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Endless Unleaded

Apr 29, 2021 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM


With ScottG

That feeling when you’re driving on an open road, relaxed and indulging yourself in some tunes. Each week, Scooter dishes out some of the best Jazz, R&B, and Indie you’ll be jamming to next time you drive.

Endless Unleaded
12:06 AM
Windy & Carl - Approach/Descend
Windy & Carl Approach/Descend
Portal Blue Flea 1994
12:11 AM
Sauna Youth - Swerve
Sauna Youth Swerve
Deaths MERLIN - Upset The Rhythm 2018
12:13 AM
The Tear Garden - Room With a View
The Tear Garden Room With a View
Tired Eyes Slowly Burning Nettwerk 2009
12:19 AM
Loop - A Vision Stain
Loop A Vision Stain
Fade Out Reactor 2008 Rock
12:30 AM
The Chameleons UK - Soul In Isolation
The Chameleons UK Soul In Isolation
Strange Times Universal Music Ireland Ltd. 1986
12:38 AM
Walter Wegmüller - Die Gerechtigkeit (Remastered)
Walter Wegmüller Die Gerechtigkeit (Remastered)
Tarot (Remastered) Kosmische Kuriere 1973
12:41 AM
Converter - Order/Creature-3 (Remix By Sonar)
Converter Order/Creature-3 (Remix By Sonar)
Expansion Pack 2.0 ant-zen 2005
12:46 AM
Grails - Stray Dog
Grails Stray Dog
Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 1, 2, & 3 Important Records 2007
12:56 AM
Bo Hansson - De Grå Hamnarna
Bo Hansson De Grå Hamnarna
Sagan Om Ringen Silence Records 2011
12:59 AM
Wagon Christ - Boney L
Wagon Christ Boney L
Musipal Ninja Tune 2001