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Sound Syrup

Jan 4, 2021 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Swirly gooey post punk pop exploration. Individually wrapped.

Happy 2021 !

Sound Syrup
10:00 AM
The Korgis - Young 'N' Russian
The Korgis Young 'N' Russian
...by Appointment 1980
10:01 AM
Pom Poko - Like A Lady
Pom Poko Like A Lady
Cheater Bella Union 2021
10:05 AM
KOTO - Jabdah
KOTO Jabdah
Greatest Hits & Remixes
talkover music from the 1980's played from vinyl
10:06 AM
Wussy - Black Hole
Wussy Black Hole
What Heaven Is Like Shake It Records 2018
10:09 AM
L'Épée - Une Lune étrange
L'Épée Une Lune étrange
Diabolique 'a' Records 2019
10:14 AM
Akron/Family - River
Akron/Family River
Set 'Em Wild|Set 'Em Free Crammed Discs 2009
10:19 AM
Nilüfer Yanya - Day 7.5093
Nilüfer Yanya Day 7.5093
Feeling Lucky? ATO Records / Fontana North 2020
10:22 AM
Hunters & Collectors - Run Run Run
Hunters & Collectors Run Run Run
Hunters & Collectors Bloodlines 1981 12 Inch Rock
played from vinyl - B-Side of "Talking To a Stranger" 12"
10:32 AM
A Certain Ratio - Houses In Motion (Demo Version 1)
A Certain Ratio Houses In Motion (Demo Version 1)
acr:box Mute 2019
10:36 AM
Bambara - Serafina
Bambara Serafina
Serafina Wharf Cat Records 2019
10:40 AM
The Reds, Pinks and Purples - You Might Be Happy Someday
The Reds, Pinks and Purples You Might Be Happy Someday
You Might Be Happy Someday Tough Love Records 2020
10:42 AM
Japan - Gentlemen Take Polaroids
Japan Gentlemen Take Polaroids
Gentlemen Take Polaroids Virgin Catalogue 1980 Rock
10:48 AM
The Figgs - Wasted Pretty
The Figgs Wasted Pretty
The Figgs Anthology: 1000 People Grinning Stomper 2013 Rock
10:51 AM
Lee Paradise - Message to the Past
Lee Paradise Message to the Past
Message to the Past Telephone Explosion 2020
10:53 AM
Urinals - I'm a Bug
Urinals I'm a Bug
Negative Capability...Check It Out! Amphetamine Reptile 1997 CD Rock
10:56 AM
Urlaub In Polen - Impulse Response
Urlaub In Polen Impulse Response
All Tapete Records 2020
11:00 AM
Kinski - I Fell Like a Fucking Flower
Kinski I Fell Like a Fucking Flower
7 (or 8) KILL ROCK STARS 2015 Rock
11:03 AM
Horslips - The Man Who Built America
Horslips The Man Who Built America
The Man Who Built America Celtic Airs 1978 World
11:05 AM
Cindy Lee - One Second to Toe the Line
Cindy Lee One Second to Toe the Line
What's Tonight to Eternity W.25TH / Superior Viaduct 2020
11:07 AM
PAINT - Land Man
PAINT Land Man
Spiritual Vegas Mexican Summer 2020
11:10 AM
Mattiel - Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
Mattiel Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
Double Cover ATO Records LLC 2020
11:13 AM
Deerhoof - Future Teenage Cave Artists
Deerhoof Future Teenage Cave Artists
Future Teenage Cave Artists Joyful Noise Recordings 2020
11:17 AM
Rupert Hine - Immunity
Rupert Hine Immunity
Immunity Gonzo 1981 Rock
11:20 AM
Soft Palms - Baddy
Soft Palms Baddy
Soft Palms Everloving 2020
11:23 AM
Sorry - Right Round The Clock
Sorry Right Round The Clock
Right Round The Clock Domino Recording Co 2019
11:25 AM
Think Tree - The Moon
Think Tree The Moon L
eight/thirteen S.A.S. Productions 1990 Rock
11:29 AM
Wire - Hung
Wire Hung
Mind Hive pinkflag 2020
11:38 AM
The Amazing Devil - King
The Amazing Devil King
Love Run The Amazing Devil 2016
11:41 AM
Cosmo Sheldrake - Pelicans We
Cosmo Sheldrake Pelicans We
Pelicans We [PIAS] 2015
11:45 AM
Ronnie Carrier - Reap What You Sow
Ronnie Carrier Reap What You Sow
Lost in the Eclectic Ronnie Carrier 2017
11:49 AM
Omnia - Fee Ra Huri
Omnia Fee Ra Huri
Musick and Poëtree PaganScum Records 2011 World
11:53 AM
The Longest Johns - Oak & Ash & Thorn
The Longest Johns Oak & Ash & Thorn
Cures What Ails Ya The Longest Johns 2020
11:59 AM
Ché - Be My (Powerstation)
Ché Be My (Powerstation)
Chat is archived.
Pat Irwin (1) 10:06:16 AM
@JB - what was the bed just now? TY :)
Saginaw 10:09:13 AM
Happy New Year, Jeff to you and your family
JeffB (host) 10:09:51 AM
@Pat: random 12" from the 1980's. Played some actual vinyl for this show. Koto - Jabdah
Bruce Pierce 10:10:52 AM
@Jeff what you said to me before reminded me of something Johnny Greewnood said in an interview: "I know that sounds really cheesy, but [music] should unlistenable to the previous generation,” he continues. “There should be someone saying, ‘That’s not music.’ "
Bruce Pierce 10:11:13 AM
not sure I entirely agree but I get the point
Pat Irwin (1) 10:12:26 AM
There can be some overlap but I basically agree. Individuation & all that
JeffB (host) 10:13:16 AM
FWIW my daughter assures me none of her friends listen to "her" music either..
JeffB (host) 10:14:57 AM
When I was a DJ on WAAF, got a request from a 13 year old kid for the Doors. I said "Your Dad likes the Doors too, right?" "Yeah"..
