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Low End Theory

Sep 9, 2020 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With DJ Ouroboros

Welcome to Low End Theory. If I were to describe the aesthetics of Low End Theory as a musical territory or space, its borders would be provided by doom/stoner/psych metal on one side, contemporary prog and prog metal on another, experimental/electronic/folk on a third, and enclosed finally by the long arc of classic and contemporary post-punk that bends towards dub. The mission of this radio show is to conjure a farrago of heavy sonic fictions of sound, words, and music appropriate and fitting to the heaviness of the times. But fear not, this Low End Theory is not dour or depressing; on the contrary, we seek out the joyful and ecstatic in the acoustic depths of the low end’s vibrating, pulsing heart. And who among us does not need some joy anchored in the deep sonority of the low end, especially now?

Low End Theory
8:00 AM
Laika - Black Cat Bone
Laika Black Cat Bone
Good Looking Blues Too Pure 2000 Rock
8:04 AM
New Order - Senses
New Order Senses
Movement [Collector's Edition] Rhino/Warner Bros. 2008 Rock
8:10 AM
Dool - Summerland
Dool Summerland
Summerland Prophecy 2020
8:18 AM
You Are Wolf - Drowndown
You Are Wolf Drowndown
KELD Firecrest Records 2018
8:22 AM
The Black Angels - Life Song
The Black Angels Life Song
Death Song PTKF 2017
8:34 AM
Kooba Terca - Cemento Mori
Kooba Terca Cemento Mori
Proto Tekno Rocket Recordings 2020
8:40 AM
clann - Hosts of the Air
clann Hosts of the Air
Seelie House of Youth 2017
8:44 AM
Magazine - The Thin Air
Magazine The Thin Air
Secondhand Daylight Virgin Catalogue 2007 Rock
8:48 AM
Sinisthra - Eterne
Sinisthra Eterne
Eterne Rockshots Records 2020
8:56 AM
Alcest - Sapphire (Perturbator Version)
Alcest Sapphire (Perturbator Version)
Spiritual Instinct Nuclear Blast 2019 Heavy Metal
8:59 AM
SLIFT - Ummon
UMMON Stolen Body Records 2020
9:06 AM
Aleah - My Will
Aleah My Will
Aleah Svart Records 2020
9:11 AM
The Danse Society - 2000 Light Years from Home
The Danse Society 2000 Light Years from Home
Heaven Is Waiting 640854 Records DK 2019 Rock
9:18 AM
I Break Horses - Turn
I Break Horses Turn
Warnings Bella Union 2020
9:26 AM
Crippled Black Phoenix - Lost
Crippled Black Phoenix Lost
Ellengæst Season of Mist 2020
9:34 AM
Craig Leon - Donkeys beating cups
Craig Leon Donkeys beating cups
Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music, Vol. I: Nommos/Visiting Aparté 2018
9:41 AM
L.A. WITCH - Gen-Z
Play With Fire Suicide Squeeze Records 2020
9:46 AM
Buzzcocks - Flat-Pack Philosophy
Buzzcocks Flat-Pack Philosophy
Flat-Pack Philosophy WMG - Cherry Red Records 2006 Rock
9:49 AM
William S. Burroughs - Uranian Willy, Pt. 2
William S. Burroughs Uranian Willy, Pt. 2
In Dub (Selected by Dub Spencer & Trance Hill) Echo Beach 2014 Reggae
9:53 AM
Mrs. Piss - Downer Surrounded by Uppers
Mrs. Piss Downer Surrounded by Uppers
Self-Surgery Sargent House 2020 Heavy Metal
9:56 AM
Lamb of God - Blacken The Cursed Sun (Album Version)
Lamb of God Blacken The Cursed Sun (Album Version)
Sacrament Epic 2006 Rock
9:59 AM
Cult of Lilith - Purple Tide
Cult of Lilith Purple Tide
Purple Tide Metal Blade Records 2020
Chat is archived.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:00:54 AM
Good morning, ZBC world!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:01:07 AM
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty :)
Verb Crunch 8:11:10 AM
Why did I think Laika were from a Scandinavian country? Guess I never really checked.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:17:20 AM
"Laika" kind of sounds Scandinavian, I guess?
Saginaw 8:18:54 AM
Good morning
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:23:59 AM
Good morning, Saginaw!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:34:42 AM
A correction: after I recorded this show Judy informed me that the current ZBC schedule will go on another week.
Verb Crunch 8:36:02 AM
Oh good to know thx! Still putting my 1pm show together.
PeterC 8:36:41 AM
Yeah...it did seem to be getting last minute there...I haven't heard anything from Judy myself...
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:37:59 AM
I asked her yesterday afternoon.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:38:43 AM
She and Miriam are putting together the schedule, which is has been made more challenging than usual by COVID and the new rules regarding studio use by students
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:39:08 AM
Not to mention the usual vagaries of student class schedules
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:40:04 AM
She indicated to me that it was almost certain that we would remain at 8-10 given the dearth of students who wanted to come in to the studio at that time slot
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:40:13 AM
But I would confirm with her
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:41:32 AM
Don't forget about our Danse Society pact, Jeff!
PeterC 8:41:39 AM
Yeah...it was hard when there were just 10 ModRock slots under normal circumstances to fit peoples schedules never mind now..
PeterC 8:42:00 AM
Thats good....
Saginaw 9:06:13 AM
Schedule changes? Come what may, thanks for the weeks of entertainment, AH, PC, JB.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:07:11 AM
Your welcome, but we are hoping to remain where we are
