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Kick Out the James!

Jul 30, 2021 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Kick Out the James!
9:00 AM
Jerry Hanson - Cool, Man!
Jerry Hanson Cool, Man!
Why Not Cha Cha Cha b/w Cool, Man! Colpix Records 1960 MP3
9:09 AM
Dog Heaven - Dog Heaven
Dog Heaven Dog Heaven
(There Is Only) Dog Heaven Everything Sucks Music 2021 Other
9:10 AM
Drizzle - Cat's in the Bag
Drizzle Cat's in the Bag
Drizzle (the red one with a skull on it) Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:12 AM
Mononegatives - Stilted Entrance
Mononegatives Stilted Entrance
Apparatus Division Big Neck Records 2021 Other
9:14 AM
Valley Gals - Life Is an Endless Parade of Things I Cannot Have
Valley Gals Life Is an Endless Parade of Things I Cannot Have
Snake Oil Salesman RIP Records 2021 Other
9:19 AM
The Ravages - The Way That I Ams
The Ravages The Way That I Ams
The Ravages Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:20 AM
Josie Speaker - Dead Head
Josie Speaker Dead Head
Hard Contrast Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:22 AM
The Courettes - Shiver
The Courettes Shiver
Here We Are The Courettes Damaged Goods Records 2021 Other
9:24 AM
Nick Jagger - Nuclear Bomb (The Spits cover)
Nick Jagger Nuclear Bomb (The Spits cover)
Nuclear Party! with The Spits Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:24 AM
Spielo - Sparschwein
Spielo Sparschwein
Demo Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:28 AM
Smirk - Irrelevant Man
Smirk Irrelevant Man
S​/​T LP Twintoe Records 2021 Other
9:31 AM
The Q-Tips - Shut Your Face
The Q-Tips Shut Your Face
There Are Those Who Drill Violently​! Slovenly Recordings 2021 Other
9:36 AM
Jerry Hanson - Cool, Man!
Jerry Hanson Cool, Man!
Why Not Cha Cha Cha b/w Cool, Man! Colpix Records 1960 MP3
9:43 AM
the Yummy Mouths - Ugh!
the Yummy Mouths Ugh!
Ugh! - EP FONS Records 2021 Other Rock
9:48 AM
The Lipschitz - Squabble
The Lipschitz Squabble
Chevron Bandcamp 2021 Other Rock
9:49 AM
Lysol - Can't Win
Lysol Can't Win
Soup for My Family Feel It Records 2021 Other
9:53 AM
Bambis - Let's Eat
Bambis Let's Eat
Too Tough for Trousers Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:53 AM
Table Scraps - Threads
Table Scraps Threads
Coffin Face Hells Teeth 2021 Other Rock
9:55 AM
Sam Mehran - Normie
Sam Mehran Normie
Cold Brew Merge Records 2021 Other
9:58 AM
Deerhoof - Department of Corrections
Deerhoof Department of Corrections
Actually, You Can Joyful Noise Recordings 2021
10:06 AM
Jerry Hanson - Cool, Man!
Jerry Hanson Cool, Man!
Why Not Cha Cha Cha b/w Cool, Man! Colpix Records 1960 MP3
10:18 AM
Inhale Mary - Horse
Inhale Mary Horse L
Horse b/w Gift Black Raincloud Cactus Records 1993 MP3
10:20 AM
Soul Asylum - Little Too Clean
Soul Asylum Little Too Clean
Hang Time A&M 1988 Other
10:23 AM
Mind Spiders - Nothing Without It
Mind Spiders Nothing Without It
Prosthesis Dirtnap Records 2016 Other
10:27 AM
Teengenerate - Plastic Man
Teengenerate Plastic Man
Get Action! Crypt Records 1994 Other Rock
10:31 AM
Unnatural Axe - The Man I Don't Wanna Be
Unnatural Axe The Man I Don't Wanna Be
The Man I Don't Wanna Be b/w They Saved Hitler's Brain Varulven 1982 Other
10:33 AM
La Peste - Lease on Life
La Peste Lease on Life L
v. 2.0 Smasheasy 2004 MP3
10:37 AM
Executive Slacks - Solemn Dilemma
Executive Slacks Solemn Dilemma
Fire And Ice Fundamental 1986 MP3 Rock
10:41 AM
The Cassandra Complex - Presents (Coming of Age)
The Cassandra Complex Presents (Coming of Age)
Grenade Rouska 1986 Other
10:45 AM
21-645 - Copulator
21-645 Copulator L
Single 1986 MP3
10:46 AM
X-Ray Spex - I Live off You
X-Ray Spex I Live off You
Germ Free Adolescents EMI 1978
10:49 AM
Human Sexual Response - Land of the Glass Pine Cones
Human Sexual Response Land of the Glass Pine Cones L
In a Roman Mood Passport 1981 MP3
10:53 AM
Sprung Aus Den Wolken - Body Your Shakin’
Sprung Aus Den Wolken Body Your Shakin’
The Story of Electricity Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier 1987 MP3
10:56 AM
Fad Gadget - Jump
Fad Gadget Jump
Gag Mute 1981 MP3
11:00 AM
Jerry Hanson - Cool, Man!
