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Maura Dot Com Slash WZBC

Apr 22, 2021 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Maura Johnston

New music and old favorites hand selected by music writer Maura Johnston

Maura Dot Com Slash WZBC
1:00 PM
Juliana Hatfield - Gorgon
Juliana Hatfield Gorgon L N
Blood American Laundromat Records 2021
1:03 PM
Packs - Silvertongue
Packs Silvertongue N
Two Hands Fire Talk 2021 Rock
1:06 PM
Rat Columns - I Can't Live on Love
Rat Columns I Can't Live on Love N
Pacific Kiss Tough Love Records 2021
1:09 PM
Caution - Buy My Life
Caution Buy My Life N
Caution Born Yesterday Records 2021
1:12 PM
Winter - All I Know
Winter All I Know N
All I Know Bar/None Records 2021
1:16 PM
Reymour - De ma Tour (None)
Reymour De ma Tour (None) N
Leviosa Knekelhuis 2021
1:19 PM
Floatie - Shiny
Floatie Shiny N
Voyage Out Exploding In Sound Records 2021 Rock
1:22 PM
Wombo - Dreamsickle
Wombo Dreamsickle N
Situations Fire Talk 2021 Rock
1:24 PM
UV-TV - Distant Lullaby
UV-TV Distant Lullaby N
Always Something PaperCup Music 2021
1:27 PM
Fake Fruit - No Mutuals
Fake Fruit No Mutuals N
Fake Fruit Rocks In Your Head 2021
1:30 PM
Slum Of Legs - RUTHE14ME
Slum Of Legs RUTHE14ME
Slum Of Legs SPURGE 2020
shout out to Zach Lipez's Abundant Living: https://abundant-living.ghost.io/do-you-hear-what-i-hear/
1:35 PM
PONY - Chokecherry
PONY Chokecherry N
TV Baby Take This To Heart 2021 Rock
1:37 PM
Pom Pom Squad - Lux
Pom Pom Squad Lux N
Death of a Cheerleader City Slang 2021
1:39 PM
Squirrel Flower - Hurt A Fly
Squirrel Flower Hurt A Fly N
Planet (i) Polyvinyl Records 2021
1:46 PM
Spread Joy - Unoriginal
Spread Joy Unoriginal N
Spread Joy Feel It Records 2021 Rock
1:48 PM
NON-FICTION Flemish Eye Records 2021
1:52 PM
Dry Cleaning - John Wick
Dry Cleaning John Wick N
New Long Leg 4AD 2021
1:55 PM
Virginia Wing - St. Francis Fountain
Virginia Wing St. Francis Fountain N
private LIFE Fire Records 2021
2:00 PM
English Teacher - R&B
English Teacher R&B N
R&B - Single Nice Swan Recordings 2021
2:02 PM
Mdou Moctar - Afrique Victime (Edit)
Mdou Moctar Afrique Victime (Edit) N
Afrique Victime Matador 2021
2:07 PM
Miss Grit - Impostor
Miss Grit Impostor N
Impostor Miss Grit 2021
2:11 PM
Desperate Journalist - Fault
Desperate Journalist Fault N
Maximum Sorrow! Fierce Panda Records 2021
2:19 PM
Tune-Yards - my neighbor
Tune-Yards my neighbor N
sketchy. 4AD 2021
2:22 PM
Flock of Dimes - Price of Blue
Flock of Dimes Price of Blue N
Head of Roses Sub Pop Records 2021
2:29 PM
The Joy Formidable - Into the Blue (Single Edit)
The Joy Formidable Into the Blue (Single Edit) N
Into the Blue (Single Edit) The Joy Formidable 2021
2:33 PM
The Catenary Wires - Mirrorball
The Catenary Wires Mirrorball N
Birling Gap Skep Wax Records 2021 Rock
2:36 PM
Tracey Thorn - Singles Bar
Tracey Thorn Singles Bar
Love and its Opposite Strange Feeling Records 2010
2:40 PM
The Breeders - The Dirt Eaters
The Breeders The Dirt Eaters N
Bills & Aches & Blues (40 Years of 4AD) 4AD 2021
His Name Is Alive cover.
2:43 PM
Du Blonde - Pull The Plug
Du Blonde Pull The Plug N
Homecoming Daemon T.V 2021
2:46 PM
Hit Like A Girl - Monsters (feat. Bartees Strange)
Hit Like A Girl Monsters (feat. Bartees Strange) N
Monsters (feat. Bartees Strange) Refresh Records 2021
2:51 PM
Dinosaur Jr. - Take It Back
Dinosaur Jr. Take It Back L N
Sweep It Into Space Jagjaguwar 2021
2:57 PM
Lois Maffeo and Brendan Canty - You Love Your Wounds
