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Transworld Airwaves

Aug 9, 2020 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With DJ Madame B

It is a “cross-­cultural musical journey united in voices and rhythms”. We feature voices and rhythms from ethno-­techno and other eclectic rhythms, atonal voices from Tuva to Quebec, and international music rooted from the past, present, and future.

What's New

DJ Madame B presents a #WhatsNew edition of #TransworldAirwaves, sharing new gems of global releases, uniting global voices and rhythms.

Transworld Airwaves
7:00 PM
MergingArts Productions - What's New
MergingArts Productions What's New N
Transworld Airwaves MergingArts Productions www.mergingarts.org 2020 CD

DJ Madame B presents a #WhatsNew edition of #TransworldAirwaves, sharing new gems of global releases, uniting global voices and rhythms.

7:01 PM
Bab L' Bluz - Waydelel
Bab L' Bluz Waydelel N
Nayda! Real World Records 2020 World
Fronted by an African-Moroccan woman in a traditionally male role, Bab L' Bluz are devoted to a revolution in attitude which dovetails with Morocco's 'nayda' youth movement.
7:06 PM
Zäpämmät - Kuovi (Curlew)
Zäpämmät Kuovi (Curlew) N
Kuovi (Curlew) - Single Zäpämmät 2020 World

They are from Finland, featuring Marjo Smolander kantele and vocals and Pauliina Kauppila percussions and vocals.

7:10 PM
Keleketla! - Shepherd Song
Keleketla! Shepherd Song N
Keleketla! Ahead Of Our Time 2020

Keleketla! is an expansive collaborative project, reaching outward from Johannesburg to London, Lagos, L.A. and West Papua, including the raw, South African-accented jazz styles.

7:18 PM
Naima Shalhoub - Distraction Suite
Naima Shalhoub Distraction Suite N
Siphr Naima Shalhoub 2020 World

She is a Lebanese Arab American vocalist, composer, and educator.

7:24 PM
Carolina Calvache - El Rastro (feat. Sara Serpa)
Carolina Calvache El Rastro (feat. Sara Serpa) N
Vida Profunda Sunnyside Records 2020
Carolina Calvache is a jazz pianist and composer from Colombia.
7:28 PM
Khusugtun - Altain Chimeg
Khusugtun Altain Chimeg N
Jangar Buda Musique 2020 World
They use vocal polyphony, a recent exploration in the Mongolian throat singing tradition with the horse-head fiddles morin khuur, their double-bass version ikh khuur, the lute tovshuur and dombra, guitar, cello and the zither yatga.
7:36 PM
Ceu - Ocitocina (Charged)
Ceu Ocitocina (Charged) N
Apka Six Degrees 2020
Brazilian Singer-Songwriter
7:41 PM
Nohe & Sus Santos - Tempestad
Nohe & Sus Santos Tempestad N
Tempestad Santo Record/Avokado Artists 2020
Founded by celebrated Honduran vocalist and songwriter Nohelia Sosa, featuring acclaimed musicians Honduras, México and the US.
7:45 PM
Las Áñez - Pueblito Grande
Las Áñez Pueblito Grande N
Reflexión Las Añez 2020 World

Twin Sister Vocal Duet from Colombia

7:49 PM
Shiran - Ya Ahl San'ah
Shiran Ya Ahl San'ah N
Glsah Sanaanea with Shiran Batov Records 2020 World

She salutes her cherished family home of Yemen, singing songs in both Arabic and Hebrew, from her base in Tel Aviv.

7:55 PM
The Rheingans Sisters - From Up Here
The Rheingans Sisters From Up Here N
Receiver Bendigedig 2020 World

UK duo The Rheingans Sisters' Receiver is an album rich with European and Scandinavian musical traditions, having more in common with the ECM recordings of Swedish fiddler Lena Willemark or the experimental edges of the French traditional scene, than the music of their English folk contemporaries.