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Gold Soundz

Jun 7, 2021 11:00 AM โ€“ 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Pete

Featuring the very best new ZBC rock, and college radio classics from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

Gold Soundz
11:01 AM
Pavement - Gold Soundz
Pavement Gold Soundz
Crooked Rain Crooked Rain Matador US 1994 CD
11:03 AM
New Order - Thieves Like Us (Instrumental)
New Order Thieves Like Us (Instrumental)
11:04 AM
Reports - Sub Toucher
Reports Sub Toucher L
Dinamo Cambridge Ride the Snake 2011 MP3
11:06 AM
The Breeders - Only in 3's
The Breeders Only in 3's
Pod 4AD 1990
11:08 AM
Treacherous Jaywalkers - Rules
Treacherous Jaywalkers Rules
Earth 1986
11:10 AM
Gang Green - Skate To Hell
Gang Green Skate To Hell
Another Wasted Night Taang! Records 2006 Rock
11:12 AM
Social Distortion - Telling Them
Social Distortion Telling Them
Mommy's Little Monster Universal Music Ireland Ltd. 1982 Rock
11:16 AM
Toylettes - Luftkurort
Toylettes Luftkurort
Spรคtsommer im Luftkurort Bandcamp 2020 Other
11:18 AM
Ponytail - 7 Souls
Ponytail 7 Souls
Ice Cream Spiritual We Are Free 2008
11:23 AM
Disturbed - I Don't Believe
Disturbed I Don't Believe
Soul Jazz Records Presents Punk 45: There Is No Such Thing As Society. Get a Job, Get a Car, Get a Bed, Get Drunk! - Underground P Soul Jazz Records 2014
11:30 AM
Radio Birdman - Anglo Girl Desire
Radio Birdman Anglo Girl Desire
Radios Appear (Black Deluxe) Trafalgar Australia 1977 LP Rock
11:31 AM
Dog Date - Toad
Dog Date Toad
Child's Play MERLIN - Pop Wig 2021
11:34 AM
Broken Social Scene - Pacific Theme
Broken Social Scene Pacific Theme
You Forgot It In People Arts & Crafts 2003 Rock
11:38 AM
Girls Names - Hypnotic Regression
Girls Names Hypnotic Regression
The New Life Tough Love Records 2013 Rock
11:41 AM
No Age - Puzzled
No Age Puzzled
Goons Be Gone Drag City 2020
11:45 AM
SPECTRES - Years of Lead
SPECTRES Years of Lead
Nostalgia Artoffact Records 2020
11:49 AM
Nation of Language - Rush & Fever
Nation of Language Rush & Fever
Introduction, Presence Nation of Language 2020
11:55 AM
LoneLady - Hinterland
LoneLady Hinterland
Hinterland Warp Records 2015
Chat is archived.
Pete (host) 11:00:56 AM
monday schedule is complete! great to have evan back on the z, 10-11am!
KOTJ 11:03:17 AM
Molten Gold
Pete (host) 11:05:55 AM
with all due respect to that great american poet, some things gold do stay
bruckner4 11:06:50 AM
i goldbrick to catch the goldsoundz.
Pete (host) 11:07:10 AM
thanks bruckner!
Dash_Riprock 11:08:49 AM
Morning folks !
Pete (host) 11:08:59 AM
dash thanks for checking in
DJ Simon 11:12:24 AM
Hi Peter!
Pete (host) 11:12:37 AM
hello again dj simon!
KOTJ 11:22:54 AM
Eau du Toylettes
Pete (host) 11:23:06 AM
another great kotj find
Pete (host) 11:23:32 AM
a couple more on the way
bruckner4 11:24:10 AM
"driving tips."
KOTJ 11:25:58 AM
"skunks in the area"
bruckner4 11:27:50 AM
was hoping to hear the old zbc driving tips psa.
Pete (host) 11:27:57 AM
just realized i should have followed this with allen vega or buzzcocks i believe
Pete (host) 11:31:58 AM
bruckner i will look for it
bruckner4 11:34:32 AM
thanks, pete!
Pete (host) 11:56:10 AM
thanks everybody for tuning in! see you next time!