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Kick Out the James!

Jun 18, 2021 9:00 AM β€“ 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Kick Out the James!
9:01 AM
Walter Wanderley - Summer Samba
Walter Wanderley Summer Samba
Rain Forest Verve Records 1966 MP3 Jazz
9:03 AM
Bad Kiss - Gimme Action
Bad Kiss Gimme Action
III Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:06 AM
Sex Mex - Bulldozer
Sex Mex Bulldozer
Johnnie Salami Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:07 AM
Mannequin Pussy - To Lose You
Mannequin Pussy To Lose You
Perfect Epitaph 2021
9:10 AM
A Place to Bury Strangers - I Might Have
A Place to Bury Strangers I Might Have
Hologram - EP Dedstrange 2021 Rock
9:15 AM
Erik Nervous - Over There
Erik Nervous Over There
Bugs​!​! Violent Pest 2021 MP3
9:17 AM
Red Tank! - Blues Jam
Red Tank! Blues Jam
Squalor in the Year of Black Magic (Redux) Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:19 AM
Supermegatonne - Cheap Fuck
Supermegatonne Cheap Fuck
Supermegaland Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:21 AM
During - Big Farmer
During Big Farmer
Birds of Juneau ​/​ Big Farmer - Single Chunklet Industries 2021 Other
9:24 AM
Thee Rag N Bone Man one man band - Covidiot 1984
Thee Rag N Bone Man one man band Covidiot 1984
Expect Resistance Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:27 AM
Hiroshima - Sax On Friday
Hiroshima Sax On Friday
Doble Cara A - Single Family Spree Recordings 2021 Other
9:30 AM
Walter Wanderley - Summer Samba
Walter Wanderley Summer Samba
Rain Forest Verve Records 1966 MP3 Jazz
9:43 AM
REVV - Routine
REVV Routine
Split Tape w/ GDU Squirt Shit Records 2020 MP3
9:44 AM
TJ Cabot - Lemon Punchin
TJ Cabot Lemon Punchin
Dick Charles / Get Ready Get Set .​.​.​.​and more. Squirt Shit Records 2021 Other
9:45 AM
Jumble - Pulp Wave
Jumble Pulp Wave
Lemon Fuzz Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:49 AM
Pigeon - Bad Visions
Pigeon Bad Visions
Deny All Knowledge of Complicity ADAGIO830 2021 Other Rock
9:50 AM
Dartrelles - Trash (New York Dolls cover)
Dartrelles Trash (New York Dolls cover)
Trash b​/​w Sexbeat - Single Sonida Sound Recorders 2021 Other
9:53 AM
ABC Gum - My Wild Life
ABC Gum My Wild Life
The New Arcade Let's Pretend Records 2019 Other
9:55 AM
The Cinks - Where Have All the Good Times Gone  (Kinks cover)
The Cinks Where Have All the Good Times Gone (Kinks cover)
Covid Classics kennel jitters recordings 2021 Other
9:58 AM
Wipeout Beat - Stupid - video version
Wipeout Beat Stupid - video version
No More Nights (Alpha 60) Bandcamp 2021 Other
10:07 AM
Walter Wanderley - Summer Samba
Walter Wanderley Summer Samba
Rain Forest Verve 1966 Jazz
10:16 AM
Think Tree - Hire A Bird
Think Tree Hire A Bird L
Hire A Bird 12" Single Uncle Records 1989 MP3 Rock
10:20 AM
Cxema - Mind
Cxema Mind L
CXEMA 12" D-Fi Records 1989 MP3
10:24 AM
Consolidated - America Number One
Consolidated America Number One
The Myth of Rock Nettwerk 1990 Other Rock
10:28 AM
Young Gods - T.V. Sky
Young Gods T.V. Sky
T.V. Sky Play It Again Sam Records 1992 MP3
10:31 AM
The Grinning Plowmen - Radiator
The Grinning Plowmen Radiator
I Play Jupiter Carlyle 1990 MP3 Rock
10:34 AM
T.C. Matic - O La La
T.C. Matic O La La
S/T Parsley Records 1981 MP3
10:37 AM
The Ex - Pigs and Scales
The Ex Pigs and Scales
Joggers & Smoggers Ex Records 1989
10:42 AM
Swell Maps - Armadillo
Swell Maps Armadillo
Whatever Happens Next... Rough Trade 1981 Other
10:45 AM
Dead Kennedys - Police Truck
Dead Kennedys Police Truck
