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Infernal Racket

Sep 21, 2020 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With DJ Simon

At last – a reason to look forward to Monday! DJ Simon puts together a high-decibel mix of garage, punk, psychedelia, indie rock, and other weird stuff to jump-start your week. It's a balanced breakfast for your ears, fortified with new finds, old favorites, and under-the-radar gems. Tune in and freak out!

Pandemic Podcast #27 – First day of the new ZBC Fall programming schedule!

Infernal Racket
8:00 AM
Édith Piaf - Autumn Leaves
Édith Piaf Autumn Leaves
30ème Anniversaire Parlophone (France) 1994
8:06 AM
Dick Move - Femoids Attack
Dick Move Femoids Attack
Femoids Attack Self Release 2020
8:08 AM
Dennis Cometti - WAXIT
Dennis Cometti WAXIT
Dennis Cometti Bargain Bin Records 2020
8:10 AM
Urban Enemies - Someday
Urban Enemies Someday
It's a Youth Explosion Vol. 1 Heavy Soul Records 2020
8:12 AM
Smarts - Cling Wrap
Smarts Cling Wrap
Who Needs Smarts, Anyway? Feel It Records 2020
8:13 AM
TV Crime - Can't Remember Your Name
TV Crime Can't Remember Your Name
Metal Town Alien Snatch Records 2019
8:17 AM
Sore Points - On the Wire
Sore Points On the Wire
Sore Points Slovenly Recordings 2019
8:18 AM
METZ - Pig
M.E. WMG - Sub Pop Records 2019
8:20 AM
The Scaners - No Place In Space (speed version)
The Scaners No Place In Space (speed version)
The Last Testament Dirty Water Records 2019
8:21 AM
Ghoulies - Gold Chain (at the TAB)
Ghoulies Gold Chain (at the TAB)
Flat Earth Independent 2020
8:33 AM
Quintron,Miss Pussycat - Buc-Ee's Got a Problem
Quintron,Miss Pussycat Buc-Ee's Got a Problem
Goblin Alert Goner 2020
8:36 AM
Model Zero - Gift of Lies
Model Zero Gift of Lies
Model Zero Slovenly Recordings 2019
8:41 AM
Crocodiles - Die Underground
Crocodiles Die Underground
Shitty Times Volume 2 Self Release 2020 Other
8:43 AM
Perspex - Big Cash Child
Perspex Big Cash Child
Big Cash Child plastikmuzik 2020
8:46 AM
Snake Valley - New Age Slavery
Snake Valley New Age Slavery
Giddy Up! Red Cave Records 2020
8:56 AM
Six Finger Satellite - Parlour Games
Six Finger Satellite Parlour Games
Severe Exposure WMG - Sub Pop Records 1995
8:59 AM
Fred Schneider - Bad Dream
Fred Schneider Bad Dream
Just Fred WMG - Rhino/Warner Records 1996 Rock
9:04 AM
Men Without Pants - Never Gonna Do That Again
Men Without Pants Never Gonna Do That Again
Naturally Expansion Team Records 2007
9:05 AM
The Negatones - Paused Upon The Rewind
The Negatones Paused Upon The Rewind
The Negatones Skylab Recordings 2005
9:07 AM
Blues Explosion - Rivals
Blues Explosion Rivals
Damage Sanctuary 2008 Rock
9:14 AM
Shadow Show - What Again Is Real?
Shadow Show What Again Is Real?
What Again Is Real? Hypnotic Bridge Records 2020
9:17 AM
POW! - Castle of Faith
POW! Castle of Faith
Crack an Egg Castle Face 2017 Rock
9:21 AM
Prolapse - Autocade
Prolapse Autocade
The Italian Flag Radar Records UK 1998
9:27 AM
Primitive Teeth - Out of Sync
Primitive Teeth Out of Sync
Primitive Teeth Dirt Cult Records 2020
9:29 AM
Era Bleak - Options
Era Bleak Options
Era Bleak Dirt Cult Records 2020
9:38 AM
Osees - Scramble Suit II
Osees Scramble Suit II
Protean Threat Castle Face 2020
9:41 AM
Karkara - Falling Gods
Karkara Falling Gods
Falling Gods Stolen Body Records 2020
9:44 AM
The Wytches - Cowboy
The Wytches Cowboy
Cowboy Cable Code Records 2020
9:57 AM
Pat Boone - Crazy Train
Pat Boone Crazy Train
In A Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy MCA Special Products 1997
Chat is archived.
DJ Simon (host) 8:03:01 AM
G'Mornin' folks!
Bradgic 8:03:28 AM
Good morning DJ Simon!
DJ Simon (host) 8:04:09 AM
Kickin' off your staycation with some Racket are ya?
