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Sound Syrup

Dec 28, 2020 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Swirly gooey post punk, drenched in reverb. Stored in Giant Vats.

What year is this?

Sound Syrup
10:00 AM
Fontaines D.C. - Televised Mind
Fontaines D.C. Televised Mind
A Hero's Death Partisan Records / Fontana North 2020
10:03 AM
Bad Waitress - That Sedative
Bad Waitress That Sedative
That Sedative Royal Mountain Records 2020
10:06 AM
Sweeping Promises - Hunger for a Way Out
Sweeping Promises Hunger for a Way Out L
Hunger for a Way Out Feel It Records 2020
10:08 AM
Sneaks - Mars in Virgo
Sneaks Mars in Virgo
Mars in Virgo Merge Records 2020
10:10 AM
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Honey
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Honey
Honey Flightless Records 2020
10:14 AM
XTC - I'm Bugged (2001 Remaster)
XTC I'm Bugged (2001 Remaster)
White Music Virgin Records 1978 Rock
10:18 AM
Protomartyr - Processed By The Boys
Protomartyr Processed By The Boys
Processed By The Boys Domino Recording Co 2020
10:23 AM
Sonic Boom - I Wish It Was Like Xmas Everyday (A Little Bit Deeper) [feat. Dean & Britta]
Sonic Boom I Wish It Was Like Xmas Everyday (A Little Bit Deeper) [feat. Dean & Britta]
I Wish It Was Like Xmas Everyday (A Little Bit Deeper) [feat. Dean & Britta] WMG - Carpark Records 2020
10:30 AM
Shopping - For Your Pleasure
Shopping For Your Pleasure
All Or Nothing FatCat Records 2020
10:33 AM
Death Valley Girls - Breakthrough
Death Valley Girls Breakthrough
Breakthrough Suicide Squeeze Records 2020
10:38 AM
Gum Country - Somewhere
Gum Country Somewhere
Somewhere Gum Country 2020
10:43 AM
RVG - Christian Neurosurgeon
RVG Christian Neurosurgeon
Feral Fire Records 2020
10:46 AM
Ratboys - Alien With a Sleep Mask On
Ratboys Alien With a Sleep Mask On
Printer's Devil Topshelf Records 2020
10:50 AM
Hilary Woods - Orange Tree
Hilary Woods Orange Tree
Birthmarks Sacred Bones Records 2020
10:55 AM
L.A. WITCH - Fire Starter
L.A. WITCH Fire Starter
Play With Fire Suicide Squeeze Records 2020
10:58 AM
Dehd - Loner
Dehd Loner
Flower of Devotion Fire Talk 2020
10:59 AM
Throwing Muses - Bo Diddley Bridge
Throwing Muses Bo Diddley Bridge
Sun Racket Fire Records 2020
11:03 AM
Sore Eros - Tree Vole
Sore Eros Tree Vole
Sore Eros Feeding Tube Records 2020
11:06 AM
Good Sad Happy Bad - Shades
Good Sad Happy Bad Shades
Shades Textile Records 2020
11:10 AM
Widowspeak - Money
Widowspeak Money
Plum Captured Tracks 2020
11:14 AM
Tropical Fuck Storm - Heaven
Tropical Fuck Storm Heaven
Legal Ghost / Heaven Joyful Noise Recordings 2020
11:19 AM
Sven Wunder - Black Iris
Sven Wunder Black Iris
Doğu çiçekleri Piano Piano 2019
11:22 AM
Postcards - Fossilized
Postcards Fossilized
Fossilized T 3 records 2019
11:26 AM
The Cool Greenhouse - 4Chan
The Cool Greenhouse 4Chan
The Cool Greenhouse Melodic 2020
11:30 AM
Captain Beefheart - Brickbats
Captain Beefheart Brickbats
Doc At The Radar Station Virgin Catalogue 1980 Jazz
11:33 AM
Jay Som - A Thousand Words
Jay Som A Thousand Words
A Thousand Words Polyvinyl Records 2020
11:35 AM
Lala Lala & Baths - € € € €^^%%!!!!!heaven!!!!!!
Lala Lala & Baths € € € €^^%%!!!!!heaven!!!!!!
€ € € €^^%%!!!!!heaven!!!!!! Hardly Art 2020
11:40 AM
Slow Pulp - Idaho
Slow Pulp Idaho
Moveys Winspear 2020
11:44 AM
Viagra Boys - Sentinel Island
Viagra Boys Sentinel Island
Common Sense YEAR0001 2020
11:49 AM
Holy Wave - I'm Not Living in the Past Anymore
Holy Wave I'm Not Living in the Past Anymore
I'm Not Living in the Past Anymore The Reverberation Appreciation Society 2020
11:53 AM
Chemtrails - Frightful in the Sunlight
Chemtrails Frightful in the Sunlight
Frightful in the Sunlight PNKSLM Recordings 2020
11:57 AM
Mourn - Call You Back
Mourn Call You Back
Call You Back Captured Tracks 2020
Chat is archived.
Andrew Herman 10:01:05 AM
The Fontaines are an xcellent start to the show, JB!
Andrew Herman 10:01:35 AM
And I am sooooo happy that you are doing two hours today
Andrew Herman 10:02:03 AM
One of the best albums of the year, this is, IMHO
KOTJames 10:03:12 AM
Grammy-nominated album
Andrew Herman 10:03:22 AM
JeffB (host) 10:04:20 AM
@KOTJ seriously ? Wow.. Grammys grew some astuteness.. @AH yeah i didn't know when i rolled this show Simon was saving his "best" for next week.. so "second best" here..
KOTJames 10:07:24 AM
63RD ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS (2020) Nominations: BEST ROCK ALBUM Fonatines D.C. - A Hero's Death
KOTJames 10:07:54 AM
Hip Priest told me...
Andrew Herman 10:07:19 AM
well, blow me down
Jamie YBN 10:08:23 AM
