM
ashley gets credit for finding this one by blair
Pete (host) 3:48:03 PM
yes it's that one. every single track on that album is crazy and great
Ashley P 3:49:11 PM
i don't deserve any credit but i'll take it!
KOTJames 3:52:27 PM
@ Jeff....yes. I found Toylettes this week and played on KOTJ
KOTJames 4:02:13 PM
I read an interview with singer/songwriter of Protomartyr....this maybe their last album as Protomartyr. It's a great work. Leave on a high note and move to other styles and approaches.
KOTJames 4:02:44 PM
He'd be nuts to lose that band!!
Pete (host) 4:04:25 PM
priests also went out on top
Cape Cod 4:22:48 PM
ok so i was gonna play Billy Nomates this Wed after a friend in Memphis was going off about how great she is.. you beat me to it!
Pete (host) 4:23:13 PM
james played it last week, me today, so you can repeat next wednesday
DJ Simon 4:25:22 PM
Gymnopédies is one of the only songs I can play on the piano. (Or used to be able to play anyway.)
Pete (host) 4:25:35 PM
nice and slow!
DJ Simon 4:26:49 PM
It's slowness is one of the reasons I could play it, though it is deceivingly difficult.
Cape Cod 4:30:17 PM
always liked this Avi Buffalo song
Pete (host) 4:30:28 PM
nice video for it too
Pete (host) 4:32:31 PM
i wonder: what kind of mixcloud live streams will be happening this weekend?
KOTJames 4:35:14 PM
Another excellent vibe Pete!
KOTJames 4:36:25 PM
Sponsored link: Three KOTJs and all pandemic home shows in one contact-less delivery to your isolation: www.artguy.com/KOTJ.html
KOTJames 4:37:43 PM
Also! Live Stream at 8pm KOTJ on Thursdays, KOTJ Home Saturdays and Kick Out The Oldies Sunday at: www.mixcloud.com/live/KOTJames
Pete (host) 4:42:05 PM
i will be there!
Pete (host) 4:55:18 PM
thanks for tuning in! see you next friday!