Jerry Hanson Cool, Man!
Why Not Cha Cha Cha b/w Cool, Man! Colpix Records 1960 MP3
11:18 AM
Colin Newman - Troisième (Remastered)
Colin Newman Troisième (Remastered)
A-Z (Remastered) Beggars Banquet 1980
11:21 AM
UV Pop - Just a Game
UV Pop Just a Game
Just a Game / No Songs Tomorrow Pax Records 1983 Other
11:25 AM
Pell Mell - F T B
Pell Mell F T B
The Bumper Crop SST Records 1987 MP3
11:30 AM
Breathless - Compulsion
Breathless Compulsion
Chasing Promises Terra Vossa Records 1989 MP3 Rock
11:36 AM
Galaxie 500 - Ceremony
Galaxie 500 Ceremony
Blue Thunder 12" Rough Trade 1990 MP3 Rock
11:44 AM
The Fall - In My Area
The Fall In My Area
Rowche Rumble / In My Area Step-Forward Records 1979 MP3 Rock
11:49 AM
The Fall - Wings
The Fall Wings
Kicker Conspiracy - 4-Song Single Rough Trade 1983 MP3
11:56 AM
The Fall - Clear Off!
The Fall Clear Off!
Call For Escape Route Beggars Banquet 1984 MP3 Rock
11:59 AM
Jerry Hanson - Cool, Man!
Jerry Hanson Cool, Man!
Why Not Cha Cha Cha b/w Cool, Man! Colpix Records 1960 MP3
Chat is archived.
James (host) 9:10:27 AM
Hello! ...or not. I hear the playlist isn't appearing?
bruckner4 9:10:59 AM
DJ Simon 9:11:02 AM
Awwwr – thanks for the Chloe tribute, we're touched.
-bot 9:11:06 AM
-bot 9:11:18 AM
i see songs
bruckner4 9:11:23 AM
condolences, djs.
James (host) 9:11:31 AM
Yay! We're all hear/hear
DJ Simon 9:11:38 AM
Thanks, Bruckner.
Saginaw 9:12:03 AM
Good morning. My condolences, DJS ans Sandra La
DJ Simon 9:12:28 AM
Thanks, Saginaw.
Dash_Riprock 9:13:39 AM
Hello all . Simon , sorry for your loss .
James (host) 9:15:13 AM
Good kind folks here.
Allison Dick 9:15:54 AM
Happy KOTJ day
James (host) 9:16:47 AM
AD...Kinda coming from BC...sorta
Bradgic 9:17:36 AM
Welcome Back James! Starting off in rocking good fashion!
James (host) 9:18:16 AM
Good to be back. Kinda sorta. Nice walkies and deck hang other day. Nice to meet Blizzard.
Roadsider 9:18:29 AM
Twin brother from another mother here. Listening to your show from last week and what you're doing in VT. Turns out, I'm following a similar path. I'm transitioning from a designer to a carpenter/handy man myself. Guess this is what happens to creatives when they age out of the business.
Roadsider 9:20:15 AM
Also, loved the First Show. An auspicious start to an illustrious career on the airwaves. :-)
James (host) 9:21:59 AM
Thanks Roadsider. The best part about doing construction, see immediate results and change. Good hard work and there is design and and art involved.
tom siegfried 9:22:14 AM
A fine good morning, hope VT was everything you hoped for….cold and wet up here today
James (host) 9:23:05 AM
It was lovely. I will speak of later. I think Vermont realtors want nothing to do with me!!!
James (host) 9:23:43 AM
tom siegfried 9:24:51 AM
I hear a lot of that, my tiny town has constant pleas for housing of any kind
James (host) 9:25:29 AM
That's a photo of my Saturday re-stream of the first Saturday Pandemicast from Wolf Hill
tom siegfried 9:26:01 AM
Makes me wanna tune up my snowboard
James (host) 9:30:25 AM
Two Sunday morning's ago...grill cleaning service: http://www.artguy.com/vtgrillclean.mov
James (host) 9:36:00 AM
James (host) 9:38:29 AM
The definitive Peter Choyce archive: https://www.mixcloud.com/cance440/
Dash_Riprock 9:39:46 AM
Yeah man , Weed ! 🌴🌿🪴🌱
James (host) 9:44:58 AM
I did loves me some weed.
James (host) 9:45:31 AM
So yesterday
PiGuy 9:51:08 AM
told the story last night of going to my young son's' house yesterday and finding a cannabis vaping cartridge left over from a birthday party he hosted last weekend. Wasn't his so he had to try and track down the owner. Found this particular variety goes for $50-$60 and there seemed to be a fair amount left. These kids today.
