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Turbid Radio

Sep 16, 2020 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Jon Whitney

adjective: turbid

  1. (of a liquid) cloudy, opaque, or thick with suspended matter.
  2. confused or obscure in meaning or effect.

September 16, 2020 : The Final Broadcast

Thanks to all for the listenership, feedback, chats, etc. New fall schedule begins next week. I hope to be back again one day!

Turbid Radio
7:00 PM
Silver Apples - Charred Fragments
Silver Apples Charred Fragments
Clinging To a Dream ChickenCoop Recordings 2016
7:07 PM
Colin Newman - You and Your Dog (fish 11)
Colin Newman You and Your Dog (fish 11)
CN1 4AD 1981
7:10 PM
Bruce Gilbert - Epitaph For Henran Brenlar (feat. Graham Lewis)
Bruce Gilbert Epitaph For Henran Brenlar (feat. Graham Lewis)
The Shivering Man Mute 1986
7:16 PM
Belbury Poly - Sticks and Stones
Belbury Poly Sticks and Stones
The Gone Away Ghost Box 2020
7:21 PM
Edward Ka-Spel - Crumbling in Comfort
Edward Ka-Spel Crumbling in Comfort
Splendid Isolation Chapter 2 self-released 2020
7:27 PM
Sarah Davachi - For Voice
Sarah Davachi For Voice
All My Circles Run Students of Decay 2017
7:35 PM
Carla dal Forno - Summertime Sadness
Carla dal Forno Summertime Sadness
Top of the Pops - EP Kallista 2018
7:40 PM
Zoe Reddy - Satellite
Zoe Reddy Satellite
Machine - Single Phantom Limb 2019
7:47 PM
Robert Millis - Solo for a Broken Toy
Robert Millis Solo for a Broken Toy
Related Ephemera The Helen Scarsdale Agency 2020
7:49 PM
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Weiter
Keith Fullerton Whitman Weiter
Schöner Flussengel Kranky 2004
7:56 PM
serpentwithfeet - Psychic
serpentwithfeet Psychic
Apparition EP Secretly Canadian 2020
8:00 PM
Cabaret Voltaire - Western Mantra
Cabaret Voltaire Western Mantra
Three Mantras Rough Trade 1980
8:21 PM
David Toop - When I first came here (I thought I’d never get used  to the trains; now when it’s quiet I get nervous)
David Toop When I first came here (I thought I’d never get used to the trains; now when it’s quiet I get nervous)
Apparition Paintings Room40 2020
8:26 PM
June of 44 - A Chance to Cure is a Chance to Cut Your Face (MATMOS REMIX)
June of 44 A Chance to Cure is a Chance to Cut Your Face (MATMOS REMIX)
Revisionist: Adaptations & Future Histories In The Time Of Love And Survival Broken Clover 2020
8:31 PM
Kmru - Continual
Kmru Continual
Continual - Single KMRU 2020
8:38 PM
HTRK - Reverse Déjà Vu
HTRK Reverse Déjà Vu
ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ *・゚✧ ✧゚*ヽReal Headfuck ♪ *♪ Reverse Déjà Vu *:・゚ self-released 2020
8:41 PM
Diamanda Galás - Άνοιξε Πέτρα (Anoixe Petra) (live at CPH PIX Festival, Copenhagen, May 28 2010)
Diamanda Galás Άνοιξε Πέτρα (Anoixe Petra) (live at CPH PIX Festival, Copenhagen, May 28 2010)
The Cleopatra Set Intravenal Sound Operations 2010
8:50 PM
Jan St. Werner - Back to Animals (feat. Mark E. Smith)
Jan St. Werner Back to Animals (feat. Mark E. Smith)
Molocular Meditation (feat. Mark E. Smith) Editions Mego 2019
8:56 PM
Mary Lattimore - Pine Trees
Mary Lattimore Pine Trees
Silver Ladders Ghostly International 2020
9:00 PM
Windy & Carl - Recon
Windy & Carl Recon
Allegiance and Conviction kranky 2020 Rock
9:07 PM
Joseph Allred - Call to Prayer
Joseph Allred Call to Prayer
Vairocana Meliphoric 2020
9:11 PM
Robin Saville - Might I Have a Bit of Earth?
Robin Saville Might I Have a Bit of Earth?
