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Sound Syrup

Aug 19, 2020 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Artificial post punk adventures formatted to fit your screen.



Sound Syrup
1:00 PM
The Amazing - Ambulance
The Amazing Ambulance
Ambulance PTKF 2016
1:04 PM
Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini - Enter Exit
Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini Enter Exit
Illusion of Time Phantasy Sound / [PIAS] 2020
1:09 PM
Postcards - Fossilized
Postcards Fossilized
Fossilized T 3 records 2019
1:12 PM
Nation of Language - Rush & Fever
Nation of Language Rush & Fever
Rush & Fever Nation of Language 2020
1:16 PM
Mexican Institute Of Sound;Gaby Moreno - Yemayá
Mexican Institute Of Sound;Gaby Moreno Yemayá
Yemayá Soy Sauce 2020
1:20 PM
Joensuu 1685 - Light in the Heart of Our Town
Joensuu 1685 Light in the Heart of Our Town
Light in the Heart of Our Town GEMS 2020
1:24 PM
The Fawns - Sun
The Fawns Sun
Sun Rub Wrongways Records 2019
1:26 PM
Star Ghost Dog - Happylove
Star Ghost Dog Happylove
Happy Love Planetary Group 1998
1:28 PM
Beverly Crusher - Gimmie the Power
Beverly Crusher Gimmie the Power
Gimmie the Power Beverly Crusher 2018 Rock
1:31 PM
The Damned - Neat Neat Neat
The Damned Neat Neat Neat
Neat Neat Neat - The Alternative Anthology Sanctuary 1977 Rock
1:34 PM
Tropical Fuck Storm - This Perfect Day
Tropical Fuck Storm This Perfect Day
Suburbiopia / This Perfect Day Joyful Noise Recordings 2020
1:37 PM
Adwaith - Lan Y Môr
Adwaith Lan Y Môr
Lan Y Môr Libertino Records 2020
1:40 PM
Method Actors - No Condition
Method Actors No Condition
Dancing Underneath EP DB Recs 1981
1:43 PM
Avey Tare - Wake My Door
Avey Tare Wake My Door
Wake My Door Domino Recording Co 2020
1:45 PM
El Ten Eleven - You Are A Piece of Me, You Are a Piece of Her
El Ten Eleven You Are A Piece of Me, You Are a Piece of Her
Tautology III Joyful Noise Recordings 2020
1:48 PM
Hawkwind - The Demented Man
Hawkwind The Demented Man
Warrior on the Edge of Time United Artists 1975
1:51 PM
Animal Collective - Bridge To Quiet
Animal Collective Bridge To Quiet
Bridge to Quiet Domino Recording Co 2020
2:00 PM
Ron Gallo - Wunday (Crazy After Dark)
Ron Gallo Wunday (Crazy After Dark)
Wunday (Crazy After Dark) - EP New West Records 2020
2:03 PM
Gang of Four - I Found that Essence Rare
Gang of Four I Found that Essence Rare
Entertainment! Rhino/Warner Bros. 1979 Rock
2:06 PM
The Beatles - Rain
The Beatles Rain
past masters_b EMI Catalogue 1966 Rock
2:09 PM
Mekons - Where Were You
Mekons Where Were You
Heaven & Hell Mekons 2010 Rock
2:12 PM
The Groundhogs - Cherry Red
The Groundhogs Cherry Red
Split Parlophone UK 1971 Rock
2:17 PM
Mission Of Burma - Dead Pool
Mission Of Burma Dead Pool
Vs. Matador 1982
2:22 PM
Ivan & the Parazol - Take My Hand
Ivan & the Parazol Take My Hand
Mama, Don't You Recognize Ivan & the Parazol? Modernial Records 2015 Rock
2:23 PM
Hovvdy - Runner
Hovvdy Runner
Runner Hovvdy 2020
2:27 PM
Jónsi - Cannibal (with Elizabeth Fraser)
Jónsi Cannibal (with Elizabeth Fraser)
Cannibal (with Elizabeth Fraser) WMG - Krunk 2020
2:32 PM
Magazine - Back To Nature
Magazine Back To Nature
Secondhand Daylight Virgin Catalogue 1979 Rock
2:36 PM
Lush - Undertow (Spooky Remix)
Lush Undertow (Spooky Remix)
Hypocrite 4AD 1994
2:45 PM
girlpuppy - Cheerleader
girlpuppy Cheerleader
Cheerleader girlpuppy 2020
2:49 PM
Yello - Moon On Ice
Yello Moon On Ice
One Second Digital Distribution Latvia 1987
2:54 PM
Wooden Shjips - Staring At The Sun
Wooden Shjips Staring At The Sun
Staring At The Sun Thrill Jockey 2018 Rock
3:00 PM
Tom Waits - Road to Peace
Tom Waits Road to Peace
Orphans Anti/Epitaph 2006 Rock
Chat is archived.
