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Kick Out the James!

Mar 26, 2021 9:00 AM â€“ 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Kick Out the James!
9:00 AM
The New Vaudeville Band - Winchester Cathedral (Instrumental)
The New Vaudeville Band Winchester Cathedral (Instrumental)
Winchester Cathedral Fontana 1966 MP3 Rock
9:03 AM
The William Loveday Intention - To Sing the Blues You Gotta Be Blue
The William Loveday Intention To Sing the Blues You Gotta Be Blue
The Bearded Lady Also Sells the Candy Floss Damaged Goods Records 2021
9:09 AM
The Beavers - Live Back On My Own
The Beavers Live Back On My Own
Why Don't You Give Me Your Heart EP Kafadan Kontak 2021
9:10 AM
Hurtdance - Cherries
Hurtdance Cherries
Hurtdance EP Bandcamp 2021
9:12 AM
Crime Line - Uncontrollable Thinking
Crime Line Uncontrollable Thinking
Locked and Loaded EP Bandcamp 2021
9:16 AM
Thank - Think Less
Thank Think Less
Please - EP Buzzhowl Records / EXAG' 2019
9:18 AM
Sprints - Drones
Sprints Drones
Manifesto EP Bandcamp 2021
9:22 AM
The Lotts - I'll Get Round To It
The Lotts I'll Get Round To It
Out Of It / I'll Get Round To It Bandcamp 2021
9:26 AM
Doktor Lumbago - Did I Tell You
Doktor Lumbago Did I Tell You
Did I Tell You Amateurs for Life 2021
9:29 AM
The New Vaudeville Band - Winchester Cathedral (Instrumental)
The New Vaudeville Band Winchester Cathedral (Instrumental)
Winchester Cathedral Fontana 1966 MP3 Rock
9:36 AM
Johnny Boo - Roll Over (remaster)
Johnny Boo Roll Over (remaster)
Roll Over Bandcamp 2021
9:40 AM
Fun Time Objects - Hey! Joey
Fun Time Objects Hey! Joey
Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds 3 Wasssup Rocker Radio 2021
9:40 AM
Brian Damage - Psycho Horny
Brian Damage Psycho Horny
Yesterday's Slime Clean Demon Records 2021
9:42 AM
Dirty Lungs - Fleas of the City
Dirty Lungs Fleas of the City
Look Expensive and Smile Communicating Vessels 2021
9:46 AM
The Jakes - Good Times
The Jakes Good Times
VA - Kongpilation Vol. 4 Banana Juice Records 2021
9:47 AM
Blanketman - Beach Body
Blanketman Beach Body
National Trust [PIAS] 2020
9:51 AM
The Putz - Laserblast
The Putz Laserblast
Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds 3 Wasssup Rocker Radio 2021
9:54 AM
The Traditional Fools - Please
The Traditional Fools Please
The Primate Five vs The Traditional Fools Goodbye Boozy 2021
9:55 AM
JAK - Talking Strangers
JAK Talking Strangers
Social Distance Demos EP Bandcamp 2021
9:57 AM
Leeches - Sunbaked Metal
Leeches Sunbaked Metal
Exobirth FDH Record 2021
10:04 AM
The New Vaudeville Band - Winchester Cathedral (Instrumental)
The New Vaudeville Band Winchester Cathedral (Instrumental)
Winchester Cathedral Fontana 1966 MP3 Rock
10:16 AM
Rubber Rodeo - How The West Was Won
Rubber Rodeo How The West Was Won
Rubber Rodeo 12" Eat Records 1982 Rock
10:24 AM
Nice Lawn - American Cheez
Nice Lawn American Cheez
New Fun Quintet/Nice Lawn – Split EP Global Fun Productions 1982
10:25 AM
The Dogmatics - Thayer St.
The Dogmatics Thayer St.
