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Maura Dot Com Slash WZBC

Sep 24, 2020 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Maura Johnston

New music and old favorites hand selected by music writer Maura Johnston

Maura Dot Com Slash WZBC
1:00 PM
Sault - Free
Sault Free N
Untitled (Rise) Forever Living Originals 2020
1:05 PM
Pom Poko - My Candidacy
Pom Poko My Candidacy N
Cheater Bella Union 2020
1:08 PM
Porridge Radio - 7 Seconds
Porridge Radio 7 Seconds N
7 Seconds Secretly Canadian 2020
1:12 PM
Sad13 - Hysterical
Sad13 Hysterical N
Haunted Painting Wax Nine 2020
1:16 PM
Annie - Dark Hearts
Annie Dark Hearts N
Dark Hearts Annie Melody 2020
1:20 PM
Misty Coast - In a Million Years
Misty Coast In a Million Years N
In a Million Years Fysisk Format 2020
1:24 PM
The Cool Greenhouse - Alexa!
The Cool Greenhouse Alexa! N
Alexa! Melodic 2020
1:31 PM
Mamalarky - Schism Trek
Mamalarky Schism Trek N
Mamalarky Fire Talk Records 2020
1:34 PM
Self Worth Captured Tracks 2020
1:37 PM
Ganser - Self Service
Ganser Self Service N
Just Look At That Sky felte 2020
1:40 PM
Sweeping Promises - Blue
Sweeping Promises Blue L N
Hunger for a Way Out Feel It Records 2020
1:44 PM
Household - Desperate Times
Household Desperate Times
Items Dull Knife 2011 Rock
1:46 PM
Too Free - Elastic
Too Free Elastic N
Love in High Demand Sister Polygon Records 2020
1:51 PM
Margaritas Podridas - Wow
Margaritas Podridas Wow N
Wow Margaritas Podridas 2020
1:56 PM
Agent blå - Frustrated
Agent blå Frustrated N
Lay in my Arms Kanine Records / Fontana North 2020
2:00 PM
Toots & The Maytals - Sweet and Dandy
Toots & The Maytals Sweet and Dandy
Sweet and Dandy Beverley's Records 1968 Reggae
R.I.P. Toots Hibbert.
2:03 PM
Scritti Politti - Snow In Sun
Scritti Politti Snow In Sun
Snow In Sun / Robin Hood Rough Trade 2006
2:06 PM
J.O.Y. - Sunplus
J.O.Y. Sunplus
DFA Compilation #2 DFA 2004 Rock
2:11 PM
Mush - Fear Index
Mush Fear Index N
Fear Index Memphis Industries 2020
2:13 PM
Parsnip - Crossword Cheater
Parsnip Crossword Cheater N
Adding Up Episode Sounds 2020
2:15 PM
Solex - Oh Blimey!
Solex Oh Blimey!
Pick Up Matador 1999 Rock
2:18 PM
See Gulls - You Can't See Me
See Gulls You Can't See Me
You Can't See Me Potluck 2015
2:21 PM
Peaness - Seafoam Islands
Peaness Seafoam Islands
Are You Sure? Alcopop! 2017
2:25 PM
Pozi - Whitewashing
Pozi Whitewashing N
176 - EP PRAH Recordings 2020
2:32 PM
Patrick Hernandez - Born to Be Alive
Patrick Hernandez Born to Be Alive
Born to Be Alive (Mix 79) - Single Aquarius 1979
2:35 PM
Afghan Whigs - Miles Iz Ded (Bonus Track)
Afghan Whigs Miles Iz Ded (Bonus Track)
Congregation Sub Pop 1992
2:40 PM
Bec Plexus - Mirror Image
Bec Plexus Mirror Image N
Sticklip New Amsterdam 2020
2:44 PM
Pixx - Andean Condor
Pixx Andean Condor
Small Mercies 4AD 2019
2:48 PM
illuminati hotties - content//bedtime
illuminati hotties content//bedtime N
Free I.H: This is Not the One You've Been Waiting For Big Scary Monsters 2020
2:54 PM
Prince - Witness 4 The Prosecution (Version 2) [2020 Remaster]
Prince Witness 4 The Prosecution (Version 2) [2020 Remaster] N
Sign O' The Times (Super Deluxe) Warner Records 2020
Chat is archived.
Maura Johnston (host) 1:00:13 PM
hello all!
Verb Crunch 1:05:52 PM
you are ON :)
Maura Johnston (host) 1:15:30 PM
@Verb Crunch :)
Verb Crunch 1:36:26 PM
Alexa - the first song that orders copies of itself and increases its own stream count.
Bill P 1:38:18 PM
Mourn, hooray!
PeterC 1:50:37 PM
Mark Lerner 2:24:13 PM
That bass sounds so big and juicy.
Maura Johnston (host) 2:35:20 PM
one of my favorite segues ever
Mark Lerner 2:36:16 PM
"Sub Pop Records 1900" LOL
Maura Johnston (host) 2:36:58 PM
@mark haha yeah i have to keep an eye on the auto-populating metadata... gotta love music!!