PeterC 1:10:39 PM
Hey jeff...just finished recording and tuning in...Alessandro Cortini is amazingly talented...does everything for NiN
JeffB (host) 1:18:04 PM
Hey PeterC - never knew about her before, will be on the lookout for more. Can't wait to hear your show tomorrow bright and early at 8am :)
Kevin Polk 1:18:24 PM
work zoom complete, syruping commences
JeffB (host) 1:19:33 PM
Hi Kevin! We should all be zooming instead of this here chat..
Kevin Polk 1:21:37 PM
hello. you still at the cape? We're back in Boston for August. BORING. Nothing going.
JeffB (host) 1:23:00 PM
Yeah i'm camped out on the Cape this week.
Kevin Polk 1:22:44 PM
this joensuu track is pretty nice
Kevin Polk 1:23:12 PM
shark city there lately, eh?
JeffB (host) 1:25:28 PM
Every ocean beach here is closed right now I think. Sharks having a convention, NO masks or social distancing at all.
Kevin Polk 1:27:27 PM
they are not required to wear masks while dining.
JeffB (host) 1:28:48 PM
Haha true! @Kevin - wanted to deploy more of your picks.. but needed to get the show out quickly.
PeterC 1:29:30 PM
@ Jeff...He's been on the NiN tour for the last 15 years or so. He has a lot of youtube videos where he describes both his live setup for each tour and his home studio setup in excruciating detail
PeterC 1:30:32 PM
@jeff..yeah tomorrow is mostly "classic" olds school ZBC stuff, but 100% live recordings
JeffB (host) 1:31:35 PM
@PeterC - wow thx - studio setups are my geek - gonna have to look those up..
PeterC 1:32:58 PM
Sounding great today
KOTJames 1:33:14 PM
Currently participating in a mock trial so can't tune in but will at another time. Friday I'm airing a classic KOTJ from Aug 21, 2020 as I head off with a hopefully negative Covid test in hand and then alone in the middle of 600acres
DJ Simon 1:36:08 PM
This set's neat, neat, neat.
Kevin Polk 1:36:45 PM
the damned have a new EP coming out in October, you can buy 1 track from it on iTunes right now; just heard a clip, sounded decent
JeffB (host) 1:39:07 PM
Hey @Simon ! Your show was fun Monday AM :) @KOTJ.. future classics now ?
DJ Simon 1:41:15 PM
JeffB (host) 1:53:42 PM
Long song alert
Ashley 2:00:24 PM
enjoying the set so far - happy wednesday!
JeffB (host) 2:02:04 PM
Thanks Ashley ! Looking forward to hearing you tomorrow at 11am :)
Kevin Polk 2:07:22 PM
rain? what's that?
PiGuy 2:09:10 PM
Tuned in late but when the first thing I hear is Andy Gill's guitar, I know I'm in the right place.
JeffB (host) 2:11:27 PM
Hey @PiGuy welcome to our text only zoom meeting !
PiGuy 2:18:17 PM
Kind of like what KOTJ calls his Saturday listeners but he only seems to have male listeners and calls it the Men's Club.
PiGuy 2:25:21 PM
Quick search says The Wedding Present and Band of Susans covered IFTER by G of 4. Two other artists that I am not familiar with.
PiGuy 2:25:38 PM
Jamie Cohen (1) 2:29:05 PM
Hey Jeff, just finished up mey show, now I can chill to yours for a few. sounding awesome, as always.
