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Gulls Window Circus

Sep 14, 2021 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM Start archive player


With Carl Thien

In the same way that a seagull locates the one good piece of food inside of a crumpled up brown bag blown underneath a car after a worker’s lunch break, Carl finds the one good

song hidden at the end of side 2 on a dusty record in a forgotten corner of a record store,

and brings new finds to you every week on Gulls Window Circus, weaving a story that

never repeats itself as it ebbs and flows through time, geography and genre.


Fifth and final week in the Music From Memory series closes with the subsidiary label Second Circle, running from Dazion (SC006) to DJ Sofa, Houschyar, Okay Temiz (SC019), with a bonus four songs at the end of artists from other labels that are heavily suggested by Music From Memory’s sound. Those are Trance, Wilson Tanner, Joan Bibiloni, and Andrew Wasylyk.

Gulls Window Circus
5:01 PM
Dazion - Be A Man
Dazion Be A Man
Don't Get Me Wrong Second Circle 2017
5:07 PM
Giuseppe Leonardi - Orpheus
Giuseppe Leonardi Orpheus
TBC Second Circle 2018
5:14 PM
Androo - Naya II
Androo Naya II
Naya Second Circle 2017
5:20 PM
D.K. - Stick To The Rules
D.K. Stick To The Rules
Mystery Dub Second Circle 2018
5:29 PM
Benedek - Earlyman Dance
Benedek Earlyman Dance
Earlyman Dance Second Circle 2018
5:34 PM
Dj Normal 4 - Aeo (feat Aenx - Ottertasia Mix)
Dj Normal 4 Aeo (feat Aenx - Ottertasia Mix)
Exoticz EP Second Circle 2018
5:40 PM
Yu Su - The Ultimate Which Manages The World
Yu Su The Ultimate Which Manages The World
Roll With The Punches Second Circle 2019
5:45 PM
Dazion - Eu Nao Sei
Dazion Eu Nao Sei
A Bridge Between Lovers Second Circle 2019
5:50 PM
Zatua - Harimau
Zatua Harimau
Sin Existencia Second Circle 2019
5:59 PM
Adam Oko - Legs Akimbo
Adam Oko Legs Akimbo
Diet Of Germs Second Circle 2020
6:03 PM
Sandoz - Human Spirit
Sandoz Human Spirit
Sandoz Second Circle 2020
6:10 PM
Adam Oko - Suketo
Adam Oko Suketo
Diet Of Germs Second Circle 2020
6:14 PM
Giuseppe Leonardi - Red Loft
Giuseppe Leonardi Red Loft
Mentemente Second Circle 2020
6:20 PM
Khan - Give Me More
Khan Give Me More
Blue Box Sessions Second Circle 2020
6:28 PM
DJ Sofa, Houschyar, Okay Temiz - Taksi
DJ Sofa, Houschyar, Okay Temiz Taksi
Şelale Second Circle 2020
6:32 PM
Trance - Ambiente
Trance Ambiente
Tapes Growing Bin Records 2017
6:44 PM
Wilson Tanner - Keith
Wilson Tanner Keith
69 Growing Bin Records 2016
6:48 PM
Joan Bibiloni - Una Vida Larga I Tranquila
Joan Bibiloni Una Vida Larga I Tranquila
Selected Works 1982 to 1989 NuNorthernSoul 2020
6:54 PM
Andrew Wasylyk - Greendrive #2
Andrew Wasylyk Greendrive #2
The Paralian Athens Of The North 2019
Chat is archived.
Carl Thien (host) 5:14:59 PM
Final week (5th) of Music From Memory series, we are now in the subsidiary label Second Circle https://www.gullswindowcircus.com/2021/09/14/484/
Pat Irwin (1) 6:27:33 PM
@Carl: enjoying as usual! Will you be going back into the studio soon?
Carl Thien (host) 6:29:19 PM
you mean the wzbc studio, or recording as Gull Boy?
Verb Crunch 6:38:23 PM
really really like this "Ambiente" cut.. !
Carl Thien (host) 6:39:38 PM
I added this to the WZBC library, so a dedicated DJ should be able to find it and play it - the whole LP is like this and if you like this, it is top-notch
Pat Irwin (1) 6:42:08 PM
Pat Irwin (1) 6:44:19 PM
Did you just say Gull passed away?!
Carl Thien (host) 6:45:12 PM
yes, maybe 7 years ago. I have two birds now, named Blue and Yellow
Carl Thien (host) 6:47:12 PM
Pat - no, not planning to go to the Z studio yet, but rehearsing with Gull Boy for shows and recording. It is V3 Gull Boy. One of the guitarists from V2 is there, and Mike Mooney who I used to play with in GingerBread Men is playing drums
Carl Thien (host) 6:53:49 PM
Next week returns to rock with a fantasy scenario "let's book a show in 1995" where we play 2 shows worth of 7"s and pick bands to play at a Middle East show, pretending we are in 1995 for 2021
ricklistens 6:54:56 PM
Are you in the Z studio? Thanks for the series
Carl Thien (host) 6:56:05 PM
no, I'm not in the studio. I have a wonderful set up at home and access to my well-curated collection
ricklistens 6:56:40 PM
Will you be?
Carl Thien (host) 6:57:07 PM
at some point yes, but not soon