Holiday In Cambodia/Police Truck/ Optional Music 1980 MP3 Rock
10:46 AM
Naked Raygun - Treason
Naked Raygun Treason
Understand? Quarterstick Records 1989 MP3 Rock
10:51 AM
Jesus Lizard - Mouth Breather
Jesus Lizard Mouth Breather
Goat Touch and Go USA 1991 Other
10:53 AM
Fluid - Our Love Will Still Be There (Troggs cover)
Fluid Our Love Will Still Be There (Troggs cover)
Glue Sub Pop 1990 Other
10:58 AM
Trotsky Icepick - Astronomer
Trotsky Icepick Astronomer
El Kabong SST 1989 Other Rock
11:00 AM
Walter Wanderley - Summer Samba
Walter Wanderley Summer Samba
Rain Forest Verve Records 1966 MP3 Jazz
11:14 AM
Archers of Loaf - Web in Front
Archers of Loaf Web in Front
Icky Mettle Alias 1993 MP3
11:17 AM
Dogbowl - Girl With the Pelican Hair
Dogbowl Girl With the Pelican Hair
Tit! A Rock Opera Shimmy Disc 1988 Other
11:20 AM
The Brood - Cry
The Brood Cry L
In Spite Of It All Skyclad 1988 MP3
11:23 AM
The Wedding Present - Kennedy
The Wedding Present Kennedy
Bizarro RCA 1989 Other Rock
11:27 AM
Pylon - Feast on My Heart
Pylon Feast on My Heart
Gyrate DB 1980 MP3 Rock
11:29 AM
The Atlantics - Lonleyhearts
The Atlantics Lonleyhearts L
Can't Wait Forever/Lonelyhearts Alltime Records 1980 MP3
11:34 AM
Walter Wanderley - Summer Samba
Walter Wanderley Summer Samba
Rain Forest Verve Records 1966 MP3 Jazz
11:43 AM
The Fall - Lay of the Land
The Fall Lay of the Land
The Wonderful and Frightening World of... Beggars Banquet 1984 MP3 Rock
11:48 AM
The Fall - Fantastic Life
The Fall Fantastic Life
Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul/Fantastic Life Kamera Records 1981 MP3 Rock
11:55 AM
The Fall - Anecdotes + Antidotes In B#
The Fall Anecdotes + Antidotes In B#
The Marshall Suite Artful Records 1999 MP3
12:00 PM
Walter Wanderley - Summer Samba
Walter Wanderley Summer Samba
Rain Forest Verve Records 1966 MP3 Jazz
Chat is archived.
James (host) 9:00:57 AM
Good morning beautiful people of the KOTJ-sphere.
Saginaw 9:01:40 AM
Good morning!
James (host) 9:02:26 AM
So nice to have "hear" twice
DJ Simon 9:03:16 AM
Gimme some rawk.
James (host) 9:03:30 AM
Comin' up!
bruckner4 9:05:05 AM
good morning!
James (host) 9:07:29 AM
DJS, b4.πŸ™πŸ»βœŠπŸ»πŸ€˜πŸ»
Heather Grunwald 9:08:41 AM
Hello everyone!
James (host) 9:08:43 AM
Perfect by Mannequin Pussy not Mannequin by Perfect Pussy
James (host) 9:09:28 AM
Hello HG
James (host) 9:18:59 AM
Today. Bandcamp's second annual Juneteenth fundraiser, where we donate 100% of our share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to support their ongoing efforts to promote racial justice through litigation, advocacy, and public education.
Dash_Riprock 9:19:48 AM
Morning citizens of Earth 🌎 . Apologies for being late for class .
James (host) 9:20:34 AM
No Mad Dash to KOTJ?
Dash_Riprock 9:22:00 AM
Sorry Professor James . Couldn’t get my humble , handsome ass of bed today .
bruckner4 9:22:43 AM
love the big pharma.
James (host) 9:22:58 AM
The ripping rock will work miracles
Verb Crunch 9:23:32 AM
Where the hell did i put that roll of duct tape?
James (host) 9:23:40 AM
James (host) 9:25:01 AM
@ Verb...didn't tape somewhere? I hear duct tape works great on duct tape.
James (host) 9:28:15 AM
Nothin' like a little mornin' sax to get ya' up.
James (host) 9:29:54 AM
James (host) 9:41:21 AM
Saturday 8pm Toiling in Obscurity w/James - www.mixcloud.com/live/KOTJames
James (host) 9:43:03 AM
Can find three latest radio shows and all the pandemicasts @ www.artguy.com/KOTJ.html
DJ Simon 9:43:38 AM
That reminded me of Grinding Halt.
