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Kick Out the James!

Sep 3, 2021 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Kick Out the James!
9:05 AM
Electric Shit - Sally Mae ft. Walter Daniels
Electric Shit Sally Mae ft. Walter Daniels
Sally Mae Bandcamp 2018 Other
9:08 AM
Bam!Box Orchestra - Bam-Box
Bam!Box Orchestra Bam-Box
Bam!Box Orchestra Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:09 AM
Louisville Burnouts - Bloated Desperation
Louisville Burnouts Bloated Desperation
Bloated Desperation / Stuck on Autoplay Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:12 AM
Monos - You Got Good Taste
Monos You Got Good Taste
Jizz Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:13 AM
The Shadracks - You Can't Lose
The Shadracks You Can't Lose
From Human Like Forms Damaged Goods Records 2021 Other
9:16 AM
Rakete Fehlstart - Draußen vor der Tür
Rakete Fehlstart Draußen vor der Tür
Schmidt Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:18 AM
Hot Junk - Burning Chrome
Hot Junk Burning Chrome L
System Decoder Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:20 AM
VomBom - The Truth
VomBom The Truth
Dead Channel Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:22 AM
Cyborg 1-12 - Nuclear Reactor
Cyborg 1-12 Nuclear Reactor
No Signal Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:25 AM
Mantis Watch - You and Me (Less Than Zero)
Mantis Watch You and Me (Less Than Zero)
You and Me (Less Than Zero) - Single NIght Goose Records 2021 Other
9:29 AM
The Burning Balloons - Anaconda
The Burning Balloons Anaconda
This Is Our Future Sir Gregory Records 2021 Other
9:44 AM
Beige Banquet - Elasticated
Beige Banquet Elasticated
S/T - EP Just Step Sideways 2021 Other
9:46 AM
Geo - Elasticate
Geo Elasticate
Geo Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:50 AM
Color Shift - Embark
Color Shift Embark
Trench - EP Hell Ride Records 2021 Other Rock
9:51 AM
The G.R.A.V.'s - Sunny
The G.R.A.V.'s Sunny
Garage / Castle EP (2019) Papa Legba Records 2021 Other
9:53 AM
Jivestreet Revival - Shattered In Rays
Jivestreet Revival Shattered In Rays
Jivestreet Revival - (first) 7" slackersound 2021
9:56 AM
The Routes - Broken Goods
The Routes Broken Goods
Mesmerised Action Weekend Records 2021 Other Rock
10:00 AM
Black Beach - Traffic Jam
Black Beach Traffic Jam L
Giallo Bandcamp 2021 Other
10:19 AM
The Zulus - Never Again
The Zulus Never Again L
Down On The Floor Slash 1989 MP3
10:22 AM
Human Sexual Response - Unba Unba
Human Sexual Response Unba Unba L
Fig. 14 Passport Records 1980 MP3 Rock
10:25 AM
Big Dipper - All Going Out Togehter
Big Dipper All Going Out Togehter L
Heavens Homestead Records 1987 MP3 Rock
10:28 AM
Flat Worms - Pearl
Flat Worms Pearl
Flat Worms Castle Face 2017 MP3 Rock
10:32 AM
Future of the Left - White Privilege Blues
Future of the Left White Privilege Blues
The Peace & Truce of Future of the Left Remote Control Records 2016 MP3
10:34 AM
Synthetic ID - Ciphers
Synthetic ID Ciphers
Impulses Castle Face USA 2016 Other Rock
10:36 AM
Obnox - Power House
Obnox Power House
Know America ever/never records. 2015 Other
10:40 AM
DeGreaser - Words In Your Mouth
DeGreaser Words In Your Mouth
Rougher Squalor ever/never records. 2014 Other
10:43 AM
Running - Oo0o Oo0o Oo0ooo
Running Oo0o Oo0o Oo0ooo
Vaguely Ethnic Castle Face 2013 MP3 Rock
10:46 AM
Boom Bip - Manabozh
Boom Bip Manabozh
Zig Zaj Lex 2011 MP3 Rock
10:50 AM
13th Chime - Memories
13th Chime Memories
Noir Chime Records 2016 Other
10:54 AM
Jumbo - Classified Love
Jumbo Classified Love