James (host) 9:52:27 AM
I do have minor regret of missing out on legal weed, vaping, edibles, etc. But as the counselor said to me, "Shitty time to be you."
PiGuy 9:54:52 AM
Every time I drive by a dispensary I think, hey maybe after all this time I could try an edible. Then I realize that I can even take any prescribed painkillers w/o getting sick to my stomach. Legal weed would probably kill me.
PiGuy 9:55:22 AM
That is 'can't' take...
James (host) 9:57:52 AM
From my personal and cult experience. The potency of weed today makes folks psychotic. Happened to me. I can't imagine folks that smoke multiple joints of today's hybrid weed.
James (host) 9:58:59 AM
Cartridges are said to last a month for "normies" but I know folks that said it would last more than a few days.
Allison Dick 10:16:50 AM
They'll quote out a mouthguard for you and it will be like $500-$600. This is the mouthguard to get because it's the closest to the hard dentist ones. I did a bunch of research; https://sentinelmouthguards.com/
Allison Dick 10:17:23 AM
If you get sick of wearing out those lame soft ones
Allison Dick 10:17:57 AM
It's $100 but I was happy to pay that instead of the custom $700 one my dentist wanted me to get
James (host) 10:19:33 AM
Thanks AD. I got this one and it seems to be working. Says it should last 25 years. https://www.sleepright.com/product/prorx-custom-dental-guard/
James (host) 10:20:23 AM
It's not a soft/spongy one by any means.
Allison Dick 10:28:14 AM
cool cool just thought I'd share my experience :)
Allison Dick 10:28:54 AM
good to know about this one too #mouthguardtalk
bruckner4 10:30:06 AM
James (host) 10:30:07 AM
Much obliged fer sher!! I like the company sent to me
Dash_Riprock 10:34:05 AM
Mr. Parsons ….
Barry Hart 10:42:26 AM
Good morning,James and KOTJ faithful,hope you’re all doing well.My condolences,DJ Simon and Sandra La,on your loss.James,l’m glad to hear you had such a wonderful time in Vermont (construction,paddleboarding,meditating,etc.).Sorry to hear about your dental problems,although you seem to have the grinding problem under control now.
James (host) 10:45:38 AM
I have so little info on this great Boston 21-645 classic. Fill me in if have info.
James (host) 10:46:13 AM
BARRY! Always good to get the weekly check-in. Hoping my teeth will last a life time. I know I will.
DJ Simon 10:49:22 AM
Pine cones!
James (host) 10:50:59 AM
Beer bottlles
DJ Simon 10:52:02 AM
It was years after the fact that I figured that one out.
James (host) 11:00:15 AM
kinda well placed bot ID
Dash_Riprock 11:10:52 AM
The Axe !
James (host) 11:15:28 AM
Allow me to add to this rap/rant...men suck. It's not lost on me what the women have to go through!
James (host) 11:17:16 AM
I've said for decades. Relationships are God's sitcom. He puts us together and laughs at how we mangle
Barry Hart 11:22:14 AM
Before l forget,James,l just wanted to thank you for the rerun of the very first KOTJ show last Friday.Your voice sounded so different l didn’t recognize it at first-a fine blast from the past.
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:22:23 AM
G'Morning James n company. Have been enjoying the show, and loved the First show last week
James (host) 11:23:51 AM
Thanks Jamie and Barry. I wished I could have experienced together in touch but was busy drillin' drywall and listen on the stream like all others.
James (host) 11:24:22 AM
All these memories and distortions came rushing back.
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:26:51 AM
I can imagine. It was a great snapshot of another time.
James (host) 11:29:25 AM
So young. So hopeful. Livin' the dream.
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:31:38 AM
now, not quite so youg, a bit more practical, and livin' a new dream...
James (host) 11:32:42 AM
DJ Carbo 11:37:59 AM
Awesome set and I don't remember this cover
Fred White 11:38:05 AM
The only JD/NO cover that is as good as the original. Rock on James
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:40:00 AM
i cant remember the last time i heard Breathless
James (host) 11:42:43 AM
It's darn amazing.
James (host) 11:43:01 AM
Boy did I love Breathless back in the day...and still
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:43:55 AM
i have a feeling they're going to make an appearance on PSLR soon, thanks for jogging my memory
James (host) 11:45:29 AM
That's what we do, share the glory
Dash_Riprock 11:50:02 AM
Happy the Sun is out .
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:53:40 AM
enjoy the day everyone!
James (host) 11:55:07 AM
Thanks fans. On my way after show to pick-up a new fan for the window. All the best to the best folks that choose to be here/hear with a guy like me. It's a joyful labor of love to bring tunes to all that Kick of the out!
James (host) 11:55:49 AM
I think I end with this song a lot. Ooops.
-bot 11:56:09 AM
no problem with that. I luv it
Allison Dick 11:56:36 AM
Thanks James
James (host) 11:59:12 AM
My absolute pleasure people
James (host) 11:59:44 AM