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Aug 6, 2021 4:00 PM β€“ 5:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With DJ Jorsh

A weekly deep-dive into the cutting edge of garage, psych, and local rock with DJ Jorsh. Tune in and FUZZ OUT! Follow on Instagram @fuzzed_out

4:02 PM
Lucid Lynx - Lead Me Towards the Sky
Lucid Lynx Lead Me Towards the Sky L N
Mantaro Lucid Lynx 2021 Rock
4:07 PM
The Jacklights - Monster Love
The Jacklights Monster Love L N
Drift - EP Red on Red Records 2021 Rock
4:10 PM
Sly Fang - Aisle of Man
Sly Fang Aisle of Man L N
Howl Onion Records 2021 Rock
4:12 PM
The Chelsea Curve - Drag.
The Chelsea Curve Drag. L N
Drag. - Single The Chelsea Curve 2021
4:17 PM
The Calendars - Morning Sun
The Calendars Morning Sun L N
Owner Sounds Little Red Tapes 2021
4:18 PM
Wlkrz - Svn30
Wlkrz Svn30 L N
Wlkrz I WLKRZ / Dethlab Records 2021 Rock
4:20 PM
Kitner - Beth Israel
Kitner Beth Israel L N
Beth Israel Relief Map Records 2021
4:25 PM
Oldsoul - Safety Net
Oldsoul Safety Net L N
High on Yourself / Safety Net - Single Counter Intuitive Records 2021
4:29 PM
Violet Tempo - Ship at Sea
Violet Tempo Ship at Sea L N
Ship at Sea - Single Violet Tempo 2021
4:32 PM
Green Seas - Have a Nice Life
Green Seas Have a Nice Life L N
Green Seas Ghostie Recordings 2021
4:33 PM
Pomegranate Tea - Mario 69
Pomegranate Tea Mario 69
Life Is Getting So _____. pom tea inc. 2021
4:58 PM
Reptaliens - Sunrise, Sunset
Reptaliens Sunrise, Sunset
VALIS Captured Tracks 2019
Chat is archived.
DJ Jorsh (host) 4:02:19 PM
Happy Friday, fuzzheads!
Lew Benjamin 4:27:57 PM
Hi Jorah, Enjoying the 2021 sounds! If there isn’t a concert report, do you have any suggestions?
DJ Jorsh (host) 4:37:59 PM
Hi Lew, thanks for tuning in! I rattle off a bunch of shows at the end of the show, but tonight there's a solid pop punk show at O'Brien's, a hard rock show at Midway Cafe, and solid basement shows at The Tourist Trap and Pasta Planet in Allston and Brighton respectively!
DJ Jorsh (host) 4:39:28 PM
And the stream just crapped out! Not sure why, so sorry!