Build a Diorama Morr Music 2020
9:15 PM
Helen Money - Marrow
Helen Money Marrow
Atomic Thrill Jockey Records 2020
9:24 PM
MJ Guider - Prima
MJ Guider Prima
Green Plastic - EP Constellation Tatsu 2013
9:29 PM
Christopher Bissonnette - Accumulation
Christopher Bissonnette Accumulation
Wayfinding 12k 2020
9:34 PM
To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie - The Man With the Shovel, Is the Man I'm Going to Marry
To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie The Man With the Shovel, Is the Man I'm Going to Marry
The Patron kranky 2007
9:42 PM
Alex White - Cheekbone Against Window Of Car
Alex White Cheekbone Against Window Of Car
Transductions Room 40 2020
9:45 PM
Little Annie - Diamonds Made Of Glass
Little Annie Diamonds Made Of Glass
Diamonds Made Of Glass Streamline 2002
9:51 PM
The Threshold HouseBoys Choir - The Day Moon Died
The Threshold HouseBoys Choir The Day Moon Died
Amulet Edition Threshold House 2008
Chat is archived.
Jon Whitney (host) 6:47:34 PM
Thanks for popping in for the final broadcast! Say hi, be nice.
kilbey1 7:01:40 PM
Pat Irwin (1) 7:20:09 PM
So why did you get the axe? You do consummate NCP :/
Jeremy Grainger 7:30:08 PM
hi Jon:
Bruce Pierce 7:39:48 PM
Very sad to hear this is it! Thanks for all the great music!
PeterC 7:57:16 PM
Hi Jon...been enjoying the show over the last x weeks...I totally get it tho' I wouldn't have had the time a few years ago....
Jamie Cohen (1) 8:02:48 PM
Good Evening Jon,
kilbey1 8:02:49 PM
Wow, you're going to play the entire Western Mantra?
Jamie Cohen (1) 8:03:44 PM
Thanks for the great shows, and for turning me on to so much good music.
Jeremy Grainger 8:09:04 PM
ditto what jamie sez
L.P. Hirschberg 8:09:57 PM
Jonnnnnnnn!!! You have contributed so much to my musical appreciation through the years.. It's been a treat to hear you on air.regularly.
L.P. Hirschberg 8:10:44 PM
P.S. Hi to Djeremy and Djamie --er, Jamie :) (Linda here, aka "LP")
Jon Whitney (host) 8:11:33 PM
thanks all!
Jon Whitney (host) 8:12:44 PM
THANKS LPH! You've been such a great friend and have influenced me in other ways.
Jon Whitney (host) 8:13:24 PM
DJeremy and DJamie... I should be DJon? I love mustard.
Jon Whitney (host) 8:14:04 PM
I wish I could play Northern Mantra
PeterC 8:15:22 PM
I haven't heard this in a long time..
kilbey1 8:15:07 PM
Not complaining at all, impressed. :) I have so much love for CV.
PeterC 8:16:46 PM
I was the DJ for CV when they played at this place called Streets on Comm Ave...Just before they became less industrial..
kilbey1 8:19:03 PM
Great period to be a DJ for them!
Jamie Cohen (1) 8:19:36 PM
Hey Linda!
ex DJ tamer 8:21:04 PM
Jon, will you play Western Mantra for me when I'm on my deathbed? It would make me happy. (BTW, I am not sick, but, just in case...)
Jon Whitney (host) 8:21:33 PM
sure thing
ex DJ tamer 8:22:06 PM
Naturally, we hope you will have a radio program next summer when maybe of the students are gone. You are an influencer!
Jon Whitney (host) 8:22:34 PM
if i die before my time can someone make sure that zz top just show up to my wake. i want friends to be like "did zz top just walk through here?"
PeterC 8:23:21 PM
Given what's going on at BC the students could be gone by columbus day
Jon Whitney (host) 8:22:55 PM
maybe i'll be back next summer, we shall see.
ex DJ tamer 8:23:56 PM
Even if BC students have to leave the campus again, they are pretty adept and doing their shows remotely.
Jamie Cohen (1) 8:26:47 PM
Jon, I'll take that task. I'd love to orchestrate a ZZ Top walk through. I'll make sure CHeap Sunglasses is playing.
