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Infernal Racket

Oct 5, 2020 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With DJ Simon

At last – a reason to look forward to Monday! DJ Simon puts together a high-decibel mix of garage, punk, psychedelia, indie rock, and other weird stuff to jump-start your week. It's a balanced breakfast for your ears, fortified with new finds, old favorites, and under-the-radar gems. Tune in and freak out!

Pandemic Podcast #29

Infernal Racket
8:00 AM
Dewaere - October
Dewaere October
Slot Logic Phantom Records 2018 Rock
8:09 AM
Osees - Sewer Fire
Osees Sewer Fire
Levitation Sessions The Reverberation Appreciation Society 2020
8:12 AM
The Copycunts - But Guess What
The Copycunts But Guess What
Horror of the Unwashed Hands Compilation Kafadan Kontak 2020
8:15 AM
Déjà Vega - Spitting Gas
Déjà Vega Spitting Gas
Spitting Gas - Single Paperhead Records 2020 Rock
8:17 AM
Alien Nosejob - Pointed Shears
Alien Nosejob Pointed Shears
Once Again the Present Becomes the Past Iron Lung Records 2020
8:19 AM
Thee Arcadians - Sick of You
Thee Arcadians Sick of You
The Equestrian Iron Lung Records 2020
8:21 AM
The Free Radicals - Loads of Money
The Free Radicals Loads of Money
The Free Radicals Reissue on Bandcamp 1998
8:23 AM
Automatic - Too Much Money (Demo)
Automatic Too Much Money (Demo)
Demo Tape Stones Throw 2020
8:33 AM
department. - New Crave
department. New Crave
New Crave - Single Sunset Pig Records 2020
8:35 AM
Death Valley Girls - Bliss Out
Death Valley Girls Bliss Out
Under the Spell of Joy Suicide Squeeze Records 2020 Rock
8:37 AM
Blondie - Youth Nabbed As Sniper
Blondie Youth Nabbed As Sniper
Plastic Letters Capitol 2001 Rock
8:40 AM
Roxy Music - Do the Strand
Roxy Music Do the Strand
For Your Pleasure Virgin Records 1973 Rock
8:44 AM
The Nude Party - Lonely Heather
The Nude Party Lonely Heather
Lonely Heather New West Records 2020
8:53 AM
Cosmic Psychos - Back At School
Cosmic Psychos Back At School
Blokes You Can Trust Amphetamine Reptile Records 1991
8:58 AM
Killdozer - B.S.O.L.
Killdozer B.S.O.L.
Snakeboy Touch and Go Records 1986 Rock
9:01 AM
Knucklehead - Egypt 1938
Knucklehead Egypt 1938
Knucklehead I Speed of Sound 1985
9:04 AM
Gumball - New Rose
Gumball New Rose
Wisconsin Hayride - EP Columbia/Legacy 1992 Rock
9:06 AM
The Fluid - Our Love Will Still Be There
The Fluid Our Love Will Still Be There
Glue Sub Pop 1990
9:14 AM
Wax Chattels - Glue
Wax Chattels Glue
Clot Flying Nun Records 2020
9:18 AM
Document - The World Until Yesterday
Document The World Until Yesterday
A Camera Wanders All Night - EP Document 2020
9:21 AM
Horror Vacui - Consolation Prize
Horror Vacui Consolation Prize
Living for Nothing Agipunk Records 2020
9:25 AM
The Chameleons - In Shreds
The Chameleons In Shreds
In Shreds (7") Epic 1982 Rock
9:29 AM
Zero Zeroes - 7070's
Zero Zeroes 7070's
Zero Zeroes Drunken Sailor 2020
9:37 AM
Earthless - Cherry Red
Earthless Cherry Red
Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky Tee Pee Records 2007 Rock
9:40 AM
Magick Mountain - King Cobra
Magick Mountain King Cobra
King Cobra - Single Magick Mountain 2020 Rock
9:43 AM
Frankie and the Witch Fingers - Where's Your Reality?
Frankie and the Witch Fingers Where's Your Reality?
Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters... RAS / Greenway 2020
9:48 AM
The Orange Kyte - Captain Ron
The Orange Kyte Captain Ron
Carousel Little Cloud Records 2019
9:55 AM
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 2005 Rock
Chat is archived.
DJ Simon (host) 8:04:44 AM
Saginaw 8:08:26 AM
Good morning, Sir
DJ Simon (host) 8:08:58 AM
Good day, Saginaw!
KOTJames 8:11:43 AM
Hello. Pop titan deaths.
DJ Simon (host) 8:12:28 AM
Hellooo James!
DJ Simon (host) 8:12:51 AM
Did you know Mac Davis wrote songs for Elvis?
KOTJames 8:13:34 AM
Moved KOTJ archive almost complete. www.mixcloud.com/KOTJames nearly up-to-date
DJ Simon (host) 8:14:20 AM
I saw you were doing some early morning uploading.
Fred 8:14:30 AM
Hey Simon
KOTJames 8:15:06 AM
Better wipe down the platen, as per last song
DJ Simon (host) 8:15:42 AM
Hey Fred – Happy Monday
KOTJames 8:19:47 AM