Bradgic 8:04:24 AM
Gotta do it right, right?
DJ Simon (host) 8:05:23 AM
You know it! Got your scalding hot coffee and burnt toast?
Bradgic 8:07:25 AM
On to cup number 2. Racket ready!
Saginaw 8:07:38 AM
Good morning, Sir
DJ Simon (host) 8:08:11 AM
Happy Monday, Saginaw!
KOTJames 8:10:27 AM
YAY dennis commetti
DJ Simon (host) 8:10:20 AM
Good one. Heard it on some other show on Friday.
KOTJames 8:22:52 AM
That annoying guy on ZBC?
DJ Simon (host) 8:26:27 AM
I have that role this morning.
KOTJames 8:36:37 AM
just stepped outside. Freakin' freezin' out. That explains all the frost
Verb Crunch 8:46:28 AM
DJ Simon (host) 8:47:14 AM
Gordon Daniels 8:48:55 AM
Good morning DJ Simon and Sandra La from Michigan
DJ Simon (host) 8:49:59 AM
How's the big mitten?
DJ Simon (host) 8:59:12 AM
I like the dentist drill guitar sound on this Six Finger Satellite song.
Gordon Daniels 8:59:44 AM
Most excellent. Beautiful sunny Fall morning. Wish you were here.
PeterC 9:00:44 AM
The old schedule is still up on the website...
DJ Simon (host) 9:01:18 AM
Yeah, I thought it would be up this morning, but it isn't so.
JeffB 9:01:22 AM
so I have an unopened tube of Gleem Toothpaste that I think I won on an Infernal Racket back in 1977
DJ Simon (host) 9:03:11 AM
@JeffB – Ha! Was that the toothpaste with the weird speckles in it?
DJ Simon (host) 9:04:38 AM
@Godon Daniels – Listening to me yammer on streaming radio is the next best thing to having me there.
JeffB 9:07:48 AM
I'm streaming ZBC's terrestrial signal - not the stream. Don't ask.
JeffB 9:08:52 AM
".. the toothpaste with the weird speckles in it?" Don't know haven't opened it yet. Gleem was discontinued in 2014. Figure it has to be a collector's item now
KOTJames 9:10:37 AM
I'm still waiting on the Desenex burger prize
KOTJames 9:11:07 AM
Jeff's a pirate
JeffB 9:32:40 AM
brands of toothpaste ?
Barry Hart 9:32:13 AM
Good morning,DJ Simon & Racketeers,hope you’re all doing well-glad to hear Fred Schneider on the radio.Have a great week,all.
DJ Simon (host) 9:32:53 AM
@JeffB – Yes, exactly.
JeffB 9:33:30 AM
whitening. tartar control. breath freshening. primitive.
DJ Simon (host) 9:33:31 AM
@Barry – Always great to hear from you! I love that old Fred Schneider album.
bruckner4 9:34:24 AM
checkin' in.
DJ Simon (host) 9:34:09 AM
Hey Bruckner. What's up?
bruckner4 9:35:52 AM
the distance learning. very distant...
KOTJames 9:37:05 AM
@ Jeff...of radio statiod
KOTJames 9:37:42 AM
Off to cut a concrete slab. Catch the last 20 on the Z-Kive
DJ Simon (host) 9:38:46 AM
I love the sound of concrete being cut in the morning. Been listening to that for a couple weeks.
Peter Ireland 9:45:42 AM
seasons change but the racket stays infernal -- thanks again dj simon!
DJ Simon (host) 9:46:51 AM
Thanks, Pete! We're gonna miss you this season.
JeffB 9:47:11 AM
@Simon SO lucky ! Friggin' birds chirping and the babbling brook would drive me insane. Concrete cutting is the sweet nectar of industrial bliss...
DJ Simon (host) 9:47:37 AM
Pairs well with the Racket.
DJ Simon (host) 9:48:47 AM
The roach coach horn just signaled – another sweet sound of industry!
JeffB 9:53:17 AM
what? I'm on next?
Fred 9:54:40 AM
Thanks for the racket!
DJ Simon (host) 9:55:13 AM
@JeffB – Yep, get uploading'!
DJ Simon (host) 9:55:28 AM
Hey, Fred! Thanks for checking in.
DJ Simon (host) 9:56:49 AM
@JeffB – We can play the whole Pat Boone album if you're not ready.
DJ Simon (host) 9:58:13 AM
Thanks for listenin' and stopping by to chat, everyone!
DJ Simon (host) 9:58:24 AM
For more Racket, check out the archives on Mixcloud at http://mixcloud.com/djsimonrocks/ or visit http://djsimon.rocks - see ya next week!
JeffB 9:59:58 AM
great show Simon thx!