L.P. Hirschberg 8:27:16 PM
So are subs never needed now?? It was always a treat to catch you at random..
ex DJ tamer 8:27:24 PM
Gull Boy Carl luvs ZZ Top's early LPs
kilbey1 8:27:58 PM
Wow, I didn't realize this June of 44 was so good. (But then, this is the only thing I've heard from it)
Jamie Cohen (1) 8:29:00 PM
the 1st 3 are awesome. And I agree re Jon being an influencer.
kilbey1 8:29:50 PM
Oh he definitely is. I will really miss this show, but I know you have your hands in a ton of other things too, Jon.
Jon Whitney (host) 8:30:49 PM
well it's a Matmos remix,..
kilbey1 8:31:07 PM
Matmos, say no more
Jon Whitney (host) 8:31:43 PM
not exactly representative of the rest of the record
PeterC 8:36:19 PM
@LRH..hi linda...no subs are a thing of the past for now I think....Studio access is really limited to students only AND there can't be 2 consecutive shows in the studio so every other show at least has to be remotely recorded. So students can only sub for themselves...the rest of us are recording remotely so there's not concept of not being able to be there...If you don't upload a new show the old one airs as a repeat in that time slot
Jeremy Grainger 8:38:41 PM
OMG Hello Lida!
Jeremy Grainger 8:38:50 PM
L.P. Hirschberg 8:38:57 PM
Ahhhh, thx, Peter. Still wrapping my head around this virtual radio thing.
Jeremy Grainger 8:39:01 PM
and Peter
L.P. Hirschberg 8:39:27 PM
Miss you, DJeremy!! Glad the Temp Auto Zone is back, though..
Jeremy Grainger 8:39:42 PM
earlier starting next week
Jeremy Grainger 8:39:58 PM
I miss my boston peeps
ex DJ tamer 8:39:49 PM
We miss you too
Jeremy Grainger 8:40:24 PM
ex DJ tamer 8:40:38 PM
Your show's chat room what not open last night. Was that show a rerun?
Jeremy Grainger 8:43:06 PM
nope. I just forgot to open it! lol
Jeremy Grainger 8:43:53 PM
<3 DG
Jon Whitney (host) 8:43:41 PM
yaaas diamanda
Jeremy Grainger 8:44:32 PM
still gives me goosebumps
Jamie Cohen (1) 8:45:07 PM
me too
Jon Whitney (host) 8:45:21 PM
i made a "which diamanda are you today?" meme not too long ago
Jeremy Grainger 8:45:59 PM
ex DJ tamer 8:46:59 PM
link, pls
Jeremy Grainger 8:50:16 PM
one of our black cats, Lucy, is glad that's over...
kilbey1 8:52:41 PM
Recognized the MES vocals before I saw the song lol
ex DJ tamer 8:54:31 PM
Thanks for playing this, Jon. ZBC doesn't play enough MES.
L.P. Hirschberg 8:54:49 PM
OMG, I've had 2 cats that are terrified of Diamanda!
L.P. Hirschberg 8:55:50 PM
Your shows are always special, Jon.
Jon Whitney (host) 8:56:12 PM
aww thanks
Jon Whitney (host) 8:56:50 PM
i always try to get music friends to tune in so we can chat on this here thingy like we used to at concerts, because we can't have concerts right now
Jamie Cohen (1) 8:57:00 PM
My cat left te room.
ex DJ tamer 8:57:36 PM
Vets have a name for that condition, LPH. It's DDS. Many cats are diagnosed with Diamanda Derangement Syndrome.
Pasha Roberts 8:57:08 PM
Thanks so much! These shows bring me back to listening to NCP in the 90's
Jon Whitney (host) 8:57:32 PM
Jon Whitney (host) 8:57:41 PM
i haven't played a single song from the '90s tonight but thanks
Pat Irwin (1) 8:58:31 PM
So who's taking your slot?
Pasha Roberts 8:58:12 PM
Right but the flavor is right on target. Eager to hear the kids come back in the fall too.
Jamie Cohen (1) 8:58:31 PM
We were talking about the chat here during Andrew's show this morning. It's a great feature, and a great way tio interact, especially with the remore shows. There's such an awesome community here.Staff and listeners alike
Jon Whitney (host) 8:58:41 PM
Jon Whitney (host) 8:59:02 PM
i guess it's like the '90s in that it's real time...remember Instant Pester?