Classified Love/Silver Bay Swingin' 1979 MP3
10:56 AM
UK Subs - Rebel Radio
UK Subs Rebel Radio
War On The Pentagon/Rebel Radio/I Live In A Car (1978 Version) New Red Archives 1997 Rock
10:57 AM
Bad Nerves - Radio Punk
Bad Nerves Radio Punk
Radio Punk National Anthem 2017
11:17 AM
Guided by Voices - Motor Away (7" Version)
Guided by Voices Motor Away (7" Version)
Motor Away/Color Of My Blade Matador 1995 MP3
11:18 AM
Spider Bags - Back With You Again in the World
Spider Bags Back With You Again in the World
Frozen Letter Merge Records USA 2014 Other Rock
11:21 AM
Pinact - The Beginning of the End
Pinact The Beginning of the End
Stand Still and Rot Kanine Records / Fontana North 2015 Other
11:25 AM
Spokenest - whisper
Spokenest whisper
Gone, Gone, Gone Not on Label 2016 MP3
11:28 AM
Happy Refugees - inertia
Happy Refugees inertia
Return to Last Chance Saloon Acute 2011 Other
11:31 AM
The Reflections - 4 Countries
The Reflections 4 Countries
4 Countries/The Coroner And The Inquest Cherry Red Records 1982 MP3 Rock
11:32 AM
Bongwater - We Did it Again
Bongwater We Did it Again
Double Bummer Shimmy Disc 1988 MP3
11:34 AM
Longines Symphonette Society - Winchester Cathedral
Longines Symphonette Society Winchester Cathedral
Enchanted Moods Of James Last Margate Copyright 2010 Jazz
11:44 AM
The Fall - 2 By 4
The Fall 2 By 4
The Wonderful and Frightening World of... Beggars Banquet 1984 MP3
11:47 AM
The Fall - What You Need
The Fall What You Need
This Nation’s Saving Grace Beggars Banquet 1985 Rock
11:53 AM
The Fall - Fantastic Life
The Fall Fantastic Life
Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul/Fantastic Life Kamera Records 1981 MP3 Rock
11:58 AM
Longines Symphonette Society - Winchester Cathedral
Longines Symphonette Society Winchester Cathedral
Enchanted Moods Of James Last Margate Copyright 2010 Jazz
Chat is archived.
James (host) 8:56:09 AM
Good Morning KOTJ friends and fans! Welcome to another Friday morning Live from my home to the Boston airwaves.
James (host) 9:06:45 AM
Blow you harmonica, son.
Dash Riprock 9:07:26 AM
Morning !
Heather Grunwald 9:08:06 AM
James (host) 9:11:35 AM
The Daashing Rip Rock and Loverly HG! Welcome.
Dash Riprock 9:12:09 AM
Saginaw 9:12:39 AM
Good morning, everyone
James (host) 9:14:05 AM
James (host) 9:14:39 AM
Shadracks = Billy Childish's child
bruckner4 9:16:51 AM
hello kotj-ers.
James (host) 9:17:31 AM
Again, it's Bandcamp Fee Free Friday. 100% money goes to the band or label. First hour is all from Bandcamp!
James (host) 9:18:24 AM
Hot Junk from Easthampton, MA
Fred 9:19:39 AM
Good morning. Great rockin set!
Andrew Herman (1) 9:20:42 AM
Good morning, KOTJ Nation!
James (host) 9:20:47 AM
B4 was b4 Fred but it's not a competition,
-bot 9:21:35 AM
Am I ready for this day? I dunno
James (host) 9:22:00 AM
@Andrew nice to have "hear"
James (host) 9:22:10 AM
The original -bot!
Fred 9:23:30 AM
I miss Phil Hartman
Fred 9:24:53 AM
Re Simpsons clip
James (host) 9:26:18 AM
He was a genius. Bad taste in companion....
Bradgic 9:26:55 AM
Morning James! See you tonight at the show!
James (host) 9:27:11 AM
What? You're gonna go?
Peter Ireland 9:27:18 AM
hello james! glad to be back for the kotj!
James (host) 9:27:27 AM
Last I heard...no Bradgic
Bradgic 9:27:37 AM
Yes, going to check it out and see how it goes.
James (host) 9:27:53 AM
@Fred...all good for tonight. I'll text after the show.
Bradgic 9:27:56 AM
Gotta have...FAITH!
James (host) 9:28:17 AM
YES! on faith. Faith is my fuel
Dash Riprock 9:30:56 AM
Hi Andrew , Fred , - Bot .
