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Infernal Racket

Oct 12, 2020 8:00 AM โ€“ 10:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With DJ Simon

At last โ€“ a reason to look forward to Monday! DJ Simon puts together a high-decibel mix of garage, punk, psychedelia, indie rock, and other weird stuff to jump-start your week. It's a balanced breakfast for your ears, fortified with new finds, old favorites, and under-the-radar gems. Tune in and freak out!

Pandemic Podcast #30

Infernal Racket
8:00 AM
Ringo Starr - You're Sixteen (You're Beautiful and You're Mine)
Ringo Starr You're Sixteen (You're Beautiful and You're Mine)
Ringo Parlophone 1973
8:05 AM
Van Halen - Eruption
Van Halen Eruption
Van Halen Warner Bros. 1978 Rock
8:07 AM
Van Halen - Atomic Punk
Van Halen Atomic Punk
Van Halen Warner Bros. 1978
8:10 AM
Osees,Thee Oh Sees - Mizmuth
Osees,Thee Oh Sees Mizmuth
Protean Threat Castle Face 2020
8:12 AM
CRACKUPS - White Fruit
CRACKUPS White Fruit
White Fruit Mayway Records 2020
8:14 AM
Black Mekon - Sick and Low
Black Mekon Sick and Low
The Lumpiness of Demand PNKSLM Recordings 2020
8:16 AM
Cabbage - Once Upon A Time In The North
Cabbage Once Upon A Time In The North
Amanita Pantherina Brassica Records 2020
8:19 AM
C.O.F.F.I.N - People And Their Stories
C.O.F.F.I.N People And Their Stories
Children Of Finland Fighting in Norway Legless Records 2020
8:21 AM
The Lurkers - Electrical Guitar
The Lurkers Electrical Guitar
Electrical Guitar Damaged Goods 2020
8:31 AM
Snake Eyes - Listen
Snake Eyes Listen
Skeletons EP Failure By Design Records 2020
8:34 AM
L.A. WITCH - Motorcycle Boy
L.A. WITCH Motorcycle Boy
Play With Fire Suicide Squeeze Records 2020
8:37 AM
Death Valley Girls - It All Washes Away
Death Valley Girls It All Washes Away
Under the Spell of Joy Suicide Squeeze Records 2020
8:40 AM
Holograms - Stress
Holograms Stress
Holograms Captured Tracks 2012
8:42 AM
Legss - Venus
Legss Venus
Doomswayers - EP Legss 2020 Rock
8:54 AM
Vincas - The Witch
Vincas The Witch
The Witch Learning Curve Records 2020
8:59 AM
Singapore Sling - Touch the Filth
Singapore Sling Touch the Filth
Touch the Filth (Single) Ettu Skyte Records 2020
9:01 AM
The Bobby Lees - Redroom
The Bobby Lees Redroom
Skin Suit Alive Naturalsound 2020
9:05 AM
Hood Rats - Parking Lot
Hood Rats Parking Lot
Be Gay, Do Crime! (Compilation) Girlsville 2020
9:11 AM
AK/DK - Shared Particles
AK/DK Shared Particles
Shared Particles Little Miss Echo Recordings 2020
9:15 AM
Pylon - Modern Day Fashion Woman (Version 2 (Razz Tape))
Pylon Modern Day Fashion Woman (Version 2 (Razz Tape))
Pylon Box New West Records 2020
9:19 AM
Executive Slacks - The Park
Executive Slacks The Park
Nausea Fundamental 1985
9:24 AM
Devo - Blockhead
Devo Blockhead
Blockhead WMG - Warner Rhino Off Roster-Audio 2009
9:27 AM
Savak - It's Mutual
Savak It's Mutual
Rotting Teeth in the Horse's Mouth Ernest Jenning Record Co. 2020
9:37 AM
Bee Bee Sea - Destroy
Bee Bee Sea Destroy
Day Ripper Wild Honey Records 2020
9:41 AM
Thee Arcadians - Goin' Down
Thee Arcadians Goin' Down
The Equestrian Requested Records 2020
9:45 AM
Itchy Kitty - Sonic Reducer
