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Gold Soundz

Aug 2, 2021 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Pete

Featuring the very best new ZBC rock, and college radio classics from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

Gold Soundz
11:00 AM
Annie Anxiety - Third Gear
Annie Anxiety Third Gear
Soul Possession Dais Records UK 1984
11:07 AM
The Maps - I'm Talking To You
The Maps I'm Talking To You L
Boston Underground 1979-1982 Rhino / Wea 1980
11:10 AM
The Real Kids - All Kindsa Girls
The Real Kids All Kindsa Girls
The Real Kids Norton Records 2006 Rock
11:14 AM
Sweeping Promises - Safe Now
Sweeping Promises Safe Now
Hunger for a Way Out Feel It Records 2020 Rock
11:18 AM
New Order - Thieves Like Us [Instrumental]
New Order Thieves Like Us [Instrumental]
Power, Corruption & Lies [Collector's Edition] Rhino/Warner Bros. 2008 Rock
11:21 AM
Coaster - Holy Doubt
Coaster Holy Doubt
Slow Jams 609817 Records DK 2016 Rock
11:23 AM
Glyph Talk - Objection!
Glyph Talk Objection!
No Music - EP Kolibri Rekords 2021
11:26 AM
Parquet Courts - Stoned and Starving
Parquet Courts Stoned and Starving
Light Up Gold What's Your Rupture?/Mom+Pop 2012 CD Rock
11:30 AM
Whirl - Clear
Whirl Clear
C88 Cherry Red Records 2017 Rock
11:34 AM
Game Theory - I've Tried Subtlety
Game Theory I've Tried Subtlety
The Big Shot Chronicles Omnivore Recordings 2016
11:38 AM
Broken Social Scene - Pacific Theme
Broken Social Scene Pacific Theme
You Forgot It In People Arts & Crafts 2003 Rock
11:41 AM
Current Joys - Something Real
Current Joys Something Real
Voyager Secretly Canadian 2021
11:43 AM
Alex G - Memory
Alex G Memory
Trick Lucky Number 2015
11:46 AM
Harvey Mapcase - Ulises Lima
Harvey Mapcase Ulises Lima L
Dot Kill Dot King Harvey Records 2014 CD Rock
11:49 AM
Nicole Yun - Supernatural Babe
Nicole Yun Supernatural Babe
Paper Suit Kanine Records / Fontana North 2019
11:53 AM
Halfsour - All Gone
Halfsour All Gone L
Sticky Fire Talk 2019 Rock
11:55 AM
UV-TV - Wildflower
UV-TV Wildflower
Always Something PaperCup Music 2021
11:58 AM
Broken Social Scene - Love And Mathematics
Broken Social Scene Love And Mathematics
Feel Good Lost Arts & Crafts 2004 Rock
11:58 AM
Blockhead - The Music Scene
Blockhead The Music Scene
The Music Scene MERLIN - Ninja Tune 2009
Chat is archived.
Pete (host) 11:03:23 AM
time once more for the gold sounds!
bruckner4 11:05:24 AM
checkin' in for the soundz, pete.
KOTJ 11:05:30 AM
An Anxiety I can get behind.
Pete (host) 11:08:20 AM
thanks bruckner!
Pete (host) 11:08:43 AM
didn't realize until now how dark that little annie song is. a murder story
Pete (host) 11:08:55 AM
time for some lighter fare
KOTJ 11:09:35 AM
Annie is always dark even when light
Pete (host) 11:09:49 AM
PiGuy 11:10:07 AM
Maps are definitely pure gold.
Fred White 11:10:24 AM
Maps Drummer was top notch
KOTJ 11:11:43 AM
All Kinds of Good
Pete (host) 11:14:05 AM
yes indeed!
Richard Weinfeld 11:18:41 AM
Great opening to my day.
Pete (host) 11:19:09 AM
thanks richard!
KOTJ 11:27:08 AM
Not stoned. Not starving.
Pete (host) 11:27:24 AM
i do love those swedish fish though
PiGuy 11:29:35 AM
Always loved this song...must be the Television guitar aping...
Pete (host) 11:30:01 AM
pi yes -- hadn't thought of that connection but it is there
bruckner4 11:50:28 AM
Pete (host) 11:50:52 AM
still fiddling and diddling
bruckner4 11:51:03 AM
Pete (host) 11:51:06 AM
stopping and popping
DJ Simon 11:57:30 AM
Missed the whole dang show due to work calls! Thank heavens for the archive...
KOTJ 11:57:49 AM
What's work?
Pete (host) 11:58:45 AM
thank goodness for the archive!
Pete (host) 11:58:58 AM
thanks everyone for tuning/checking in!
PiGuy 12:00:21 PM
Short but very sweet.