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Oct 22, 2021 4:00 PM â€“ 5:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With DJ Jorsh

A weekly deep-dive into the cutting edge of garage, psych, and local rock with DJ Jorsh. Tune in and FUZZ OUT! Follow on Instagram @fuzzed_out

4:02 PM
Squash - Long Chance
Squash Long Chance L N
Whatever It's Like Is That's What's Happening Sad Milk Collective 2021
4:07 PM
A Bunch of Jerks - Twisten
A Bunch of Jerks Twisten L N
Xoxoxo, Vol. One Rum Bar Records 2021
4:09 PM
BAABES - Greaseballs to Glitters
BAABES Greaseballs to Glitters L N
Greaseballs to Glitters Riot Records 2021
4:12 PM
Mother Iron Horse - The Devil's Work
Mother Iron Horse The Devil's Work L N
The Devil's Work Ripple Music 2021
4:17 PM
Clamb - The Fourth Colour
Clamb The Fourth Colour L
The Fourth Colour (KGLW) Clamb 2020
4:19 PM
Adapter Adapter - The Future
Adapter Adapter The Future L
The Future Hobo Castle 2020 Rock
4:22 PM
Creamery Station - Crazy Night
Creamery Station Crazy Night L N
Crazy Night Horizon Music Group 2021 Rock
4:28 PM
Gollylagging - Dealing Cards
Gollylagging Dealing Cards L N
Ain't That Just The Way! Kangaroo Recs 2021
4:30 PM
Tomtsu - This Is Milk
Tomtsu This Is Milk L N
the last tsupper Bizarre Records 2021
4:33 PM
Ovlov - Land of Steve-O
Ovlov Land of Steve-O L N
Buds Exploding In Sound Records 2021 Rock
4:36 PM
Pipe-eye - Ancient 5G Aliens
Pipe-eye Ancient 5G Aliens N
Ancient 5G Aliens - Single FLIGHTLESS 2021
4:39 PM
(T-T)b - A Summoning
(T-T)b A Summoning L
Suporma Acrobat Unstable Records 2021
4:43 PM
Sauce on the Side - Rather Play Baseball
Sauce on the Side Rather Play Baseball L N
Rather Play Baseball - Single Sauce on the Side 2021
4:45 PM
Robotic Hawks - Ansonia
Robotic Hawks Ansonia L N
Ansonia Marbles Music 2021
4:48 PM
Brother Guy - Cabin Fever
Brother Guy Cabin Fever L
The Wavey Session 3: In Our Jammies SpagHetti & Cream 2021
4:54 PM
Teen Mortgage - Shangri-La
Teen Mortgage Shangri-La N
Smoked King Pizza Records 2021
4:56 PM
Venus Twins - Demented Demented
Venus Twins Demented Demented
Eat Your Dogs Venus Twins 2020
4:59 PM
The Raging Teens - Hit The Town
The Raging Teens Hit The Town L
Melody Roundup - The Complete Collection Rum Bar Records 2021 Rock
Chat is archived.
DJ Jorsh (host) 3:56:47 PM
It's another FUZZY FRIDAY! Thanks for tuning in :-)
ricklistens 4:02:22 PM
DJ Jorsh (host) 4:03:07 PM
Hiya rick!
ricklistens 4:03:31 PM
Vegetable or sport?
ricklistens 4:05:03 PM
Squash that is
DJ Jorsh (host) 4:05:06 PM
Great question! My money is on verb
ricklistens 4:06:15 PM
Wasn’t even thinking of the verb
ricklistens 4:07:01 PM
Good music tho
DJ Jorsh (host) 4:08:28 PM
Oh yeah! Their self-titled from a few years back is great
ricklistens 4:37:30 PM
Lots of milk today
ricklistens 4:41:42 PM
Sad milk collective as well put out the squash
DJ Jorsh (host) 4:41:51 PM
true!! so much milk
ricklistens 4:42:47 PM
Udderly entertaining thanks
DJ Jorsh (host) 4:56:25 PM
Thanks for tuning in Rick!
ricklistens 4:56:32 PM
Skull and bones for Halloween
ricklistens 4:57:19 PM
Thanks for making it worth listening