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Sound Syrup

Aug 26, 2020 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Gooey chunky post punk formatted to fit your screen.

Isolation Therapy

just relax and tell us everything

Sound Syrup
1:00 PM
Slow Pulp - Falling Apart
Slow Pulp Falling Apart
Moveys Winspear 2020
1:02 PM
King Missile - The Neither World
King Missile The Neither World
Mystical Shit/Fluting on the Hump Instinct Records 2004
1:06 PM
Lala Lala & Baths - € € € €^^%%!!!!!heaven!!!!!!
Lala Lala & Baths € € € €^^%%!!!!!heaven!!!!!!
€ € € €^^%%!!!!!heaven!!!!!! Hardly Art 2020
1:10 PM
Brian Eno - Mother Whale Eyeless
Brian Eno Mother Whale Eyeless
Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) EG 1974
1:15 PM
Black Cab - 1970 (original)
Black Cab 1970 (original)
Altamont Diary Interstate 40 Music 2005
1:24 PM
Helena Deland - Someone New
Helena Deland Someone New
Someone New Luminelle Recordings 2020
1:28 PM
Sweeping Promises - Hunger for a Way Out
Sweeping Promises Hunger for a Way Out L
Hunger for a Way Out Feel It Records 2020
1:30 PM
L.A. WITCH - Fire Starter
L.A. WITCH Fire Starter
Play With Fire Suicide Squeeze Records 2020
1:33 PM
The Three Johns - Death Of The European
The Three Johns Death Of The European
World By Storm And A Michael Records 1986 Rock
1:37 PM
IDLES - Model Village
IDLES Model Village
Model Village WMG - PTKF 2020
1:41 PM
TV Priest - This Island
TV Priest This Island
This Island Hand In Hive 2020
1:45 PM
Roscoe Roscoe - Brain Retrieve
Roscoe Roscoe Brain Retrieve
Brain Retrieve 2020
1:50 PM
Loop - Vapour
Loop Vapour
A Gilded Eternity Beggars Banquet 1999 Rock
1:54 PM
Sneaks - Faith
Sneaks Faith
Faith Merge Records 2020
1:56 PM
All Things Blue - White Lady Dogs
All Things Blue White Lady Dogs
White Lady Dogs Kitten Eats Dog 2020
2:00 PM
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Honey
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Honey
Honey Flightless Records 2020
2:04 PM
Apparat - Headup
Apparat Headup
Walls Shitkatapult 2007
2:09 PM
Pillow Queens - Holy Show
Pillow Queens Holy Show
Holy Show Pillow Queens Records 2020
2:13 PM
17 Pygmies - Last Grave at Dimbaza
17 Pygmies Last Grave at Dimbaza
Jedda by the Sea + Hatikva LTM Recordings 1984 LP Rock
2:15 PM
Tough Age - Penny Current Suppression Ring
Tough Age Penny Current Suppression Ring
Which Way Am I? Mint Records 2020
2:17 PM
Laibach - Get Back
Laibach Get Back
Let It Be Mute US 1988 LP Rock
2:21 PM
King Buzzo - Housing, Luxury, Energy
King Buzzo Housing, Luxury, Energy
Gift Of Sacrifice Ipecac Recordings 2020
2:27 PM
No Joy / Sonic Boom - Teenage Panic
No Joy / Sonic Boom Teenage Panic
No Joy / Sonic Boom Joyful Noise Recordings 2018
2:32 PM
Frank Zappa - Trouble Every Day
Frank Zappa Trouble Every Day
Freak Out! Universal Music 1966 Rock
2:37 PM
illuminati hotties - freequent letdown
illuminati hotties freequent letdown
Free I.H: This is Not the One You've Been Waiting For Big Scary Monsters 2020
2:39 PM
Laika - Fish For Nails
Laika Fish For Nails
Wherever I Am I Am What Is Missing Too Pure 2003 Rock
2:43 PM
O+S - We Do What We Want to
O+S We Do What We Want to
We Do What We Want to WMG - Saddle Creek Records 2009 Rock
2:46 PM
VAULTS WMG - Bronson LLC 2020
2:50 PM
SQÜRL - Robby's Theme
SQÜRL Robby's Theme
Robby's Theme Sacred Bones Records 2019
2:53 PM
No Joy - Dream Rats (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)
No Joy Dream Rats (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)
Motherhood Joyful Noise Recordings 2020
2:56 PM
Helena Deland - Lylz
Helena Deland Lylz
Lylz Luminelle Recordings 2020
2:59 PM
Ty Segall - Thank God For Sinners
Ty Segall Thank God For Sinners
