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Kick Out the James!

Dec 31, 2021 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

The Best of 2021 - The Runners-Up Show.

This week it's the best of KOTJ 2021 also rans. Artists played twice. Next week, the best-of-the-best! Artists played three times or more. Play along at home!

Kick Out the James!
9:02 AM
M.O.T.E.L.S - Don't You Know
M.O.T.E.L.S Don't You Know
Mold Over Thy Endless Landscapes' Sky Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:05 AM
The Old Heads - Hell Ride
The Old Heads Hell Ride
Hot Dog String Theory Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:07 AM
The Stools - You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)
The Stools You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)
VA - He’s Bad - 11 Bands Decimate the Beats of Bo Diddley Slovenly Recordings 2021 Other
9:09 AM
Jerk Your Brain Off - The Man Without Fear
Jerk Your Brain Off The Man Without Fear
Dare Dare Devil Banana Juice Records 2021
9:11 AM
Get The Fuck Outta Dodge - Deceptacon (Le Tigre Cover)
Get The Fuck Outta Dodge Deceptacon (Le Tigre Cover)
These Songs Still Aren't Ours The Laundrette Recording Company 2021 Other
9:15 AM
Bam!Box Orchestra - (It's Gonna) Work Out Fine
Bam!Box Orchestra (It's Gonna) Work Out Fine
Double Middle Finger Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:16 AM
Social Haul - The Ease
Social Haul The Ease
The Ease Fatcat Records 2021
9:19 AM
Johnny Mafia - Nail Gun
Johnny Mafia Nail Gun
Sentimental Howlin' Banana Records 2021
9:23 AM
Jim & The Limbs - I Wanna be Your Doll
Jim & The Limbs I Wanna be Your Doll
Jim & The Limbs Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:23 AM
Famous Mammals - Observer and the Object
Famous Mammals Observer and the Object
Famous Mammals Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:25 AM
Love Cans - Primitive
Love Cans Primitive
Primitive - Single Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:37 AM
the Yummy Mouths - White Noise
the Yummy Mouths White Noise
White Noise FONS Records 2021
9:40 AM
Sex Mex - Bulldozer
Sex Mex Bulldozer
Johnnie Salami Wowie Zowie Records 2021
9:43 AM
TJ Cabot - Lemon Punchin
TJ Cabot Lemon Punchin
Dick Charles / Get Ready Get Set .​.​.​.​and more. Squirt Shit Records 2021 Other
9:44 AM
Dark Web - Parasitic Twin
Dark Web Parasitic Twin
Decoy FDH records 2021
9:47 AM
Fake Fruit - Old Skin
Fake Fruit Old Skin
Fake Fruit Rocks In Your Head 2021 Other Rock
9:48 AM
Wristwatch - Fake
Wristwatch Fake
Wristwatch FDH Records 2021
9:51 AM
Muscle - Space Ship
Muscle Space Ship
Muscle II Bandcamp 2021 Other
9:53 AM
Lysol - C-4
Lysol C-4
Soup for My Family Feel It Records 2021 Rock
9:55 AM
Table Scraps - Threads
Table Scraps Threads
Coffin Face Hells Teeth 2021
9:58 AM
S:Bahn - Sync or Swim
S:Bahn Sync or Swim
Queen of Diamonds Polaks Records 2021 Other
10:08 AM
Deerhoof - Scarcity Is Manufactured
Deerhoof Scarcity Is Manufactured
Actually, You Can Joyful Noise Recordings 2021
10:12 AM
World Domination Enterprises - Too Bad (I Can't Control Myself) [R'n'B Version]
World Domination Enterprises Too Bad (I Can't Control Myself) [R'n'B Version]
I Can't Control Myself - Single Bandcamp 2021
10:15 AM
Dying Pharaohs - Spinning In Circles
Dying Pharaohs Spinning In Circles