Itchy Kitty Sonic Reducer
Under the Covers Bandcamp 2020
9:46 AM
Fuzz - Spit
Fuzz Spit
III In The Red 2020
9:56 AM
Baxendale - Battery Acid
Baxendale Battery Acid
You Will Have Your Revenge Le Grand Magistery 2000
Chat is archived.
DJ Simon (host) 8:03:45 AM
Saginaw 8:05:21 AM
Good mornig, Sir
DJ Simon (host) 8:05:30 AM
Good day, Saginaw!
DJ Simon (host) 8:05:59 AM
Gonna start with some good old fashioned shredding this morning.
Saginaw 8:07:05 AM
Shred away
KOTJames 8:18:42 AM
Currently not listening. Will catch later on drive back to original remote location. Have a great racket folks! Shreddiie Van Halen
DJ Simon (host) 8:20:05 AM
Have a nice drive. Be safe. Enjoy the road Racket!
Verb Crunch 8:39:01 AM
Are we there yet?
DJ Simon (host) 8:40:34 AM
You can't get there from here.
Robin Perlow 8:55:06 AM
Darrell Martini, the Cosmic Muffin (RIP)
DJ Simon (host) 8:55:50 AM
Yes! That's right! Now I remember.
bruckner4 9:11:03 AM
hiya, racketeers.
DJ Simon (host) 9:11:37 AM
Hey, Bruckner!
KOTJames 9:14:40 AM
Funny. I was listen to Randyโ€™s Peter choice archive and there was a BCN 25th anniversary special with all these flashback moments. Darrell Martinie was in there. "It is a wise person who rules the stars, a fool who is ruled by them - Over and out."
KOTJames 9:15:37 AM
Verb Crunch 9:17:30 AM
Darrell saying "over and out" posthumously was WBCN's final gasp.
DJ Simon (host) 9:21:35 AM
That's perfect. And poignant.
Victor Robert Venckus 9:38:04 AM
Hi I'm out here somewhere
Barry Hart 9:40:24 AM
Good morning,DJ Simon & Racketeers,grateful for the wonderful show-glad to hear Ringo Starr at the beginning.l remember hearing the Cosmic Muffin on WBCN many years ago.Have a wonderful week.
DJ Simon (host) 9:40:43 AM
Hey, Victor! Was wondering where you were. I was trying to mentally tune in to your clairvoyant turntable and couldn't make the connection.
KOTJames 9:41:19 AM
Sponsored Link: Kick Out The Janes Archive is back @ www.artguy.com/KOTJ.html and 641 shows over 10+ years at www.mixcloud.com/KOTJames At 8pm on Thursdayโ€™s (KOTJ), Saturdayโ€™s (home pandemicast) and Sundayโ€™s (kick out the oldies) live streams at www.mixcloud.com/live/KOTJames. Thanks DJ Diomon for the support and plug allowance.
DJ Simon (host) 9:41:20 AM
Happy Monday, Barry! Thanks for checking in. Glad you enjoyed Ringo and didn't think you were tuned in to the classic rock station.
KOTJames 9:42:28 AM
Pardon auto correct error. Thanks DJ Simon
Victor Robert Venckus 9:51:51 AM
To tune into the CLAIRVOYANT TURNTABLE you need to meditate do Yoga Fast or drink lots & lots of BEER.
DJ Simon (host) 9:55:42 AM
Ha! I didn't do the yoga part, maybe that was the problem.
Verb Crunch 9:56:51 AM
Thx for the mention DJSimon. (This is JeffB). Awesome episode today!
Verb Crunch 9:57:28 AM
Yours I meant. Mine is what it is
DJ Simon (host) 9:57:18 AM
Thanks, Jeff! I'll be tuned in to the Syrup!
DJ Simon (host) 9:57:32 AM
Thanks for listening and stopping by to chat, everyone!
DJ Simon (host) 9:57:43 AM
For more Racket, check out the archives on Mixcloud at http://mixcloud.com/djsimonrocks/ or visit http://djsimon.rocks - see ya next week!