Mouse count 48. Three traps gone missing. None caught in six days.
DJ Simon (host) 8:19:34 AM
Almost enough for a stew.
KOTJames 8:30:13 AM
Sad Killdozer never did a Helen Reddy cover
KOTJames 8:30:47 AM
DJ Simon (host) 8:30:49 AM
Oh man, that would be fine. Maybe I am Woman.
DJ Simon (host) 8:31:39 AM
Some Killdozer coming up later, BTW.
CatLABS JP 8:32:36 AM
i got no scaldinghot coffee, got no burnt toast, but i got a racket in my ear. What a racket this morning.
DJ Simon (host) 8:33:01 AM
Hey, CatLABS!
DJ Simon (host) 8:34:13 AM
Rumor has it if you hold a slice of bread up to your speakers while the Racket is on, you can make toast.
DJ Simon (host) 8:35:25 AM
Could just be one of those urban myths.
Fred 8:36:49 AM
Boy, forgot about freakie Angie Baby, had to checkout from the racket and go back to being 9 years old, didn’t miss that song
DJ Simon (host) 8:39:30 AM
I remember my sister playing that song for me and it freaked me out. I thought she might have the same power.
KOTJames 8:41:52 AM
Not such a stretch that The Strand inspired The Time Warp
DJ Simon (host) 8:43:41 AM
"Do the Strandsky"
KOTJames 8:44:18 AM
CatLABS JP 8:45:18 AM
sure sounds like the time warp
CatLABS JP 8:46:00 AM
then again - the casino theme from Rain man sounds awful like sisters of mercy temple of love... hans zimmer, did he ever actually write anything original?
CatLABS JP 8:46:34 AM
*this corrosion not temple of love
KOTJames 8:47:44 AM
The PL player is playing on it's own again....but it's sparky
CatLABS JP 8:48:54 AM
yes this happened to me on friday over and over - had to turn it off all the time.
DJ Simon (host) 8:50:17 AM
That thing has a mind of its own. I was trying to figure out what triggers it to play so I could open a ticket. Thought it might be a particular keystroke, but there's no pattern.
KOTJames 8:55:19 AM
I'm making breakfast and it happens so no stroking.
KOTJames 8:55:29 AM
Did it again
KOTJames 8:56:02 AM
Oh yea...shut off player volume
DJ Simon (host) 8:57:30 AM
Ah, the soothing vocal sounds of Killdozer.
KOTJames 9:06:41 AM
A fine Fluid Troggs cover effort
DJ Simon (host) 9:07:09 AM
A fine slice of power pop.
KOTJames 9:09:45 AM
Couldn't play....uploading to mixcloud. Folks probably annoyed by all the email notices
DJ Simon (host) 9:10:44 AM
They seem to stop sending the notifications after around three uploads.
KOTJames 9:12:10 AM
oh good....i've uploaded over 50 in the last two days.
KOTJames 9:12:32 AM
599 shows up
DJ Simon (host) 9:12:53 AM
Good golly
KOTJames 9:13:09 AM
Hate when the glue clots...
DJ Simon (host) 9:15:08 AM
Elmers glue skin peel
bruckner4 9:19:18 AM
hello there, racket.
DJ Simon (host) 9:19:29 AM
G'mornin' Bruckner!
JeffB 9:23:18 AM
sorry i'm late..
DJ Simon (host) 9:23:28 AM
Issuing a tardy slip.
DJ Simon (host) 9:24:57 AM
Just thought Tardy Slip would be a good fake band name, but just looked it up in Bandcamp and at least one band exists with that name.
KOTJames 9:27:45 AM
What about Elmer's Skin Peel
KOTJames 9:28:18 AM
Rise Cooter
Barry Hart 9:35:06 AM
Good morning,DJ Simon & Racketeers,enjoying the show (of course)-l didn’t realize “Angie Baby “ had such a disturbing,weird story in it.Then again,l never really listened to the lyrics-have a satisfying week,all.
DJ Simon (host) 9:36:54 AM
Happy Monday, Barry! Yeah, Angie disappears that kid. Freaky story for a big top 40 hit.
JeffB 9:39:01 AM
That Horror Vacui track sounded like it was from 1987.. awesome resurrection of that era..
DJ Simon (host) 9:40:27 AM
Yes, very authentic sounding 80s post-punk there.
JeffB 9:43:35 AM
Cherry Red was the Groundhogs? Spinitron misfire? Another band I didn't learn about until 50 years later...
DJ Simon (host) 9:46:02 AM
Yeah, that was a Groundhogs cover.
JeffB 9:50:22 AM
very faithful to the original.
David Dodson 9:54:47 AM
Sitting tight
DJ Simon (host) 9:55:42 AM
Thanks for hanging out and listening, everyone!
DJ Simon (host) 9:55:51 AM
For more Racket, check out the archives on Mixcloud at http://mixcloud.com/djsimonrocks/ or visit http://djsimon.rocks - see ya next week!
JeffB 9:56:45 AM
gonna replay later today..
DJ Simon (host) 9:58:15 AM
Thanks, Jeff!