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Kick Out the James!

May 28, 2021 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Kick Out the James!
9:00 AM
Jerry Hanson - Cool, Man!
Jerry Hanson Cool, Man!
Why Not Cha Cha Cha b/w Cool, Man! Colpix Records 1960 MP3
9:04 AM
The Chisel - Chisel Boys
The Chisel Chisel Boys
Deconstructive Surgery - EP La Vida es un Mus Discos 2021 Other
9:07 AM
Native Sun - Off The Dial
Native Sun Off The Dial
Off The Dial / Jesus Grand Jury Music 2021 Other
9:11 AM
Shinner - How Do You Do
Shinner How Do You Do
Split Painter Tapes 2021 Other
9:12 AM
Le Carogne - Rattlesnake
Le Carogne Rattlesnake
Le Carogne Area Pirata Rec 2021 Other
9:14 AM
The Sellwoods - Want Me
The Sellwoods Want Me
Two Stroke Smoke Kafadan Kontak 2019 Other
9:19 AM
Catch as Catch Can - Arround
Catch as Catch Can Arround
Ghost In My House / Arround [Single] Slice of Wax 2021 Other
9:21 AM
Flat Worms - Circle
Flat Worms Circle
The Guest b​/​w Circle Drag City Records 2021 MP3
9:23 AM
Johnny and The Rotten - Foam Party
Johnny and The Rotten Foam Party
Foam Party Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:26 AM
Johnny Mafia - Nail Gun
Johnny Mafia Nail Gun
Sentimental Howlin' Banana Records 2021 Other
9:29 AM
Jerry Hanson - Cool, Man!
Jerry Hanson Cool, Man!
Why Not Cha Cha Cha b/w Cool, Man! Colpix Records 1960 MP3
9:38 AM
Stellatone - All Parasites
Stellatone All Parasites
Stellatone RIP Records 2021 Other
9:41 AM
The Worm Reducer - I Don’t Let You Down
The Worm Reducer I Don’t Let You Down
Top 5 First Date Songs for Shootingstars Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:46 AM
Hot Junk - Give em the Slip
Hot Junk Give em the Slip
Hot Junk - EP Mind Peel Records 2021 Other
9:47 AM
The Dead Ringers - What I See
The Dead Ringers What I See
Sickografy Kafadan Kontak 2019 Other
9:48 AM
Print Head - Sit Around All Day
Print Head Sit Around All Day
Made By Yesterday Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:50 AM
Art Mate - Super Robot vs The City
Art Mate Super Robot vs The City
Beyond The Zero - EP Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:53 AM
Sum Karma - Go Dutch
Sum Karma Go Dutch
Mercury Rx Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:56 AM
The Boom Bang - Spies Like Us
The Boom Bang Spies Like Us
Spies Like Us - Single Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:58 AM
Soft Kill - This Time (Wipers cover)
Soft Kill This Time (Wipers cover)
Not Quite Dracula Music Cercle Social Records 2021 Other
10:00 AM
Jerry Hanson - Cool, Man!
Jerry Hanson Cool, Man!
Why Not Cha Cha Cha b/w Cool, Man! Colpix Records 1960 MP3
10:12 AM
Guided by Voices - Motor Away (7" Version)
Guided by Voices Motor Away (7" Version)
Motor Away/Color Of My Blade Matador 1995 MP3
10:15 AM
Unnatural Axe - Summertime
Unnatural Axe Summertime L
They Saved Hitlers Brain Varulven Hingham MA 1978 MP3
10:21 AM
The Stompers - American Fun
The Stompers American Fun L
The Stompers The Boardwalk Entertainment Co 1983 Other
10:23 AM
Fear - Let's Have a War
Fear Let's Have a War
Fear-The Record Slash US 1982 MP3
10:24 AM
Bob Mould - The War
Bob Mould The War
Blood & Ruin Merge 2014 MP3
10:28 AM
Spizzenergi - Soldier Soldier
Spizzenergi Soldier Soldier
Soldier Soldier/Virginia Plain Rough Trade 1979 MP3 Rock
10:32 AM
Patrol - Unknown Soldiers
Patrol Unknown Soldiers
Unknown Soldiers (Rerelease) Intimidation Records 2000 MP3
10:36 AM
T.S.O.L. - World War III
T.S.O.L. World War III
T.S.O.L. 12" EP Poshboy 1981 MP3 Heavy Metal
10:37 AM
The Dils - Class War
The Dils Class War
198 Seconds of The Dils Dangerhouse 1977 MP3
10:39 AM
Section 25 - Warhead
Section 25 Warhead
Love & Hate Factory 1986 MP3
10:41 AM
Joy Division/Warsaw - They Walked in Line
Joy Division/Warsaw They Walked in Line
Warsaw 1977 MP3
10:43 AM
Tones on Tail - War
Tones on Tail War
Pop Beggars Banquet 1984 MP3
10:48 AM
Mosfets - Power Games  B-Side to The Great War
Mosfets Power Games B-Side to The Great War
The Great War b/w Power Games S&B Music 1982 MP3
10:49 AM
Killing Joke - Wardance
Killing Joke Wardance
Killing Joke Malicious Damage 1980 Rock
10:52 AM
The Tee-Vees - War Machine
The Tee-Vees War Machine
Cherrystones Presents Critical Mass (Splinters From The Worldwide New- Wave, Post-Punk And Industrial Underground 1978 - 1984) Touch Sensitive Records 2015 MP3
10:56 AM
Second Layer - Court or Wars
Second Layer Court or Wars
Flesh As Property - E.P. Tortch Records 1979 MP3
10:59 AM
Jerry Hanson - Cool, Man!