JeffB (host) 10:16:01 AM
That was before Hip Hop took over the world. That's the music parents hated their kids listening to in the late 80's and 90's. Then those kids became parents too..
Pat Irwin (1) 10:17:36 AM
And the beat goes on....
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:18:22 AM
"Mornin' Jeff and co.
DJ Simon 10:18:50 AM
I miss my weekly walk down Hammond Street.
DJ Simon 10:19:13 AM
Who remembers the weekly Hammond Street Turkey Report?
Robert Kerrigan 10:19:14 AM
I miss the Hammond Street reports...I don't miss WAAF
KOTJames 10:23:29 AM
I listened to a lot of Akron/Family in VT. Wussy does a great cover of Twinkeyz - Aliens in Our Midst.
JeffB (host) 10:25:00 AM
'mornin' Jamie C! Happy 2021 Saginaw !
JeffB (host) 10:30:57 AM
@RobertK.. problem with WAAF gone - no commercial radio left in Boston playing new rock music. No Def Tones on "the River".
Pat Irwin (1) 10:42:57 AM
Dick Tracy!
JeffB (host) 10:44:00 AM
Full fledged phone and walkie talkie.
Bruce Pierce 10:50:14 AM
JeffB (host) 10:51:30 AM
That's *you* @BP :)
Bruce Pierce 10:52:23 AM
I have a soft spot for that local-ish band - great live IMHO
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:57:52 AM
the Figgs are fab!
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:05:54 AM
Horslips, haven't heard them in at least 30 years
JeffB (host) 11:07:42 AM
Yeah that's what I thought when I saw that record going through the "H" section..
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:12:41 AM
diggin today's show, perfect energy level for a monday morning
JeffB (host) 11:13:45 AM
thx! Figure a debriefing after Infernal Racket
Pat Irwin (1) 11:22:54 AM
@JB: your daughter/family are spoiled - hope they know what a sound maven their patriarch is
JeffB (host) 11:26:33 AM
trying to get my kid interested on sound.. she's really into knitting.
DJ Simon 11:27:23 AM
Think Tree! Krishna used to be my neighbor.
Pat Irwin (1) 11:29:58 AM
Knitting is good :)
JeffB (host) 11:31:18 AM
@DJS.. 'cause you live in hip neighborhoods
DJ Simon 11:35:38 AM
It was an interesting apartment building. Krishna lived on the floor below, and on the floor below him was Nick Cave's sound man.
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:35:55 AM
this is reminding me of the Jaz Coleman song that came outthis year
Pat Irwin (1) 11:38:06 AM
Steelye Span rocks!
Kevin Polk 11:37:44 AM
i know this is pre-recorded (right?) but go kids!
JeffB (host) 11:39:16 AM
yeah ZBC still 85% pre-recorded
Pat Irwin (1) 11:39:45 AM
The kids are alright :D
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:39:54 AM
I was thinking of having Daniel do something similar. Great Idea Jeff!
Kevin Polk 11:39:15 AM
i believe the children are our future
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:41:33 AM
@KP, I agree. Mine are sure as hell smarter than I am.
Jamie YBN 11:41:23 AM
loving this debut! rock it!
JeffB (host) 11:42:57 AM
Thx Jamie & Jamie! JC - definitely should let us hear your kid play DJ.
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:43:50 AM
Perhaps this shall happen...
Kevin Polk 11:44:44 AM
what is "tik tok"?
Kevin Polk 11:44:47 AM
JeffB (host) 11:45:33 AM
Kevin Polk 11:45:47 AM
this needs to be an actual Z show
JeffB (host) 11:48:22 AM
High Schooler doing College Radio..
KOTJames 11:48:41 AM
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:49:21 AM
and doing a righteous job of it!
JeffB (host) 11:51:23 AM
@KOTJ I have no doubt TikTok is Chinese spyware..
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:52:18 AM
I find it impossible to not be up[lifted by a good jig!
Jamie YBN 11:53:08 AM
Great job. Thanks for raising her, Jeff!
DJ Simon 11:53:55 AM
A gibberish jig – love it!
Pat Irwin (1) 11:54:23 AM
A little paganity never hurts.......turn her into local band Noel Sing We Clear - based in Brattleboro
JeffB (host) 11:54:37 AM
i love nonsense words. Jabberwocky style
JeffB (host) 11:55:21 AM
@Pat I'll let her know thx!
Pat Irwin (1) 11:55:48 AM
They do a version of it also
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:56:14 AM
Commendations to both Berlin generations for a great show.
Bruce Pierce 11:55:38 AM
enjoying the salty sea syrup!
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:56:59 AM
August First is another local band in a similar style
KOTJames 11:57:02 AM
I don't think either said like like at all
DJ Simon 11:57:45 AM
That was fun!
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:57:54 AM
KOTJames 11:58:27 AM
Work in Progress. That's the show name
JeffB (host) 12:08:31 PM
thanks ! Gotta show her all these comments she'll be so excited. Thanks for being hear and Happy 2021 :)