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Maura Dot Com Slash WZBC

Dec 31, 2020 1:00 PM â€“ 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Maura Johnston

New music and old favorites hand selected by music writer Maura Johnston

Best of 2020 show!!!


Maura Dot Com Slash WZBC
1:00 PM
Pozi - Whitewashing
Pozi Whitewashing
176 - EP PRAH Recordings 2020
This show's most-played song of 2020!!
1:02 PM
Cuffed Up - French Exit
Cuffed Up French Exit
French Exit Corduroy Recordings 2020
1:06 PM
Sherman's Showcase - Sing Me a Lullabye (feat. Vic Mensa & Phonte)
Sherman's Showcase Sing Me a Lullabye (feat. Vic Mensa & Phonte)
Black History Month Spectacular Mad Decent 2020 R&B/Soul
1:09 PM
Bobby Conn - Disaster
Bobby Conn Disaster
Recovery Tapete Records 2020
1:12 PM
Tune-Yards - nowhere, man.
Tune-Yards nowhere, man.
nowhere, man. 4AD 2020
1:16 PM
Bec Plexus - Mirror Image
Bec Plexus Mirror Image
Sticklip New Amsterdam 2020
1:20 PM
Mush - Fear Index
Mush Fear Index
Fear Index Memphis Industries 2020
1:21 PM
Peaness - Kaizen
Peaness Kaizen
Kaizen Peaness 2020
1:25 PM
New Fries - Ploce
New Fries Ploce
Is the Idea of Us Telephone Explosion 2020
1:28 PM
Slum Of Legs - I Dream of Valves Exploding
Slum Of Legs I Dream of Valves Exploding
Slum Of Legs SPURGE 2020
1:31 PM
Smut - Power Fantasy
Smut Power Fantasy
Power Fantasy Bayonet Records 2020
1:34 PM
Pool Holograph - Medieval Heart
Pool Holograph Medieval Heart
Love Touched Time and Time Began to Sweat Sunroom 2020
1:37 PM
Self Worth Captured Tracks 2020
1:40 PM
Mall Girl - Bad Girl
Mall Girl Bad Girl
Bad Girl 9AM Records 2020
1:47 PM
The Chicks - My Best Friend's Weddings
The Chicks My Best Friend's Weddings
Gaslighter Columbia 2020
1:52 PM
Chloe x Halle - Ungodly Hour
Chloe x Halle Ungodly Hour
Ungodly Hour Columbia 2020 R&B/Soul
1:56 PM
Coriky - Have a Cup of Tea
Coriky Have a Cup of Tea
Coriky Dischord Records 2020
1:59 PM
Mamalarky - Fury
Mamalarky Fury
Mamalarky Fire Talk 2020
2:02 PM
Annie - Dark Hearts
Annie Dark Hearts
Dark Hearts Annie Melody 2020
2:06 PM
Beauty Pill - Instant Night
Beauty Pill Instant Night
Instant Night Northern Spy 2020 Rock
2:11 PM
Carly Rae Jepsen - Let's Sort The Whole Thing Out
Carly Rae Jepsen Let's Sort The Whole Thing Out
Dedicated Side B Schoolboy/Interscope Records 2020
2:15 PM
Poppy - Anything Like Me
Poppy Anything Like Me
I Disagree Sumerian Records 2020 Heavy Metal
2:19 PM
clipping. - Make Them Dead
clipping. Make Them Dead
Visions of Bodies Being Burned Sub Pop Records 2020
2:23 PM
Sault - I Just Want to Dance
Sault I Just Want to Dance
Untitled (Rise) Forever Living Originals 2020
2:30 PM
Fiona Apple - Newspaper
Fiona Apple Newspaper
Fetch The Bolt Cutters Epic 2020
2:36 PM
Brandy - No Tomorrow
Brandy No Tomorrow
B7 eOne Urban 2020 R&B/Soul
2:39 PM
Desperate Journalist - The Fear
Desperate Journalist The Fear
The Fear Fierce Panda Records 2020
2:44 PM
Oceanator - A Crack in the World
Oceanator A Crack in the World
Things I Never Said Polyvinyl Records 2020 Rock
2:48 PM
Taylor Swift - the last great american dynasty
Taylor Swift the last great american dynasty
folklore Taylor Swift 2020
2:55 PM
The Cool Greenhouse - Life Advice
The Cool Greenhouse Life Advice
The Cool Greenhouse Melodic 2020
Chat is archived.
Maria T 1:04:05 PM
Maura Johnston (host) 1:04:54 PM
Maria T 1:06:07 PM
this cuffed up song is GREAT
Maura Johnston (host) 1:06:23 PM
Maria T 1:06:24 PM
happy new year + i miss you xo
Maura Johnston (host) 1:06:31 PM
I miss you too <3 Happy new year!!!
Maria T 1:09:56 PM
Nick Benevenia 1:10:05 PM
happy new year maura!
Maura Johnston (host) 1:12:36 PM
@Maria Yes!!
Maura Johnston (host) 1:12:42 PM
@nick Happy new year!!!
Nick Benevenia 1:17:31 PM
are these songs in any particular order for your best of?
Maura Johnston (host) 1:18:08 PM