-bot 9:31:31 AM
is it tru that Zulus are playing 2 sets 2nite? no opener?
Bradgic 9:31:58 AM
-bot, yes. Doors at 8pm, first set at 9pm
Roadsider 9:32:09 AM
James, thanks for the shoutout on last week's "Toiling..."
-bot 9:32:23 AM
thx @bradgic
Bradgic 9:32:35 AM
two sets, not two shows
Heather Grunwald 9:32:54 AM
no opener!
Bradgic 9:33:10 AM
Dash Riprock 9:33:16 AM
Sure !
Bradgic 9:33:26 AM
James, I might know a person to take that ticket.
Dash Riprock 9:33:27 AM
Stefan Cooke 9:33:38 AM
Rich G. said they wanted to give the crowd a break and go outside, hence the two sets.
Dash Riprock 9:33:50 AM
Roger ! Great
Dash Riprock 9:34:10 AM
I’ll text you in a bit .
Fred 9:34:18 AM
Looking forward to meeting KOTJ crew at show!
Dash Riprock 9:35:07 AM
Powder blue leisure suit !
David Kulik 9:38:19 AM
Guten Morgen alles!
Fred 9:38:59 AM
maybe with your new remote live broadcast technology you could have a live audience for the visiting band day
Dash Riprock 9:40:11 AM
I too , broke . Back too work next Tuesday.
James (host) 9:44:39 AM
I applied for a job and got it but the company sucked and found out the pay was shit so I declined.
PiGuy 9:44:58 AM
Morning to all.
Fred 9:46:41 AM
surprising Simon didn't give away tickets on what's the connection
James (host) 9:47:13 AM
I think they did or tried a time ago and nothing happened.
James (host) 9:47:34 AM
@ Pi....I do and don't miss our Thursday night stream get togethers.
James (host) 9:50:12 AM
@ Prof Ire...pardon missing prior. Hope the new semester is a smashing not crashing success
Peter Ireland 9:53:41 AM
so far so good!
James (host) 10:01:05 AM
@Prof Ire...good to hear. Honeymoon phase....
PiGuy 10:01:12 AM
@James, I know what you mean. Something missing, something gained. Day off from work today so I will mostly be out of chat, listening on the go.
James (host) 10:01:33 AM
KOTJ'ers are go.
James (host) 10:08:51 AM
Roadsider 10:10:29 AM
Peter makes a great comment about Chumbawumba on the latest upload.
Roadsider 10:11:30 AM
They have one big hit and they are completely abandoned by college radio, which then ignores their amazing WYSIWIG album.
Allison Dick 10:18:56 AM
James your the UberXL of DJs ;)
James (host) 10:19:10 AM
UberBlack of DJs
barcoded ||| |||||| || |||| | ||| || |||||| 10:21:06 AM
ZBC overnight bot still remembers and plays Chumbawumba
James (host) 10:23:22 AM
I still play and always mention Tub Thumper not only sucks but eclipsed a great catalog and was, like Teen Spirti, became a rally cry for those it insulted.
James (host) 10:23:42 AM
Oopps...Barcode removed comment I commented on.
James (host) 10:26:12 AM
Because tonight we all go out together! This is our theme and since an earworm...it will stick with us.
Dash Riprock 10:26:28 AM
Reading the Uber Reddit page . Insightful .
ex-DJ tamer 10:26:47 AM
Sad that I have miss concert tonight...
James (host) 10:27:43 AM
We all long for simpler times. Uber provides it...no worker rights, lower pay, stock holder wealth, exploitation of the needy and uneducated. A beloved tragedy of convenience
James (host) 10:29:30 AM
But hey don't live like me. only be an "amazing" solo embarrassment and liability.
Mark Lambert 10:32:22 AM
Hearing Zulus, HSR and Big Dipper make me realize how much I miss the Mass Ave and Beyond when Chris was doing it.
James (host) 10:32:35 AM
I hear ya!!
James (host) 10:32:56 AM
It's gonna be a real post-vid reunion tonight!
James (host) 10:39:18 AM
Who did Obnox open for that night at Once? DJ Simon and Sandra-La were there, too....
James (host) 10:39:28 AM
Was it Pere Ubu?