Jerry Hanson Cool, Man!
Why Not Cha Cha Cha b/w Cool, Man! Colpix Records 1960 MP3
11:13 AM
The Black Angels - The First Vietnamese War
The Black Angels The First Vietnamese War
Passover Light in the Attic 2006 MP3 Rock
11:16 AM
Martyr Privates - Yawning War
Martyr Privates Yawning War
Martyr Privates Bedroom Suck 2014 MP3 Rock
11:20 AM
Grant Hart - War in Heaven
Grant Hart War in Heaven
The Argument Domino 2013
11:28 AM
The Pop Group - War Inc.
The Pop Group War Inc.
Honeymoon on Mars Freaks R Us UK 2016 MP3
11:30 AM
Dead Kennedys - Kinky Sex Makes the World Go 'Round
Dead Kennedys Kinky Sex Makes the World Go 'Round
Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death Alternative Tentacles 1987 MP3 Rock
11:33 AM
The Master's Apprentices - War Or Hands Of Time
The Master's Apprentices War Or Hands Of Time
The Masters Apprentices Vol. 2 Astor 1968 MP3
11:39 AM
The Fall - War
The Fall War
Middle Class Revolt Permanent Records 1994 MP3
11:44 AM
The Fall - The War Against Intelligence
The Fall The War Against Intelligence
The Complete Peel Sessions 1978 - 2004 Castle Music 2005 MP3
11:46 AM
The Fall - Mr. Pharmacist
The Fall Mr. Pharmacist
Bend Sinister Beggars Banquet 1986 MP3 Rock
11:49 AM
The Fall - Smile
The Fall Smile
Perverted By Language Rough Trade 1983 MP3 Rock
11:54 AM
The Fall - Can Can Summer
The Fall Can Can Summer
Imperial Wax Solvent Cherry Red Records 2015 MP3
Chat is archived.
James (host) 8:59:51 AM
Hello Good KOTJ people. Welcome.
Pat Irwin (1) 9:05:46 AM
A sigh of relief - summer at the Z!
bruckner4 9:05:51 AM
hello jfk.
Dash_Riprock 9:08:00 AM
Morning folks . 🍀
Pat Irwin (1) 9:08:15 AM
And always, KOTJ, a shot in the arm
Heather Grunwald 9:09:33 AM
Good morning
James (host) 9:09:56 AM
Again it's after b4, chat w/Pat and the mad Dash for some rousing rock.
James (host) 9:11:24 AM
HG - Harmonica time
James (host) 9:11:39 AM
Blow your harmonica, son.
Heather Grunwald 9:13:12 AM
Kevin Polk 9:13:49 AM
James, I think you have the date and year transposed in the link to today's show on your page.
DJ Simon 9:18:30 AM
Howdy folks
James (host) 9:20:28 AM
@ Kevin...why lookie there. Fixed....or at least should be
James (host) 9:22:11 AM
DJS! How's Chloe and her parents doing?
Pat Irwin (1) 9:23:12 AM
Yeah! Haven't heard this ID in ages! :D
Cape Cod 9:24:09 AM
Went back in time to chat while listening this Sunday. Don’t believe the forecasts.
DJ Simon 9:24:31 AM
Chloe's doing well. She just had her breakfast and morning cocktail of pills.
Dash_Riprock 9:25:27 AM
Hi Simon .
DJ Simon 9:26:11 AM
Hiya Dash!