7 Warped Planet 2021 Other
10:17 AM
Fat Earthers - Phoney
Fat Earthers Phoney
Phoney Prison Records 2021
10:19 AM
J.R.C.G. - Holy Hope
J.R.C.G. Holy Hope
Ajo Sunshine Castle Face 2021
10:24 AM
Facs - General Public
Facs General Public
Present Tense Trouble In Mind Records 2021
10:28 AM
Here Lies Man - Can't Kill It
Here Lies Man Can't Kill It
Ritual Divination RidingEasy Records 2021
10:42 AM
Divisionaires - Panic Trick
Divisionaires Panic Trick
Way Back EP Bandcamp 2021 Other
10:44 AM
Chemical Bank - City Midnight
Chemical Bank City Midnight
Melomaniac Bandcamp 2021 Other
10:45 AM
Brat Poison - Black Cat
Brat Poison Black Cat
PMS Weepy Eye 2021
10:50 AM
Heavenly Blue - Empty Heart
Heavenly Blue Empty Heart
S​/​T - 8 Tracks Bandcamp 2021 Other
10:52 AM
Wine Lips - In the Clear
Wine Lips In the Clear
Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Stomp Records / Union Label Group 2021 Rock
11:04 AM
Valley Gals - Life Is an Endless Parade of Things I Cannot Have
Valley Gals Life Is an Endless Parade of Things I Cannot Have
Snake Oil Salesman RIP Records 2021 Other
11:04 AM
Trinity - Get You Back
Trinity Get You Back
Funzies Bandcamp 2021 Other
11:05 AM
Gorilla Knifefight - Sweat With Me
Gorilla Knifefight Sweat With Me
Certified High Speed Bandcamp 2021 Other
11:07 AM
Rude Television - Emphasis
Rude Television Emphasis
Burglars/Rude Television - Split Bandcamp 2021 Other
11:09 AM
Silicon Heartbeat - Metro MRX
Silicon Heartbeat Metro MRX
Split Cassette w/ ZOIDS - EP Bandcamp 2021
11:11 AM
ZHOOP - Instrumental
ZHOOP Instrumental
Devil Child Bandcamp 2021
11:13 AM
Billiam - I Just Want A Little Quiet
Billiam I Just Want A Little Quiet
Billiam Cassingles Club 2020 Wartmann Records, Inc. 2021 Other
11:15 AM
Big Bopper - Junkyard Hero
Big Bopper Junkyard Hero
New Mutations Goodbye Boozy 2021 Other
11:17 AM
Ponys Auf Pump - Taube Liebe
Ponys Auf Pump Taube Liebe
Wirt schon wieder Bandcamp 2021 Other
11:19 AM
One Eyed Moon - It's Everywhere
One Eyed Moon It's Everywhere
Two Coins For the Boatman Bandcamp 2021 Other Rock
11:20 AM
Nylon - Congratulations
Nylon Congratulations
Tang 952949 Records DK2 2021
11:23 AM
Ghoulies - American Stu-Ty
Ghoulies American Stu-Ty
Reprogram Goodbye Boozy Records 2021 Other Rock
11:24 AM
Flat Worms - Circle
Flat Worms Circle
The Guest MERLIN - GOD? 2021 Rock
11:26 AM
Guided by Voices - Psycho House
Guided by Voices Psycho House
It's Not Them. It Couldn't Be Them. It Is Them! GBV Inc 2021
11:29 AM
Exercise - Happy Birthday
Exercise Happy Birthday
Exercise Self-Released 2021
11:32 AM
ONETWOTHREE - Perfect Illusions
ONETWOTHREE Perfect Illusions
ONETWOTHREE Kill Rock Stars 2021
11:34 AM
Smoke Bellow - Fuck On
Smoke Bellow Fuck On
Open For Business Trouble In Mind Records 2021
11:37 AM
Dry Cleaning - Strong Feelings
Dry Cleaning Strong Feelings
New Long Leg 4AD 2021
11:41 AM
Cherry Cheeks - Boxes
Cherry Cheeks Boxes
S​/​T LP Total Punk Records 2021 Other
11:45 AM
The Rev. Jonny Kinkaid - Save Us From The Tory Scum
The Rev. Jonny Kinkaid Save Us From The Tory Scum
We’re Fucked SHAMBOTIC 2021
11:53 AM
KILKIL - Self Phone
KILKIL Self Phone
Clermont​-​Ferrand Bandcamp 2021 Other
11:58 AM
Blockhead - The Music Scene
Blockhead The Music Scene
The Music Scene MERLIN - Ninja Tune 2009
Chat is archived.