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:07:37 AM
"we" meaning Peter and I. Not sure what Jeff Berlin has in mind
Saginaw 9:12:25 AM
I hope you all remain. I do realize the time and effort it takes to do a show.
Saginaw 9:13:56 AM
As for JB, he said he's not needed at the Z, but he is wanted
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:14:34 AM
Yes he is!
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:14:35 AM
Good mMorning DJ O and fellow Z fans
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:14:48 AM
Good morning, Jamie!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:27:08 AM
Lol. Spinitron is going crazy trying to identify this song
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:27:47 AM
it got it after three tries
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:29:45 AM
Got your email Andrew, will check out that guitarist, 1st quick listen was cool.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:30:40 AM
Great! I was wondering if that email still worked for you
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:31:06 AM
Did you hear my reflections upon your show?
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:34:11 AM
i didn't, i just tuned in durng Danse Society, which seemed appropriate
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:34:37 AM
I'll listen back to the earlier part of the show later
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:35:01 AM
I'm diggin this mood this morning
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:35:40 AM
I appreciate the plug!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:35:49 AM
Thank you! The homily on Psychedelic Regressions and Light Shadows is around the 30-minute mark of the first hour
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:36:45 AM
Very cool, thank you!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:36:38 AM
If you recall, you, JB and I made a pact to play the Danse Society song, lol
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:37:07 AM
and i'm psyched to see we have at least another week...
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:37:14 AM
Hopefully, we will all stay where we are
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:38:03 AM
I do indeed remember, and I threw in a double dose in my show. It's onna be a spacial one.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:38:33 AM
PeterC 9:39:18 AM
I listened to the new Danse Soc. last week...not great...there seems to be a lot of drama amongst the members from the looks of their facebook page!!!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:39:23 AM
Oooh. Facebook drama! This I have to see!
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:39:54 AM
Mornin' Peter
Linda Paone Hirschberg 9:42:20 AM
Andrewwwwwwww! I've been enjoying your show for the last couple of months, and been meaning to write. So glad to hear you on the air! Hope you can continue into the fall.
PeterC 9:42:47 AM
Hey Jamie...Linda!
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:43:07 AM
Hey Linda! how are you?
Linda Paone Hirschberg 9:43:26 AM
And Jamie.. I had NO idea that you'd been on the air for so long. Though I of course remember you from the early 90's. Now I've got to stay up and catch your show later.
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:44:57 AM
I took a 20 year break, but started subbing a few years ago. It's been such a privilege doing a regular show again.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:45:45 AM
Hey Linda! So glad you could join us!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:46:51 AM
I am also hopeful I will remain at this time slot for the Fall
Linda Paone Hirschberg 9:46:55 AM
I *love* your informative breaks. Always did.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:47:09 AM
Aww, thanks :)
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:47:56 AM
Nobody did power punk pop like the Buzzcocks. Nobody.
Linda Paone Hirschberg 9:48:12 AM
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:48:19 AM
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:50:49 AM
oooh, i like this...
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:50:36 AM
A new discovery!
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:51:58 AM
I'll definitely check this out too. My son turned me onto Slift, do you know them?
PeterC 9:53:16 AM
Enjoyed the show AH....now I'm off to record mine...
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:53:59 AM
Slift are all kinds of awesome!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:54:08 AM
C U later, Peter!
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:55:52 AM
Later, Peter
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:56:20 AM
Have a good day all!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:55:56 AM
Thanks for joining, comrades!
Jeff Berlin 9:56:31 AM
Great show Ouroboros Thx !
Linda Paone Hirschberg 9:56:34 AM
Will keep my eyes on the schedule. In the meantime, pls send some sane Canadian vibes down here..
Jeff Berlin 9:56:41 AM
Hey Linda :)
Linda Paone Hirschberg 9:56:42 AM
Yo, yo, Jeff!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:56:25 AM
Will try my best, Linda
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:56:41 AM
See you this afternoon, Jeff
ex DJ tamer 9:58:55 AM
Checking in...nice show, Ouroboros!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:59:37 AM
Thanks so much!