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Kick Out the James!

Mar 19, 2021 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Kick Out the James!
9:04 AM
Swans - Mind/Body/Light/Sound
Swans Mind/Body/Light/Sound
Great Annihilator Young God Records 2002 Rock
9:09 AM
Viet Cong - Continental Shelf
Viet Cong Continental Shelf
Continental Shelf Jagjaguwar 2014 Rock
9:12 AM
Wand - Self Hypnosis in 3 Days
Wand Self Hypnosis in 3 Days
Golem In The Red 2015 Rock
9:16 AM
The Wipers - Nothing Left To Lose
The Wipers Nothing Left To Lose
Best Of The Wipers And Greg Sage Ryko/Rhino 2002 Rock
9:21 AM
The Pop Group - Where There's a Will (Single 1980)
The Pop Group Where There's a Will (Single 1980)
Cabinet of Curiosities Freaks R Us 2014
9:26 AM
The Wolfgang Press - Shut That Door
The Wolfgang Press Shut That Door
Bird Wood Cage 4AD 1988
9:42 AM
The More Paranoids - International Rescue
The More Paranoids International Rescue
Living High on The Dirty Business of Dreams: A wiaiwya Sampler Where It's At Is Where Your Are 2012
9:47 AM
Iggy Pop - Knocking 'Em Down (In the City)
Iggy Pop Knocking 'Em Down (In the City)
Soldier Arista 1980
9:48 AM
Scott and Charlene's Wedding - Fakin' Nyc
Scott and Charlene's Wedding Fakin' Nyc
Any Port in a Storm Fire Records 2014 Rock
9:52 AM
The Nipple Erectors (The Nips) - All the Time in the World  
The Nipple Erectors (The Nips) All the Time in the World  
All the Time in the World  / Private Eyes Soho Records 1978 Other
9:55 AM
The Kids - Fascist Cops
The Kids Fascist Cops
The Kids Phillips 1978
9:59 AM
Fun Things - Lipstick
Fun Things Lipstick
Fun Things EMI Custom Records 1980 Other
10:09 AM
Lightning Bolt - Horsepower
Lightning Bolt Horsepower
Fantasy Empire Thrill Jockey 2015
10:14 AM
The Happy Flowers - I Think I'm Gonna Have A Accident
The Happy Flowers I Think I'm Gonna Have A Accident
I Crush Bozo Homestead Records UK 1988 Other
10:18 AM
The Morticians - Now That She's Gone
The Morticians Now That She's Gone
Freak Out with The Morticians Tin Soldier Records 1987 Other
10:19 AM
The Cynics - Creepin'
The Cynics Creepin'
Sixteen Flights Up Get Hip 1989 Rock
10:22 AM
Dirty Beaches - Lone Runner
Dirty Beaches Lone Runner
Lone Runner b/w Stye Eye Suicide Squeeze Records 2011
10:27 AM
Junior Gravley - You Lied to Me, Honey
Junior Gravley You Lied to Me, Honey
Rockabilly Rarities Volume One Yeaah! 2000 Rock
10:39 AM
Shrag - Intro
Shrag Intro
Shrag Where It's At Is Where You Are 2009 Rock
10:44 AM
The Cortinas - Defiant Pose
The Cortinas Defiant Pose
Bristol Boys Make More Noise!: The Bristol Music Scene 1974-1981 Bristol Archive Records 2014 MP3
10:45 AM
XTC - Are You Receiving Me?
XTC Are You Receiving Me?