Lois Maffeo and Brendan Canty You Love Your Wounds
The Union Themes Kill Rock Stars 2000 Rock
Chat is archived.
Maura Johnston (host) 1:04:51 PM
hello hello!
Victoria Johnson 1:08:32 PM
Maura Johnston (host) 1:08:45 PM
HI!! omg
Victoria Johnson 1:08:47 PM
I love the photo of Nuno at the mic
Maura Johnston (host) 1:08:52 PM
me too :)
Maura Johnston (host) 1:09:01 PM
he really needs his own show
Victoria Johnson 1:09:53 PM
Victoria Johnson 1:10:05 PM
what do you think he'd play
Maura Johnston (host) 1:10:52 PM
bird calls and lullabies and the occasional ambient track. also roxy music's 'avalon'
Victoria Johnson 1:11:06 PM
or would be a chat show? would tune in for an hour of meowing and batting at the mic.
Victoria Johnson 1:11:55 PM
cat radio!
Maura Johnston (host) 1:12:41 PM
you'd hear every head butt
Victoria Johnson 1:13:22 PM
Victoria Johnson 1:13:38 PM
do you broadcast from home or are you in the studio?
Maura Johnston (host) 1:14:32 PM
I record at home. Non-students aren't allowed back in the studio yet as far as I know.
Victoria Johnson 1:16:04 PM
Ahhhh, makes sense
Victoria Johnson 1:16:15 PM
well give him a little pat for me when he strolls by
Victoria Johnson 1:17:36 PM
are these all songs that came out this year?
Maura Johnston (host) 1:17:36 PM
I will for sure :)
Victoria Johnson 1:18:22 PM
I've been really struggling to make time for new music so this is excellent
Maura Johnston (host) 1:20:26 PM
It's so daunting! This show makes me focus, which is nice.
Victoria Johnson 1:26:39 PM
yeah! you have such wide ranging and wonderful taste, it's such a treat to be able to enjoy what you program.
Maura Johnston (host) 1:28:59 PM
that means so much :) thank you!!!
Victoria Johnson 1:31:18 PM
Mark Lerner 2:00:07 PM
Victoria Johnson 2:00:19 PM
heading to a meeting but lovely chatting with you, have a great afternoon!
Maura Johnston (host) 2:02:27 PM
Mark Lerner 2:02:35 PM
Maura Johnston (host) 2:02:37 PM
Thanks Vicky <3
Maura Johnston (host) 2:02:40 PM
How's it going!!
Mark Lerner 2:02:55 PM
Dry Cleaning <3
Mark Lerner 2:03:03 PM
Mark Lerner 2:03:16 PM
Maura Johnston (host) 2:04:05 PM
Pretty OK! Putting this show together was definitely a mood booster :)
Mark Lerner 2:04:14 PM
ooh new Mdou Moctar! Maura gets groovy, details at 11.
Maura Johnston (host) 2:05:12 PM
He has a new album out in a month!
Mark Lerner 2:05:50 PM
Back when we had live music shows, they were one of the best.
Mark Lerner 2:06:35 PM
I have a very fun new thing coming out on May 7 i think you will dig.
Mark Lerner 2:08:14 PM
I seem to have lost my ability to write my pretentious chamber music stuff during the pandemic, but I have reconnected with shameless pop songwriting in a big way. Some sort of mid-life crisis.
Maura Johnston (host) 2:12:06 PM
Ooh I am very excited to hear it!!
Mark Lerner 2:14:30 PM
Did you ever hear Dolly Mixture? They somehow escaped my notice all these years and I fell into a deep rabbit hole yesterday.
Maura Johnston (host) 2:49:18 PM
Yes, I like them a lot!
Mark Lerner 2:50:27 PM
I think my deep desire is to be a 17-year-old British girl with charming amateur chops.
Mark Lerner 2:50:42 PM
In like 1981.
Kevin Gross 2:56:49 PM
remarkable to hear anyone covering HNIA
Maura Johnston (host) 2:57:03 PM
@Mark this is a relatable impulse.
Maura Johnston (host) 2:57:25 PM
@Kevin it's from a comp of 4AD artists covering each other: https://4ad.com/news/10/3/2021/billsachesbluescompilation