James (host) 9:45:22 AM
Either it's deja vu or delayed echo but I believe same mention of Revv on Toiling when played
James (host) 9:46:54 AM
Today's Jumble: mlneo zufz
Stephanie Brown 9:53:47 AM
Stephanie Brown 9:54:19 AM
Mainly Low.
James (host) 9:54:24 AM
Now pronounced - Wholefoods
Stephanie Brown 9:54:51 AM
Amazon Foods
Andrew Herman (1) 9:56:30 AM
Howdy KOTJ world!
James (host) 9:57:10 AM
Hello. The "good" times are here.
Andrew Herman (1) 9:57:23 AM
They sure are, lol
Stephanie Brown 9:57:59 AM
Ironically the good are here.
Stephanie Brown 9:58:43 AM
Good Times
PiGuy 9:58:58 AM
Must have missed this cover last night when I popped in to Burlington Shaws for two things and then walked out when I saw massive crowds buying bottled water. No Covid, no problem. eColi, that's another story.
Stephanie Brown 10:00:39 AM
Excellent hand picked music!
James (host) 10:01:09 AM
Mmmmm - Ecol-Pi
James (host) 10:02:26 AM
"If annoying means good."
Stephanie Brown 10:04:12 AM
Sleep studies to see how you fail?
Verb Crunch 10:05:30 AM
Time shifting is a super power
Fred 10:05:59 AM
Hi All, I've been hearing a lot about the new Sparks Brothers documentary on public radio. Ever heard of them? I checked them out on YouTube, they seem borderline Spinal Tap ie way too self absorbed
James (host) 10:09:32 AM
I've seen some hype of Sparks documentary and being one of the greatest rock docs ever. Sparks are a staple of early punk.
Stephanie Brown 10:11:10 AM
Animal Wisdom
James (host) 10:11:27 AM
James (host) 10:13:15 AM
Super classic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimono_My_House
PiGuy 10:13:49 AM
@Fred, Sparks have been around for about 50 years now and have a dedicated fan base. If they seem self absorbed, it's part of their act. Seen them a couple of times. Entertaining but you have to buy in to their vision. Many great albums over the years.
Fred 10:14:24 AM
Thanks! 40+ years of listening to punk and somehow missed Sparks
James (host) 10:14:26 AM
Again: Any Bandcamp purchase today. BC gives their cut to the NAACP Defense Fund.
Verb Crunch 10:14:43 AM
"Kimono My House" was a favorite album when i was a teenager. Bought it the cutout bin cheap after hearing "Amateur Hour" on a Montreal Top 40 radio station.
James (host) 10:15:18 AM
I think Sparks had great influence on Kraftwerk persona
Verb Crunch 10:16:15 AM
I'm so happy they're still putting out fun new music. They formed in 1967 !?
PiGuy 10:17:14 AM
Maybe one day, either of you, James or Jeff could do a whole show of stuff you got from a cutout bin. For those old enough to know what a cutout bin is.
James (host) 10:17:33 AM
Always debate when I've played Metaphors by Sparks. I think great. Many find annoying.
James (host) 10:18:06 AM
@ Pi....that's worth exploring.
PiGuy 10:18:27 AM
Wiki says '71 for Sparks forming.
Stephanie Brown 10:18:30 AM
It’s both.
Verb Crunch 10:18:52 AM
PiGuy - the other incredible album I found in the cutout bin was "You" by Gong. Meanwhile, weren't Think Tree members behind Tremont Ale ? Early local craft brew before the current explosion of crafties
PiGuy 10:19:36 AM
Almost asked what everyone's favorite Sparks song is. Metaphors is right up there for me.
Verb Crunch 10:19:49 AM
This says Sparks formed in '67.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sparks_(band)
PiGuy 10:20:28 AM
Love when Wikis compete. I do remember Tremont Ale, it was good.
Stephanie Brown 10:21:30 AM
Verb Crunch 10:22:53 AM
My favorite Sparks by far is still "Kimono My House". Many songs on that album I regard as their creative peak still sound vibrant today.
James (host) 10:23:31 AM
Sparks last played Jan 16 2021 Toiling in Obscurity "Falling in Love With Myself Again"
Stephanie Brown 10:24:25 AM
1989-5/8/89 Entered 12 Step Recovery.
Stephanie Brown 10:25:12 AM
New birth!
PiGuy 10:25:50 AM
I just remember when #1 in heaven came out and the disco folks couldn't decide if they could like it or not. I considered it an homage and a parody.
James (host) 10:25:54 AM
Fantastic. I say thrice born...Actual, leaving home, Jan 2012.
James (host) 10:26:23 AM
Number one in heaven was used by Jeff in the Howard Hughes ZBC ID?