Est 81 Rum Bar Records 2020
10:26 AM
Culture Shock - Thought You Were A Friend
Culture Shock Thought You Were A Friend
Forever + Ever/Thought You Were A Friend JMR 1983 MP3
10:27 AM
The Steves - Over The Phone
The Steves Over The Phone L
In A Room / Over The Phone / Bad Is Good 7” Hundreds Records 1981
10:30 AM
The Dogmatics - Thayer Street
The Dogmatics Thayer Street L
Everybody Does It Homestead Records 1986 MP3
10:30 AM
Blitzz - So Free (Remastered)
Blitzz So Free (Remastered)
I Don't Care (Collection Dutch Punk 1977-1983) (Remastered) Pseudonym 2016
10:30 AM
The Perennials - My Side of the Mountain
The Perennials My Side of the Mountain
- My Side of the Mountain b/w Savannah/This Whole Town 2010
10:31 AM
The Blitzz - so free
The Blitzz so free
I Don't Care Collection (Dutch Punk 1977-1983) Pseudonym 2016 MP3
10:32 AM
Ramones - I Don't Care
Ramones I Don't Care
Sheena is a Punk Rocker/I Don't Care Sire 1977
10:35 AM
Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster
Stiff Little Fingers Alternative Ulster
Alternative Ulster/ '78 Revolutions A Minute Rough Trade 1978 MP3
10:38 AM
Menace - I Need Nothing
Menace I Need Nothing
I Need Nothing b/w Electrocutioner Illegal Records 1978 MP3
10:41 AM
The Cigarettes - All We Want Is Your Money
The Cigarettes All We Want Is Your Money
They're Back Again, Here They Come Detour Records 1979 MP3 Rock
10:43 AM
Shock - This Generation’s On Vacation
Shock This Generation’s On Vacation
This Generation’s on Vacation b/w Spoiled/Overseas IMPACT USA 1978 MP3
10:46 AM
The Johnnies - Govt Don't Care
The Johnnies Govt Don't Care
Who Killed Johnny / And You/ Govt. Don't Care Johnarchy 1982 Other
10:49 AM
Art Object - - (I Wanna Grow Up To Be A) Juvenile Delinquent
Art Object - (I Wanna Grow Up To Be A) Juvenile Delinquent
Ride The Metro Constant Motion Records 1978 MP3
10:51 AM
The Odds - Living in an Angry World
The Odds Living in an Angry World
1ST4 7” EP S&M Records 1979 MP3
10:54 AM
The Deaf Aids - Heroes?
The Deaf Aids Heroes?
-Heroes? / Bored Christine Conspiracy Records 1980 MP3
10:56 AM
The Stranglers - No More Heroes
The Stranglers No More Heroes
No More Heroes United Artists Records 1977 MP3 Rock
11:00 AM
The New Vaudeville Band - Winchester Cathedral (Instrumental)
The New Vaudeville Band Winchester Cathedral (Instrumental)
Winchester Cathedral Fontana 1966 MP3 Rock
11:15 AM
999 - Crazy
999 Crazy
999 United Artists UK 1978 MP3 Rock
11:19 AM
The Damned - New Rose
The Damned New Rose
Damned, Damned, Damned Stiff Records 1977 MP3 Rock
11:20 AM
Buzzcocks - Autonomy
Buzzcocks Autonomy
Another Music In A Different Kitchen United Artists Records 1978 Rock
11:24 AM
The Degenerates - Scungy Girl
The Degenerates Scungy Girl
S/T 4-Song 7” Hit & Run Records 1981 MP3
11:32 AM
Mystery Girls - Ego
Mystery Girls Ego
Side to These Boots Are Made For Walkin' / Ego Casino Records 1983 MP3
11:35 AM
SVT - The Last Word
SVT The Last Word
Heart Of Stone / The Last Word 415 Records 1979 MP3
11:38 AM
The New Vaudeville Band - Winchester Cathedral (Instrumental)
The New Vaudeville Band Winchester Cathedral (Instrumental)
Winchester Cathedral Fontana 1966 MP3 Rock
11:40 AM
The Fall - Touch Sensitive
The Fall Touch Sensitive
The Marshall Suite Artful Records 1999 Rock
11:43 AM
The Fall - Inevitable
The Fall Inevitable
The Marshall Suite Artful Records 1999 Rock
11:47 AM
The Fall - Twister
The Fall Twister
The Frenz Experiment Beggars Banquet 1997
11:53 AM
The Fall - Wise Ol' Man (Edit)
The Fall Wise Ol' Man (Edit)
Wise Ol' Man EP CHERRY RED 2016
Chat is archived.
James (host) 9:02:42 AM
Welcome lover-ly listeners! I'm back.
Heather Grunwald 9:04:04 AM
Happy harmonica! Hi all!
James (host) 9:04:46 AM
Helllo! Blow you harmonica, son. Another incarnation of Mr. Childish.
James (host) 9:06:16 AM
Allison Dick 9:06:55 AM
Good morning
Fred 9:06:57 AM
hey James, I hope you had a great birthday and road trip!
DJ Simon 9:08:14 AM
James (host) 9:08:19 AM
Hello Allison. @ Fred - It was great. A lot of bike riding and hills. Feel much better.
Saginaw 9:08:51 AM
Good morning!
Bradgic 9:09:08 AM
Welcome back James!
James (host) 9:09:24 AM
Saginaw Double Dose
James (host) 9:10:00 AM
@Bradgic the snacks fueled the drive!
Roger Jermyn 9:22:00 AM
Welcome back, James. Hope you had a great celebration of another trip around the sun
James (host) 9:23:35 AM
@ Roger. It was Divine. Yes, cap "D."