James (host) 8:53:43 AM
Good morning good people! It's the best of 2021 runners up show today. Next week the best-of-the-best. But every week it's the best of the best that come and join a guy like me. 🙏✌👏
DJ Simon 9:04:06 AM
You hit the ground running!
James (host) 9:04:14 AM
James (host) 9:04:53 AM
Like a bust in the chops.
Dash-Riprock 9:05:17 AM
Like a bust in the bawbag .
James (host) 9:05:54 AM
Dash. Been gone a while.
Dash-Riprock 9:06:27 AM
Working .
James (host) 9:07:04 AM
15 Hour (new record) Jesus show is up in four-parts on the www.artguy.com/KOTJ.html archive and the KOTJames Mixcloud
Saginaw 9:07:39 AM
Good morning
James (host) 9:07:55 AM
Yep Yep Yep.
Ana LuxMundi 9:12:27 AM
Hi James!!
James (host) 9:13:08 AM
Hello Ana!
Peter Ireland 9:13:19 AM
hello james! looking forward to all the kotj favorites! happy new year everybody!
Dash-Riprock 9:13:26 AM
Saginaw , Ana ,
Ana LuxMundi 9:13:33 AM
from Brazil bro remember me ?
Ana LuxMundi 9:13:44 AM
James (host) 9:13:46 AM
Hmmmm. From AIB?
Dash-Riprock 9:13:51 AM
Simon , Prof
Ana LuxMundi 9:13:55 AM
James (host) 9:14:02 AM
Prof Ire!
Ana LuxMundi 9:14:13 AM
You rock!!
James (host) 9:14:15 AM
OMG! Luciana. Great to hear!
Ana LuxMundi 9:14:25 AM
James (host) 9:14:35 AM
At Ana....Awwwwwrrrrr
Ana LuxMundi 9:14:54 AM
You don't do social ... otherwise I d add up u
Ana LuxMundi 9:15:08 AM
Still a fan
James (host) 9:15:13 AM
Yeah..I Don't Jesus...that was
Ana LuxMundi 9:15:37 AM
hahahahaha closer to death
James (host) 9:15:40 AM
Too kind Ana. Jesus...that was a few decades ago.
Ana LuxMundi 9:16:00 AM
Im still together haha
James (host) 9:16:21 AM
I'm a senior citizen.
Ana LuxMundi 9:16:39 AM
Getting there ...
James (host) 9:17:40 AM
I do LinkedIn....
Ana LuxMundi 9:18:36 AM
Gonna download the Jesus show for my iPod ... you stay well . My insta acc is the same name as this chat ID .. I was listening 1 year ago on Xmas too . Cheers Happy new year man
James (host) 9:20:29 AM
Great to have with me. I still remember our class with Mark. He and I are no longer friends and illustration was a great ride for 28 years but no longer.
Saginaw 9:21:11 AM
Hey, DR and Peter. Happy New Year
James (host) 9:22:46 AM
BTW: Downloading the show(s) is a great way to listen! It's my personal manner.
James (host) 9:38:59 AM
V-ite noise
James (host) 9:39:40 AM
I guess this is white noise....racially
James (host) 9:44:38 AM
This one is dedicated to Jesse. Parting was such sweet sorrow.
James (host) 9:45:01 AM
I can sort understand Elvis now.
bruckner4 9:48:14 AM
enjoying the runners-up, jfk.