PiGuy 10:26:48 AM
I do remember that ID.
bruckner4 10:26:50 AM
Ned Beatty, rip.
James (host) 10:27:21 AM
When did Mr. Beatty die?
bruckner4 10:27:43 AM
last week.
James (host) 10:29:03 AM
Did not know with self-imposed news media ban now past 2.5 years
bruckner4 10:31:11 AM
had a great scene in "network."
Stephanie Brown 10:31:18 AM
News media ban. do you wish you started much sooner?
James (host) 10:31:30 AM
Yes. Sampled in the Consolidated
James (host) 10:32:57 AM
Yes. I wish I started the news band when I began the social media ban....that's nearly seven years... like the forced and self-imposed other ban.
Stephanie Brown 10:34:32 AM
Self imposed bans are perhaps most liberating!
James (host) 10:37:40 AM
Acceptance is the key to liberation.
Fred 10:37:51 AM
what's the reason for the news ban?
Verb Crunch 10:38:09 AM
TC Matik cool pick! Recognized it away from screens
James (host) 10:40:58 AM
Serenity/Sanity...anxiety reduction. Trump was right. Fake news. It's all hyped drama and fear to sell ad time. Network was right. News is entertainment now. Like shopping is considered a hobby or entertainment.
Stephanie Brown 10:41:02 AM
60s & some 70s freedom of sex and drugs didn’t necessarily work out. Now a new generation will try?
James (host) 10:41:40 AM
No more chasing or grasping. Everything is as it should be. Relax.
James (host) 10:42:58 AM
Filling holes.
Fred 10:48:19 AM
Interesting, thanks. I agree with most of what you say. I just can't imagine tuning out what is going on in the world completely. I check the news at most 1-2 times per day and that seems to work for me just fine. I don't like everything but I don't feel a lot of anxiety about it, because I'm very privileged to be largely insulated.
DJ Carbo 10:48:58 AM
James (host) 10:49:31 AM
Carbo! It's a full-on rocker
James (host) 10:50:05 AM
"...unless I accept life completely on life’s terms, I cannot be happy. I need to concentrate not so much on what needs to be changed in the world as on what needs to be changed in me and in my attitudes"
Verb Crunch 10:52:09 AM
Competently consuming news in the USA requires analytical thinking. But if you don't learn what's going on outside of your bubble, you will remain in it.
DJ Simon 10:52:54 AM
I get all of my news from The Onion.
Fred 10:52:59 AM
Certainly might be necessary for some, which I completely respect, but not a great model in general. For example, I don't think there would have been a civil rights movement without news.
Fred 10:53:38 AM
and I believe social media was central to the BLM movement
Verb Crunch 10:53:57 AM
My daughter is 16 (she was on ZBC Thurs AM) she and all her friends are very much into BLM and Pride. Thanks to news.
Verb Crunch 10:54:34 AM
George Floyd was the catalyst.
Fred 10:55:27 AM
@Verb wasn't BLM a pretty big movement pre Floyd?
Stephanie Brown 10:55:37 AM
Acceptance and Change=Resilience
James (host) 10:56:13 AM
Fred...I respectfully disagree while agreeing. But like Zappa said....it makes...like the daughter trend cycles...fire in the heart is the best catalyst. Word of mouth is beyond hype and trend propogated by news and mega-corps using floyd and pride as a means. As Zappa also said...once it's being marketed to you...it's dead. It's a heartless trend cycle
Dash_Riprock 10:56:55 AM
James (host) 10:57:36 AM
They have a protest. I want a protest. Look I'm at a protest with all my friends (Insta/FB/Snap)
Verb Crunch 10:57:50 AM
@Fred - it was. But white teenage girls weren't out organizing and protesting on behalf of BLM. I haven't seen young people this engaged in world affairs since VietNam
Stephanie Brown 10:58:20 AM
Social media news can be a double edged sword running towards each other.
Fred 10:59:10 AM
I believe protest can lead to positive change so if someone wants to post a selfie, good for them.
James (host) 10:59:17 AM
Yes. Social media spreads the word but it's consumption as much as heart.
Fred 10:59:27 AM
@Verb, got it, thanks for explaining
Verb Crunch 10:59:34 AM
Damaged Goods used for marketing. Does that mean you can't play Gang of Four any more? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfpaRpppOwg
James (host) 11:00:15 AM
Andy Gill is rolling in his grave.
James (host) 11:01:33 AM
"All the conveniences we've demanded are now mandatory." - Jello
Verb Crunch 11:01:57 AM
Your quest to elude marketers turns you into a marketing category.