Jon Whitney (host) 8:59:08 PM
err, instant messenger
L.P. Hirschberg 8:59:43 PM
ex DJ tamer -- DDS, haha
ex DJ tamer 9:01:19 PM
Speaking of concerts, I recall Linda asking whether I was going to see Wire on March 14, and I said no. Love Wire, but didn't want to die for them!
ex DJ tamer 9:03:04 PM
But if I did go and then died, I would definitely want it on my tombstone, "She died for Wire. Will not R.I.P."
PeterC 9:05:25 PM
@xDJT...I was actually heading out the door on 3/14 to meet my friends PerryG and possibly FredG preshow thinking this would be the last time I'd be seeing everybody for a long time when Graham said they were cancelling boston and going home...it was depressing because I knew I wouldn't be hanging out with my friends for a very very long time
ex DJ tamer 9:09:44 PM
3/4 of Wire are older dudes...I'm glad they stayed alive by canceling the show. Boston was a bit of a COVID hot spot, even in March.
ex DJ tamer 9:12:10 PM
Jon, what do you think are the chances of Current 93 playing their rescheduled concert in April?
Jeremy Grainger 9:13:25 PM
we saw Wire here in Brooklyn. It was our last show. We sat in a side raised section with very few people around.
Jon Whitney (host) 9:13:56 PM
I don't think C93 will happen that early
Jon Whitney (host) 9:14:12 PM
April is only 7 months away
ex DJ tamer 9:14:47 PM
Lucky to have good seats! Is that Lucy in your pic, Jeremy?
Jon Whitney (host) 9:14:33 PM
7 months ago was February - and where are we today versus then?
ex DJ tamer 9:16:44 PM
Nothing like buying physical concert tickets and having to sit on them for a couple years.
Jeremy Grainger 9:17:23 PM
That's Sasha
ex DJ tamer 9:17:45 PM
Hi Sasha!
Jeremy Grainger 9:18:09 PM
Was supposed to see Consolidate and F242 last night ha
ex DJ tamer 9:19:03 PM
Oh boy
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:19:49 PM
For Christmas, my kids all got me concert tickets for a bunch of show in April and May. All cancelled. I was so pumped to see shows all spring with them.
ex DJ tamer 9:21:01 PM
The best gift of all is that your kids want to go to concerts with you!
Jeremy Grainger 9:23:28 PM
gotta run everyone! lovely to "see" you. I'll be listening to podcasts Jon! x
PeterC 9:23:49 PM
I can't imagine anybody doing a US tour of any scale before 2022..
PeterC 9:24:54 PM
Young Gods and Laibach have done shows in the last week in Europe.
Jon Whitney (host) 9:24:49 PM
Thanks for stopping in and saying hI!
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:26:01 PM
@exDJT, Indeed. I'm lucky.
Pat Irwin (1) 9:27:43 PM
The concerts in Europe must have been outside
kilbey1 9:29:47 PM
I'm signed up to go to concert in Leeds in April 2021, but not if we are going to be 2 weeks quarantined from the U.S.
kilbey1 9:31:18 PM
Liverpool, rather.
L.P. Hirschberg 9:33:09 PM
Can U.S. citizens even travel to the U.K. now? I thought we were banned from most countries
kilbey1 9:40:28 PM
"When you arrive in the UK, you will not be allowed to leave the place where you’re staying for the first 14 days."
kilbey1 9:40:54 PM
You can, but if you're on holiday, you've just blown 2 weeks.
ex DJ tamer 9:41:04 PM
You can be hopeful that this restriction will change by April.
kilbey1 9:41:48 PM
I'm hopeful. Who knows.
ex DJ tamer 9:45:19 PM
Who are ya going to see in Leeds?
ex DJ tamer 9:47:16 PM
Ha ha, when I saw Little Annie on the playlist, I misread it as Diamanda Made Of Glass.
kilbey1 9:47:57 PM
Liverpool, sorry. https://hrhpsych.com/line-up/
Jon Whitney (host) 9:48:14 PM
close, Diamond Glass Diamanda Galas
Verb Crunch 9:48:48 PM
Hey Jon it's JeffB - was listening to you driving the past two hours, but didn't want to chat while driving !
