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Gold Soundz

Sep 4, 2020 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Pete

Featuring the very best new ZBC rock, and college radio classics from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

Gold Soundz
3:00 PM
Pavement - Gold Soundz
Pavement Gold Soundz
Crooked Rain Crooked Rain Matador US 1994 CD
3:02 PM
Teenage Fanclub - The Concept
Teenage Fanclub The Concept
Bandwagonesque DGC UK 1991 LP Rock
3:08 PM
The Rice Twins - Can I Say
The Rice Twins Can I Say
Kompakt: Total 8 Kompakt Germany, kompakt.de 2007
3:10 PM
Brian Eno - Dead Finks Don't Talk
Brian Eno Dead Finks Don't Talk
Here Come The Warm Jets EMI Marketing 2004 Rock
3:15 PM
Exercise - Spiral
Exercise Spiral
Crook of Love (Demo 2) Bandcamp 2019 Other
3:18 PM
B Boys - Pressure Inside
B Boys Pressure Inside
Dudu Captured Tracks 2019 Other Rock
3:22 PM
The Glaxo Babies - She Went to Pieces
The Glaxo Babies She Went to Pieces
Put Me On the Guest List
3:23 PM
Institute - Dazzle Paint
Institute Dazzle Paint
Readjusting the Locks Sacred Bones Records 2019 Other Rock
3:26 PM
Itchy Kitty - Dark Entries
Itchy Kitty Dark Entries
Under the Covers
3:32 PM
Urochromes - Style
Urochromes Style
Trope House Wharf Cat Records 2019
3:34 PM
The Lovely Eggs - This Decision
The Lovely Eggs This Decision
I Am Moron The Lovely Eggs 2020
3:37 PM
Bruce - Fix My Brains
Bruce Fix My Brains
My Latest Popstar Crush 1116513 Records DK 2016
3:39 PM
Unnatural Axe - The Man I Don't Wanna Be
Unnatural Axe The Man I Don't Wanna Be L
Is Gonna Kick Your Ass Lawless 2014 Rock
3:43 PM
Wild Billy Childish and The Spartan Dreggs - And Darkness Engulfed His Eyes
Wild Billy Childish and The Spartan Dreggs And Darkness Engulfed His Eyes
Forensic R 'n' B Damaged Goods 2011 Rock
3:47 PM
The Barbazons - Jake
The Barbazons Jake L
House of the Rising Fuzz: a boston rock'n'roll compilation MP3
3:49 PM
Broken Social Scene - Pacific Theme
Broken Social Scene Pacific Theme
You Forgot It In People Arts & Crafts 2003 Rock
3:52 PM
Black Marble - Johnny and Mary
Black Marble Johnny and Mary
I Must Be Living Twice Sacred Bones Records 2020
3:56 PM
Margo - 1 2 3
Margo 1 2 3
Furtives Furies Chez Moi 2005 CD Rock
4:00 PM
Led Er Est - Divided Parallel
Led Er Est Divided Parallel
The Diver Sacred Bones Records 2012 CD Rock
4:03 PM
Preoccupations - Stimulation
Preoccupations Stimulation
Preoccupations Jagjaguwar 2016
4:08 PM
Eyedress - Let's Skip to the Wedding
Eyedress Let's Skip to the Wedding
Let's Skip to the Wedding Lex Records 2020
4:09 PM
Highnoon - Upswing
Highnoon Upswing
Semi Sweet Cicada Choir 2019
4:13 PM
Neurotic Fiction - Generals
Neurotic Fiction Generals
Pulp Music Specialist Subject 2018
4:18 PM
Faunts - Explain
Faunts Explain
Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. Friendly Fire Recordings 2017
4:24 PM
Broken Social Scene - Shampoo Suicide
Broken Social Scene Shampoo Suicide
You Forgot It In People Arts & Crafts 2003 Rock
4:27 PM
The Notwist - Kong
The Notwist Kong
Close To the Glass Sub Pop Records 2014 MP3 Rock
4:32 PM
Weekend - Adelaide
Weekend Adelaide
Jinx Slumberland Records UK 2013 MP3 Rock
4:36 PM
Stiff Little Fingers - Safe As Houses
Stiff Little Fingers Safe As Houses
Go For It Parlophone UK 2004 Rock
4:42 PM
Penetration - Lover Of Outrage
Penetration Lover Of Outrage
Moving Targets EMI Marketing 2007 Rock
4:45 PM
The Shrinking Islands - The Secret Activities Begin
The Shrinking Islands The Secret Activities Begin L
In The Black Carpet Sort Of Records 2006
4:50 PM
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Gulf Shores
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Gulf Shores
Bonnie "Prince" Billy Sings Greatest Palace Music Drag City Records 2004 Rock
4:53 PM
Broken Social Scene - Guilty Cubicles
Broken Social Scene Guilty Cubicles
Feel Good Lost Arts & Crafts 2004 Rock
4:55 PM
Supermoon - Witching Hour
Supermoon Witching Hour
Playland Mint Records 2016
4:58 PM
Ellen Allien - Wish
Ellen Allien Wish
Berlinette BPitch Control Germany, www.bpitchcontrol.de 2003 MP3
Chat is archived.