James (host) 9:51:19 AM
Welcome b4.
bruckner4 10:00:41 AM
sounds a bit like a cross between david lewis gedge of the wedding present and the dude from idles.
James (host) 10:01:20 AM
Interesting. Australian combo. I hear what is being compared
Luke! 10:10:57 AM
Whatup James and co.!
James (host) 10:11:20 AM
Luke. How's trix?
Luke! 10:12:16 AM
Fantastic. Just got done being sick with a boring regular cold instead of covid.
Luke! 10:13:12 AM
Good time to read and listen to the jams. So thanks.
James (host) 10:13:18 AM
I heard from a friend and neighbor this week. Despite vax...almost died of the vid. Was in hospital for 4 weeks
James (host) 10:13:39 AM
Glad to be of service to wellness!
James (host) 10:18:03 AM
Confession....Fat Earthers was only played once but I love these guys!
PiGuy 10:23:15 AM
Morning all. Not working but it's errand day. In and out of the show.
James (host) 10:23:45 AM
HiPi! The ol' in out.
Peter Ireland 10:29:27 AM
here lies man -- always so great
DJ Simon 10:36:10 AM
Yep, will be doing the year in review Monday from 8am-noon. Sans Sandra La though - she has to work.
Fred White 10:37:02 AM
Rabbit Rabbit. Thanks for the sounds in 2021 James. On to 22
James (host) 10:41:27 AM
Always a pleasure Fred. The madness that promotes sanity
James (host) 10:44:37 AM
This is one of those songs that always makes me think two songs are playing at once.
Victor Robert Venckus 10:49:11 AM
LABAS 9Hello in Lithuanian) Sat EXPANDING AWARENESS 10am ASTROLOGY FOR THE YEAR AHEAD. Take copious notes.
James (host) 10:50:08 AM
Ooooo. How were Dietrich's prediction's in the past years?
James (host) 10:50:23 AM
Ohhh. Blow your harmonica, son
James (host) 10:56:19 AM
Heather Grunwald 11:02:47 AM
Happy new year!
James (host) 11:03:26 AM
Hey HG. Yes. Hoping so!
James (host) 11:09:44 AM
Silicone Heartbeat....Michigan Rock!
James (host) 11:16:38 AM
Next up: Peter's Pick for Best of the Year. Pure Gold Soundz!!
Peter Ireland 11:17:34 AM
Peter Ireland 11:17:58 AM
my favorite of 2021 -- a DJ Simon find i believe
James (host) 11:18:23 AM
I'ts on his list...was not on mine but I appreciate the prompt
Jamie Magee 11:19:20 AM
Endlich! Danke... Mehr deustche Music!
bruckner4 11:19:49 AM
happy new year to goldsoundz pete!
Peter Ireland 11:21:27 AM
same to you bruckner!
James (host) 11:26:09 AM
Wish there were Xmas break Goldsoundz...but alas...
Roger Jermyn 11:26:48 AM
Happy New Year to all my fellow KOTJers. We made it through another one!
Barry Hart 11:26:51 AM
Good morning and wishing everyone a joyous New Year-amazed that you were able to do a 15-hour show,James.Just doing a three-hour show is daunting enough for me.
James (host) 11:28:12 AM
Had nothing better to do Barry. Right there from my own home. Always good to have here/hear and look forward to another great year of rock
James (host) 11:28:41 AM
How could I not have Guided by Voices on the list?
James (host) 11:29:43 AM
Many more Jesus songs were left over.....
Roger Jermyn 11:29:59 AM
Hope the GBV show on the 15th happens as scheduled
James (host) 11:30:40 AM
YES! I should be there. From Boston City regulations...just need masks and proof of vax....we will see.
Roger Jermyn 11:31:03 AM
I'll be there. Look for the tall goofy longhaired guy
James (host) 11:32:05 AM
The 15th will mark my 10th other birthday....rebirthday.