@nick nah just sequenced in a way that's aesthetically pleasing to me, although i did start off with the show's #1 song of the year
A.Z. Madonna 1:17:31 PM
Hi Maura!!!
Maura Johnston (host) 1:18:19 PM
Hi Zoë!!!
A.Z. Madonna 1:17:44 PM
Argh, why does this have my old name
A.Z. Madonna 1:17:53 PM
A.Z. Madonna 1:17:58 PM
That's better!
Maura Johnston (host) 1:20:32 PM
Maura Johnston (host) 1:44:10 PM
So excited to hear whatever Mall Girl is going to put out next.
Maura Johnston (host) 1:44:40 PM
Shout out to Smooth Jazz All-Stars for coming through with the instrumental covers of 2020 hits!
Maura Johnston (host) 1:53:34 PM
So I used this icebreaker in a Zoom yesterday and I'll bring it here: What are you eating / drinking tonight?
Jon Solomon 1:55:57 PM
Three Trenton-style tomato pies and every possible vegetarian appetizer from a kebab place that was open today (a pleasant surprise) + a veggie cheesesteak I am saving for tomorrow's bowl game (Go Cats).
Maura Johnston (host) 1:56:54 PM
@Jon excellent.
Jon Solomon 1:58:19 PM
It would have been a two hour mid-week drive but serious "Why didn't I go to Harrisburg to see Coriky in February" regrets!
Maria T 2:00:58 PM
Maria T 2:01:24 PM
We're eating veg chinese takeout tonight, like the trash pandas we are
Maura Johnston (host) 2:01:43 PM
@jon I feel that!
Maura Johnston (host) 2:01:47 PM
@maria yum
David Roy 2:04:30 PM
Roasted a pork shoulder all day yesterday; will have that tonight along with fondue and something green. Have not figured it but it's must my daughters and me this year.
David Roy 2:04:41 PM
And gumbo tomorrow.
Maura Johnston (host) 2:06:57 PM
@David Happy New Year's Eve! That all sounds great <3
David Roy 2:08:54 PM
Maura Johnston (host) 2:15:04 PM
I ordered a lot of dips from Clover. Black bean! Hummus! A cheese fondue with Brussels sprouts!
Mike Falcone 2:19:47 PM
hi im poppy
David Roy 2:20:48 PM
@maura That's a good plan. And then you have leftovers to snack on again tomorrow. I am now scrambling to find the leftover CBD dog treats I bought last year, assuming that COVID won't stop fireworks in our neighborhood this year. Our guy is not super-sensitive, thankfully.
Maura Johnston (host) 2:21:29 PM
@Mike Heyyy
Maura Johnston (host) 2:21:42 PM
@David I hope things are relatively peaceful!
Mike Falcone 2:23:29 PM
sounding good!
Mike Falcone 2:24:20 PM
that coriky track is great
Mike Falcone 2:25:34 PM
this might be my first time hearing sault
Maura Johnston (host) 2:25:48 PM
@Mike They're really really great.
Maura Johnston (host) 2:25:56 PM
@Mike Thanks for listening !!
Erika Bjerklie 2:27:22 PM
happy new year, maura!! :)
David Roy 2:31:50 PM
It feels like this album dropped three years ago. It's superb, of course, no matter the time-is-a-flat-circle stuff happening this year.
Maura Johnston (host) 2:33:09 PM
Happy new year Erika!! Looking forward to your show (right after this one, everybody!!)
Jon Solomon 2:37:49 PM
Mike Falcone 2:42:18 PM
sick pulp cover
Nick Benevenia 2:45:03 PM
this album is incredible. made my best of show too
Jon Solomon 2:45:07 PM
This one is new to me, real good.
Maura Johnston (host) 2:48:14 PM
@Jon I think you'll like it a lot.
Maura Johnston (host) 2:48:24 PM
@nick yeah! is yours on tomorrow
Nick Benevenia 2:48:44 PM
Nick Benevenia 2:49:25 PM
also hi @jon, I enjoyed a few hours of the christmas special :)
Jon Solomon 2:49:56 PM
Oh, thanks a bunch Nick!
David Roy 2:55:49 PM
This was great, Maura. Happy New Year!
Maura Johnston (host) 2:55:27 PM
Thanks @David :)
Maura Johnston (host) 2:56:11 PM
Hey thanks for listening everyone. I really appreciate everyone tuning in and leaving messages in the chat. I hope you all have joyous New Year's Eve celebrations and that we grind 2020 into the dust. Stay safe! Happy new year!