Are You Receiving Me / Instant Tunes Virgin Records 1978 Rock
10:48 AM
Courtney Barnett - Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party
Courtney Barnett Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party
Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit Milk! Records 2015 Rock
10:51 AM
Big Dipper - Wake Up the King
Big Dipper Wake Up the King
Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology Merge Records 2008
10:56 AM
Robert Pollard - Johnny Optimist
Robert Pollard Johnny Optimist
Elephant Jokes GBV Inc 2010 Rock
11:00 AM
Pow Wow's - I Can See But You Don't Know
Pow Wow's I Can See But You Don't Know
Broken Curses Get Hip 2015 Rock
11:13 AM
The Fall - Auto Chip 2014-2016
The Fall Auto Chip 2014-2016
Auto Chip 2014-2016 WMG - Cherry Red Records 2015
11:23 AM
The Bizzaros - Lady Doubonette
The Bizzaros Lady Doubonette
Punk 45: Kill the Hippies! Kill Yourself! The American Nation Destroys Its Young - Underground Punk in the United States of America, Vol. 1. 1973-1980 - Soul Jazz Records Soul Jazz Records U.K., www.souljazzrecords.co.uk 2015 MP3
11:26 AM
John Parish - L'Enfant D'en Haut
John Parish L'Enfant D'en Haut
Screenplay Thrill Jockey 2013
11:30 AM
Play Dead - Propaganda
Play Dead Propaganda
The First Flower Jungle Records 1983 7 Inch Rock
11:41 AM
Can - Safe (as the Mighty Eye)
Can Safe (as the Mighty Eye)
Can Harvest UK 1978 Other
11:50 AM
Bongwater - Folk Song
Bongwater Folk Song
Power of Pussy Shimmy Disc US 1991 MP3 Rock
11:58 AM
The Fall - Birthday Song
The Fall Birthday Song
The Marshall Suite Artful 1999
Chat is archived.
DJ Simon 9:06:03 AM
Okay folks, it's DJ Simon here substituting on the KOTJ chat, so be on your best behavior while James is away.
Heather Grunwald 9:06:32 AM
Good morning DJ Simon, I'll try to be good
Bradgic 9:06:49 AM
Oh wow, hide the stash... the principal is here.
DJ Simon 9:07:33 AM
Happy Friday and Happy Spring Heather, Bradgic.
Pat Irwin (1) 9:07:40 AM
While the cat's away.....
DJ Simon 9:08:19 AM
I guess it's not officially Spring until tomorrow, but happy Spring anyway.
Shanti 9:08:22 AM
HBJ!🥳 Thx for all of the “Kick Out The James!” DJ S
Shanti 9:09:14 AM
DJ Simon will take great care of us!
Moles Knows 9:09:21 AM
Happy Birthday to James and enjoy your journey.
Pat Irwin (1) 9:10:24 AM
So he's an Aries, right?
Shanti 9:11:03 AM
DJ Simon congratulations on your work at Fenway!
DJ Simon 9:11:35 AM
@Pat: Pisces I think.
Bradgic 9:11:56 AM
Going to really enjoy this show from 2015, from simpler times. Well before all the nonsense. TGIF ALL!
Pat Irwin (1) 9:12:02 AM
What work at Fenway
DJ Simon 9:12:12 AM
@Shanti – I think you have me confused with TJ?
Bradgic 9:12:59 AM
You don't have TJ's beard output DJSimon.
Shanti 9:13:20 AM
TJ sorry! I heard a short but touching tribute to DJ Simon but I can’t recall where?
Shanti 9:14:09 AM
Will we hear from James?
Pat Irwin (1) 9:15:17 AM
Let's get him a cake! What kind does he like
DJ Simon 9:15:17 AM
The show's a rerun, so James will be speaking to us from the past.
Shanti 9:15:19 AM
Call in James!
Shanti 9:15:45 AM
DJ Simon 9:16:05 AM
Probably not, he's driving.
Pat Irwin (1) 9:18:34 AM
Can we hire Sandri-la to make one for him?
Shanti 9:18:50 AM
Ok Sorry about that mix up DJ Simon I was speaking of TJ! DJ Simon how does Archives work? I can never get the full show? Usually one track or a few then lost?
bruckner4 9:19:33 AM
mornin' dj simon. on the whole, he'd rather be in pittsburgh?
Pat Irwin (1) 9:19:40 AM
Drizzle the frosting like a Jackson Pollack
DJ Simon 9:19:52 AM
@Shanti – Are you listening on the ZBC website or on James' archives page?
Shanti 9:20:18 AM
James pull over and text us about your sights!
DJ Simon 9:20:52 AM
G'Mornin', Bruckner.
Shanti 9:21:27 AM
I’m on ZBC that’s what I can’t get for different shows
Shanti 9:26:14 AM
I know somewhat “artguy” although that’s not that easy but archives on ZBC for all programs
DJ Simon 9:30:40 AM
Hmmm - not sure why the ZBC archive would cut out after a few songs. Here's something to try – right-click on the archive link to open in a new window, then change the .m3u at the end of the url to .mp3 – you might have better results with the mp3 version.
DJ Simon 9:33:06 AM
Chat away while James motors away.
