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Sound Syrup

Nov 16, 2020 10:00 AM β€“ 11:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Swirly gooey post punk type adventures, drenched in reverb, then flash frozen to lock in the flavor.

Today's show features TWO instrumentals. No singing.

Sound Syrup
10:00 AM
Butterglory - The Skills of the Star Pilot
Butterglory The Skills of the Star Pilot
Crumble Merge Records US 1994 Other
10:03 AM
Criteria - The Coincidence
Criteria The Coincidence
En Garde Saddle Creek 2005 Rock
10:06 AM
Mall Girl - Bad Girl
Mall Girl Bad Girl
Bad Girl 9AM Records 2020
10:09 AM
David Bowie - D.J.
David Bowie D.J.
Lodger Parlophone UK 1979 Rock
10:14 AM
bdrmm - Momo
bdrmm Momo
Bedroom Tugboat Records 2020
10:17 AM
Methyl Ethel - Majestic AF
Methyl Ethel Majestic AF
Majestic AF Dot Dash Recordings 2020
10:21 AM
King Creosote - Susie Mullen
King Creosote Susie Mullen
Susie Mullen / Walter de la Nightmare Domino Recording Co 2020
10:25 AM
Ohmme - Mine
Ohmme Mine
Mine WMG - Subpop Record Group 2020
10:28 AM
The Oranges Band - OK Apartment
The Oranges Band OK Apartment
All Around The Orchard 2004
10:34 AM
Negative Gemini - You Weren't There Anymore
Negative Gemini You Weren't There Anymore
You Weren't There Anymore 100% Electronica 2017
10:37 AM
UV-TV - Hide
UV-TV Hide
Happy Deranged Records 2019
10:39 AM
Beeef - Airplanes (Fame 33 Remix)
Beeef Airplanes (Fame 33 Remix)
Airplanes 581977 Records DK 2020
10:45 AM
William Doyle - Design Guide (f. Eno)
William Doyle Design Guide (f. Eno)
Design Guide William Doyle 2019
10:50 AM
Kevin Coyne & Dagmar Krause - Sun Shines Down On Me
Kevin Coyne & Dagmar Krause Sun Shines Down On Me
Babble One Up 1979
10:53 AM
Pylon - Weather Radio (Remastered)
Pylon Weather Radio (Remastered)
Gyrate (Remastered) New West Records 2020
10:55 AM
Cowboys International - Nothing Doing
Cowboys International Nothing Doing
The Original Sin Virgin 1979 7 Inch
10:58 AM
Voxtrot - Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives
Voxtrot Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives
Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives Cult Hero Records 2006 Rock
Chat is archived.
JeffB (host) 9:53:46 AM
Chat is unsupervised at the moment. Behave!
Bruce Pierce 10:00:54 AM
Jeff, killer intro - Benjamin loved the Spud spot.
Bruce Pierce 10:01:17 AM
Also, happy belated birthday - last week was my birthday too.
JeffB (host) 10:08:19 AM
Hey Bruce - Happy last week Birthday to you too! Damn, we’re all Scorpios here..
Jamie YBN 10:07:54 AM
Listening as I fold cardboard for canning day. Rock.on!
DJ Simon 10:12:21 AM
Hiya, Jeff! Loved the opener.
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:33:02 AM
Good Monday Morning!
Jamie YBN 10:38:06 AM
Ethereal sounds
PiGuy 10:40:04 AM
10am meetings definitely limit my syrup intake.
JeffB (host) 10:42:02 AM
hello i am BACK ! I hate needles.
JeffB (host) 10:42:40 AM
Thanks DJ Simon! Hi Jamie! Sorry PiGuy meetings waste your time don't they
PiGuy 10:45:13 AM
Our daily meetings have some value but then they get bogged down by small talk. don't these people realize I have 'radio' to listen to?
JeffB (host) 10:50:57 AM
@PiGuy you *can* restart on the MixCloud link i just loaded - that's got some audio sweetening added. I've gotta listen to the 2nd hour of Infernal Racket later today
JeffB (host) 10:59:40 AM
exit stage up thx all !