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Sound Syrup

Dec 21, 2020 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Songs wrapped in foil. Unwrap. Reheat and Eat.

Two hours between the Solstice + Convergence

Sound Syrup
10:00 AM
Killing Joke - Requiem
Killing Joke Requiem N
Killing Joke Virgin Catalogue 1980 Rock
10:04 AM
Low - Little Drummer Boy
Low Little Drummer Boy
Christmas Kranky 1999 Rock
10:07 AM
Landing - Solstice
Landing Solstice
Sphere K USA, krecs.com 2004 CD Rock
10:10 AM
Monogold - Wind or Hymn
Monogold Wind or Hymn
The Softest Glow Monogold 2011
10:13 AM
Cuffed Up - Mother / Father
Cuffed Up Mother / Father
Mother / Father + Small Town Kid Cuffed Up 2019
10:16 AM
Buzzcocks - Everybody's Happy Nowadays
Buzzcocks Everybody's Happy Nowadays
A Different Kind Of Tension Parlophone UK 1979 Rock
10:18 AM
Helen Love - Dead in My Head
Helen Love Dead in My Head
Power On BELIEVE - Alcopop! 2020
10:21 AM
Squitch - Pretty Boy
Squitch Pretty Boy L
Learn to Be Alone 2020
10:24 AM
Twen - Soothsay
Twen Soothsay
Soothsay/Thrice Twen Records 2020
10:29 AM
Chimera - Heals Me (Feels So Strange) (acoustic)
Chimera Heals Me (Feels So Strange) (acoustic)
Cyan Daze Flute www.myspace.com/flutegateway 1993 CD Rock
10:31 AM
FACS - Teenage Hive
FACS Teenage Hive
Void Moments Trouble In Mind Records 2020
10:34 AM
Iggy Pop - Play It Safe
Iggy Pop Play It Safe
Soldier Arista US 1980 LP Rock
10:38 AM
Blanketman - Taking You With Me
Blanketman Taking You With Me
Taking You With Me ACCESS 2020
10:40 AM
Fracture - Radical Spatial Changes ("Malcontent Pitchslip" Remix by SN RATIo) (Remix)
Fracture Radical Spatial Changes ("Malcontent Pitchslip" Remix by SN RATIo) (Remix)
Paradox Remixed 2468146 Records DK 2020
10:45 AM
The Gun Club - Fire Spirit
The Gun Club Fire Spirit
Fire of Love Ruby US 1981 LP Rock
10:48 AM
Andy Bell - Cherry Cola (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
Andy Bell Cherry Cola (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
Cherry Cola - Single Sonic Cathedral 2020
10:52 AM
Cristina - Things Fall Apart
Cristina Things Fall Apart
ZE Christmas Album Ze Records 1984 World
10:56 AM
Mamalarky - Big Trouble
Mamalarky Big Trouble
Mamalarky MERLIN - Fire Talk Records 2020
11:00 AM
Patti Smith Group - Ask the Angels
Patti Smith Group Ask the Angels
Radio Ethiopia Arista US 1976
11:02 AM
Wand - Lucky's Sight
Wand Lucky's Sight
Laughing Matter Drag City Records 2019
11:08 AM
I Break Horses - Baby You Have Travelled For Miles Without Love In Your Eyes
I Break Horses Baby You Have Travelled For Miles Without Love In Your Eyes
Warnings Bella Union 2020
11:13 AM
Gum Country - Talking to My Plants
Gum Country Talking to My Plants
Somewhere Gum Country 2020
11:16 AM
O-Positive - NonDomXmas
O-Positive NonDomXmas
christmas presence 7 Inch Christmas
11:18 AM
Ohmme - 3 2 4 3
Ohmme 3 2 4 3
3 2 4 3 Joyful Noise Recordings 2020
11:22 AM
Psychic TV - Just Like Arcadia
Psychic TV Just Like Arcadia
Allegory & Self Sacred Bones Records / Dais Records 1988
11:25 AM
Deserta - Save Me
Deserta Save Me
Black Aura My Sun felte 2020
11:31 AM
Opal - Sailing Boats
Opal Sailing Boats
Early Recordings Rough Trade US 1990 CD Rock
11:34 AM
Tones On Tail - O.K. This Is The Pops
Tones On Tail O.K. This Is The Pops
Everything! Beggars Banquet 1998
11:37 AM
Stealing Sheep - Sunk
Stealing Sheep Sunk
Not Real PIAS America 2015 Rock
11:40 AM
The Magnetic Fields - 100,000 Fireflies
The Magnetic Fields 100,000 Fireflies
The Wayward Bus / Distant Plastic Trees Merge Records 1995
11:44 AM
The Notwist - Sans Soleil
The Notwist Sans Soleil
Sans Soleil Morr Music 2020
11:47 AM
Sad13 - Take Care
Sad13 Take Care
Haunted Painting MERLIN - Wax Nine 2020 Rock
Speedy Ortiz singer.. but she doesn't live in Boston area any more, so not "local"
11:50 AM
Color Filter - Sad Grey Sky
Color Filter Sad Grey Sky
Sleep In a Synchrotron 1998
11:53 AM
Working Men's Club - John Cooper Clarke
Working Men's Club John Cooper Clarke
Working Men's Club Heavenly Recordings 2020
Chat is archived.