Pat Irwin (1) 9:26:35 AM
Time to put Chloe in the God/dess box. Plenty of room
Cape Cod 9:26:36 AM
Uh oh Chloe.. this must be yer loyal dog. Ours just got Lyme disease (this is JeffB BTW)
DJ Simon 9:27:53 AM
Yep, Chloe the beagle was in the hospital for a couple days this week. I've heard the tics are bad this year.
Cape Cod 9:28:02 AM
Really liked the new Flatworms ..
James (host) 9:28:35 AM
I heard about someone who got the vid and Lyme....Corona and Lyme
Cape Cod 9:28:55 AM
Good luck to Chloe. Do expect her to recover ok?
James (host) 9:29:00 AM
Flat Worms are fantastic. Not one bad release.
DJ Simon 9:29:16 AM
@Jeff - Here's hoping.
James (host) 9:38:20 AM
Emmy!!! @ 1pm after Depress Me Now.
Pat Irwin (1) 9:38:36 AM
Dr Jake makes house calls ("All My Patients Are Under The Bed")
Peter Ireland 9:48:05 AM
hello james! happy to be joining you the old fashioned way this AM
James (host) 9:49:19 AM
Hello Professor. Don't forget Gold Soundz on Mondays at 11am this summer
Dash_Riprock 9:56:05 AM
Morning Peter .
DJ Simon 9:57:10 AM
I'm likin' that Boom Bang.
James (host) 10:00:00 AM
@ DJS...I debated that one. Why is the most debated tracks are the ones I always get approving comments on. Don't question. Rock
James (host) 10:01:17 AM
Check the archive!! www.artguy.com/KOTJ.htm;
Fred White 10:07:09 AM
You sound different today James
Barry Hart 10:10:28 AM
Good morning,James and KOTJ faithful,hope you’re all having a lovely day.Glad to hear you’ll be taking it easy this weekend,James.
James (host) 10:16:42 AM
@ Fred - I was 1.5 mins over so I sped up the show and then changed the pitch of the speaking parts so I didn't sound like I was on helium
James (host) 10:17:01 AM
i never thought it would happen...but yes..I'm playing The Stompers
DJ Simon 10:17:57 AM
I saw them on a booze cruise in 1985.
James (host) 10:18:10 AM
Sorry to hear.
PiGuy 10:20:10 AM
DJS, James heard this on the chat last night but back in '82 the Stompers played a block party @ BU and I had no interest in them but several friends were there when some sort of riot started and the friends were arrested. If it had been any other local band at the time, I would have been there too.
DJ Simon 10:21:41 AM
Jeez, a Stompers show is not the first place I'd expect a riot to break out.
PiGuy 10:23:00 AM
I don't recall what started it as it was daytime but maybe neighbors complained about the noise. I think it was off of Beacon St somewhere.
Kevin Polk 10:23:03 AM
everybody of a certain age saw the stompers at least once in some bar somewhere, it was inevitable no matter how cool you were
Kevin Polk 10:23:23 AM
the kids will have their say
Fred White 10:23:59 AM
That explains a lot James
PiGuy 10:25:25 AM
My most shameful concert regret was seeing HSR at the BU student union and walking out after they played Jackie O. So young and so stupid!
James (host) 10:27:12 AM
@ Pi and others: https://www.nytimes.com/1982/04/25/us/around-the-nation-50-arrested-in-riot-at-boston-rock-concert.html
James (host) 10:27:53 AM
Made the NYT
PiGuy 10:28:09 AM
BTW James I am catching the 'replay' because my daily 10am was canceled and my day has not exploded yet.
James (host) 10:29:22 AM
@ tell them fireworks are the fourth of July...not Memorial Day
Kevin Polk 10:29:35 AM
which is more dangerous, a stompers or a missing foundation concert, discuss...
PiGuy 10:29:42 AM
Thanks for your research KOTJ, you're a regular bloodhound.
James (host) 10:29:48 AM
@ Pi@ tell them fireworks arefor the fourth of July...not Memorial Day
DJ Simon 10:30:01 AM
600 people – that was quite a block party. No wonder the neighbors complained.
DJ Simon 10:30:30 AM
(Or maybe the neighbors weren't digging The Stompers.)
Peter Ireland 10:31:21 AM
number 5 on sal's all-time great moments https://www.bostonglobe.com/arts/music/2015/12/31/sal-baglio-stompers-five-favorite-live-moments/BE95a6sJFJUeP0nzWeX8xK/story.html
Jeff Berlin 10:34:12 AM
i always complain about any party going on I'm not invited to
James (host) 10:34:24 AM
Sal Baglio Documentary" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoNVWUmN6G4&feature=youtu.be
James (host) 10:52:10 AM
Noise is like smoking and flatulence - yours isn't the problem...it's others.