Verb Crunch 11:03:44 AM
Social movements, music, culture, health.. Nothing is sacred. But it's not the fault of BLM or holistic health practicioners that marketers leech off their popularity to sell you something. It doesn't diminish the value.
Verb Crunch 11:04:13 AM
In short - I'm still gonna play Gang of Four.
Moles Knows 11:05:21 AM
Great set. Yore dropping the real El Kabombs as usual.
Jamie YBN 11:05:30 AM
listening live now, but I've been mp3.ing lately... just wanted to say the second set last week was incredible. it ascended to absolute James kicking height. played it twice yesterday, first on the earbuds then on a speaker. I'm sure DJ Simon loved it's raquetnessie moments!
James (host) 11:09:21 AM
@ Awwwwwwr. Heart warmed and brimming
James (host) 11:11:21 AM
Adam pertaining to Think Tree opening for consolidated on some European dates.
James (host) 11:11:46 AM
Fred 11:11:54 AM
here's one of my favorite new stories including my mom, Cele Meyer, who was dragged out of Dennis Hastert's office in 2002 to protest the Iraq war (too bad the picture of her being carried out by police isn't online): http://www.dupagepeacethroughjustice.org/cn020927.html
Pat Irwin (1) 11:14:37 AM
Apple now using "Mind Your Own Business". Is nothing sacred?!
Stephanie Brown 11:15:27 AM
Track blasts from the past.
James (host) 11:15:46 AM
Any different than Nike exploiting george floyd while exploiting poor children and nations?
Stephanie Brown 11:16:22 AM
All I ever wanted was to be your spine.
James (host) 11:16:34 AM
To keep the brand it's now necessary to pander to the trend cycle.
James (host) 11:18:37 AM
If mega corp doesn't pander and play into the PC social trend it's as though they don't care. When they may "care" but care most about loss of market share.
James (host) 11:25:12 AM
As I told a student in a mentoring program, and thus was "brought up" to admins for saying, "A fork is a great tool. In the wrong hands, it's a weapon." That's universal.
PiGuy 11:31:22 AM
Glad I got to hear that segue twice.
James (host) 11:31:38 AM
Jamie YBN 11:36:04 AM
miss the early part of the show, I'll put the chat in context later!
James (host) 11:36:41 AM
This chat today makes me miss live interaction via the radio waves.
Victor Venckus 11:36:47 AM
Love them oldies being one myself. This Sat on EX AWARENESS @10 I deviver a program regarding DREAM INTERPETATION.
James (host) 11:37:53 AM
Kick Out the Oldies w/James 8pm Sundays Live stream www.mixcloud.com/live/KOTJames and on the www.artguy.com/KOTJ.html archive
Fred 11:38:09 AM
Nike is highly flawed but I'm still glad if they promote the importance of George Floyd's murder. Yes, capitalism is messy. I'm also far from perfect but I do believe corporations should be held to a higher standard.
James (host) 11:38:52 AM
I agree. That's the Narcissism of Small Differences.
Verb Crunch 11:40:47 AM
Nike used Colin Kaepernick for ads. Conservatives: "Boycott Nike"
Verb Crunch 11:40:57 AM
Nike sales: skyrocketed
James (host) 11:41:23 AM
."..acceptance has taught me that there is a bit of good in the worst of us and a bit of bad in the best of us; that we are all children of G-- and we each have a right to be here. When I complain about me or about you, I am complaining about God’s handiwork. I am saying that I know better than G--."
Fred 11:42:20 AM
At least Nike paid Kapernick which is better than the NFL which black balled him
James (host) 11:42:23 AM
Meanwhile...to keep the prices as low as we demand they exploit children. It's all complex. We got here for our wants
Fred 11:45:04 AM
The corporations want you to think you are responsible. I believe the corporations and their bought politicians are responsible.
Verb Crunch 11:45:30 AM
"When they may "care" but care most about loss of market share." my 16 yr old expressed that sentiment, she sees right through media objectives and methodology. But still consumes.
Verb Crunch 11:46:50 AM
it was in response to a "feel good" marketing campaign "Dad they're just taking advantage of a situation"..
Fred 11:47:56 AM
no one will be revered for their Nike Jordans
James (host) 11:50:30 AM
@ Verb That is good to hear. Yes we have to consume. The parameters are set. As the song said..."It's too late to turn back now. I believe I've fallen in love."
James (host) 11:56:14 AM
Thanks for the spirited indulgence and humbling choice to spend time with a guy like me. The time has sped by. You're the best.
Verb Crunch 12:00:31 PM
Great show today!