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Gold Soundz

Jul 5, 2021 11:00 AM ÔÇô 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Pete

Featuring the very best new ZBC rock, and college radio classics from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

Gold Soundz
11:02 AM
New Order - Procession
New Order Procession
Movement [Collector's Edition] Rhino/Warner Bros. 2008 Rock
11:04 AM
Abe Vigoda - Repeating Angel
Abe Vigoda Repeating Angel
Crush Post Present Medium 2010
11:10 AM
Silverbacks - Klub Silberr├╝cken
Silverbacks Klub Silberr├╝cken
Fad Central Tones Records 2020
11:15 AM
Brian Eno - 2/2
Brian Eno 2/2
Ambient 1: Music for Airports EMI Marketing USA, www.virginrecords.com/, info@atorecords.com 2004 MP3 Rock
11:17 AM
Ghoulies - American Stu-ty
Ghoulies American Stu-ty
Reprogram Goodbye Boozy Records 2021 Other Rock
11:19 AM
Mitraille - Cancelled
Mitraille Cancelled
Schroofhofd Ronny Rex 2020 Other
11:20 AM
Moth - Modern Madness
Moth Modern Madness
Modern Madness Marthouse Records 2020
11:24 AM
The Scaners - Run DD Run Remix
The Scaners Run DD Run Remix
2020 Proto Demos and Quarantine Remixes
11:26 AM
Chemical Bank - The Inconsistent
Chemical Bank The Inconsistent
Lungbones Vol. 1
11:29 AM
Kinski - Flight Risk
Kinski Flight Risk
7 (Or 8) Kill Rock Stars USA, www.killrockstars.com 2015 MP3 Rock
11:33 AM
Brian Eno - 1/1
Brian Eno 1/1
Ambient 1: Music for Airports EMI Marketing USA, www.virginrecords.com/, info@atorecords.com 2004 MP3 Rock
11:35 AM
MothMom - Who is it?
MothMom Who is it?
How to Cut Your Losses 1934655 Records DK 2021
11:38 AM
School Damage - Assimilate
School Damage Assimilate
A to X Chapter Music 2018
11:41 AM
Kitner - Yer Memory
Kitner Yer Memory
Stay Sad Kitner 2015
11:44 AM
Squeeze - Black Coffee In Bed
Squeeze Black Coffee In Bed
Singles - 45's And Under A&M 1989 Rock
11:50 AM
Mannequin Pussy - To Lose You
Mannequin Pussy To Lose You
Perfect Epitaph 2021
11:54 AM
Broken Social Scene - Love and Mathematics
Broken Social Scene Love and Mathematics
Feel Good Lost Arts & Crafts Mexico 2004 CD Rock
11:55 AM
Madeira - Come on Thru
Madeira Come on Thru
Bad Humors - EP Carpark Records 2016
Chat is archived.
Pete (host) 11:00:56 AM
nice to hear that old cornershop song again! now for some more gold ...
Saginaw 11:05:14 AM
Good morning
DJ Simon 11:05:48 AM
Hello, Pete! Hi, Saginaw!
Saginaw 11:06:15 AM
Hello, DJS
Pete (host) 11:06:19 AM
hello saginaw! thanks for coming back dj simon!
KOTJ 11:06:37 AM
Hello Peter and folks. Not once but twice.
Saginaw 11:06:53 AM
Hello, KOTJ
bruckner4 11:07:31 AM
zoundz, it's gold soundz!
Pete (host) 11:07:47 AM
thanks for checking in bruckner!
KOTJ 11:07:52 AM
Pete (host) 11:08:01 AM
james, as always, an honor to have you here
KOTJ 11:17:10 AM
Awwwr, shucks.
KOTJ 11:17:54 AM
I think I got Ghoulies from Infernal Racket
Pete (host) 11:18:46 AM
yes could be
DJ Simon 11:26:07 AM
This is a kickin' Scaners tune.
Pete (host) 11:26:19 AM
it is!
DJ Simon 11:27:42 AM
I don't think I knew about last year's demos and remixes release. Will have to check that out.
Pete (host) 11:29:45 AM
Pete (host) 11:29:49 AM
price is right
DJ Simon 11:30:14 AM
Sure is!
Jeff Berlin 11:33:18 AM
forgot it's MONDAY ! "Alexa play WZBC" yielded the voice of Peter Ireland backselling songs I missed. Enjoying loud since. Dammit sorry I missed the Infernal Racket broadcast DJS.. will time shift..
Pete (host) 11:34:16 AM
thanks for tuning in jeff!
Pete (host) 11:57:07 AM
thanks for tuning in/checking in! until next time ..
DJ Simon 11:57:43 AM
Thanks for the Gold Soundz, Pete!
Jeff Berlin 12:00:15 PM
enjoyed thanks Pete !