James (host) 10:53:16 AM
"Ever notice how your own farts smell okay?" - George Carlin
James (host) 10:59:27 AM
All that Second Layer info is crap...the playlist is correct
bruckner4 11:01:09 AM
was happily in the car for the gbv. and was coincidentally adding up the numbers...
James (host) 11:01:51 AM
B4 - How'd it all sum up?
James (host) 11:02:41 AM
So far today's show has not been blocked on the mixcloud even though I played five Fall songs.
James (host) 11:03:24 AM
FYI: No Toiling in Obscurity or Kick Out The Oldies this weekend. Back next weekend. Tons of shows on the archive: www.artguy.com/KOTJ.html
Jeff Berlin 11:03:28 AM
Fake liberal media forecast calling for rain. No umbrellas! They don't work anyway.
bruckner4 11:03:29 AM
never been especially good at sums, but just fine.
James (host) 11:04:08 AM
Where ever ya' motor away, there ya' are.
bruckner4 11:05:06 AM
it's a fine kotj tradition.
James (host) 11:05:24 AM
@ Jeff....yeah umbrellas are overrated. I bet more eyes put out by umbrellas than BB guns.
Heather Grunwald 11:08:32 AM
Dash_Riprock 11:12:40 AM
The Axe !
James (host) 11:12:47 AM
YES! Sept. 3....barring any other unfortunateness.
Victor Venckus 11:18:19 AM
This Sat EXPANDING AWARENESS @ 10am will feature a discussion regarding CANNABIS & spirituality Tell the world!
James (host) 11:25:06 AM
"The chemical may give you a sense of expansion within yourself, but it is a false sense of expansion. If you are thinking in terms of, “Well, it gave me a possibility that I saw I can expand,” it may serve that purpose. But once you start doing it, you start lowering your faculties over a period of time. After some time only the drug will be left. " - Sadhguru
James (host) 11:27:32 AM
The use of substances is a quest for something outside oneself to change or alter current reality or feelings. Yet a "god" quest is seen as naive or weak. At least seeking "god" doesn't ruin relationships, endanger the community and lower one's true potential. All required is inside oneself.
Victor Venckus 11:33:17 AM
AUHMMM Were you a fan of PROHIBITION?
Roger 11:34:15 AM
Good show today
James (host) 11:34:26 AM
I think ALL drugs and prostitution should be legal. I am not against personal choice.
bruiser 11:34:57 AM
I'm not sensing any wish for for prohibition in those quotes.
PiGuy 11:35:08 AM
One of my favorite bourbons was allowed to be sold during Prohibition because of its medicinal properties.
James (host) 11:36:20 AM
Drugs can be a moderate choice for occasional enjoyment but when it is habitual or reliant...let me know when that has made someone's life, health and mental state better.
Victor Venckus 11:37:51 AM
How old are you PiGuy
James (host) 11:40:14 AM
@ Bruiser....thumbs up.
PiGuy 11:41:14 AM
VV, not old enough to have bought bourbon during prohibition. I am 359 days younger than KOTJ.
James (host) 11:44:46 AM
Don't forget! Emmy is up at 1pm after Depress Me
James (host) 11:45:28 AM
Carl/Gull is exactly 365 days older than me. We are B-day brothers.
bruiser 11:45:57 AM
I get annoyed with people who ask me why I'm "scared" to get high with them. I have to remind me that their weed will send me into a deep slumber. Sometimes we gals just want to have fun, and sleeping through the party is no fun.
Moles Knows 11:48:23 AM
Another Masterpiece James. Have a great weekend. Loving the new schedule and looking forward to more of the Summer of the Z.
James (host) 11:48:54 AM
I know A LOT of women thru the years that say weed just makes them beyond sleepy. I will also venture to say, from experience, marijuana is addictive. Don't be fooled by psychological addiction. Once the substance is removed all there is psychological, compulsive desire.
James (host) 11:49:22 AM
@ Moles.....awwwww shucks. Always my pleasure!
Victor Venckus 11:51:21 AM
The views & opinions expressed on my program are not neccesarily my own...
James (host) 11:51:54 AM
Thanks again beautiful people for the choice of spending valuable time with a guy like me. A weekly humbling and gift. Be well and have a fine, safe, and Memorable Day weekend.
James (host) 11:53:07 AM
@ Victor....I understand. Passion and outspoken are my assets and simultaneous defects
Victor Venckus 11:54:28 AM
James (host) 11:58:47 AM
Show still not locked out by mixcloud!
James (host) 11:59:36 AM
www.artguy.com/KOTJ.html play download archive