Pete (host) 2:59:56 PM
first week of school successfully over and the holiday weekend underway ... celebrate with some gold sounds!
bruckner4 3:02:06 PM
ready, pete!
Pete (host) 3:02:29 PM
welcome back! thanks for checking in!
JeffB 3:10:16 PM
dead finks. tasty favorite..
Pete (host) 3:10:29 PM
yes got the idea from your choice off tiger mt a couple weeks ago!
JeffB 3:12:10 PM
awww. it's like an idea exchange :)
Pete (host) 3:12:12 PM
as always!
JeffB 3:12:46 PM
like "keepin' the talk to a minimum".. that's what I try to do too.
JeffB 3:14:50 PM
"Oh Perfect Masters. They Thrive on Disasters". how prescient.
Pete (host) 3:15:53 PM
yes it never fails.
bruckner4 3:27:13 PM
and drugs: supabad, supabad, supabad....
Kevin Polk 3:27:57 PM
how'd the student make out being the way things are?
Kevin Polk 3:28:28 PM
some arrangement of those words may make sense
Pete (host) 3:30:52 PM
so far so good. there are certainly more logistical hassles, but people seem to be adapting. this weekend will be a challenge ... hopefully no major outbreaks
Kevin Polk 3:33:20 PM
what are you using for distance learning software?
Pete (host) 3:34:47 PM
well, BC uses Canvas, with Panopto and/or Zoom, so that's what I have for better or worse
Pete (host) 3:35:48 PM
Do you know of better choices?
Kevin Polk 3:35:30 PM
(that's my racket, edu software) we've been doing a lot of integration work lately with Canvas; I'm not too impressed with the UI, lotta clicks to do anything, but that's just me
Pete (host) 3:36:38 PM
yes it's clumsy. in normal times i make course materials available through a personal webpage and do the html the old-fashioned way, myself
Kevin Polk 3:36:14 PM
we've talked to a lot of teachers this summer who have started using Google Classroom; seems to have become very popular; but Canvas is more mature as far as features
Pete (host) 3:38:23 PM
yes. the advantage from my perspective is that uploading a lot of videos takes up too much space for my cheapo personal site. Canvas is ok for that. I don't do fancy things like assignments or tests via Canvas. I just ask students to take photos of their papers and send them to me by email
Kevin Polk 3:38:07 PM
GC seems to be a gateway LMS; use it to easily make your materials available to students; then grow into other things it does;
Pete (host) 3:39:39 PM
interesting -- i will look. i'll be happiest when i can just run a regular all in person class again. i guess we'll all be happy to resume our normal lives .. whenever that may be
Kevin Polk 3:39:18 PM
if you haven't already rejected Google Classroom, maybe take a look at that for what you are doing, it integrates well with Google Drive which is good for sending stuff back and forth, with lots of space avaialble
Pete (host) 3:40:03 PM
ok i will! thanks!
Kevin Polk 3:41:03 PM
we have encountered plenty of older teachers who don't want to do much online at all, and younger ones who have just always been online; the tools are clumsy so I feel for teachers trying to do simple things fast; if you ever wan to drop a note, you can hit me up at kevin@aveniros.com; happy to tell you what I can
Pete (host) 3:41:43 PM
Kevin Polk 3:41:23 PM
and btw great show as always :)
brbuild 3:41:27 PM
Richie Parsons!
Pete (host) 3:43:41 PM
classic of boston rock!