Shanti 9:24:23 AM
James (host) 9:30:05 AM
Designer = Peter Corriston
James (host) 9:31:02 AM
Fred 9:31:45 AM
James (host) 9:33:37 AM
@ Fred I'm In TUIT
James (host) 9:35:12 AM
Dam Beavers.
DJ Simon 9:37:18 AM
Thanks for the Racket plug.
James (host) 9:38:04 AM
Thanks for all the songs to pilfer.
James (host) 9:39:02 AM
Hope all enjoyed the classick KOTJ last week. I thought it was a solid effort
DJ Simon 9:39:09 AM
Always an honor to be pilfered.
James (host) 9:41:01 AM
I'm pretty certain many procure from KOTJ
DJ Simon 9:41:15 AM
I know I do.
James (host) 9:41:28 AM
bruckner4 9:41:35 AM
howdy kotj.
James (host) 9:42:29 AM
I totally get this song....or do I not get it
James (host) 9:42:52 AM
b4! It's now after b4.
James (host) 9:48:15 AM
I nabbed this one from Ted on 'MBR
DJ Simon 9:49:26 AM
I'm making a note of this one for my Summer themed show.
James (host) 9:50:34 AM
Trail of absconding
Shanti 9:57:53 AM
James (host) 9:58:06 AM
There's a sample pun in there....
Shanti 9:58:36 AM
Roger Jermyn 10:01:31 AM
The leach scene in "Stand By Me" leaps to mind
Shanti 10:03:28 AM
Salt or a hot knife. Ok.
Roger Jermyn 10:07:10 AM
Pittsburgh keeps coming up for me lately. Several books I have read recently. A good friend of mine runs a Whole Foods in Pittsburgh and was recently talking with him. May need to take a road trip this summer
James (host) 10:10:07 AM
It's worth an exploration. I hear it's awful in the summer.
Roger Jermyn 10:10:57 AM
Maybe the fall then
Shanti 10:12:28 AM
Did you see Amish Farms?
James (host) 10:13:51 AM
Did not. Saw a lot of farms. A lot of yooodge farms.
James (host) 10:16:29 AM
Uncle Ash in MIA 10:18:00 AM
*Rubber Rodeo (bassist?) did the Steven "Eat Some Paste" cartoon
Uncle Ash in MIA 10:19:03 AM
James (host) 10:20:09 AM
Yes. Doug Allen. He and Gary collaborated on Idiotland. On boring road trips/tours with Rubber Rodeo they would draw and create comics, etc.
Uncle Ash in MIA 10:20:13 AM
James (host) 10:20:53 AM
James (host) 10:21:30 AM
@ Uncle...thanks for clearing all that up
Uncle Ash in MIA 10:22:30 AM
*"Steven" was genius
Roger Jermyn 10:28:32 AM
is the lyric in this "Thayer Street"? as in the one in Providence?
James (host) 10:29:56 AM
Boston between Albany and Harrison
Roger Jermyn 10:30:10 AM
James (host) 10:32:49 AM
Bought my weed there for years
Verb Crunch 10:33:40 AM
Roger Jermyn 10:35:05 AM
great tune!
James (host) 10:36:22 AM
Overslept? check out the www.artguy.com/KOTJ.hmtl play and download archive.
James (host) 10:37:19 AM
Saturday 8pm Toiling in Obscurity Live Stream is back! www.mixcloud.com/live/KOTJames
tom siegfried 10:43:12 AM
Rockin’ good show, oasis in VT radio desert...
James (host) 10:44:17 AM
That I learned. Hooray for the internet.
Suzanne White-Kelly 10:45:17 AM
The Dogmatics played their first show on either Thayer or the Rez can't remember which. Great show James!
James (host) 10:47:10 AM
Thanks Suzanne/Wildcat
James (host) 10:48:12 AM
Now Thayer St. isn't the pit it used to be. Where they have/had that silly first friday art walk deal.
James (host) 10:51:07 AM
I don't want to grow up to be a senile delinquent
Roger Jermyn 10:56:01 AM
Stranglers nice
James (host) 10:56:17 AM
Allison Dick 11:00:35 AM
It's funny when u get cut off like that heh
James (host) 11:00:52 AM
i try to work with the bot...but not...
James (host) 11:01:53 AM
"It's not all good!"
James (host) 11:09:51 AM
Roger Jermyn 11:10:07 AM
that was my favorite book as a kid.
Fred White 11:10:27 AM
Loved that book. There is a Disney(?) movie version as well.
Roger Jermyn 11:11:31 AM
currently rereading the progenitor of that book "Walden" as I listen to the show
Fred White 11:11:43 AM
Kind of a "Walden" meets "Home Alone" meets "Swiss Family Robinson"
Roger Jermyn 11:12:12 AM
Allison Dick 11:12:27 AM
ug my friend texts like that. drives me nuts
Roger Jermyn 11:12:30 AM
without that annoying Culkin kid
Fred White 11:14:08 AM
There was a big tree stump behind our garage that I spent a lot of time trying to hollow out
James (host) 11:15:35 AM
The other thing I can't stand...if they ignore my few texts...that's ok...but if I don't get back to them nearly immediately....they get upset. Then also realize...they don't even read the texts sent. Communication is in the toilet. Along with sincerity. Endangered species.