James (host) 10:40:57 AM
Yes. Hasslefest 2017
Richard Weinfeld 10:41:59 AM
I wish I was still in Boston to see the Zulus. It’s doubtful they will be coming to Louisville.
James (host) 10:43:15 AM
@ Richard...not likely since Rich lives in Maine now and not Nashville. But I have friends that are hired to video tonight's show. May be available
Roadsider 10:45:43 AM
Sadly, Tubthumper became something of an albatross for the band. WYSIWYG was subsequently ignored not only by college radio but by commercial as well. Then the band went all folk-like and was never heard from again.
Heather Grunwald 10:46:32 AM
Hasslefest 2017! Sunburned Hand & Ak'chamel were something else...
Roadsider 10:46:34 AM
I just remember being surprised when I even saw WYSIWYG in the store. Took me completely by surprise.
James (host) 10:46:37 AM
Happens to the best of thm
James (host) 10:47:00 AM
@ HG I do recall the Sunburned Hand, too...
Richard Weinfeld 10:47:12 AM
Might be a better option for me. My tolerance for crowds is quite diminished. I did venture out to see Swans and Pere Ubu when they played a couple of years ago.
James (host) 10:48:04 AM
@ Richard....I hear ya'. Sign of advance placement on Earth.
Roadsider 10:48:24 AM
BTW, I also wanted to thank you for playing a song by the Elevators on TIO. I saw them at a New Year's Eve show in Northampton in 1981. They were a great band live.
James (host) 10:49:23 AM
I try. Blind chicken and all. Appreciation always appreciated. The few that get it/me.
Verb Crunch 10:52:04 AM
@Roadsider I remember the Elevators (i'm from Northampton, was on WMUA back then)
Verb Crunch 10:53:29 AM
Sadly their singer, John Clark, was killed crossing a street in Boston..
James (host) 10:54:27 AM
Oh my!
-bot 10:54:59 AM
@Verb, you're from NoHo? I did time there in the '80s
Roadsider 10:56:38 AM
Yikes! I didn't know that!
Roadsider 10:56:59 AM
I can't seem to find their album in any digital format. Does it exist?
Roadsider 10:57:10 AM
I still have a cassette recording of the vinyl.
Bruce Pierce 11:00:13 AM
a late good morning all!
Dash Riprock 11:01:08 AM
Bruce . Hello
Verb Crunch 11:09:54 AM
I'm looking at the cover of "Frontline" on vinyl.. Elevators on Arista records..
Verb Crunch 11:10:11 AM
Yes, I tweak !
Verb Crunch 11:10:46 AM
ex-DJ tamer 11:10:47 AM
The mad scientist of radio, tinkering away in his lab!
Verb Crunch 11:12:02 AM
not gonna be Zuluing with y'all though :(
Stefan Cooke 11:13:22 AM
I'd bring your original vax card just in case. They seem to want to see it from what I gather.
Stefan Cooke 11:14:12 AM
Verb Crunch 11:14:15 AM
wow this got dark really quick !
Verb Crunch 11:15:35 AM
i might try to get into the BeachComber tonight. Deer Tick. They say Vax card required. Don't have it with me
James (host) 11:16:21 AM
We both will be sent away
Fred 11:17:55 AM
maybe bring the destroyed card even if illegible?
James (host) 11:18:40 AM
That card turned to shredded dust.
barcoded ||| |||||| || |||| | ||| || |||||| 11:18:41 AM
JK, with your graphic design skills, I don't see why you can't whip up a forged version of your vaccination card. Print it on cardstock. You know the door person will not examine every card, looking for fakes.
James (host) 11:19:14 AM
I will look forward to being sent home. If I don't that will be a bonus.
Fred 11:19:42 AM
maybe print out the thing you plan to show them on your phone?
James (host) 11:19:44 AM
I bring joy to others.
James (host) 11:19:56 AM
Yes. I'm gonna print it.
James (host) 11:20:16 AM
I'm fairly sure I'm fucked.
James (host) 11:22:03 AM
I'll get a bike ride and dinner out.
barcoded ||| |||||| || |||| | ||| || |||||| 11:23:22 AM
Ask someone to send you hi res images of the front & back of their card. Digitally modify it to clear the handwritten part. Print it and fill in the true info in ink.
James (host) 11:24:38 AM
Not worth the effort. I will print out my thing from Tufts and let the universe do it's thing.