Hey Jeff, fun to listen to you this year and I hope see you on the Cape this summer!
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:10:59 AM
Kibg Gizzard!
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:11:07 AM
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:11:25 AM
"Mornin' Y'all!
JeffB (host) 10:15:52 AM
mornin' Jamie! and Jamie :) Yes, me too.. (Cape)
Kevin Polk 10:17:17 AM
hello. anybody get any syrupy christmas presents? I got a "post punk postcards" thing; they know me well
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:19:30 AM
i don't think ive ever heard im Bugged on the radio
JeffB (host) 10:20:38 AM
@JC yeah me neither.. kinda why i played. @Kevin send 'em out in the mail !!
KOTJames 10:22:43 AM
FYI: The 10.5 hour KOTJ Jesus show, 6.5 hour Zappa B-Day show are available at: www.artguy.com/KOTJ.html
JeffB (host) 10:23:06 AM
Hey Kevin this is your recommendation ! don't think of it as a "request"..
PeterC 10:28:10 AM
Hey jeff...
PeterC 10:29:10 AM
wow...everybody got a shout out!!!!
Andrew Herman 10:29:56 AM
Thanks for the shout out, JB!
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:30:13 AM
DJ Simon 10:29:46 AM
Yeah, thanks Jeff!
JeffB (host) 10:30:53 AM
Hey Pete ! Yeah, sorry missed Jamie YBN .. the problem is leaving someone out in your "thank you"s...
Kevin Polk 10:33:13 AM
thanks for playing that jeff; sonic boom does no wrong
Bradgic 10:34:07 AM
Loved that Sonic Boom tune!
Andrew Herman 10:35:34 AM
Death Valley Girls are my No. 1 discovery of the year
Saginaw 10:43:13 AM
Good morning, everyone
Kevin Polk 10:44:57 AM
great show today jeff; good stuff for a chillier winter day during the holiday lull
Andrew Herman 10:46:41 AM
Hey hey hey Saginaw!
PiGuy 10:46:42 AM
Doubly blessed...early end to my 10am meeting and an extra hour of syrup.
Andrew Herman 10:49:09 AM
Love this Ratboys song! They are new to me'
JeffB (host) 10:51:07 AM
@AH yeah was looking back at playlists from May / June.. before getting completely overwhelmed by the flood of amazing new music of this year..
JeffB (host) 10:53:07 AM
thx @Kevin! Hi @PiGuy @Saginaw @Bradgic thanks for bein' here
Jamie YBN 10:54:51 AM
Nice "Best of" DJ clips!
Kevin Polk 10:55:08 AM
i demand 3 hours
Jamie YBN 10:55:09 AM
What, two hours! Awesome...
Andrew Herman 10:55:07 AM
Very true @JB. There has been so much good music this year and it has been rare that I have played a band more than three weeks in a row before giving space to more good new music
Andrew Herman 10:55:18 AM
Death Vally Girls was one such band
Jamie YBN 10:56:04 AM
Just when you thought you could get on with your lives...
Andrew Herman 10:55:25 AM
LA Witch, as well.
DJ Simon 10:55:29 AM
Loved the montage! You guessed right – L.A. Witch on next week's Racket.
Andrew Herman 10:55:46 AM
LA Witch xoxo
JeffB (host) 10:57:54 AM
End of year = All sweet dessert ear candy. No vegetables.
Kevin Polk 10:59:10 AM
so no Ultimate Spinach today? :(
Kevin Polk 10:59:18 AM
that's all I got
JeffB (host) 11:00:01 AM
Veggie Tales ? (you'd only know that if you had a kid..)
JeffB (host) 11:02:16 AM
A lot more bands with fruit in their names than vegetables. What does that tell you?
Jamie YBN 11:02:56 AM
Nice call on the Muses! Ripping off the 2020 bandaid.
James 11:16:25 AM
Interesting cover...not meaning bad cover.
PiGuy 11:16:39 AM
Great cover! Had not heard this one before.
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:21:36 AM
this is great
Andrew Herman 11:21:02 AM
lol. what is this, Jeff?
Jamie YBN 11:21:04 AM
Where is this discussion from?
Jamie YBN 11:21:25 AM
Krautrock ;-)
Andrew Herman 11:21:36 AM
All hail NEU!
JeffB (host) 11:21:49 AM
Andrew Herman 11:22:05 AM
That was awesome!
Jamie YBN 11:22:40 AM
Of course...I guess I am going to have to binge watch that.
JeffB (host) 11:22:41 AM
Thought it was hysterical and uniquely applicable to our little bubble..
Kevin Polk 11:22:49 AM
today's syrup = your mind on acid
JeffB (host) 11:24:03 AM
no drugs used ! was just super tired..
Kevin Polk 11:24:59 AM
it is this kind of effort that elevates this show; the pandemic veteran djs have been much appreciated
JeffB (host) 11:25:49 AM
wow thx! it's fun to have free creative reign..
Kevin Polk 11:25:52 AM
btw this postcards track is excellent
James 11:31:47 AM
Beef Bats
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:32:04 AM
totally awesome syrup sounds Jeff. Far better than the hold music for the insurance company....
JeffB (host) 11:33:08 AM
thx @JC that's the *best* compliment ever !
Pat Irwin (1) 11:53:09 AM
@JB/SS: thanks for the shout out :)
JeffB (host) 12:03:07 PM
Thanks everyone !! Happy 2021