Roger Jermyn 11:16:12 AM
When I was ten I had a paper route. I collected all the tossed Christmas trees along it ad dragged them home to my backyard, creating a "house" . I then collected stones and with some mud built a fireplace in the middle. My parents had a wood stove so matches were easy to get . It is amazing I didn't burn to death
Roger Jermyn 11:17:11 AM
I gave my son a copy of the book when he was old enough to read it
Allison Dick 11:17:14 AM
My friend will text back and forth with me and then disappear and never write back. I don't know if she's actually my friend anymore
James (host) 11:17:20 AM
I had a paper route too. I read that book over and over as a kid dreaming of getting away from f'd home
Allison Dick 11:17:31 AM
what was the book?
James (host) 11:17:54 AM
Roger Jermyn 11:17:57 AM
MY Side Of The Mountain
James (host) 11:18:22 AM
and people don't scroll the chat window....grrrrr. :-))
Allison Dick 11:19:45 AM
ha sorry that was prolly in reference to me....some of have to WORK James ;)
James (host) 11:20:25 AM
The Mountain premise can't fly, at least now. Who would come across a 12 year old living alone in the woods and not report to authorities?
James (host) 11:20:58 AM
I remember work.
Roger Jermyn 11:25:31 AM
work is overrated
tom siegfried 11:26:48 AM
Read that one to my son when we moved to VT...no falcons yet
James (host) 11:26:48 AM
Helps pay for stuff like food and shelter.
James (host) 11:27:51 AM
@ Tom....how often I thought of that book hiking the woods of Wolf Hill...I am now persona non grata there. Realtors don't call back.
Roger Jermyn 11:28:15 AM
"The really efficient laborer will be found not to crowd his day with work, but will saunter to his task surrounded by a wide halo of ease and leisure. " -HDT
tom siegfried 11:32:45 AM
Market still bonkers...for now. My brother lucked in to a spot in Rochester...
James (host) 11:32:53 AM
@ Roger That's pure god.
James (host) 11:34:06 AM
@ Tom YES! Three place interested in sold in days. Also now a lot of contingent sales which was my problem when up there. DIdn't have cash ready to go. But now many contingent on buyer selling. It's all good...right?
James (host) 11:35:43 AM
If VT was for me it would naturally be occurring but seems out of reach.
tom siegfried 11:38:36 AM
Never don’t give up. Seems to take time/luck...we need more delightful misanthropes...
James (host) 11:38:47 AM
I just read about Bill Cosby's prison diet. Trust me. Ya' don't want to know. It's off pudding.
Allison Dick 11:38:56 AM
Allison Dick 11:39:05 AM
James (host) 11:39:06 AM
Now I wonder...why VT?
James (host) 11:39:27 AM
Allison I was going to just text that but felt I should share with all.
Allison Dick 11:39:57 AM
haha ---worth it
Allison Dick 11:41:38 AM
whenever there are red sox games again u can tweet at the organ player at Fenway and he knows how to play a ton of stuff
James (host) 11:43:15 AM
In pandemic he does it from his home. He has a podcast and takes requests
James (host) 11:43:29 AM
James (host) 11:44:04 AM
Today at 4pm his one year anniversary show!!
Barry Hart 11:44:42 AM
Good morning,James and KOTJ followers,hope you’re all having a delightful Friday.Great to hear Rubber Rodeo and the New Vaudeville Band.Happy belated birthday,James and thank you for the leeches advice.Very Sorry to heat about Gary Leib.
Jamie YBN 11:45:08 AM
Great rally song for fenway!!!
James (host) 11:45:42 AM
@ Barry. Always loverly to hear. Appreciate the belated! It was sad to hear about Gary. Talented dude. An obscure toiler, too.
James (host) 11:48:48 AM
@ Jamie...never happened
Jamie YBN 11:49:06 AM
where is that 7th inning show? confused
Allison Dick 11:50:39 AM
On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/7thinningstretch2020
James (host) 11:50:52 AM
Josh Kantor's FB stream live organ music
Jamie YBN 11:51:02 AM
ah, fb live...will tune in!
James (host) 11:52:00 AM
Watch him play with his organ in the privacy of his home
Allison Dick 11:53:51 AM
He played the Best Show theme at Fenway when the WFMU iteration came to an end. and then performed at their live show in Boston----good stuff1
Allison Dick 11:59:38 AM
thanks James!
Roger Jermyn 11:59:57 AM
thanks for a great show. have a good week all