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Gold Soundz

Jul 12, 2021 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Pete

Featuring the very best new ZBC rock, and college radio classics from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

Gold Soundz
11:01 AM
Suck - Suk
Suck Suk
Frog - EP La Pochette Surprise Records 2019 Rock
11:02 AM
PJ Harvey - Missed
PJ Harvey Missed
Rid Of Me Universal Music Ireland Ltd. 1993 Rock
11:07 AM
Dressy Bessy - What Do I Get?
Dressy Bessy What Do I Get?
Fast Faster Disaster Yep Roc Records 2019
11:10 AM
Pip Blom - The Shed
Pip Blom The Shed
Paycheck Persona Non Grata 2018
11:13 AM
Supergrass - She's So Loose
Supergrass She's So Loose
I Should Coco Parlophone UK 1995 Rock
11:17 AM
Justus Köhncke - Give it To Me Easy
Justus Köhncke Give it To Me Easy
V/A Kompakt Total 10 Kompakt Germany, kompakt.de 2009 MP3
11:19 AM
Bad Kiss - No Sleep
Bad Kiss No Sleep
III - EP Bandcamp 2021 Other
11:21 AM
The Harry Anslingers - Testimony
The Harry Anslingers Testimony
Go Tranquility Base It´s Eleven Records 2021 Other
11:24 AM
The Celetoids - Light Beam
The Celetoids Light Beam
Optic Nerve (4-song EP) downtownrecords 2020 Other
11:26 AM
Ruben Riley - Bricks
Ruben Riley Bricks
Nystagmus - EP Ruben Riley 2020
11:30 AM
Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
Killing Joke Love Like Blood
Laugh? I Nearly Bought One! EG Records UK 1992 CD Rock
11:35 AM
LIIEK - Fitted and Lost
LIIEK Fitted and Lost
7" MANGEL Records 2020
11:39 AM
The Men - Settle Me Down
The Men Settle Me Down
Tomorrow's Hits Sacred Bones Records 2014 MP3 Rock
11:47 AM
american poetry club - crush the flowers
american poetry club crush the flowers
v/a 1980 something heavenly creature
11:48 AM
The Dole - New Wave Love
The Dole New Wave Love
Action Time Vision (A Story Of Independent UK Punk 1976-1979) Cherry Red Records 2016 Rock
11:51 AM
Control Top - Straight Jackets
Control Top Straight Jackets
Covert Contracts Get Better 2019
11:54 AM
Cherry Cheeks - No Ticket
Cherry Cheeks No Ticket
No Ticket 1915866 Records DK 2020
11:57 AM
Apparat - Aracadia
Apparat Aracadia
Walls BPitch Control Germany, www.bpitchcontrol.de 2007 CD Rock
11:58 AM
Blockhead - The Music Scene
Blockhead The Music Scene
The Music Scene MERLIN - Ninja Tune 2009
Chat is archived.
Pete (host) 11:00:53 AM
time once again for the gold sounds!
bruckner4 11:02:38 AM
i'm ready to go back, pete.
Pete (host) 11:02:47 AM
thanks bruckner!
KOTJ 11:04:36 AM
Hello Pete. Listening while organizing old early me on Z cassettes to digitize for the away in VT series. Found my original T-Shirt show cassette
Pete (host) 11:04:59 AM
nice! really looking forward to the 1992 reprise
Pete (host) 11:07:52 AM
by coincidece, another what do i get song
Pete (host) 11:08:04 AM
PiGuy 11:09:46 AM
What we all get is pure gold apparently. Good morning, glad that for once I can listen in w/o work interfering.
Pete (host) 11:10:00 AM
thanks pi!
Dash_Riprock 11:10:38 AM
Morning Pete , James , Bruckner , and Pi .
Pete (host) 11:11:00 AM
dash thanks for checking in!
bruckner4 11:11:46 AM
Nick Benevenia 11:18:52 AM
morning pete!
Pete (host) 11:19:17 AM
nick -- thanks for tuning in!
Pete (host) 11:20:07 AM
outstanding backing vocals on this one
Pete (host) 11:29:04 AM
outstanding flute solo here
KOTJ 11:29:47 AM
More like 89, 90, 91 reprise. Also some Dave Pierre show tapes.
Pete (host) 11:30:19 AM
even better!
KOTJ 11:30:23 AM
That Ruben Riley album is quiet good
Pete (host) 11:30:35 AM
yes agreed
Pete (host) 11:30:57 AM
harry anslingers too, though the space theme is a bit goofy
KOTJ 11:31:42 AM
agree on the goofy but I got some good sample to use KOTJ
Bradgic 11:32:05 AM
Killing Joke! Nice! I heard awhile back that those 3 intro notes are the most used notes in pop music.
Pete (host) 11:33:16 AM
bradgic i think you're right!
KOTJ 11:36:26 AM
What notes are those D-C-G?
Pete (host) 11:37:21 AM
C D A?
Pete (host) 11:38:28 AM
i don't know -- will have to try it out later.
Bradgic 11:43:21 AM
Sounds like G A# F to me. But yeah, those notes in that order. Course whoever told me that could be blowing smoke up my skirt. I thought I remembered hearing it in a few other instances after that.
PiGuy 11:56:04 AM
Didn't GAF make the Viewmaster. back in the day?
Pete (host) 11:57:18 AM
yes! proving his point i guess
Pete (host) 11:58:07 AM
thanks everyone for tuning in & checking in!
Bradgic 11:58:25 AM
Oh wow PiGuy... you may be on to something!
Bradgic 11:58:34 AM
Thanks for the great show Pete!
PiGuy 11:59:47 AM
Was Henry Fonda the spokesman for GAF? Hear his voice in my head saying GeeAF.
Richard Weinfeld 12:00:01 PM
Pure gold