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Gold Soundz

Aug 30, 2021 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Pete

Featuring the very best new ZBC rock, and college radio classics from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

Gold Soundz
11:00 AM
Germ House - Sugar, Sugar
Germ House Sugar, Sugar L
bandcamp cashgrab e.p. Bandcamp 2020 Other
11:02 AM
Milt Jackson - People Make The World Go Round
Milt Jackson People Make The World Go Round Thomas Bell, Linda Creed
Sunflower SME - Epic/Associated/Legacy 1990 Jazz
11:06 AM
Cigarette Syndrome - Adore
Cigarette Syndrome Adore
Something Inside 2021 Rock
11:08 AM
No Sin - Trapped Vision
No Sin Trapped Vision
Sick & Transit Bandcamp 2021 Other
11:09 AM
X - Sex And Dying In High Society
X Sex And Dying In High Society
Beyond And Back: The X Anthology Elektra 0591 1997
11:13 AM
Bugman - Equinox
Bugman Equinox
I Know What You're Thinking EP
11:16 AM
Wire - Please Take
Wire Please Take
Red Barked Tree pinkflag 2011
11:20 AM
Fad Gadget - Back To Nature
Fad Gadget Back To Nature Frank Tovey
To The Outside of Everything: A Story of UK Post-Punk 1977-81 Mute Artists 2007
11:26 AM
Flat Worms - Antarctica
Flat Worms Antarctica
Antarctica GOD? 2020
11:30 AM
Metdog - Commodore
Metdog Commodore
Cars 4 Metdog 2021
11:33 AM
Air - playground love (vibraphone version)
Air playground love (vibraphone version)
The Virgin Suicides Emperor Norton 2000 CD
11:36 AM
Cherry Brat - Face in the Crowd
Cherry Brat Face in the Crowd
Demo - EP 1293243 Records DK 2019 Rock
11:38 AM
Izzy True - Older
Izzy True Older Izzy True
Our Beautiful Baby World MERLIN - Don Giovanni Records 2021
11:44 AM
Trinity - I Would Have Never Done It
Trinity I Would Have Never Done It
Funzies II
11:44 AM
Mannequin Pussy - Control
Mannequin Pussy Control
Perfect - EP Epitaph 2021
11:47 AM
And The Kids - The Final Free
And The Kids The Final Free Hannah Mohan
When This Life Is Over Signature Sounds Recordings 2019
11:50 AM
Rosie Tucker - Peach Pit
Rosie Tucker Peach Pit
Sucker Supreme MERLIN - Epitaph 2021
11:54 AM
Broken Social Scene - Love And Mathematics
Broken Social Scene Love And Mathematics
Feel Good Lost Arts & Crafts 2004 Rock
11:56 AM
Black Ends - Low
Black Ends Low
Stay Evil N/A 2020
11:58 AM
Blockhead - The Music Scene
Blockhead The Music Scene
The Music Scene MERLIN - Ninja Tune 2009
Chat is archived.
Pete (host) 11:01:02 AM
time once again for the gold soundz!
Pete (host) 11:01:47 AM
bruckner4 11:01:53 AM
sweet start.
Pete (host) 11:02:16 AM
yes indeed!
Pete (host) 11:02:40 AM
hard to believe you could improve on the original -- but they do!
KOTJames 11:03:49 AM
HA...b4 beat me to the line
bruckner4 11:04:15 AM
very rare, kotj.
KOTJames 11:04:25 AM
Prague Rock
Pete (host) 11:05:21 AM
Verb Crunch 11:09:42 AM
savoring the Gold Soundz while it's still on.
Pete (host) 11:10:20 AM
thanks jeff! probably this week and next and then the students will take over
PiGuy 11:11:02 AM
Nothing like a little sex and dying to brighten up your morning. Thanks Peter.
Pete (host) 11:11:11 AM
thanks pi!
PiGuy 11:19:03 AM
Definitely one of my favorite Wire songs in recent memory but I can't believe it's 10 years old!
KOTJames 11:19:19 AM
Time fries
Pete (host) 11:19:28 AM
yes when i saw the 2011 date i couldn't quite believe it
KOTJames 11:21:44 AM
"With our backs to nature..."
Verb Crunch 11:31:09 AM
New Flat Worms out. I played a couple of weeks ago, surprised no one else has.
Pete (host) 11:31:21 AM
oh nice! i will look for it
KOTJames 11:38:48 AM
I played both in may when came out.
KOTJames 11:46:24 AM
Appreciate the many shout outs for a guy like me.
Pete (host) 11:46:59 AM
credit where it is due
JeffB 11:48:34 AM
oops @KOTJ you're right, you & DjS were on it. My bad.. i was late.
KOTJames 11:49:01 AM
Flat Worms one of my current faves. Never a bad release.
KOTJames 11:50:59 AM
I'll be checking out Sound Syrup from Thursday after Goldsoundz...well after Zoom with Dr.
JeffB 11:53:55 AM
@KOTJ hope you listen off soundsyrup.com or mixcloud.. not the zbc archive :)
DJ Simon 11:56:28 AM
Thanks for the Gold Soundz, Peter!
Pete (host) 11:56:39 AM
thanks for tuning in dj simon!
KOTJames 11:58:56 AM
@Verb on the mixcloud.
KOTJames 11:59:50 AM
Another fine Goldsoundz. I The Waiting Room for Dr. appt. Sad only one more show until some other fortunate future time
PiGuy 12:00:18 PM
Thanks, as always, Peter.