Shanti 9:35:44 AM
Thx so I will try that. I’m usually on my iPhone so strep by step go to archive then?
DJ Simon 9:38:35 AM
Ah – Could it be it stops playing when your phone goes to sleep?
PiGuy 9:40:31 AM
You're doing a fine job of keeping order DJS.
Shanti 9:42:58 AM
That’s it! Thx!
Verb Crunch 9:44:55 AM
G'mornin Happy Spring Congrats on FENWAY !
DJ Simon 9:45:07 AM
Thanks, PiGuy. It's a chatroom and a help desk today.
Verb Crunch 9:45:49 AM
Wow, really happy to hear Iggy Knockin' / City.. this is the Iggy era is a guilty pleasure... glad i'm not the only one..
DJ Simon 9:46:37 AM
I saw Iggy open for the Rolling Stones during that era, 1981.
Verb Crunch 9:46:50 AM
why isn't Spinitron registering this Iggy? It was a major release on Arista records..
DJ Simon 9:47:04 AM
Yeah, I don't know. I'm entering it now.
Verb Crunch 9:47:24 AM
*wow* didn't know Iggy opened for the Stones.. that had to be fun
DJ Simon 9:48:18 AM
It was a tour where there they selected a local act to open at each stop – I saw them in Detroit.
DJ Simon 9:48:33 AM
Probably the only time Iggy ever opened for the Stones.
Verb Crunch 9:50:11 AM
And you were THERE
Jamie YBN 9:50:51 AM
Great blast into the near past!
DJ Simon 9:50:59 AM
Indeed. In the nosebleed seats at the Pontiac Silverdome.
Jamie YBN 9:56:54 AM
DJ Simon, were you there? I was (from An Arbor). They booed Iggy off stage...
DJ Simon 9:57:37 AM
Yes! That was the show. Then they read a tally of all the crap that was thrown on stage.
DJ Simon 9:57:45 AM
Then Santana played for five hours.
Jamie YBN 9:58:37 AM
Stones Tattoo You tour
DJ Simon 9:59:56 AM
Yep, that was the tour. Mick in the cherry picker.
Jamie YBN 10:01:11 AM
was that zbc identifier from 2015?
DJ Simon 10:01:30 AM
No, just something the bot dropped in at the top of the hour.
Jamie YBN 10:02:39 AM
Got it! Thanks
Shanti 10:04:50 AM
The Hip Priest & James!
Shanti 10:07:13 AM
Has anyone been to NYC recently? If so how was it?
DJ Simon 10:09:27 AM
I haven't left a 3 mile radius in a year.
Shanti 10:09:44 AM
Barry Hart 10:30:42 AM
Good morning,DJ Simon and KOTJ faithful,here’s hoping James has a joyful birthday and that everyone else has a refreshing weekend.
DJ Simon 10:32:30 AM
Thanks, Barry! Happy Friday to you!
Robert Kerrigan 10:33:31 AM
Will the next installment of the racket be spring themed?
DJ Simon 10:34:51 AM
There will be some Springiness in there – maybe not the whole show, but definitely a few Spring tunes.
David Kulik 11:04:35 AM
You're from Pittsburgh?
DJ Simon 11:05:13 AM
James was born in Pittsburgh.
DJ Simon 11:05:30 AM
Not sure how long he lived there. (He's on the road right now.)
David Kulik 11:08:35 AM
Ah, just caught up and see he's not on the chat today. I'm also from there. I'll ask him about it another time.
Roger Jermyn 11:26:02 AM
Is today James' birthday?
DJ Simon 11:26:26 AM
Roger Jermyn 11:26:49 AM
DJ Simon 11:32:51 AM
"I thought you said your dog doesn't bite"
DJ Simon 11:33:08 AM
"It's not my dog."
bruckner4 11:35:21 AM
love that dog-bite psa.
DJ Simon 11:38:34 AM
Oops – didn't post the archive link earlier: http://www.artguy.com/KOTJ.html
DJ Simon 11:39:12 AM
Or you can get your KOTJ fix on Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/kotjames/
Roger Jermyn 11:39:36 AM
the best scene in the Pink Panther movies
DJ Simon 11:40:00 AM
Hah! – Glad someone recognized.
tom siegfried 11:51:55 AM
Only just getting on. Hooray for Bongwater...
DJ Simon 11:59:53 AM
Have a good weekend, folks – happy Spring!