PeterC 10:01:58 AM
"big" Paul has a solo project coming out soon...early 2021
JeffB (host) 10:05:30 AM
Paul's recording in a studio ?
Kevin Polk 10:06:50 AM
checking in for a dose of syrup
Victor Robert Venckus 10:08:27 AM
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I didn't know you cared to listen
PeterC 10:08:55 AM
Paul from killing joke...
JeffB (host) 10:09:23 AM
Thank YOU Victor ! You guest might enjoy hearing the "treatment" of his voice imparting great info.
PeterC 10:09:41 AM
goes by the name of big paul...
JeffB (host) 10:10:29 AM
Right! I thought you were being a proud papa..
JeffB (host) 10:10:36 AM
Hi Kevin! Thanks for checking in. You get name checked in the 2nd hour of this TWO hour slog today..
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:11:37 AM
Merry Monday Jeff
KOTJames 10:11:49 AM
Pour some syrup on me. Double Stack
JeffB (host) 10:12:39 AM
'mornin' Jamie.. Hey KOTJ !
Pat Irwin (1) 10:12:50 AM
Talk about syrup! That set flowed like it for sure ! Happy solstice & yontiv :D
KOTJames 10:12:51 AM
Hop to Zappa Live Stream after Syrup...get out before Depress Me Now! 12pm-5pm www.mixcloud.com/live/kotjames http://artguy.com/JesusShow2020.jpg
JeffB (host) 10:13:55 AM
thx Pat hope you're well. Yeah having two hours get stretch out a bit..
KOTJames 10:13:32 AM
That was a cool star gaze sample/tag.
Bruce Pierce 10:22:11 AM
Happy solstice everyone!
DJ Simon 10:22:13 AM
Enjoying the solstice syrup.
JeffB (host) 10:29:31 AM
Happy SolsticeConvergence Bruce! (though it's looking like we won't be able to see the great convergence.. cloudy!
ex-DJ tamer 10:29:44 AM
I feel fully converged at the moment
JeffB (host) 10:30:53 AM
Anyone remember this Chimera song? I heard this a lot on ZBC back in the early "Flyweight" era
JeffB (host) 10:31:45 AM
PeterC 10:32:24 AM
I love this FACS thing...
JeffB (host) 10:32:58 AM
i keep checking to see if FACS puts out something new.. you're way more on top of that stuff PC..
JeffB (host) 10:36:34 AM
FWIW the "crew member" drops were in flight announcements for "Dinner in the Sky" "...which uses a crane to hoist its diners, table, and waiting staff 150 feet into the air. Forbes magazine called it one of the world's ten most unusual restaurants."
Andrew Herman 10:39:29 AM
Hi Jeff!
Andrew Herman 10:41:10 AM
BTW, the best syrup is Canadian, IMHO
PeterC 10:41:54 AM
I'm going to be playing this this week as well...I got it from perry while we were zooming last Wed...
