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Gold Soundz

Aug 9, 2021 11:00 AM โ€“ 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Pete

Featuring the very best new ZBC rock, and college radio classics from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

Gold Soundz
11:00 AM
Broken Social Scene - Guilty Cubicles
Broken Social Scene Guilty Cubicles
Feel Good Lost Arts & Crafts Productions, Inc. 2003 Rock
11:06 AM
Fucked Up - The Year of Horse - Act Three
Fucked Up The Year of Horse - Act Three
The Year of the Horse
11:15 AM
New Order - Thieves like Us (Instrumental)
New Order Thieves like Us (Instrumental)
Power, Corruption & Lies [Collector's Edition] Rhino/Warner Bros. 2008 Rock
11:18 AM
Negracalavera - Navajazos
Negracalavera Navajazos
Espรฉrame en el coche - EP Zirikatu Records 2021 Rock
11:21 AM
Positronix - Bad House
Positronix Bad House
Bad House World Gone Mad 2021
11:24 AM
Warish - Burn No Bridges
Warish Burn No Bridges
Next To Pay RidingEasy Records 2021 Rock
11:28 AM
The Pontiac Stags - Do Some Curls
The Pontiac Stags Do Some Curls
Blast City Painters Tapes 2020
11:31 AM
Red Frame - Lies I Tell Myself
Red Frame Lies I Tell Myself
Jacky, Suzie and Me / Lies I Tell Myself Bandcamp 2021 Other
11:35 AM
The Old Heads - We The Deadbeat
The Old Heads We The Deadbeat
The Old Heads Bandcamp 2021 Other
11:36 AM
The Rice Twins - Can I Say
The Rice Twins Can I Say
Kompakt: Total 8 Kompakt Germany, kompakt.de 2007
11:40 AM
Charley Wilde - Sad Sad Sad
Charley Wilde Sad Sad Sad
V/A SandwichFriends
11:42 AM
The Umbrellas - City Song
The Umbrellas City Song
Maritime E.P. Discontinuous Innovation Inc. 2019 Rock
11:46 AM
Destroy All Monsters - Nobody Knows
Destroy All Monsters Nobody Knows
cherry red singles collection Cherry Red Records 1991 Rock
11:49 AM
Nat Vazer - Keep Away From Parks
Nat Vazer Keep Away From Parks
We Used To Have Real Conversations - EP Hotel Motel 2018
11:53 AM
Watermelon - Party Pack
Watermelon Party Pack
Demo Bandcamp 2021 Other
11:54 AM
Ramones - Don't Come Close
Ramones Don't Come Close
Road To Ruin: Expanded and Remastered Rhino/Warner Bros. 2001 Rock
11:56 AM
Byetone - Golden Elegy
Byetone Golden Elegy
Symeta Raster-Noton Germany, www.raster-noton.net 2011 CD
Chat is archived.
Pete (host) 11:00:59 AM
happy monday everybody! welcome back to gold sounds!
KOTJ 11:02:56 AM
In for Goldsoundz
Pete (host) 11:03:39 AM
what's the news about the all request KOTJ coming up this friday?
bruckner4 11:03:45 AM
hey, pete! thought you might play marshall crenshaw after that intro...
KOTJ 11:05:10 AM
FRIDAY KOTJ 9am will be live on the Z air waves and streams from the aerie airy home studio. ALL REQUEST interaction show via playlist chat and, if have, text, phone, email.
Pete (host) 11:05:27 AM
brucker thanks for checking in! been awhile since i've played marshall crenshaw -- excellent idea
bruckner4 11:06:10 AM
looking forward to it, kotj!
Pete (host) 11:06:29 AM
me too!
DJ Simon 11:10:14 AM
This a f'd up song, literally.
Pete (host) 11:10:46 AM
it is epically f-ed up
Saginaw 11:16:59 AM
Good morning, all
Pete (host) 11:17:12 AM
saginaw thanks for tuning in!
DJ Simon 11:21:51 AM
Second Positronix spin of the day!
Pete (host) 11:22:41 AM
yes! another infernal racket-inspired choice up next
DJ Simon 11:25:52 AM
Oh yeah, one of my absolute favorites this year! (They're going to be at the Hard Rock Cafรฉ in November.)
Pete (host) 11:31:08 AM
here's another favorite!
Pete (host) 11:31:19 AM
Pete (host) 11:31:57 AM
sorry -- should have turned up the volume!
Pete (host) 11:41:11 AM
PiGuy 11:45:44 AM
Another better late than never morning.
Verb Crunch 11:47:19 AM
Swimming in Gold Soundz up here..
Pete (host) 11:47:27 AM
pi, if i figure out a way to never go to a work zoom meeting again i'll let you know
Pete (host) 11:47:34 AM
thank jeff!
Richard Weinfeld 11:48:00 AM
Niagara rules!
Pete (host) 11:49:03 AM
PiGuy 11:51:18 AM
Peter, I have a daily 10am and also I am the only one in the hall so people who are here need things too.
Pete (host) 11:57:22 AM
thanks for tuning in and checking in everybody! do not forget: live KOTJ on the Z, this friday 9am-12noon!
DJ Simon 11:59:00 AM
Thanks for another great show, Pete. And thanks for the mentions.
Pete (host) 11:59:15 AM
same to you dj simon!