Roger Jermyn 11:34:53 AM
A well-earned celebration
James (host) 11:34:55 AM
Looks like we will end correclty
James (host) 11:37:47 AM
Not Scotch Lanyard
James (host) 11:39:05 AM
Roger Jermyn 11:40:19 AM
Just discovered Dry Cleaning recently
James (host) 11:42:32 AM
Been playing them for about two-years. Indie darlings now. Coming to Somerville April 2021
Jorge Armando Castro 11:44:06 AM
Holaaaaa James...Armando here...I've been listening as aways...I don't know who l plays the greater racket, you or DJ Simon...hahaha...KOTJ is still the greatest.
Jorge Armando Castro 11:45:38 AM
Before the show is over....I have a question: how many senior citizens listen to KOTJ?
Roger Jermyn 11:45:58 AM
you can draw a direct line from the Fall to them
Roger Jermyn 11:46:25 AM
well maybe not "direct"
James (host) 11:47:02 AM
Only levels of greatness. Like choosing a favorite child.
Jorge Armando Castro 11:48:05 AM
Lastly: James, a Happy and Joyous New Year to you. Thanks for all the good Friday mornings and here's to another great year of KOTJ...and a Happy New Year as well to all the KOTJ listeners.
James (host) 11:48:39 AM
Reminder. Saturday! 8pm Live Stream and archive only! Toiling in Obscurity www.mixcloud.com/live/kotjames
PiGuy 11:48:43 AM
What's the cut-off for seniors, Jorge? 65,60,55?
James (host) 11:48:59 AM
Pi...was going to ask the same
Fred White 11:49:13 AM
In 2022 I resolve to add to my Porcelain Plate Collection
Richard Weinfeld 11:49:25 AM
Happy New Year 🎆, James. And Jorge, I’m 71 and listening to KOTJames since his first show.
Richard Weinfeld 11:50:40 AM
I prefer ‘geezer’ to senior.
James (host) 11:50:49 AM
I almost wound up working in a shop that sold antiique porcelain plates. Didn't get the job...It took Prof Ire to point out the beyond obvious fault in that job!!! #beaconhillshitshow
James (host) 11:51:07 AM
I prefer coot....or codger
PiGuy 11:51:40 AM
James (host) 11:52:34 AM
Another good one but a young person can be a crumudge
Roger Jermyn 11:54:12 AM
I resolve to eat more graphite sandwiches in 2022
Jorge Armando Castro 11:54:31 AM
Hello Pi....I'll pretend I'm king of the world and arbitrarily say.......60!
Roger Jermyn 11:55:12 AM
doctor's orders
James (host) 11:55:48 AM
Eat more charcoal
Luke! 11:56:00 AM
Haha I love the where’s my phone!
Roger Jermyn 11:56:14 AM
mmm charcoal....
James (host) 11:56:25 AM
Sadly....it's Jack Black I found out....
PiGuy 11:56:31 AM
Then I won't qualify until next year's Pi Day.
Jorge Armando Castro 11:56:37 AM
How about "third age citizens"?....that's what we're called in Colombia...sooooo crazy.
Richard Weinfeld 11:58:25 AM
Speaking of curmudgeons, Mark E Smith is shaking hi fis
Jorge Armando Castro 11:58:41 AM
Richard W: a Happy New Year to you. Haha....you beat me...this means we've been listening to a "commercial free decade" for at least three and a half decades.
Jorge Armando Castro 11:59:24 AM
Sorry Pi.
Richard Weinfeld 11:59:43 AM
•his fist•
Dash-Riprock 12:00:08 PM
Jorge Armando Castro 12:00:11 PM
See yaaaaaaaa alll>
DJ Simon 12:00:16 PM
Thanks, James! Happy New Year!
James (host) 12:01:21 PM
All the best folks. See ya next year for more greatness together. Can't appreciate enough all the folks that make the choice to be with a guy like me!!
ts 12:01:55 PM
Thx james