Andrew Herman 10:41:51 AM
Who is Blanketman?
PeterC 10:43:09 AM
I wanted to bust his chops about why a remix came out just after the normal released and why didn't he get it right the first time, but humor doesn't always go well over email
PeterC 10:44:43 AM
Hey andrew...I'm finally not zooming on monday morning...I can listen and chat here while emailing and database mining on another window...
Andrew Herman 10:47:33 AM
Well, then allow me to vent
Andrew Herman 10:48:16 AM
Last Friday the powers that be at WZBC asked if I would like to move to Tuesdays from 1000-1200 during Xmas break
Andrew Herman 10:48:51 AM
Since my show is at the lonely hour of 0600 I immediately said that yes I would
Andrew Herman 10:49:35 AM
Since that time I have not heard confirmation from either Mariam or Judy in spite of numerous entreaties on my part to each of them
Andrew Herman 10:51:03 AM
I see from this weeks schedule that I am still at 0600-0800 on Wednesday in spite of the fact that there five two hour holes in the schedule
Andrew Herman 10:52:14 AM
I don't mind being moved to fill holes in the schedule but I do mind a lack of clarity and responsiveness on the part of ZBC management
PeterC 10:53:10 AM
I saw the gaping holes in the schedule and offered to pick up another hour...since I actually hate doing only one hour...so we'll se
Andrew Herman 10:52:41 AM
Although I will produce my show one way or another, the schedule does make a difference in terms of when I have to the show produced.
Andrew Herman 10:53:15 AM
Jeff, do you have Judy's ear?
Andrew Herman 10:53:50 AM
PeterC--you should definitely be able to do two hours. It's a no brainer
Andrew Herman 10:54:53 AM
Jeff: if you like Cristina you should check out the new Aksak Maboul
PeterC 10:56:06 AM
cristina...brilliant...I have a mix I do for my annual xmas eve gathering that this is on...
Kevin Polk 10:56:08 AM
I don't know about all this schedule talk, it's crucial to keep space open to hear more spotify mixes of pitchfork recommended indie tracks (ducks)
Andrew Herman 10:56:36 AM
JeffB (host) 10:57:51 AM
hey AH - Oroboros.. wow yeah sorry, I've had to deal with similar communication issues.. I'll see if I can help sort it out, would be great to hear your show during the day..
Bruce Pierce 10:57:37 AM
hey Jeff, about Christmas - it is Friday, not Saturday!
KOTJames 10:57:43 AM
PeterC 10:58:43 AM
which is not happening this year...The kids that used to sit at the kids table are now scattered across the world...DC, LA, China...Mine was the littlest kid and he's 6'1"!!!
Bruce Pierce 10:58:05 AM
hope that doesn't add to your stress ;D
KOTJames 10:58:31 AM
Friday! Jesus Show Live Stream only. 8am-4pm www.mixcloud.com/live/kotjames
Kevin Polk 10:58:59 AM
funny I just bought that ZE Christmas Album about a week ago. Did not know about it until recently.
KOTJames 10:59:00 AM
No surprise here....I wasn't asked to do anymore ZBC during the break.
JeffB (host) 11:00:03 AM
oops, you're right Bruce ! Held the calendar at the wrong angel.. or angle. .
PeterC 11:00:07 AM
@KOTJ....we're all going to start charging for advertising ...lol...looking forward to the annual jesus show!!!!
Kevin Polk 10:59:57 AM
the christmas angle
Kevin Polk 11:00:30 AM
ask the angles
JeffB (host) 11:01:57 AM
funny to be playing this song during this thread :)
Kevin Polk 11:03:39 AM
the only bad thing about Sound Syrup: every time it comes on my wallet goes $25-$50 lighter buying up new things I hear
JeffB (host) 11:07:01 AM
before the internet - i once turned down a job because the city had no college radio stations, I'd have been spending $300 a week on music. So college radio SAVES you money :)
KOTJames 11:06:38 AM
off to set up the Zappa Zoom Cornucopia of Tech that will work flawlessly! Catch the last hour later today.