James (host) 11:25:15 AM
I do appreciate the compliment of my skeels and suggestion
barcoded ||| |||||| || |||| | ||| || |||||| 11:26:20 AM
Just saying' - having a forged version could prevent future hassles, too
James (host) 11:26:52 AM
We all must pay for our ignorance and irresponsibilty.
barcoded ||| |||||| || |||| | ||| || |||||| 11:27:14 AM
Hand sanitizer leakage could happen to anyone
James (host) 11:29:50 AM
As pointed out by many, "Why didn't you take a picture of the card, like me." Then show me the picture or text to me. Then others have told me they threw theirs away on the way out from second shot.
-bot 11:32:20 AM
Has anyone here actually been to the Paradise since they enacted the proof criteria. How thorough are they?
James (host) 11:33:34 AM
As I said earlier, I was told The Paradise won't request vac proof unitl Oct. Depends on what power trip the door guy is on.
James (host) 11:34:09 AM
I am just trying to illustrate the effect of negativity.
Fred 11:34:10 AM
I finally took picture and made copy thanks to this discussion! I have no clue about legality of forging a legitimate card but I have heard that forging a card is a felony
Bradgic 11:34:29 AM
Zulus stipulated that they must show Vax proof, not Paradise.
Bradgic 11:35:24 AM
You'll be good James!
James (host) 11:35:28 AM
OK well enjoy the show folks.
Stefan Cooke 11:35:50 AM
I'm sure they'll let you in
Dash Riprock 11:36:02 AM
Have card .
-bot 11:36:25 AM
venus de milo?
ex-DJ tamer 11:37:02 AM
I would hope that the forgery felony charge wouldn't hold up in court if you were forging legitimate data onto it. Forgeries by the unvaccinated folks are more likely to incur the wrath of the gov't.
Bradgic 11:37:03 AM
Remember everyone: If you go to Ellis the Rim Man, YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR!
Dash Riprock 11:38:34 AM
Just go lad .
Allison Dick 11:40:36 AM
I lost my vax card ....I have an email but that's it
Shanti 11:42:37 AM
Allison Dick said email? WZBC clout
Shanti 11:43:35 AM
I get the negativity!
James (host) 11:45:53 AM
It's a human default that we all suffer with nut are forbidden to share...unless paying a professional or in a fellowship
Allison Dick 11:50:17 AM
Shanti 11:50:59 AM
James (host) 11:51:31 AM
Reminder! Toiling in Obscurity Live Stream 8pm Saturday @ www.mixcloud.com/live/kotjames and on the www.artguy.com/KOTJ.hmtl archive an hour after.
James (host) 11:52:36 AM
Also! Kick Out the Oldies Sunday 8pm live stream and on archive, as well. No vacs proof required.
Allison Dick 11:53:02 AM
what if i wanna be remembered by my graphite sandwedge
Saginaw 11:53:53 AM
Thanks, KOTJ. The 'Oldies Show' Sunday night, tunes you've never heard before
James (host) 11:53:56 AM
Embed the wedge in headstone.
Allison Dick 11:54:06 AM
good idea
Allison Dick 11:54:29 AM
here lies allie dick
James (host) 11:54:39 AM
Mine will be made up of antique porcelain plates
Allison Dick 11:54:45 AM
'remember me for mygraphite sandwedge"
James (host) 11:55:07 AM
Mine will, as stated in my will, "He Tried"
Allison Dick 11:55:11 AM
also my sheepskin seat covers
Shanti 11:55:22 AM
Shards of glass
James (host) 11:55:58 AM
I guess it could also say....he once had a 197 bowling average.
James (host) 11:56:14 AM
I could put my web archive url on the stone.
Dash Riprock 11:56:45 AM
Wonderful show .
James (host) 11:57:52 AM
ON that note: Having all here/hear with me today makes it a Fantastic Life. Even if I get sent home. Even if I never work again or never find that special someone....It's a fantastic life with all the lovely folks that chose to spend valuable time with a guy like me!!!
ex-DJ tamer 11:58:39 AM
I thoroughly enjoyed the show, too.
Allison Dick 11:58:47 AM
Thanks for all ya do James!
Shanti 11:59:43 AM
Great show!
Todd Schinell 12:00:45 PM
Great show today, I hate “democracy now” too, can’t stand that lady’s voice 😆