Kevin Polk 3:43:22 PM
one of the sadly missing pieces of Boston music history, in a nice official release at least, is the first Rumble, at the Rat, with Unnatural Axe, Lapeste, Neighborhoods; only some of that has ever come out; I still have a beat cassette of that recorded at the time somewhere
Pete (host) 3:44:12 PM
Kevin Polk 3:46:03 PM
I believe fellow BC DJ Gerard Cosloy released some of the La Peste material on Matador years ago; anyway, Man I Don't Wanna Be is there best song by a lot!
Kevin Polk 3:46:21 PM
Unnatural Axe, that is
DJ Simon 3:52:30 PM
Thanks for the mention, Peter!
Pete (host) 3:53:00 PM
thanks for tuning in dj simon! thanks for a summer full of rackets!
DJ Simon 3:54:12 PM
Right back at you with the great Gold Soundz!
JeffB 3:54:50 PM
Homage to Robert Palmer.. this cover's not much different than the original. Robert Palmer was working with Gary Numan back then
Pete (host) 3:56:22 PM
yes it's a faithful cover. my favorite robert palmer song.
Mark Lambert 3:56:49 PM
Hmm...when I was a freshman in college computer studies was a class, not a thing you owned!! But I did get to see a multitude of incredible shows at the Rat!!
Pete (host) 3:58:03 PM
the good old days. sometimes wish i could go back!
Mark Lambert 3:58:44 PM
Was fun, but still plenty of awesome music on the Z
Pete (host) 3:59:00 PM
true enough!
Kevin Polk 4:18:59 PM
I have a challenge to the veteran Z DJs for next week shows. If you can remember what it was, play the first song you ever played as a Z DJ. Would be interesting to see what those were.
Pete (host) 4:21:52 PM
i just checked. mine was "do you compute" by drive like jehu.
Pete (host) 4:23:08 PM
that was on may 17 2006
Pete (host) 4:23:12 PM
JeffB 4:26:15 PM
OMG Melody DuJour was "must listen"
Pete (host) 4:27:31 PM
yes i know she's busy with her family and job now, but wouldn't it be great to have alexandra back!
Kevin Polk 4:30:05 PM
I recently found maybe 4 or 5 of her shows I had grabbed from the archive before she departed. maybe she'll reemerge someday
Pete (host) 4:32:57 PM
amazing! you have a great archive!
JeffB 4:35:22 PM
i recorded a lot shows off the air back then, i go through a lot of the cuts to consider playing today, but times have changed, most of the songs are too mellow compared to what we're all playing on the Z lately.
Kevin Polk 4:35:51 PM
I'll see if I can figure out how to get those online and report back next week; another show I miss is Photon Pitch
Pete (host) 4:37:33 PM
that would be great!
JeffB 4:38:04 PM
For me it was Melody Du Jour, Karmic Sunrise, and Petrina's Flyweight, although Rav's version was excellent too
Pete (host) 4:39:34 PM
tracey's mass ave and beyond; commodore vic
Pete (host) 4:39:48 PM
many many great Z shows over the years
Kevin Polk 4:40:45 PM
I recently found some of Dave and Curtis's shows from the 80s online, just a few; I also have some of those on cassette, hope to dig those out of the basement and digitize them over the winter; maybe have Gerard in there too
Pete (host) 4:41:35 PM
Kevin Polk 4:44:16 PM
there is some old ZBC and ERS stuff in here https://walthamboy.wordpress.com/2017/01/14/the-tdk-tapes/
JeffB 4:47:15 PM
playlist from 2004: https://spinitron.com/WZBC/pl/141189/Melody-du-Jour
bruckner4 4:48:55 PM
the wrens (sigh).
Kevin Polk 4:49:44 PM
anybody who plays that much stereolab is okay in my book
Pete (host) 4:55:15 PM
thanks again for tuning in! enjoy the weekend! see you next week!
Mark Lambert 4:56:04 PM
Real Mass Ave and Beyond tody? Been pretty random the last few weeks...
Pete (host) 4:55:56 PM
i don't know .. it will be a surprise!
Mark Lambert 4:56:46 PM
lol - I know, scotts been busy
JeffB 5:00:09 PM
Great show Pete - had you on the whole time !
Mark Lambert 5:03:26 PM
Is this Boston rock or Jupiter?