Kevin Polk 11:07:22 AM
what are opinions about the new Zappa soundtrack album? worth it? My existingZappa/Mothers collection is not vast, mostly essentials
Kevin Polk 11:08:52 AM
wand is really one of the best bands out there these days; not the popular opinion but I say they are a big leg up on darlings The Oh Sees
Saginaw 11:10:03 AM
the bells were a nice touch
Andrew Herman 11:13:53 AM
Hi Saginaw! Glad you are here. I wanted to let you know that my show is moving to Tuesdays 1000-1200 for the Xmas break
KOTJames 11:13:54 AM
I know...I'm too, too.
JeffB (host) 11:14:56 AM
Thx Saginaw ! "Instant Xmas Bells" is a handy trick for Xmas sale commercials..
PiGuy 11:17:58 AM
Missing a good show....still stuck in a Zoom meeting...UGH.
PeterC 11:26:56 AM
Jeff....fantastic show..really fantastic... the 2 hour format is much better it allows us to stretch out more...I'm doing 2 hours from now on and putting the xtra hour on mixcloud if it doesn't get programmed on ZBC...until of course until the other project not to be named yet gets going
Kevin Polk 11:29:28 AM
deserta has an obvious cocteaus influence (but I like this)
Andrew Herman 11:36:06 AM
What Peter C says, Jeff. This is a great show and two hours is much better format for the flow you are able to enginner
Andrew Herman 11:39:20 AM
Going to listen to more Deserta
PeterC 11:43:21 AM
whenever I hear tones on tail I can only think of one thing. Bauhaus sound check at the Channel...peter and daniel are total dicks....met a roadie glenn who was super nice and told me they were nice enough to record something with him under another name and can they send us a copy...Sure...that thing was tones on tail
Andrew Herman 11:45:09 AM
nooooo, jeff! The world needs two hours of Sound Syrup whenever possible!
PiGuy 11:45:08 AM
I agree but also understand...
JeffB (host) 11:47:04 AM
friggin' kills me time wise though.. I know i'm very lucky to be too busy with work. if I could streamline the process..
JeffB (host) 11:47:29 AM
@PeterC: I interviewed Peter Murphy once, he was indeed kind of a dick. Apparently I royally pissed him off by mentioning Wire.
Saginaw 11:47:53 AM
Hello, AH. Happy Holidays, All!
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:49:38 AM
I remember seeing Peter Murphy on a late night talk show. He played Indigo Eyes, and then the host (Dennis Miller) compared hm to Iggy Pop. Murphy flipped him the bird and walked off stage.
Andrew Herman 11:49:20 AM
heheh. Miller deserved that
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:50:25 AM
Yeah, kinda.
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:51:24 AM
great show Jeff.
JeffB (host) 11:50:56 AM
@Jamie that's funny. Guess I deserved his rage too, but I was just talking to him about music. Dude is clearly full of himself.
PiGuy 11:52:14 AM
All queried on the matter seem to agree that Peter Murphy is a dick. Confessing that I have seen him with and without Bauhaus many times.
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:54:07 AM
@Jeff, clearly, and nobody really deserves anyone's rage in these situations. It's not like you threatened violence.
JeffB (host) 11:54:23 AM
I kind of accept that great artists will always have psychological issues.
JeffB (host) 11:55:26 AM
And Peter Murphy's rage was muted, I was just reading him, wasn't obvious. He was trying to get his song played at the radio station, so diplomacy was prudent on his part.
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:57:46 AM
I was thinking the same. That creativity has to comer from somewhere.
Bruce Pierce 11:58:06 AM
thanks for another great show Jeff - I too would love 2 hours but will take what I can get - recognizing it was once or twice a year for a few years there!
PeterC 11:59:35 AM
I used to get into it with AlJ often, but we knew each other reasonably well once upon a time. The only other person I ever got into it with just a couple of years ago with richard23 from front 242...Paul Barker sorted it out and were friends...
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:59:40 AM
I'm with Bruce...
PiGuy 11:59:08 AM
Thanks Jeff!
JeffB (host) 11:59:09 AM
My time's up! Thank you friends :)
PeterC 11:59:57 AM
greatness jeff...