JeffB (host) 2:30:06 PM
@PiGuy This is awesome info thanks ! Gonna have to listen to their treatments. I was envisioning Paul Anka covering it.. like when he covered "Smells Like Teen Spirit"..
Kevin Polk 2:33:32 PM
excellent set today
Ashley 2:34:59 PM
you're motivating me to put a magazine song in my set tomorrow
PiGuy 2:35:38 PM
@JeffB, I can't listen to those kitsch covers 'cause I am afraid that I won't be able to un-hear them like the Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner albums of years past.
Kevin Polk 2:38:32 PM
@Ashley Rhythm of Cruelty!
Pat Irwin (1) 2:39:15 PM
Live long and prosper
Kevin Polk 2:39:27 PM
Like GOF, Magazine sounds as happening to me now as it did when it came out.
PiGuy 2:39:05 PM
Love that Howard Devoto uses the same music in Shot By Both Sides as did the Buzzcocks on Lipstick. Guess the split was amicable.
PeterC 2:39:23 PM
The new Jonsi is great...Sigor Ros is done, at least for the forseeable future
JeffB (host) 2:40:10 PM
@Ashley: Believe That I Understand ! :)
PeterC 2:39:51 PM
Met him a few times by accident...He's quite shy
Kevin Polk 2:40:54 PM
Both Shelley + Devoto both received co-writing credits for both Lipstick and Shot BBS.
JeffB (host) 2:41:10 PM
@PeterC - yeah Jonsi SOUNDS shy ... shy is fine
Kevin Polk 2:41:17 PM
Is that official about Sigur Ros being on extended hiatus or worse?
PiGuy 2:41:24 PM
@Kevin Polk, that's what I figured.
Peter Ireland 2:42:41 PM
great show AS USUAL jeff! thanks again!
Kevin Polk 2:43:24 PM
We actually traveled to FL to see Sigur Ros once upon a time. Turned out to be a dance performance by Merce Cunningham with SR providing music (supposedly they were there but did not see them). It was still fun. Saw them a couple other times in Boston. Including at dodgy Agganis Arena. A great surprise was when the played the unreleased Brennisteinn, which was great live.
PeterC 2:45:39 PM
@KP...I don't know about "official" but 2nd hand I think they are totally done in so far as that actually is a thing...
JeffB (host) 2:46:35 PM
Saw Sigur Ros first at "Harborlights" then at the Orpheum, both great shows I thought.
Kevin Polk 2:47:15 PM
The Orpheum show was cool, playing behind the scrim or whatever you'd call it
JeffB (host) 2:47:15 PM
@Peter Ireland - thank you! Lookin' forward to your Friday 3pm show :)
PeterC 2:48:05 PM
Never saw them in Boston for some reason...Saw the debut of Brennisteinn in reykjavik
Kevin Polk 2:48:41 PM
Jeff, I hear Chris Atwood at WATD is looking to start some kind of paid streaming thing, maybe have some other DJs participate. You should do that, let's get a local all-star team going (and several other DJs in this chat too).
Kevin Polk 2:48:59 PM
"Brennisteinn in reykjavik" = jealous. Bet that was cool
Kevin Polk 2:50:53 PM
Thanks Jeff, this was a great show as always
Pat Irwin (1) 2:51:44 PM
Let's hear it for the grrrl
Pat Irwin (1) 2:52:49 PM
Ditto that
PeterC 2:52:54 PM
@JP not as cool as you might think..they largest "arena" in iceland is basically a big gym, they had the lantern lighting which you probably saw, but everybody had there cell phone out which totally ruined it. The coolest thing was I walked back along the highway about 45 minutes to the hotel back and saw the northern lights for the first time
JeffB (host) 2:55:06 PM
Thanks Kevin - and thx for the WATD tip.. wonder what he's thinking. WATD is a rare independent standalone radio property.. sometimes I hear them play great music.
PeterC 2:55:40 PM
Kevin Polk 2:56:32 PM
with a Wooden Shjips chaser, perfect
JeffB (host) 2:59:02 PM
Thanks so much fellow type Z peeples :)