Twins Drag City 2012
Chat is archived.
Kevin Polk 1:13:30 PM
in meetings today but still saying hi!
JeffB (host) 1:17:47 PM
@kevin YOUR song pick is playing now 1:18 EDT...
Jamie Cohen (1) 1:19:32 PM
Good Afternoon Jeff. Just uploaded my show, now can listen to yours. Wednesdays are such a great day...
JeffB (host) 1:20:50 PM
Hey Jamie ! Wonder if you'll be playing more Zappa tonight :)
Jamie Cohen (1) 1:21:05 PM
There is indeed a cut from The Grand Wazoo in the last hour.
JeffB (host) 1:22:19 PM
Later in today's show played the cut I heard on your show last week. Gave you credit.
JeffB (host) 1:22:44 PM
Guess I hadn't heard it before.. or don't *remember* hearing it.
Nick Benevenia 1:25:27 PM
"wobbling through wednesday" is an incredible illiteration
Jamie Cohen 1:26:23 PM
Thanks Jeff!
JeffB (host) 1:28:19 PM
@Nick :)
PeterC 1:28:42 PM
just finished recording mine so I'm listening now as well
Jamie Cohen 1:30:20 PM
It’s a quorum!
JeffB (host) 1:31:06 PM
yo Pete! How'd the driving test go ?
PeterC 1:34:12 PM
death of the european yes!!!
PeterC 1:34:27 PM
we have a new hazard on our roads
JeffB (host) 1:35:44 PM
That's great news. Self driving cars can't here fast enough..
PeterC 1:37:43 PM
Im actually picking up my new car in about an hour or so and the boy will have my old one...the new one has many self driving feature but the boy can't drive the new car because the insurance would be deadl
JeffB (host) 1:41:03 PM
Good luck getting your new ride. We're on track to give my kid the car I bought a month before she was born, it's still rock solid reliable and strong, but worth less than my bicycle.
PeterC 1:43:38 PM
excellent set by the way...it really like this tv priest..
ex DJ tamer 1:47:53 PM
@JB, isn't your bicycle worth at least $1,000?
JeffB (host) 1:48:32 PM
bicycle is a higher priority..
ex DJ tamer 1:51:58 PM
I recall the monthly centerfold photo in the bicycling magazine some years ago, where they'd feature one of their readers posing with their bicycle & shitbox car.
ex DJ tamer 1:52:08 PM
The caption would be something like "Car value: $300; Bicycle value $2,500", and they'd list all the bike's expensive attributes.
JeffB (host) 1:54:46 PM
i love it. I hit me after I bought my first expensive mountain bike - a Fat Chance Yo Eddy - carrying on top of my 1988 Honda Civic, it occurred to me the bike was worth more than the car.
ex DJ tamer 1:55:29 PM
as it should be
Peter Ireland 2:00:49 PM
new sneaks record sounds great! thanks again jeff
JeffB (host) 2:01:42 PM
Thanks @Pete !
Jamie Cohen 2:07:52 PM
King Gizzard and the lizard wizard!
Andrew Herman 2:07:38 PM
Yae to King Gizzard!
JeffB (host) 2:10:17 PM
Hey Oroboros :) Had you on this AM
Andrew Herman 2:10:36 PM
Thank you!
Andrew Herman 2:11:05 PM
Bring on the gooey chunky post punk, please!
PeterC 2:17:34 PM
I’m in an Uber. The dropout is actually kinda interesting
PiGuy 2:25:30 PM
Hate it when work gets in the way of good radio...I've missed so much...
JeffB (host) 2:28:37 PM
@PiGuy what sux is you can try and listen to the archive but then you're missing whatever is on ZBC at that moment..
PiGuy 2:28:54 PM
The archive is good but it's lonely.
PeterC 2:32:25 PM
No Laibach this week. The second and last week of all live recordings. Never got to occupied nato Europe and there only one pre release from the new one which I played last week.
JeffB (host) 2:34:36 PM
Sorry to assume PeterC ! Last week's live recordings show was great fun.
Zen Pathology 2:36:50 PM
Sounds like PiGuy has the concept for a new song, "The Archive Is A Lonely Place".
Nick Benevenia 2:38:53 PM
illuminati hotties 10/10
JeffB (host) 2:59:56 PM
thx for chatting / listening !