Verb Crunch 9:48:57 PM
Jon Whitney (host) 9:48:29 PM
they're old friends, it's likely intentional
ex DJ tamer 9:48:39 PM
Oops kilbey1, I latched onto Leeds and can't seem to let it go....
Jon Whitney (host) 9:48:44 PM
thanks JeffB for not logging in and chatting while driving
ex DJ tamer 9:49:36 PM
I thought he'd have a gadget for that!
ex DJ tamer 9:49:49 PM
Bone conducting chat room.
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:50:21 PM
Thank YOU Jon, you'll bemissed.
Jon Whitney (host) 9:50:30 PM
thanks jamie!
kilbey1 9:51:24 PM
Indeed, I'll miss the show, but know Jon will turn us on to good music elsewhere.
Clay Projex 9:51:02 PM
pLease come back!
Jon Whitney (host) 9:51:10 PM
Jon Whitney (host) 9:51:22 PM
clay you can find my podcast: Brainwashed Radio
ex DJ tamer 9:51:59 PM
@kilbey1, I never heard of most of those bands...any in particular you'd recommend?
Jon Whitney (host) 9:51:37 PM
i play music, i don't talk except to introduce songs
Clay Projex 9:51:45 PM
yes yes -- thnx!
kilbey1 9:52:30 PM
Can't go wrong with Cult of Dom Keller.
kilbey1 9:52:55 PM
brainwashed.com for the podcast
ex DJ tamer 9:53:04 PM
@kilbey1, I know the Cult of Dom Keller--someone gave me their music to upload for the bot to play!
kilbey1 9:53:46 PM
Then I'd say Electric Moon, they are amazing!
kilbey1 9:54:30 PM
@ex DJ tamer, Jon will send you my email address so we can connect
ex DJ tamer 9:54:31 PM
One of our local psych experts, Kris Thompson, fed the bot with many psych bands (I was the conduit). I will ask him if he has any Electric Moon!
L.P. Hirschberg 9:54:28 PM
Great chatting with you all.. Sorry it's your last show for a while, Jon. I dream of a future Brainwaves. *sigh*
kilbey1 9:54:58 PM
Show him that list, it will blow his mind!
ex DJ tamer 9:54:59 PM
Yes, let's be in touch, kilbey1!
Jon Whitney (host) 9:55:14 PM
i sent an email
Jon Whitney (host) 9:55:39 PM
yes i dream of a future brainwaves too
ex DJ tamer 9:56:32 PM
A dear friend is moving to Austin--I will have another excuse to visit plus a place to stay...maybe see you there some day, kilbey1!
Jon Whitney (host) 9:56:07 PM
i even made a mock lineup when people were making mock festival lineups back when we could mock festivals
ex DJ tamer 9:57:24 PM
Sometimes mock lineups can become real...
Jon Whitney (host) 9:57:24 PM
we can dream
kilbey1 9:57:57 PM
Austin may no longer be the live music capital of the world much longer as venues close...but we had some great fests here.
Jon Whitney (host) 9:57:39 PM
if we didn't dream of making the first brainwaves happen, it wouldn't have happened
L.P. Hirschberg 9:57:41 PM
and bats
ex DJ tamer 9:58:13 PM
And you will again, in a few years!
Jon Whitney (host) 9:58:01 PM
ex DJ tamer 9:58:35 PM
Yes, Linda goes to Austin for the bats!!!
kilbey1 9:58:48 PM
Yes and bats! Hopefully the bats will still be here. If they aren't, we are truly hurting...in so many ways.
Jon Whitney (host) 9:58:20 PM
but i want to buy a house and adopt more kids more than throw another festival
L.P. Hirschberg 9:58:33 PM
Batwaves! 2022 in Austin
kilbey1 9:59:05 PM
I'd come to your festival
Jon Whitney (host) 9:58:47 PM
our festival
ex DJ tamer 9:59:21 PM
I was saying that Austin will have live music again in a few years, Jon.
Jon Whitney (host) 9:58:53 PM
it's a festival for us
ex DJ tamer 9:59:36 PM
We all dream of another Brainfest!!!
Jon Whitney (host) 9:59:21 PM
thanks again everyone!!!!
kilbey1 9:59:59 PM
L.P. Hirschberg 9:59:58 PM
Nice transition. Love that deliciously creepy last track, Jon.
ex DJ tamer 10:01:05 PM
R.I.P. Peter Christopherson