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Abstract Terrain

Jun 22, 2021 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Patrick

Abstract Terrain is a weekly radio program dedicated to its audience hungry for new and different sounds not typically available in abundance in any other radio format. Abstract Terrain music couples the abstract with the obscure for something which is true to what No Commercial Potential is all about. Abstract Terrain's audience questions what is considered music, going beyond the bounds of sound in all of its multi-faceted meaning.

Abstract Terrain
7:00 PM
Interstellar Funk - Seasonshore Sequences
Interstellar Funk Seasonshore Sequences
Scores III - EP Dekmantel 2021
7:13 PM
Guenter Råler - Ecotone
Guenter Råler Ecotone
Scores III - EP Dekmantel 2021
7:27 PM
Hélène Vogelsinger - Ceremony
Hélène Vogelsinger Ceremony
Reminiscence Modularfield 2021
7:35 PM
Hélène Vogelsinger - Reminiscence
Hélène Vogelsinger Reminiscence
Reminiscence - Single Modularfield 2021
7:44 PM
Hélène Vogelsinger - Apparition
Hélène Vogelsinger Apparition
Reminiscence Modularfield 2021
7:50 PM
Focus on the Breath - Unfold pt.1 & 2
Focus on the Breath Unfold pt.1 & 2
Unfold Rohs! Records 2021
8:34 PM
Tuluum Shimmering - Marquee Moon
Tuluum Shimmering Marquee Moon
Marquee Moon Tuluum Shimmering Self Released 2021
9:09 PM
Demdike Stare - Side A & B
Demdike Stare Side A & B
Drum Machines DDS 2021
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Verb Crunch 7:44:26 PM
completely tripping out to this Hélène Vogelsinge song..
Verb Crunch 7:44:51 PM
Listening over FM air signal is really clear tonight
Patrick (host) 7:46:56 PM